Summary of Wills 1661

Thanks to Joyce M. Oates for this transcription - from LDS film 0106200]

Archd will 1661 #27 Ballaugh,of Daniel/Donald Teare

, dated 16 March 1661/2, page 41: son Thomas Tear, wife alive, sons William and Donald Teare both underage, daus Joney & Ann are executors


Archd wills face sheet 19 Jun 1662, page 42:

Bride, Andrews, Le Ayre, Maughold.

Maughold defuncts = John Orriel[?] died in March, Margt Stevenson died at Xtmas, Elizabeth Fletcher died in March.

Bride defuncts = John Joughin, Isabel Quark, Kath:Dawson pauper

Lezayre defuncts: executor of Kath Ynecarran, John Kegg

Archd wills 19 Jun 1662, Presentments

[only some summarized], page 43

KK Andrews: James Kissage & Kathe: Brew for fornication; if they marry not, enjoyned 3 days at Ecclesia

Archd will 1661 #28 Lezayre of William Stevenson

, dated 24 March 1661/2 at top, page 44: brother John, brothers and sisters, mother & brother Thomas & sister Margaret Quiny[?] are executors

Archd will 1661 #29 Bride of John Joughin

, dated 14 Apr 1662 at top, page 45: wife Joney Cowle; others mentioned without relationships: Henry Joughin, Philip Joughin, Mary Christian, Patrick Joughin, John Joughin, Bahee Joughin & John Casement, Margaret Joughin, Christian Joughin, Philip Goldsmith, John Goldsmith (exec)

Archd will 1661 #30 Bride, of Isabel Cross als Moore als Quark

, dated 30 March 1662, page 47: son Mitchell/Michael Cross, son Charles Moore, sister Kathe: Quarke, husband Mitchell/Michael Cross, daughter Margaret Cross exec & underage, supervisors of Margt are William Christian & John Quark (Isabel’s brother)

6 Aug 1662, Andreas?: Presentment:

KK Andrews presentments folio 42: Sumner: You are to give notice the next Sabbath that there is a Court of Correction to be holden at Bishop’s Court on Wednesday the 6th of August, where you are to summon these ensuing persons to make their personal appearance sub poena juris, and you to return this precept vizt., John Martin & the 2 executors of Ales Brew his wife, to bring in her said will and Inventory with lawful securities: and also summon to be there Henry Christian, Maloony Kneele, John Camaish, James Kissage & Margt Brew, William Cleter, Richard Lawson, William Camaish, Bahee Cowle & Philip Kinred, William Teare, Donniell Christian, John Kneele & Bahee Cowle & Willy Bittlefell[?]. etc.

Archd will 1661 #31 Andreas of Bahey Keneen als Kneale

, dated 28 March 1662 at top, page 48: daughter Mally Keneene & her[Mally’s] husband Edward Knacle are executors

Archd will 1661 #32 Andreas of Joney Crenilt

, dated 28 Nov 1662 at top, page 48: sister Bahee Crenilt, aunt Katherine Crenilt, Joney Kee daughter of William Kee, brothers & sisters; Joney Lace [Crenilt has been crossed out and Lace written above it], aunt Joney Crenilt [alias Lace has been crossed out] executor

Archd will 1661 #33 Andreas of Catharine Daugherty als Joughin

, dated 2 March 1661/2, page 49. brother Daniel Joughin, mark Joughin her sister’s son, sister Joney, daughter in law & her child, Sir John Huddleston, grandchildren in Ballaugh, granddau Ales, grandson Donell, husband William Daughertie & Joney Curlett, son William Doughtertie exec, said daughter xxxxx[can’t read the next word]. 2 May 1662/3: Cathe: Kneele of Lezayre entered her claiman in behalf of her daughter Bessy Cotter . . . .

Archd will 1661 #34 Andreas of Ewan Casement

, dated 28 Oct 1661, page 50: son John Kneele (It is my will that whatsoever I gave my son Joh. Kneele in contract shall stand of force; and for the rest I leave it to my grandchildren vizt., Ellin & Ewan Kneele whom I constitute and ordaine my executors. . . . . The father sworn supervisor. . . . . The father hath declareth upon oath that there is nothing left to be Inventoried but only what he hat himself in contract, as appears in his mother in law Jaine Houlc[?, or Hoahc, etc] will & also annexed thereto

Archd will 1661 #35 Lezayre of Dorothy Garrett als Rigby

, died 13 December 1661 intestate, page 51: only daughter Ann Garrett; Ellin Huddlestone als Rigby, Ann’s aunt on the mother’s side, is supervisor; father of Ann is William Garrett. "It is this day agreed upon by Mr. Joh. Garrett ye grandfather & Ellin Huddlestone supervisor, Whereas the administratrix had a calfe given her by ye Aunt Ellin Huddlestone in her chrisinge money, & hath beene kept hitherto by the grandfather Mr. Joh Garrett; which now is come to be a cow, & of her, a heifer of a year & a half old, & a clalf of halfe year old; which cow, heffer, & calfe, the said grandfather hath taken to be kept for halfe ye increase from this day forward & the increase is to be praised constantly at 3 years old, & the stock when they grow old is to be sold for ye child’s use, & the price thereof. I xxxxxx as witness my hand the 10th of 8ber 1662, Jo: Garrett."

Archd will 1661 #36 Maughold of Elizabeth Callow als Caley als Fletcher

, dated 1 Mar 1661/2, page 53: Ann Christian & Mary Wood[?, or ???], dau Ann Caley, John Clarke[?], husband Robert Callow

Archd will 1661: regarding will of John Cotter

in the book 1657, June 28th: the mother had one part and the executors William & Christian Cotter had 2 parts and are now of lawful age and have received their 2 parts. 1662: John Cotter gave to his sister Bessy Cotter her part of the corn.

Archd will 1661: 23 Dec 1665, regarding will of John Haythorne (in Bishop’s Registry):

Jane Haythorne has received her legacy; her brother is Henry Haythorne. Sureties for Maxamillian Bestock were Philip Cannell & John Caine (who is now dead), and are now changed to John Ottiwell and John Lace

Archd will 1661 #37 Maughold of Margaret Corlett als Stevenson,

dated 27 Dec 1661, page 56: Bahye Cotter, grandchildren Edmond’s children; grandson Philip Corlett; Bahie Cotter, Jaine or Jonie Corlett, Margaret Quark, son John executor, son Edmond, son William

Archd will 1661: 3 July 1662, Andreas, after page 56:

John Kneale aged 16 or thereabouts sworn that Isabel Teer called Ales Carret . . .

Bahee Cowle sworn that Donell Christian said . . . in Camaish’s house and heard Joney Teer alias Camaish said. . . . Joney censured for called Ales Carret a bitch . . . .

