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Isle of Man Family History Society Journal

Volumes 1-18 1979-1996

Indexed by Family

Note only major articles indexed - ephemeral + requests for help are not indexed here




Private Abraham Acton VC vol 16.4 pp120-122
Kinsale Funeral [William Ball d.1877] vol 11.4 pp121
Bateman of Lonan-Marown-Kirk Rushen vol 10.4 pp98
My seafaring Ancestors [Joseph Bennett + experience in gathering data] vol 16.1 pp26
Mrs Iris Lyle Family Tree vol 08.3 pp80-81
Tail Piece - A Great Great Grandmother's Will [Margaret Blackburn Castletown 1821] vol 01.2 pp11
John Courtney Bluett [settled IoM 1820-53] vol 11.3 pp90
The Brews of Kirk Andreas vol 04.1 pp14-16
Three Brew Royal Descents vol 12.3 pp99-101
Three Brew Royal Descents [cont] vol 12.4 pp132-137
The Bridson and Delany families vol 04.4 pp69-74
The Bridson and Delany families [cont] vol 05.1 pp8-13
The Bridson and Delany families [cont] vol 05.2 pp27-33
A Bridson Wrinkle vol 08.3 pp89
A Bridson Wrinkle [cont from jul86][names in fam bible] vol 11.2 pp38
The Brig 'Caesar' [Stowell + comments on forebears of T.E.Brown] vol 13.1 pp29-31
The Genealogy of Mrs Thomas Edward Brown vol 03.3 pp54
The Genealogy of T.E.Brown vol 03.1 pp10-14
When Childher Play [T.E.Brown + brief cv] vol 11.3 pp69
Buchanan Family Tree vol 12.4 pp144
The Caesar Family in the Isle of Man vol 01.3 pp10-14
Render unto Caesar [use of Caesar as forename] vol 13.3 pp78-80
Anyones Ancestors? [John Cain=Ann Kelly irish wedding 1781] vol 14.1 pp16
Caine Family [John Caine=Jane Taubman 1781] vol 17.4 pp132-133
Caine Family [Wm Caine=Mary Ann Cleator 1839] vol 14.4 pp120-121
Caine's Tanyard [Thomas Cain(e)] vol 17.3 pp82-83
Extract from diary of Alfred Cain [emigration 1868] vol 12.1 pp10
Extracts from History of Rutland County, Vermont vol 08.3 pp82-83
From a Photostat Copy of an Indenture [W.Caine 1830] vol 12.3 pp78
Manx Museum Library [extracts from letters/diaries Cain/Gelling] vol 14.4 pp112-113
Notes on the Ancestry of Hall Caine vol 14.4 pp122-124
Thomas Caine of Braddan IoM [Feb 7 1852] vol 04.1 pp6
Strays [Calcott 1693 + American strays] vol 15.2 pp43
Caley's from Sulby Glen [Patrick Caley = Jane Gelling m1803] vol 18.1 pp26-31
Concerning the Callins of Ballellin, Maughold [1683] vol 15.4 pp119
Memorials of God's Acre - Callin vol 04.1 pp17
The Callister Family [Mormon emigrant] vol 13.2 pp60-65
A Callister Search [inc Fam Tree] vol 08.4 pp115-120
John Callister of Port St. Mary [death 1841 +subsequent fam history] vol 14.1 pp4-5
The Callows of Croit Roie 1720-1948 vol 14.1 pp30-34
The Callows of Croit Roie 1720-1948 vol 14.2 pp66-71
Callows of Croit-Roie 1720-1948 (concluded) vol 14.3 pp104-107
Callows of Croit Roie (corrections) vol 15.1 pp9
Ellin Callow of Kk Maughold [refutal of Whitchcraft 1724] vol 07.2 pp40
Jane Callow of Arbory (1812-1873) vol 18.2 pp47-51
Marriage Contract [Callow/Corkill May 1732] vol 11.2 pp39
