Archideaconal Will 1663 #134 Malew of Elizabeth Taubman als Middleton,

made 13 November 1663: "The last will & testament of ELIZABETH TUBMAN ALIAS MIDDLETON widow being sicke in bodie but whole in mind & of perfect memorie praised be God this 13th of November 1663.
First, I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almightie God and bodie to Christian burial.
I leave to CAESAR PATTON my fidderbed and boulster & a little firkin.
I leave to MALLY STANLEY my candlestick.
I leave to ELINOR NORRIS a best pewter dish.
I leave to JANE BARRIE my best petticoate 2 boxis and all my linens and all my linseed & a xxxx of xxxx.
I leave to THOMAS NORRIS JUNIOR of KK Arborie my corbe[?].
I leave to JON DUCCAN a pair of stockins & a handcharchiefie.
I leave to MARGARET HIC[? Or HIR] a ould blanket & a wascoate.
I leave to ELIZABETH SHERLOCKE a white pettecoate & a paire of boddies.
I do constitute & ordayne JOHN BARRIE to be my true and lawfull executor of all my worldly goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever more
I leave to ELIZABETH NORRIS my little iron pott.
This is my last will and testament as wittnes my signe manuell thie day & year above written. ELIZABETH TUBMAN alias MIDDLETON her marke. Witnesses hereof: Edward Wane[?] his mark W, Cutbordy Prescott his mark Q, jurati.

Pledges one ye other viz Caesar Patoon & Robt Jones[?]. Salvo tamen vincing suo jure. Probated et Solvit 2d.

THE GOODS BELONGINGE TO ye above sd ELIZ: MIDLETON appraised by us 4 men and sworn viz: Ed: Redfearne, Antho: Preston, Jo: Watleworth, Tho: Norris.
Imprimis, 1 brass pan & 1 brass pot 00 pounds :02 shillings : 00 pence;
1 old frying pan 00:00:09;
2 earthen potts 00:00:03;
1 tuinall 1 oles payer 00:00:08;
1 earthen dish & 2 old wooden dishes 2 piggins two spoones 00:00:06;
xxx of tongs two xxxxxxxx 00:00:06;
two old russett stooles 00:00:06;
1 old rackentree 00:00:03;
two old boores[?] 00:00:03;
2 kitchins of barley xxxx meale and 1 bagg 00:00:06;
2 a--- 00:00:04;
sum 00:06:01.

Due from Lewis Stafford 00:00:06;
Nich: Hanley 00:00:08;
xxxxxxxx 00:00:02;
Nich Waterson[?] 00:00:04;
[total] sum 00:07:xx."




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