Wiliam Teere or Feere said he heard Jony Teare alias Camaish call Ales Carrett . . . .

Archd will 1661: 11 Aug? 1662,

at a court holden at Bishop’s Court, page 60: John Quayle & John Shimmin said John Shimmin senior said the day before he died that John Shimmin junior was to be his executor and have all his goods. Margaret Kewley wife of John Shimmin who died said that if she had no children by him, then John Shimmin junior was to receive all his goods. Nicholas Kewley said that John Shimmin said from the first time he married his daughter to the last that if he had no issue himself then John Shimmin junior was to be left all his goods.

Archd will 1661: 30th 7ber 1662, Ballure Chapel, page 61:

Sir Thomas Twatch have given to Tho: Cowley bondsman in the penaltie of one hundred pounds good moneys of England, that he will not alter, or pursuance to joyne any other xxxxxx of person unto the holy estate of matrimony without xxxxxn or baine xxxxxx until a bishope come to ye Island, & then he to submit to the law and to be punished according to the ordinances xxxxxxx as witness his name the day and year above written and as for the marrige of Edward Cowle & Christian Crow parson Robt Parre is to secure him, or did warrant him to marry them. [signed] Tho: Twatch. Sir Edward Crow being sxxxxxxxx to appeare this day, as appears by the Sumner Michael Kxxxxx xxxx to answer some clandestine marriage appxxxxxxxx.

Archd will 1661: 3rd 8ber 1662, KK Michael, page 62:

Ann Christian alias Woods complains against Thomas Bridson, both of KK Conchan Parish

Archd wills 1661: 22 October 1662, page 63:

Malew (Thomas Parr vicar), Santan (Charles Crow vicar), KK Lupy (John Crellin vicar) & xxxxxxx (John Thompson vicar)

Archd wills 1661: face sheet 24 Oct 1662, page 64:

Lonan (James Moore vicar); Marown (William Oates vicar); Conchan (John Woods vicar);

22 Oct 1662: Patrick (Thomas Harrison vicar); German (Henry[?] Lowcay vicar)

Archd wills 1661: face sheet 29 Oct 1662:

Michael (Hugh Cannell vicar); KK Mxxxx (Robert Parr parson); KK Patery? (William Crow vicar)

Archd wills 1661: face sheet 30 October 1662, page 68:

KK Trinity Leayre (Edward Crow vicar); KK Bridget (John Harrison parson); KK Maculd (Robert Allen vicar); KK Andreas (John Huddleston curate).


Archd wills 1661: 25 Feb 1662/3:

Whereas Sir Charles Crow Register being out of the Island, & Christopher Brew will being in his Registry (which ought to be in this book) and the plaintiff desiring to enter their claims in the said will for fear they be no a suited: therefore: Donnell Christian, William Brew & Richard Brew were admitted to enter their claime in the said Christopher Brew’s will for the sum of fortie seven shillings and therexxxxxx and the also for 10 xxxx due debt to them in the said will from the executors of William Kneale and his wife as they will make to appear and craveth tryall according to law

2t Feb 1662/3:

The said Donnell Christian also entereth his claime in the said Christopher Brew Will against William Brew for a chest, 3 firlets of barley, a sheetr and his part of the household stuff which is due to him by the said will, as he will make to appear and craveth tryall according to law.

Archd wills 1662/3 face sheet:

KK Maughold defuncts:

Richard Cottiam 28 December
Isabel Callow 11th January
Christian Quark 22 January
Thomas Nicleson 2 Feb
Sir Robert Allan 2nd Jan

KK Bride defuncts:

John Joughin 16 December
Daniel Joughin
Dannell Gouldsmith
Ales Christian
Bahe Curlett
Jony Costin pauper

KK Andrews defuncts:

Jony Kelly alias Lace
James Dowan
John Camaish
John Jremsay[?]
John Kee

KK Christ Leyayre defuncts

‘Jo: Standish clerk saith, that there is 12 defuncts at the least that ought to be given in at this Court.’

Archd will 1661 #38 Andreas of Joney Lace als Kelly

, dated 28 November 1662/3, page [1]: 6d to children who are married; son Donnell; son Thomas; grandchild Joney Lace; grandchild Mally Lace; son John Lace; daughter Mally & her daughter; minister; daughter Bessy Lace & daughter Joney Lace are executors. William Lace enters a claim of 7s 6d against the executors of Joney Lace als Kelly. John Lace junior enters a claimant of 1 pound 14s 0d & 4 bowls of barley against the executors of his mother Joney Kelly

Archd will 1661 #39 Andreas of John Kee

, died 1662/3, page 2: William Kelly & wife Margaret Sayle; dau Katharine; grandchild Kathe: Brew; Ales Teere his sister’s daughter; grandchildren Ann & Isabel Skally; dau Bahee; wife Joney Camaish; Cath Camaish als Carrett; William Camaish junior; William Kneele; son Steene Keey exec. Nelly Kee enters her claim against the executors of John Keey for her child’s part of the goods, and also for ¼ of a feather bed and bolster & ¼ of a ladder, & ¼ of a joist. Pat Kneals enters a claim for ¼ of a feather bed & bolster left to his wife and her daughter, and also ¼ part of a latter and ¼ of 2 joists

Archd will 1661 #40 Andreas of James Dowan

, died 1 January 1662/3, page 3: 2 sons John & Daniel Dowan exec; wife alive; he has no relations in the Island

Archd wills 1661: March 10th 1662/3:

Whereas these ensuing persons have been presented into our Court being Quakers for their now causing to ---- divine services: It is therefore ordered that publication shall be made by the Sumner 2 or 3 Sabboath days in the parish Church that all such persons so presented shall repair every Sabboath to hear divine services otherwise orders shall be given for their imprisonment according to Law. Hugh Cannell. In pursuance of ye sequel order, this precept is sent forth as followth, Sumner, you are hereby required to give a straite call & charge to all such Quakers in your parish (whose names as herr--- -----) that they forth with repair to the parish Church to hear divine service every Sabbath sub peona juirs, & in case any of them disobey, and refuse so to do, you are forth with to return & make affidavit, or certify upon oath to ye offical Sir Hugh Cannell within 14 days, that such course may be taken which you, for your contempt, as the law in such cases paids?, & this as you will answer upon your sell, dated Mar ye 10th 1662. A coppie hereof is present to ye sumner to be put in execution. The Sumner affidavit: The Sumner hath made affidavit this day, that the above said precept was published by him in the parish church, two Sabbath days by him in ---- of divine services; and also saith that he charged them according to the said precept to repair to the parish church, as therein expressed, notwithstanding they disobeyed, and contemptuously answered, that they would not come to the church, till we would tell them when the church is[or ie.,] and to witness this to be a truth I subscribe my name and put to my mark this 23 of March 1662. Pat: Cowle Sumner his mark.