A Career with the IoMSPCo. 1896-1926 [Samuel Cannan, 'Peel Castle'] vol 13.1 pp9-11
Cannell Mystery [Cannell=Caley Kk Michael] vol 18.1 pp6
The Cannells of Collins Street vol 11.1 pp11-13
Charles Moore and Isabella Cannell vol 16.3 pp97
The Cannon Family of Eary ne Gowin Kirk Michae vol 03.4 pp66-74
Carin, Carine, Karran
Memorials of God's Acre - Carin/Carine/Karran vol 05.2 pp38
[newspaper cuttings re sale of Creglea, Patrick J.K.Karran(Carran) 1895] vol 16.sp pp22
News from the Gold Diggings vol 12.1 pp5-6
Christian Family Chronicles vol 04.1 pp18-19
Christian Family of Ballabeg Farm, Kirk Bride vol 04.3 pp46-54
Christian Family of Ballabeg Farm, Kirk Bride vol 04.4 pp67-68
The Christian Family - The Royal Descent vol 08.3 pp87-88
Christian's of the Ballabeg, Kirk Bride vol 11.4 pp115-118
The Christians [Robert Christian bp 1797] vol 17.3 pp86
Church Discipline, Ecclesiastic Courts, Presentments - 1705 [W. Christian - incest/adultery] vol 07.4 pp117
The Elusive Christians [desc of Israel Christian + others] vol 17.3 pp101-107
The Elusive Christians - part 2 vol 17.4 pp137-143
Family of John McChristian vicar Maughold 1580-1625 vol 03.4 pp75-76
Fletcher Christian's Mysterious Last Days vol 08.2 pp55-56
Fletcher Christian [Bounty] vol 18.2 pp60-61
Foundering of the Bates Family [rescue by Cptn Christian] vol 16.3 pp95-96
An immigrant Saga [W. Christian California] vol 18.4 pp133-135
The Last of the Christians of Milntown vol 03.3 pp45-46
Last Will and Testament of John Christian of Ballacallow, Kirk Bride - Oct 1799 vol 07.4 pp121-122
Manx American Windfall vol 04.2 pp34
Manx Cottages - Christian's Cottage [Edmund Christian m.1778 Port Erin Rushen] vol 11.4 pp104-105
Manx in American History - First Lady vol 02.4 pp94
Manx in American History - The Christians pt1 vol 04.4 pp75-76
Manx in American History - The Christians pt2 vol 05.1 pp16
Memorials of God's Acre - Christian vol 06.2 pp37-40
Missing Baptisms from Onchan Register [R.Corlett 1855, E.T.Christian 1857] vol 14.1 pp10
Sailings to Douglas [inc photo of fam of Agnes Margaret Christian] vol 14.3 pp101-103
Taken from Jurby News [Israel Christian] vol 12.4 pp113-114
Edward Clague of Lonan vol 05.3 pp49-56
From St. Luke's, Baldwin, Curchyard vol 06.1 pp5
A Manx Burial Ground in the United States [Clague Cemetary Greenville/Northfield Minnesota] vol 18.4 pp136-138
Memorials of God's Acre - Clague vol 03.3 pp49
Penny Story of the Clague Family [Dover Ohio] vol 15.3 pp93-94
Researching your Family in the Isle of Man and Abroad [wills Killey, Cloague, Mylrea] vol 18.4 pp129-132
A tall dark Stranger [first steps in genealogical research] vol 17.2 pp68-72
A Cleator Lineage vol 05.4 pp74
Extract from the Beaver (Hudson Bay Magazine) [re Cleators in Ontario] vol 13.3 pp98
Kirk Bride M.I.s vol 07.4 pp117
Clucas Family Tree [Thomas m Santon 1825] [letter] vol 09.4 pp108
Funeral of Mr W Clucas of the Strang [1871] vol 17.4 pp136