Maughold presentments:

Bessy Christian filia John; James Coleish, Thomas Coonill all for absenting themselves from divine services, they being Quakers

Ewan Keruish and wife, & Cargt Callow for the like, Quakers

Ann Cottier for absenting herself from divine services, a Quaker.

Will Callow & wife, Robert Callow, John Cottiam, John Callow Robt Coonill & his wife, Jaine Cannell, John Christian & wife, Ewan Christian, John Christian & wife all for absenting themselves from divint services.

Andrews Presentments:

William Daugherty complained that Bahee Crenilt called his grandchild Donnell Daugherty the son of a thief and ought to be hanged. Not proved.

Archd wills 1661: 1 Jul 1663:

Reverd Sir: By ye Court, and your orders there was publication given 2 or 3 several Sundays in the parish Church of KK Maughall that those peopled called Quakers, should within a limited time then appointed repair to hear divine service read in their parish Church aforesaid; but nevertheless no one have observed, or is yet conformable; the SubSumner hath already given his affidavit to Sir Jo: Huddlestone (of their disobedience) upon oath, which I believe is seen on Record, no more but my serviced presented I remaine, Yours ready to xxxx xxxx, Ro: Christin, Gen.Sum., July ye first 1663. Jo:Crastin: All my best wishes to yourself and bed fellow, pray you send for a souldier to commit the Quakers whose names you have on record: for their disobedience, dated this 6th of July 1663, Hu:Cannell [very shaky signature].

Archd will 1661 #41 Bride of Bahey Cowle als Corlett

, dated 24th 1662, page 5: son Patrick Cowle, daughter Joney Cowle, son Donald Cowle exec

Archd will 1661 #42 Bride of Donald Joughin

, dated 1662, page 6 & 8: wife Bahey Christian; sister Ann Joughin, Dau of Charles Cowle (viz, Ann Cowle); bro John Joughin; John Christin senior & William Christin junior his son; 3 children Willim & Joney or Jane or John & Mark Joughin; supervisors David Christian & William Kneale. John, William and Ann Joughin at lawful years & the goods in their own hands. see Archd Will 1661 #44 Bride of John Joughin (his brother)

Archd will 1661 #43 Bride of Alice Joughin als Christian

, died 20 Nov 1662, page 7+: son Philip Joughin (supervisor of Margaret), daughters Bahy & Margaret (underage) Joughin. Isabel Christian for herself & her children enters a claim against the exec of Alice Christian for 10s legacy due to her husband and which Philip Joughin was bound to pay

Archd will 1661 #44 Bride of John Joughin

, dated 16 Dec 1662, page 9: David Christian and his son John Christian; William Kneale; Charles Cowle & his wife; John Joughin his brother’s son & his wife; John Cowle; executors are John Joughin, William Joughin, Anne Joughin, William Joughin junior, John Joughin junior, & Mark Joughin. Supervisors of his 3 brother’s children are Charles Cowle & John Joughin. Bahy Christian his brother’s wife. 27 Sep 1684: John Joughin, one of the executors of John Joughin, is moving to Ireland and hasn’t been able to get his legacy due him from the death of his mother and father, and his brother William Joughin has not helped; but his friend Daniel Christian Ballamin has given him some money for is travels and John assigns to Daniel the legacies due him. Charles Cowle Ballavarkus was one of his supervisors. 18 Marc 1662: Pat Kneale enters his claim against the executors of John Joughin and Donnell Joughin for grassings of an ox 3 years & etc. see Archd will 1661 #42 Bride of Donald Joughin (his brother)

Archd will 1661 #45 Bride of Donald/Donnell/Daniel Goldsmith

, dated 7 January 1662/3, page 10 & 11: son Nicholas Goldsmith, dau Katherin Goldsmith, brother John Goldsmith (has underage dau), William Kneale, Mitchell Goldsmith & his dau Christian are joint exec; dau Christian Goldsmith is added by the Court as an exec

Archd will 1661: 10 March 1662/3, page 11 at bottom:

Whereas the will of Joney Costin remains in the bishops registry bearing date the 10th of April 1646, & the Register at present being in England, & the said will being not extant but only a copy thereof being produced by Donnell Kneele her son, who sues for his right therein: we find that foreasmuch as the said Joney costing have not in her will left 6d or the value of 6d legacy unto her son Donnell Kneele, we therefore join him executor with his father in her said will according to the statute of Law of this Isle. Hu:Cannell, Joh. Harrisone.

Archd will 1661 #46 Lezayre of Catharine Garrett

[probably xxxxxxx als Garrett, dated 28 Oct 1662, page 12: children; dau Ellinor exec

Archd will 1661 #47 Lezayre, of Isabel Crowe als Corlett wife of John Crowe

, dated 16 Nov 1662, page 13: 3 children William & Edmond & Robert; Alice Christian, Margaret Corlett, Kathrin Corlett, Moroid? Clark, Isabel Corlett; 4 children Ed: & Wm & Ro & Evan exec; Joine Corkill

Archd will 1661 #48 Lezayre of William Killip

, dated 2 January 1661/2 at top, page 14: dau Mary Killip, son William exec

Archd will 1661 #49 Lezayre of Joney Crowe als Gill,

wife of Robert Crowe, page 15: sister Joney, sister Kathrine, sister Bessy, Margaret Callow, brother John, children (Kathrine, Calihoney[?, Callihorrey, etc], Ewan Crow); sister’s? children (Ewan, Kathrin, Calveshoney[same as the one above], Margret & Christian) executors. ?? Archd will 1661: 5 March 1672/3: Edward Christian received 20 shillings legacy from Catherin Crowe als Garrett & husband William Crow

Archd wills 1661, after page 15, at bottom:

5 March 1672/3: Edward Christian received 20 shillings legacy from Catherin Crowe als Garrett & husband William Crow

Archd will 1661 #50 Lezayre of Joney Cotter als Kewley

, wife of John Cotter, dated 23 Jun 1662, page 16: grandchildren John & William; goddaug Kathrin Carret; Nelly Kewley; sister Jayne, sister Kathrin. 29 Jun 1663: Robert Clotter & Jane Cotter enter a claim agains executor of Jaine Kewley for their right of the crop of corn of half a quarter land in Crunaugh & also for their right of the crop of corn of half a quarter of land in the Klenaugh, etc.


Archd wills, face sheet, March 1662/3, page 17:

Ballaugh defuncts:

Averick Quayle, Isabel Freer, Margery Christian, John Craine, Thomas Cowley

Jurby defuncts:

Margt Teer, Margt Clucas

Michael defuncts:

Thomas Koerg?