The John Collister mystery [d.1868] vol 11.sp pp20-26
Collister / Gell
Interesting Wedding c1896-99 vol 08.3 pp95
Cooper / Christian
Oddities from Braddan Registers [Suicides] vol 08.3 pp72
My search for my Mother Margaret Frances Corkan vol 16.2 pp57-61
My Search for Thomas Corkan/Radcliffe [illeg twins b1832 Thomas Radcliffe+Jane Corkan] vol 18.2 pp65-66
Corkill Family Bible [1828-1899 various names mother Ann Corkill nee Quayle 1798-1858] vol 17.2 pp58
Desperately seeking Job [missing John Corkill 1859-?] vol 17.3 pp79
The Corletts of Lhen Moar Andreas vol 03.1 pp6-9
Farewell to the Manx Society [Corlett] vol 17.4 pp134-135
First Generation Australians of Manx Descent vol 09.4 pp117-126
"Great Aunt Eliza" Eilza Withell nee Corlett vol 07.2 pp58-61
Lezayre Family Names - Thomas Arthur Corlett rebuilds the Church vol 01.2 pp6-8
Lezayre Famly Names II - Thomas Arthur Corlett and the 1751 census vol 01.3 pp18-22
A Manx American Heir to Ballaneddin, Ballaugh [ex Mona's Herald 1905] vol 14.4 pp124
Manx Roots and Colonial Branches vol 03.3 pp51-53
Memorials of God's Acre - Corlett vol 05.3 pp57-58
One of our Manx Stories in Stone [Corlett Ballaugh old Church] vol 03.2 pp34
Missing Baptisms from Onchan Register [R.Corlett 1855, E.T.Christian 1857] vol 14.1 pp10
Ships Records [1850 Corlett to New Zealand] vol 15.2 pp51
William Corlett [1858 Kansas] vol 10.3 pp81
William Corlett of Lezayre and his descendants vol 13.2 pp66-70
Problem Solved [Cornish/Cummings] vol 12.2 pp46-48
Corrin, Edward Cedar Co Iowa 1878 vol 05.2 pp25
Memorials of God's Acre - Corrin vol 04.1 pp17
Longevity in Arbory [Mona's Herald 9 May 1855 re Taggart + Costain] vol 18.2 pp64
More from William Cubbon "Ritchey Betsy" Costain vol 07.4 pp128
Copy of a Letter from an Uncle to his Nephew [children's home Douglas...] vol 17.1 pp7-8
From the Sun 26 Feb 1836 [re John Cowen] vol 07.2 pp61
The Cowins of Ballacannell, Lonan 1691-1730 vol 17.3 pp84-85
Fatal Accident [Manx son 19 Jan 1861 re Thomas Cowin] vol 18.3 pp96
A Kitchen Maid [Lily Cowin] vol 12.3 pp92-94
Three trees from John Cowin=Catherine Sayle [m. Ballaugh 1776] vol 11.3 pp75-78
A Farm Sale of 1770 - Cowles vol 01.4 pp12-18
Obituary [Jack Cowle ex Gentlemans Mag 1790] vol 14.4 pp117
Cowley History [Greencourt Ohio 1908] vol 14.1 pp11
The Cowleys of Ardwhallen - Braddan vol 10.2 pp43-52
The Cowleys of Ardwhallen - Braddan [cont] vol 10.3 pp71-80
The Cowleys of Ardwhallen [further information] vol 12.3 pp84-87
From Corn-grinding to Gang-busting [Cowleys inc S.P.Cowley in USA] vol 14.4 pp117
An interesting Visitor Descendant of Manxman-Mormon [James Cowley][ex Ramsey Courier 1938] vol 16.1 pp7
Strays[Cowley, Notts] vol 17.4 pp116
A Braddan Worthy [John Craine 1704] vol 03.1 pp14
Craine Family Braddan/German vol 11.1 pp14
"How we get involved" [missing marriage James Craine = Margaret Cowley German 1843] vol 12.2 pp44
John Caley Craine [1866 -autobiography] vol 15.2 pp65-68
John Caley Craine Part-2 (continued) vol 15.3 pp101-103
John Caley Craine Part 3 (continued) vol 15.4 pp136-137
Manx Museum Library Report [Catherine Craine's diary covering WW1] vol 16.4 pp112-114
Manxmen Abroad [Letter] to Mona's Herald Ontario 1865 [J. Craine] vol 16.2 pp46-47
Manxmen in New York [letter from Philip Craine to Mona's Herald 1864] vol 17.4 pp117
Working together [Thomas Craine =Margaret Crow 1810] vol 17.1 pp25-27
Craine, Taggart
A Fantasy or Whimsical Speculation [altercations Craine vs Taggart] vol 13.2 pp49
Family Bible [Crebbin 1829-1854] vol 17.4 pp136
Enquest File 1707 [Kelly vs Creer] vol 15.3 pp81-82
John Creetch, Castletown 1781[killed in service] vol 12.4 pp117-118
The Grand Shaft [Dover role of of Daniel Crellin 1911-78 in restoration] vol 16.1 pp13
[Jane Kenyon + Crellin family] vol 16.2 pp55
Memorials of God's Acre - Crellin vol 03.4 pp77
On the trail of the Cretneys vol 04.1 pp3-5
The Story of Judith Crinnal [Cholera victim 1832] vol 13.2 pp57-59
Capt. Hugh Crow recalled vol 13.1 pp12-13
The Manx, Slavery and Privateers [Hugh Crowe] vol 13.2 pp50-51
News from the Museum Library [letter from Joseph Train concerning Myles Crowe] vol 17.3 pp76-77
A Great Grandmother's Grave [Australia] vol 04.3 pp56
Impressed into the Navy [Lewin, Cubbon] vol 13.2 pp48
Anyones Ancestors? [will of John Cummins, watchmaker, Douglas, 1780] vol 13.3 pp87
The case of the missing marriage record [Braddan marriages 1730-4] vol 11.2 pp56-58
Curpheys 1800's vol 03.4 pp63
Letter to a Mother [Wm Curphy 1759] vol 14.3 pp93
The Muller Homes Bristol [Curphey Children 1847] vol 11.3 pp89
My Curphey Family vol 11.sp pp7-10
The Bridson and Delany families vol 04.4 pp69-74
The Bridson and Delany families [cont] vol 05.1 pp8-13
The Bridson and Delany families [cont] vol 05.2 pp27-33
A Delany Descendant Remembers vol 05.3 pp42-44
[Delany Family Tree] vol 06.1 pp16-17
Two Dunn Families vol 14.1 pp12-15
Am I in the right society [Faragher] vol 08.1 pp15-17
From Malew parish Register c.1679 [Faragher=Shimmin] vol 16.1 pp8
Death at Sea [Thomas Faraker] vol 13.1 pp13-14
Strays [Faraker, Broxbourne Herts] vol 17.4 pp116
Fargher Family Tree [Wm Fargher=Ann Killey m1729] vol 18.3 pp83
Indenture [Robert Fargher to John Cowley 1845] vol 17.3 pp81
Strays [Fargher] vol 09.4 pp126-127
Strays [Fargher] vol 10.1 pp28
Strays [Fargher, Blawith Chapel Ulverston] vol 17.4 pp116
Strays [Fargher/Faragher] vol 18.3 pp81-82
Fargher / Shimnin
Fargher, Shimnin & Cubbon [John Fargher b Malew 1804][letter] vol 03.1 pp4-5
Stray David Forbes m Derby 1829 vol 04.2 pp28
Strays - Forbes vol 04.1 pp19
Francis Forrest [1856-1948 builder Douglas, later New Zealand] vol 15.4 pp130-131
John Garrett's Cottage vol 12.1 pp21-22
They came from Bride [Garrett / Ohio] vol 05.1 pp4-7
A Divorce - January 1637 Jurby [Gawen/Kellie] vol 07.2 pp54
Gell / Moore
Rushen Burials [in childbirth] vol 07.4 pp118