Archd will 1661 #51 Ballaugh of Thomas Cowley,

(1662/3), page 18: sister’s son & daughter left 1 sheep; wife alive; son John Cowley (underage). Supervisors: next of kin on father’s side: John Cowley, Kath & Ellin Cowley

Archd will 1661 #52 Ballaugh, of John Craine

, died 12 Feb 1662/3, page 18 & 19: brothers and sisters: Thomas, Gubbon, William, and Ann Craine

Archd will 1661 #53 Ballaugh, of Isabel Clark als Freer

, page 19: sister Joney; brother John Freer; Averick Nederagh; son William (apparently the eldest); next eldest is son John, then son Patrick Clarke, youngest son is George; husband Thomas Clarke exec

Archd will 1661 #54 Ballaugh of Averick Quayle

(probably xxxxxx als Quayle), died 24 Oct 1662, page 20: son Philip, daus Kathrine & Margaret & Jane, dau Jonie, kerchief left to Ann Cowley; son John; children John & Kathrin are exec

Archd will 1661 #55 Jurby, of Margaret Caine als Teare

, died 15 Feb 1662/3, page 21: husband Dollin Caine; 3 children John & Joney & Ann Cain (all underage); uncle of children John Freer (closest kin on mother’s side) is made supervisor

Archd wills 1661, page 22:

Forasmuch as information is given to me that Wm Skelton and Miss Ales Christian have been lately marryed by a xxxx not conformable to the Church government of this Isle, therefore I have thought fit to inform the xxxxx of that business to the judges of the Spiritual Court (to whom I concern xxx properly by longety) not doubt in etc.

Archd will 1661 #56 Michael of John Keery

, died 9th Dec 1662, page 23: brother William Keery & sister Isabel Keery (both supervisors of his son), wife Ann Kelly, son John Keery underage


Archd wills 1661: 1 March? 1662, page 25, face sheet:

Lonan, Conchan defuncts

[none listed],

Marown defuncts:

Christian Caine;

Braddan defuncts

[none listed]

Archd will 1661 #57 Marown of William Lewn

, died 13th January intestate, dated 24 March 1662/3 at top, page 26: children John, Robert, Jane, Alice, Ann & Isable Lewne. 3 eldest of age and made supervisors of 3 youngest

Archd will 1661: 24 March 1662/3: KK Braddan, page 26:

"Whereas Tho: Carralaugh departed this life about 13 years past and left in legacy to his sister’s daughter Marry Cunnorrey 4 pounds and a cow which was paid by his executor withing 14 days after the probate of the will as she hath confessed this day in Court Mar the 24th 1662. Mary Cunnorrey her mark."

Archd will 1661 #58 Braddan of Margaret Hutchin als Tate

: "KK Braddan 11th of March 1661/2: These are to certify whom it may concern that Margaret Tate on her death bed left Thomas Huchin her husband all that she had and thought? it over little to pay his debts and hers; paying xxxxx shillings to William Tate if he came to the Island and to her sister one petticoat of her best sort; and a waistcoate, and further nominated her foresaid husband whole executor; and further his daughter gave her father Thomas Hutchin freely all that was due to her towards the payment of their debts; and this we shall depose when need requires witness hereof, William Lace his mark, Margreatt Scott her mark, George Tyson his mark. Braddan 21 March 1661/2: Braddan: These are to certify whom it may concerne that Margareatt Tatt gave to her husband Tho: Huching all her estate whatsoever in bargan of contraction save one petticoat or two to her sister Elisabeat Tatt, xxxx to in her xxxxx and this I shall depose this 21st of March 1661, Hugh Moore."

Archd will 1661 #59 Braddan, of James Kelley,

Inventory dated 13 March 1662/3 (no will, only inventory), page 27

Archd wills 1661, page 28:

Braddan defuncts:

Bahie Conan alias Gell departed this life the 12th of October 1662
Robert Vinch departed this life the will proved not significant
Isable Fairbrother alias Skelling departed this life the 29th November 1662.
James Cottingame departed the 28th of November

Archd will 1661 #

60 Braddan of Gilbert Kelly orphan, died 20 Dec 1662, page 28: father Gilbert Kelly deceased; sisters Mariad & Ann; next of kin of the father’s side supervisors. Inventory in the father’s and mother’s wills.

Archd will 1661 #

61 Braddan of Dollin Corkill: died 9 Feb 1662/3 intestate, page 28: 2 brothers and 3 sisters by father and mother are made administrators

Archd will 1661: Braddan: Margaret Juke als Bridson departed this life 15th of Jan 1662/3, page 29, a contraction bargain hath been exhibited in Court, date March 24 1662/3

Archd will 1661 #

62 Braddan, of Hugh Kissage, departed this life 18 Jan 1662/3, page 29: brother’s daughter Christian Qxxxxxx[Quayle?] alias Kissage & her brother Edward Kissage (who is the exec) Mar 24th 1662/3: James Kermode enters his claim against exec of Hugh Kissage on his behalf and on behalf of wife Margaret Kissage (Archd will 1686 #5 Braddan of Deemster Thomas Fletcher: minor children Easter & Jane & Ann Fletcher; his last wife’s children (Thomas Fletcher & Jo:[?] Christian, & Margret Fletcher; sons Robert Fletcher & Richard Fletcher (ma is current wife); Deemster Fletcher was administer of the will of Christian Quayle als Kissag, the ma in law of Capt Patrick Christian)

Archd will 1661 Braddan: James Kelly departed this life the 4th of Feb 1662/3, proved, page 29 [a line after the will of Hugh Kissage and lost amongst the claims against the executors of Hugh Kissage]

Archd will 1661 #

63 Braddan of Robert Vinch, died 20 Dec 1662, page 30: 5 children David, Ann, Christian, Pegine[?], Marie are all exec; mother alive; Kathe Vinch & Joney Vinch are sworn supervisor.

Archd will 1661 #

64 Braddan of Isabel Fairbrother als Skeldin, died 19 Nov 1662, page 31: 3 sisters, husb Thomas Fairbrother Note that Sir Robt Norris wife is to be paid 10s of xxxx legacy. Thomas Fairbrother, if you will not pay the bearer Andrew? Hairbairn? the legacy due to her?his? mother Anna 6 by virtue of her sister xxxx Atturney (to her xxxx and 10s more due by the death of her sister Bridget you take not oaths taken in . . . . etc.

Archd will 1661 #

65 Braddan of James Kelly, glover, of Douglas, died 3 Feb 1662/3, page 32: brother Matthew Kelly; wife Dorothy Kelly als Cletor?