Manx Museum Library [extracts from letters/diaries Cain/Gelling] vol 14.4 pp112-113
Manx Museum Library [further extract from Sarah Gelling's diary 1901] vol 15.1 pp4-5
The Groves[Lecture on the Gibbs of the Grove, Ramsey] vol 16.sp pp2-7
The Gill Family of Peel and Eary Beg, Kirk German,Isle of Man [Bendigo Australia] vol 14.1 pp21-25
A Great Grandmother's Grave [Australia] vol 04.3 pp56
Mona's Herald May 1847 [notice of 'Miners' Advocate and Manx Intelligencer + accident to Gill] vol 18.2 pp71
Gill, Gell
Collectors Corner [Book Review 'A Manx Family - Gills & Gells] vol 14.4 pp144
Manx Church Magazines [+extract relating Robert Glmour 1891] vol 11.3 pp70
The Goldsmith Family Tree [Wm Goldsmith b.1710 Bride] vol 18.1 pp7-8
Goldsmith tree vol 11.2 pp45-46
John Goldsmith - Will 1866 [letter] vol 09.4 pp105-107
Gorry A Family Search [Book Review] vol 01.1 pp19-20
Melancoly Occurance and Fatal Results [Mona's Herald 25 June 1854 dispute Gracey + Thompson] vol 18.4 pp143
Robert Gracey vol 02.4 pp89-90
Gentleman or Plumber [Guest=Spence] vol 18.1 pp24-25
The Halls of Market Street [family Hall] vol 07.2 pp62
The case of the missing Ash Plants [Thomas Hampton] vol 15.4 pp141-143
Mathias' unfortunate Cow [Hampton 1769] vol 16.1 pp34-35
A sad Tale of Christian Hampton [transportation to W.Indies 1698] vol 15.1 pp12-15
Thomas' Night Out [Thomas Hampton d.1794] vol 15.2 pp70-71
Letters from Home [Fanny Ray Harrison 1922] vol 18.2 pp62-64
To Virginia [letter recalling vovage of slaver] vol 17.1 pp12
Museum Library Report [Note on acquisition of papers of Peter + Hester Heywood] vol 18.2 pp42-44
Heywood, Thomson
Calcott Heywood [1777-1851] + The Thomson Family vol 13.4 pp136-141
Hodgson - Viking [origin of name - Manx equivalent Cottier] vol 16.3 pp86-87
Shocking and Fatal Catastrophe in Castletown[fire 1850] vol 17.3 pp94
Double Link with Mona vol 04.2 pp29-30
God's Call Answered Story of three Primitive Methodist Ministers [into Jackson family] vol 06.3 pp83-93
The Jefferys' of Hatton Garden vol 04.2 pp25
Johnson, Heywood
The Heywood Connection [Peter Johnson/Margaret Brown] vol 02.1 pp10-12
Kirk Bride M.I.s vol 07.4 pp117
Kerrowglass [house + cost of building] vol 13.3 pp81-83
Thomas Karran of the Isle of Man [Query re 2 possibilities chr. 1782] vol 11.4 pp118-120
W.B.Karran [1884, Douglas] vol 13.4 pp122
The Amazon Disaster - Funeral of Mr Charles E Kee vol 18.3 pp85-86
The Kee of the Clock [+other Ramsey traders] vol 02.3 pp60-64
Betsy Kelly, nee Corlett 1833-1917 [wife John Kelly builder Douglas] vol 13.3 pp93-97
Calling Kellys [Wm Kelly=Mary Kneen 1808] vol 14.3 pp97
Danel Kelly's Shop [Ballaugh] vol 10.4 pp94-95
Enquest File 1707 [Kelly vs Creer] vol 15.3 pp81-82
From Mona's Herald 17 Dec 1870 [drowning of Catherine Christian Kelly] vol 18.3 pp80
A Gravestone to the Rescue [Kelly family] vol 17.4 pp130-131
A Great Grandmother's Grave [Australia] vol 04.3 pp56-57
Kelly's of South Australia [desc of William Kelly = Jane Christiana Caley] vol 17.3 pp97-100