Archd will 1661 #

66 Braddan of Paul Gelling, died 20 March 1662/3, page 33 & 34: eldest son Dollin, daughter Margaret, grandchild Jaine, grandchild Margaret Gelling, Ann Coer[?], 6 children exec (Charles, Paul, Ann, Dorothy, Joney, & Margaret Gelling); eldest son John Gelling; ?grandson William Cotter

Archd will 1661: Marown presentments: 22 March 1662/3, page 35: Eliz Fargher, pregnant

Archd will 1661 #

67 Marown, of Christian Caine, died 26 Jan 1662/3, page 36: sister Ann; brother William; youngest sister Ann Caine

Archd will 1661 #

68 Conchan, of Daniel Cannell, died 7th March 1662/3, page 37: son John, son Robert, wife alive; children William, Edmund, Robert, and Ann Cannell are exec

Archd will 1661: Braddan, 25 March 1662/3, page 38: Whereas it hath been complained to us that Jayne Teere wife of Oats Cotter have been scandalized . . . .

Archdeacon Wills 1661, Conchan Presentment: "Concan: March the 25, 1662/3, page 39: James Banks sworn and examined saith that he heard his own wife call his sister Elisabeth Callaugh ney gillin: and also that his said sister said to his wife that she xxxx other men on the book, and his said wife said to his said sister that she had better go look to the shipmen, then stay and scould with her. [signed] James Bankes. Nelly Kowes sworn and examined saith that she heard her Mrs Nelly Banks say to her sister Elizabeth Banks, that she had better go look after the shipmen then stay & scould with her, and further saith not. [signed her mark] Nelly Kowes. Ann Lowrey[?] sworn and examined saith that she heard her said Mrs say to the said Elisabeth Callaugh ney guinuran, & that she had better go after the shipmen then stay and scold with her. [signed her mark] Ann Lowrie. William Hogg sworn and examined saith that Mr. Thomas Banks called Nelly Banks the daughter of a whore; and she replied and said, if I be the daughter of a whore, you are the son of a whore further saith not. [signed his mark] Willm Hogg. John Oats sworn & examined saith that he heard Thomas Banks say something about whores and bastards, & who is the father, thou doth not know who is the xxx and the said Nelly answered either doth thou know who is thy father & further said [not] [signed his mark] John Oats. Ann Christian sworn saith of like and further saith not. JOhn Shymmin sworn and examined saith that he heard Thomas Banks call xxxx Banks Ineerie ue starker[?], & she answered and said that the said Thomas Banks kept a xxxx house; and further that he called a cursed bastard, and she answered and sat that if xxx was a bastard, there were none of hers that went out in poaks[?], and he did xxxx & poaks[?]. [signed his mark] John Shymin."

Archd will 1661 #

69 Malew of John Duckan/Duggan, died 15 March 1662/3, page 41: dau Marriott, son Phinlo Duckan, dau in law

Archd will 1661: "The Chapter quest for ye Archdeacons half yeare in KK Arbory at this Court hath bur very few presentments onely one:

William Cowne for bringing a burthen of ling on ye twelfe day . . .

John Gell a poore widdowes sonne is presented for carrying a burthen of ling upon St. Marks day"

Archd will 1661: KK Malew 25 March 1663 presentments, page 42:

Wm Teare presents Marg: Kelly als Quackin for railing upon and reviling of Ellin Taggart als Bridson in her own house on the Sabbath day

[others also presented, but no relationships noted]

Mar the 26th 1662: The Bishop’s Register being out of the Island and these ensuing persons desirous to have their claimes, within xx xxxxx xxx entered against the Executor of Capt. Edward Christian, . . .

The Executors of Robt Moore of Pullroose entereth their claime against the Executor of Capt. Edward Christian for the suom of twelve? pounds due debt as their will make to appear and craveth tryall

William Huddlestone entereth his claime against ye Executor of the said Capt Edward Christian for the sum of four pounds eighteen shillings due debt as he will make to appear & creveth tryal: note that these claimes should be enetered in the book for 62 tho here entered at present.

Archd will 1661 #

70 Malew of Elizabeth Shimmin als Kinnage/Kinvig, dated 10 January 1662/3 at the top, page 44: mother, child Elizabeth Shimmin; brothers William Kennage & John Kinnage are supervisors; husband; almost mentions ‘former childrens goods and debts’

Archd will 1661 #

71 Malew of Joney Gelling als Duckan/Duggan, dated 5 January 1662/3 at the top, page 45: eldest dau Jane Gellin, other dau Margaret Gellin, sons Edward & Robt Gellin, son Christopher Gellin, son Nicholas Gellin eec

Archd will 1661: defunts 1662, after page 45: Thomas Clucas buried 9ber 22nd; Elizabeth Shimmin als Kinvig buried January (will); Gubbon Cry buried Jan 19th; Joney Gellin (will) & Joney Kegg (will); John Fayle out of KK Christ Lezayre that was beggiy? buried Feb xx; Elizabeth Wattleforth buried Feb 25th (will); Christian Fargher als Bridson Feb 2x; John Duckan (will) buried March 19th. The rest in the Bishop’s Registry that are crossed: The sumner hath made affidavit . . .

Archd will 1661 #

72 Malew, of Joney Keig als Harrison, buried 19 February 1662/3, page 46: bro Thomas Harrison; mother, sister Isabel Harrison, sister Margaret Harrison, husband Thomas Keig Jony HARRISON md 1 Sep 1661 to Thomas KEIG

Archd will 1661 #

73 Arbory of Thomas Cubbon, witnessed 1 November 1662, page 47: eldest son John Cubbon, dau Christian, son Nicholas, wife alive, his 4 children are exec (only 3 children are named)

Archd will 1661 #74 Arbory of Joney Costein als Comish

, dated 2 November 1662 at top, page 48: 3 children Christian (eldest dau) & Alice & Edward Costein are execs & underage, husband alive, brothers William Comish & Peter Comish & Robert Comish are overseers

Archd will 1661: Presentments 27 March 1663,

page 1 (49 is crossed out):

Alice Carret pregnant

Thomas Knackle for adultery 7 days & Kath: Oats 3 days: Whereas it is complained unto us, and also presented by the Chapter Quest that Tho: Knackle keeps constant company with his paramour Kathe: Oats which causeth him often times to abuse his owne wife, & will abide in any wise to live peaceably with her: we therefore order that the said Kathe: Oats shall be committed into St Germans prison, & there to remain till she geeld? obedience to the law, & the xxx to depart the xxxx before the law be satisfied. Mar the 27th 1663. Orders is given forth to this purpose.

Archd Will 1661 [Patrick]:

[note dated xxx{?November} 21st 1662; writing is very shaky], after page 1: Cousin Sir Thomas I pray you take the oath of Averick Quay with lawfull temporary xxxx in form of law that she never had carnal dealings with Captain Bracha for he payed her mother in law hath slandered her to have xxx marryge? with him, and certifie also with my true love to yourself & rest. Your loving cousin Hu: Cannell.