Kelly's Tin Pots [fam tree] [letter] vol 10.1 pp10
The Kellys of Ballabrew, Braddan vol 02.1 pp12-15
May 23 1822 Bigamy of Jane Kelly [nee Quiggin] to Thos. Fayle vol 11.2 pp64
Thomas Kelly [1804-1872] + 'Reminiscences of Former Days in Manxland' vol 06.2 pp43-56
A Manxman to the very last [William Kennish b. 1799] vol 11.sp pp17-18
[Jane Kenyon + Crellin family] vol 16.2 pp55
Chibbanagh Cottage [Kermode] vol 10.4 pp96-97
My Search for my Grandfather [William Kermode] vol 12.1 pp12-15
Sad Drowning of a Peel Fisherman [Edward Kermode] vol 17.1 pp33
William Kermode of 'Mona Vale' vol 07.2 pp62-63
William Kermode of Mona Vale, Tasmania [slaver] vol 16.1 pp12
Kerruish [letter] vol 09.4 pp102-104
The Kerruishes of Maughold vol 17.2 pp61-64
The President of Tynwald The Hon Sir Charles Kerruish CP[An appeciation + Family Tree] vol 18.4 pp115-119
Archdeacon John Kewley vol 07.1 pp4-5
Kewley line [letter] vol 09.2 pp49-50
The Kewleys of Ballafreer vol 07.3 pp84-86
Memorials of God's Acre - Kewley vol 06.1 pp30
Another Manx Bible [Killey] vol 11.3 pp94
John Killey Foxdale d Australia 22-10-1869 vol 03.4 pp77
Liverpool Manxmen [John Killey b Kk Patck1823] vol 06.3 pp68-81
Liverpool Manxmen - Part 2 Citizens of the New World [Killeys] vol 15.1 pp24-31
The never-ending threads of genealogical research [Esther Shimmin/Killey/Faragher] vol 10.2 pp53-54
Percy [Lace] Killey [1875-1932] vol 15.4 pp119
Researching your Family in the Isle of Man and Abroad [wills Killey, Cloague, Mylrea] vol 18.4 pp129-132
William Kinnish's Diary [voyage to Australia 1839] vol 02.1 pp4-8
Kinnish/Kennish, Kermode
Strays [mainly Arlecdon Cumberland] vol 07.3 pp93-94
Some Kinvigs of Arbory and Castletown vol 13.3 pp99-106
Anatomy of a Family [More about the Kissacks] vol 05.2 pp34-38
Anatomy of a Manx Family [Kissack] vol 02.4 pp95-101
The Kissacks [James Kissack, Cronk-y-Voddy] vol 13.4 pp114-115
A Letter of William C. Cubbon [re Kissacks] vol 07.1 pp5-7
Was Hawley McKissacke executed in 1422 vol 11.3 pp83
Liber Causarum 1717 - Kneale/Elsimore vol 10.4 pp93
A Mariner's Will of 1751 [William Kneale] vol 11.1 pp21
Thomas Kneen of Bishopscourt vol 05.3 pp48
5s9d off the rent [petition to Gov Chaloner 1658 re Cranstall] 10[letter] vol 10.1 pp9-10
A bit of my LACE History [Wm Lace] vol 07.1 pp8-9
Impressed into His Majesty's Service [William Lace 1756] vol 13.2 pp45-48
John Lace and Lord Nelson vol 16.1 pp24-25
A Manxman at Trafalger [John Lace] vol 11.2 pp55-56
Marriage [Lace=Caley 1790 Kirk German] vol 14.1 pp10
The sad story of William Lace Snr. [1801-1890] vol 09.1 pp30-31
The Secret [Catherine Lace's illegitimate twins] vol 15.4 pp138-140
Whitehaven Records [re Lace name] vol 15.2 pp50
Family of La Mothe vol 16.sp pp8-14
The LaMothe Family in New Zealand vol 03.2 pp35-36
Lane / Gelling
A Monumental Tale [Braddan Cem. Lane + Gelling] vol 12.4 pp114
Our Lawson Links with Ellan Vannin [1668-] vol 14.2 pp60-65