Avericke Quay hath taken her oath with compxxxxxtors lawful; that she never had carnal dealings with Captaine Bradsha. This is ye truth as witness my hand this 27 March 1663, Tho Harrison.

Archd will 1661 #75 Patrick of Ellen Quilliam als Clucas

, died 13 Nov 1662, page ‘8’ and 2: husband, father John Clucas, brother Richard Clucas, sister in law, 2 younger brothers, 2 sons Philip & Henry. John Clucas & son Richard Clucas are supervisors. Pledge for Philip Quilliam is John Killip; Pledge for John Clucas is John Quilliam [?is he the husband of Ellen??]

Archd will 1661 #76 Patrick of Margaret Corris als Clark

, died 14 December 1662, page 3: sons in law Thomas & John; son John, youngest son Silvester (exec), grandchildren Margaret & Isabel Corris

Archd will 1661 #77 German of Ann Corrin als Kermode

, died the last of December 1662, page 3: sister Joney, William McYlchrist/Molleycrist, sister Margaret (& her husband); Bahey Kennagh, Margaret Molleycrist, John Clucas, son Thomas Corrin exec. (John Clucas & William McYlchreest are witnesses & pledges)

Archd will 1661 #78 Patrick of Will Shurlock/Sherlock

, died the last of December 1662, page 3: son Thomas Shurlock is exec

Archd will 1661 #79 Patrick of Thomas Quayle

, died 22 Feb 1662/3, page 5: daughter Margaret, son Edmund, son in law William Hutchin, brother William Quayle, eldest son, dau Ellen, 3 children Edmund & Alice & Ellen are exec. William Killip is to watch after Ellen who is underage (& of age by 1675). Dau Sarah Quayle (?wife of Wm Hutchin)

Archd will 1661 #80 German, of Alice Gell als Corlett

, dated 9 Jun 1660 at top, page 6 & 7 (for Inventory): Pat Craine’s wife, John Quarrie’s[?] wife, [xxxx] Carran’s wife, son, sisters, brother, husband Gilbert[?] Gell, son Henry Gell

Archd will 1661 #81 German of Thomas Clucas

, died 25 March 1663 at top, page 9: sister Ann Clucas, bro Philip Clucas, bro John Clucas, father dead (and left Thomas a legacy)

Archd will 1661 #82 German of Margaret McYlchrist als Kneale

, died 19 February 1662/3, page 10: husband Gilbert McYlchrist, brother Henry Nelson, brother William Nelson, brother Henry’s eldest son & other son called William; Henry’s daughter Joney; brother William’s son & eldest dau & other daughter named Joney; goddaughter Mitchell[?] Callow’s dau; Thomas Gell that goes upon crutches; Nelly Kelly; dau Isabel Gawne exec

Margaret must by a half sister of Henry & William, since her maiden surname is different than theirs

Archd will 1661 #83 German of Jane Kewley als Stole

, died 15 March 1663/4, page 11: 3 children Joney, Isabel & Dorothy (one is unmarried); son Robert Kewley (who has the inventory in his hands until the unmarried daughter asks for it)

Archd wills 1661: September the 15th 1663, page 13:

The sumner having made affidavit that he charged those ensuinge persons to appear to prize the goods of Cathe: Cotter diseased after they appear xxx refused to prize the said goods but upon some discontent went away & therefore presents them to the Reverend Court Malooney Kisab, Henry Teere, Willm Teere, Robt Corkill: in fine. And having this day charged in their roome to prize the said goods Willm Joughin, Phillip Crenilt, Will Kee, John Goldsmith, and having disobeyed therefore presents them also to your Reverend Court. Michell Christian Sumner.

Archd wills 16 Oct 1663 page 15, face sheet

of Bride (John Harrison parson), Maughold (William Norris[?] vicar), Lezayre (Edward Crow vicar), & Andreas Sir John Huddlestone curate.

Archd will 1661 #84 Andreas of John Quirk

, died 7 Feb 1662/3, page 16: wife Isabel Quirk als Quork exec; son William Quirk & his wife Katharine Kee & her child; son James Quirk, son John Quirk, son Philip, 3 daughters Ann & Nelly & Alice

Archd will 1661 #85 Andreas of Christopher Cotter

, died 16 Apr 1663, page 17: dau Joney Cotter (husb Richard Brew), dau Bahee, dau Catharine Cotter (died 24 Apr 1663, md xxxx Christian, only child William Christian; see Archd will 1661 #86), brother William, dau Christian Costin alias Cotter

Archd will 1661 #86 Andreas of Catharine Christian als Cotter

, died 24 Apr 1663, page 18 & 17 & 13: only son William Christian; supervisors of son are Richard Brew (in behalf of his wife Joney), & Christian Cotter & Bahee See also Archd will 1661 #85

Archd will 1661 #86b Andreas of Catharine[changed from Joney] Sayle

, died 24 April 1663, page 18: 3 children Katharine, Thomas, & William Sayle; William is underage & Cath & Tho are supervisors; husband alive

Archd will 1661 #87 Andreas of Isabel Christian als Kerruish

, of Balnekilley, page 19 & 20: brothers; youngest dau; husband John Christian supervisor, Nicholas Moore also supervisor; 2 children Christian & Isabel Christian joint exec

Archd will 1661 #88 Bride of Donald/Daniel Lace

, dated 8 Marcy 1662/3 at top, page 21: children, wife, brothr Thomas, bro in law William Christian, bro Gilbert Lace, son William Lace exec, eldest dau Alice Lace, youngest dau Joney Lace, supervisors of children are bro in law Wm Xtn & br Thomas Lace & also bro Gilbert Lace &Margt Lace, son Gilbert Lace is of age by 1 Jan 1676/7 (17 Jan 1678/9: William Lace son of Daniel Lace, deceased, being of lawful years: supervisors & uncles Gilbert, Thomas & Michael Lace; a sister has also died by this date)

Archd will 1661 #89 Lezayre of John Crow

, dated 28 March at top, page 22: brother Edmond, sister Margaret, other brothers & sisters are exec & underage, mother is sworn supervisor (?fa died before, otherwise he would have been sworn supervisor)

Archd will 1661 #90 Lezayre of Catharine Corlett als Kneen

, dated 12 May 1665 at top, page 23: husb Philip Corlett; 4 children (Wm, Margaret, Jane & Ann; Ann is underage

Archd will 1661 #91 Lezayre, of Catharine Kneale

[?Kneale als xxxxx OR xxxxx als Kneale], dated 10 April 1663 at top, page 24: son is executor & sworn (so he was of age)

Archd will 1661 #92 Lezayre, of Isabel Goldsmith

als xxxxx (or xxxx als Goldsmith), dated 14 September 1663 at top, page 25: husb alive; son William; dau Charter/Karter; dau Katharine; Joney Quayle; grandchildren Ewan & Margaret; Mr[?] Edmand; dau Alice

Archd will 1661 #93 Lezayre of Robert Kewney

, dated 30 March 1662 at the top, page 26: dau Jone/Jane/Joney; dau Catharine; son in law Philip Carret; son John,

Archd will 1661 #94 Lezayre, of Pattone Goldsmith

, dated 16 December 1662 at top, page 27: wife alive; son Daniell Callences[?]; dau Margaret; Elizabeth; Joney; Daniel’s son; son Daniel; son John exec; "due from Jo: Xtian maryed to his grandchild in KK Bride"

Archd will 1661 #95 Maughold, of Revd. Robert Allen

, vicar of Maughold, written 1 Aug 1661, inventory appraised 24 Oct 1663, page 28 & 29: sons & daughters, wife Jane; friends & kinfolk (Capt Rich: Stevenson, Capt Ro: Calcott, Thomas Norris Deemster, Parson Harrison, Mr. Thomas Fletcher)

Archd will 1661 #96 Maughold of Richard Cottiam

, dated 12 Feb 1663/4 at top, page 30: son John, son William, wife alive; youngest children Richard & Mally;], dau Ann

Archd wills, page 31

"Maughold 1663: Nelly Carret departed this life about the 12th of August & certified by ye Sumner Pat Cowle to be poor and not worth 6d.

Archd wills Maughold 1663, page 31:

Whereas ye Executors of Donell Joughin have refused the executorship in the face of the Court, & is delivered up by affidavit we thought to deliver it unto ye General Sumners hand to take ye charge & executorship. . . . The General Sumner having made affidavit, that he made application on the Court day, & also at the parish Church of KK Maughold that if any manner of person did claim any debt of ye executors of Donll Joughin that they were to enter their claimas and prove the same within 14 days or otherwise to be nonsuited according to Law. Dated April ye 21th 1664. The General Sumner having made affidavit that he charged Donll Joughin to appear this day at Court, and have disobeyed it therefore to be committed.

Archd will 1661 #97 Maughold of Edmund Corlett

(page 32), dated 4 July 1663 at top: 2 brothers, wife Bahey, children

Archd will 1663:

Rushen presentments: Philip Sayle to bring in xxxx for ye good of his son Will Sayle

Lay ayre: The inventory of Margt Xtin alias Crow not brought in

Archd wills 8 Oct 1663 face sheet, page 33:

Jurby Parish, Sir William Crow vicar; Ballaugh, Sir Robt Parr parson; Michael, Sir Hugh Cannell vicar. [Presentments follow]

Archd will 1661 #98 Jurby, of Bessy Creckett[?] als Callow

, died 24 Jul 1663, page 35: Margaret Quaile, dau Alice, Philip Curlett’s wife; Margt Bridson; John Gawne’s wife; Ann Gawne; Thomas Creekett’s[?] wife; Gilbert Curlett’s wife; Jaine Creekett children; son Thomas Creckett[?]

Archd will 1661 #99 Michael, of John Caine

, dated 5th October 1663 at top, page 36: dau Margaret (has children); son Patrick exec, son William (Cleave), grandchildren John Caine, William & Katherin Cain; wife alive

Archd will 1661 #100 Jurby of Margaret Clucas

, died 3 Dec 1662, page 36: 2 sisters Bahee & Alice Clucas, Margt Geele, brother Henry Clucas & sis Mally Clucas joint execs. Her inventory is in the mother’s will

Archd will 1661 #101 Ballaugh of Margery Corlett als Christian,

died 25 December 1662, page 37: son John Corlett, dau Isabel, servants, dau Margaret, son Hugh (dead), grandson John Corlett, dau Averick, son John’s wife; John Freer’s daughter, John Crain’s daughter, John Corlett her illegitimate grandson, Donnald Bodough, (Margery has 3 daughters), Thomas Caisment (Thomas Casement & Donald Boddaugh are witnesses)

Archd wills 13 Oct 1663 face sheet page 38:

Marown Parish, Sir Will Oats vicar; Conchan, Sir John Woods, vicar; Lonan, Sir Richd Thompson vicar.

Lonan defuncts:

Will Qualtrough 18 Dec 1662; Tho Creer[?] Feb 28; Ann Qua 27 December; Philip Cowin March 22d; Ann Quine April 16th.

Conchan defuncts: none

Oct 13 1663: Isable Corrin xxxx Jurdan & John Kinnish sworn and examined saith that they heard Jane Teers alias Cotter called Kathe: Corrin a witch.

Oct 13, 1663: Edward Kelly sworn and examined saith that he heard Kathe: Cowin call Oats Cotter a huckollege[?] rought: afterward John Teere husband to Kat: Corrin produced 3 or 4 witnesses who were willing and ready to depose that she only called him a coweet rooge:

Archd wills 1663 face sheet p 39, Braddan: Sir Pat Thompson vicar.

Presentments: Isable Looney pregnant and Donll: Cowlle

Gilbert Caine the old Sumner for his several contxxxx against ye Bishop’s orders published in church.

John Cannell of trymon and his fellows for not repairing the Churchyard hedge not withstanding several times admonished


Archd will 1661 #102 Braddan, of Ellin ‘Nelly’ Joyner als Quay

late wife of Robert Joyner of Douglas, died 6 Feb 1662/3, page 40: died intestate; children Henry, Thomas, William, Margaret & Margaret Joyner; goods of Thomas & Margaret are in the hands of the father Robert Joyner, mariner of Douglas. see Archd Will 1661 #103 Braddan of Robert Joyner of Douglas

Archd will 1661 #103 Braddan of Robert Joyner

of Douglas, mariner, Deed of Gift made 1 November 1665 & signed by him: son William Joyner; current wife xxxx [name lost at edge of page] Joyner alias Watson[?], son Henry Joyner 6d legacy, dau Margaret the eldest now in Ireland 6d legacy, dau Margaret now wife of Christopher Bridson of Douglas 6d legacy; son Thomas Joyner living in London 20s legacy. Proved as will June 26th 1673 see Archd Will 1661 #102 Braddan of Ellin Joyner als Quay, page 40.

Archd wills 4 Oct 1663 face sheet, page 41:

Lonan[?] parish, John Crellin vicar; Malew, Sir Tho Parr vicar; Rushen, no vicar listed; Santan Hugh Cosnahan curate deputy.

Malew defuncts:

Ann Cunnag alias Cubbon, Margt Cotteene pauper, Jaine Quay alias Corrin; Margery Cluage/Clague als Farcher/Fargher

Rushen defuncts: Kathe Nelson pauper

Santan defuncts: John Breedey[Bridson]

Archd wills Presentments, Santan, page 42:

Presented by ye Chapter Quest of KK Santan, vizt, by Willm Moore, Tho Kinly, John Kinnish & Robt Callow as followeth:

First we preset that there is neither minister nor clerk in ye parish to do, & execute ye minister duty

2dly, Margt Oats for calling Margt Miore[?] a whore, and also for saying that she knew not, whether it was on the way to Duglass or Castletown that she was got with child. Not proved , deferred till further presenters

Archd will 1661 #104 Santan, of John Bridson

, died 6 April 1663, intestate, page 43: "John Bridson departed this life intestate about ye 6th of April 1663, whereof the church having intelligence, have decreed his son Christopher sole executor of all his goods moveable and unmoveable; and his brother Thomas Breedey to have the benefits of his contract; which is hereunto annexed; & a legacy to the wife upon sight of the Inventory. The Executor sworn in Court & both brothers Thomas & John Breeday supervisors. son Christopher sole exec; brother Thomas Breedey: Articles of Marriage appended (John Bridson on behalf of his son Thomas Bridson & Thomas Kinley on behalf of his dau Marriat Kinley, made 23 April 1658, & apparently the marriage to occur in 7 years; Thomas Bridson to inherit John’s goods & the younger son Christopher to inherit from the mother. Sons: Thomas & Christopher Bridson. brothers of John: Thomas & John Bridson who are supervisors.

Archd will 1661 #105 Malew of Marriad Sherlock als Teare als Maddrell

, dated 1663 at top, page 46: son Silvester Tear, dau Alice Moore als Sherlock, husb John Sherlock see also Arch will 1699/1700 #18, Malew of Alice Moore als Sherlock: dau Ellin Coat; dau in law Frances Moore; dau Christian, son Hugh Moore dau Alice md 1651 Malew to Thomas Moore

Archd will 1661 #106 Malew of Margery Clague als Fargher

, page 47: son William Clague, dau Ellin; grandchild Jaine Corrin, grandchild Ellin Clague, son in law John Corrin (?md Ellin); dau Isabel (not married at this time); son Edward (apparently older than Wm), brother Nicholas Clague[?]

Archd wills 1661

Presentment of KK Christ Rushen, page 48 [parts of words are hidden in fold]: for the Archdeacons half year last Aprill 25, 1663: Chapter Quests names: John Crobin, Hary Read, John Corrin, Wm Watterson

Katharan Crobin for a common curser, xxx that this woman is a mad, frantick silly woman and is scarce capable of punishment for she was committed to ye Dungeon 2 tymes by ye Governor xxxx no reformation; I pray God shue her a more xxxnse of her sin, & grant her reformation by the xxxward working of his gracious spirit. reliqua omina bene, Jo: Thompson.

defuncts: xxxx Nelson, pauper

Archd Wills 1661:

Executors & supervisors of Tho: Harrison are hereby required to bring in a perfect account of what stooks of xx barley was on ye crop when he died within a month time, otherwise to be committed to St German prison & there to remain, till they receive xxx xxxx for ye releasements. 1663. This delivered to ye Sumner. Hu: Cannell, Joh: Harrison, Joh. Thompson

Archd wills 5 Oct 1663 facesheet:

KK Patrick, Sir Tho Harrison vicar; KK German, Mr. Hen: Lowcay vicar. [a few presentments follow]

Archd will 1661 #107 Patrick, of Ann Watterson als Gell

, died 10 Jul 1663, page 50: husband alive; Bahy Brew is to bring up her youngest son; dau Alice, dau Isabel Cottier; 5 children Alice & Isabel & Margaret & Thomas & William are exec; uncles on ma’s side Thomas Gell & Henry Gell

Archd will 1661 #107 German of Henry McYlchrist

, dated 18 Au 1663 at top, page 51: wife alive; eldest dau Joney; youngest dau

Archd will 1661 #109 German of Patrick Crellin

, dated 2 August 1663 at top, page 52: grandchild Patrick Crellin, dau Bahy Crellin, brothers’s son Richard Crellin, brother’s dau Bahy Crellin, son in law William Crellin; aunt Bahee Crellin sworn supervisor of the children

Archd will 1661 #110 German of Dollin Dawson of Peel

, made 12 Jul 1663, page 53: son John Dawson, dau Joney Dawson, dau Ann Dawson, son Wm Dawson exec

Archd will 1661 #111 German of Catharine Crellin als xxxx

, died 20 July 1663 intestate, page 54: 6 children Margaret, Bahee, Patrick, Philip, Ann & Isabel Crellin; Bahey Crellin is next of kin on ma’s side & supervisor; husband alive

Archd wills 1661: 22 May 1663,

German presentment:

Gilbert Mylchrist accused Henry Gell’s wife (Ann Clucas) of being a witch, as well as accused John Clucas: this wasn’t proved, and Gilbert had to do penance for slandering Ann Clucas & John Clucas

Archd will 1661: July 10th 1664, page 58:

These are to certifie that May Curghey alias Kneale did this day in presence of ye congregation purged with compurgatory from having any carnall copulation with John Christian of Ramsey. As witness my subscription, Ed: Xxxxxxx.

Archd will 1661 #112 Michael of Catharine Sayle als xxxxxxx,

died 22 November 1662, died intestate, page 59: 3 children Thomas & Catharine & William Sayle (William is underage), husband alive.

Archd will 1661: page 61:

At a Court holden in KK Michael the xx of December 1663:

Whereas Pat: Kneele of KK Christ have formerly been censured to pay unto Nelly Kee Executrix to her late mother deceased, her mother’s right in his tith, & have disobeyed as appears by the Sumner affidavit: is therefore ordered to be committed into St German prison forthwith, and there to remain till he submit to Law or to give in securitie that he deliver unto her the full benefit of her part of the said tith.

Archd will 1661: page 62: November ye 26, 1663: Half ye crop of corn which Margery Christian did possess of is due to Jo: Corlett junior as appears by his contract bargain, accordingly we have granted our authoritie to ye said Jo: to receive due account & satisfaction for the same from ye executors of ye said Margerie. [signed] John Harrison, Hu: Cannell, Ro:Parre, Joh:Huddlestone, November 30th 1663. Note that this order is not to be put any further into execution until the contract bargain be lawfully proved before the Dymster: December the 11th 1663. By order from the xxxxx. Hu: Cannell. It is ordered this day in Court that the Executor of Margery Christian is to enjoy the full benefit of ye Executorship until the bargain of contraction be proved 10ber 10th 1663. Hu:Cannell

Archd will 1661 #113 Bride William Christian

, died intestate 29 November 1662: 5 children Samuel, Christopher, William, John, Margaret & Catharine Christian; Sam & Margt at lawful age. mother alive. Kindred on the father’s side are supervisors.

Archd will 1661 #114 Bride of Margaret Christian

: This will is listed in the Index but is not present in the film. UNLESS, it is Margery Christian, page 62: see above

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