Pretty Wedding [Wm Bainbridge Riley=Mary Helena Lawton Ramsey United Methodist Church 1909] vol 16.3 pp83-85
The Loss of the Mauguerite [Dickie Lee] vol 16.1 pp14
World War 1 [Robert Henry Leece] vol 16.4 pp123-124
From the Manx Advertiser 5 May 1823 [two fatal accidents Robert Lewin + William Maddrell] vol 18.3 pp80
Impressed into the Navy [Lewin, Cubbon] vol 13.2 pp48
Missing Baptism [Jamima Mary Lewin 1834 Kirk Braddan + potential other missing entries] vol 16.3 pp81
Dr Robert Lewins [1792-1847] vol 02.3 pp71-73
Alexander Lewthwaite [b1831] Baldwin School in 1835 vol 05.4 pp79
Logans from Maughold vol 13.1 pp14-16
Manx in American History - Shenandoah Valley vol 03.4 pp65
The marriage of Isabel Lowey in 1746 vol 11.2 pp59-61
From the Manx Advertiser 5 May 1823 [two fatal accidents Robert Lewin + William Maddrell] vol 18.3 pp80
McAdam Ancestry in Douglas, Isle of Man vol 14.4 pp131-133
James Arthur McCormack 1887-1926 vol 16.4 pp120
From Dubsidhe to McFee vol 17.2 pp59-60
Onchan Register 1841 Richard McGrath [missing baptism rec] vol 10.4 pp93
Monumental Tales - Old Kirk Andreas vol 07.1 pp20
The Secret [Catherine Lace's illegitimate twins] vol 15.4 pp138-140
Charles Moore and Isabella Cannell vol 16.3 pp97
Divorce [Edward Moore vs Ann Moore m1796] vol 16.1 pp8
Letters - Moore family [New Zealand] vol 10.3 pp66-67
Mr Robert Moore of Douglas - Merchant vol 07.3 pp76-82
Morgan the Organ [Morgan Organ Builders + list of instruments on Island] vol 16.1 pp31-33
Morrison, Carran, Christian, Wattleworth
Marriage Ceremonies [Morrison=Carran, Christian=Wattleworth Peel 1883] vol 16.1 pp33
Morrison, Mylacraince
Strays [Rochester NY 1850's] vol 17.3 pp80
From the Royal Australian Historical Society ["Eagle & Child" + Moughtin Fam Tree] vol 12.2 pp66-68
Photographic Record of the Moughtin Family vol 13.4 pp118-120
Can you help - Moughton [New Zealand] vol 10.3 pp62-63
Mounsey / Stanney / Kissack
Mounsey/Stanney/Kissack [letter] vol 09.2 pp45-47
Whitehaven Connection [Muncaster watch and clock maker] vol 15.4 pp118
The Mylchreests of Peel vol 16.4 pp137-148
The Mychreests of Peel continued vol 17.1 pp21-23
Peel Sailing Ships and the Mylchreest Connection vol 13.1 pp21-29
Mylchreest / Moore
Important Will Discovered [Jane Mylchreest alias Moore 1698] vol 18.1 pp13-14
Researching your Family in the Isle of Man and Abroad [wills Killey, Cloague, Mylrea] vol 18.4 pp129-132
Memorials of God's Acre - Nelson vol 04.3 pp54
John William Phillips 1828-1893 [Oddfellow Funeral + family tree] vol 17.3 pp95-96
"The Pilgrims" vol 11.sp pp35-38
Report from Manx National Heritage Library [re Pitchforth family Douglas 1840] vol 18.3 pp75-76
Stray [Price] vol 15.3 pp82
First Generation Australians of Manx Descent vol 09.4 pp117-126
First Generation Australians of Manx Descent - corrections vol 10.1 pp10
Grandmother Christian Quaggin's Ancestry vol 15.3 pp95-98
Qualter / Qualters / Qualtrough
The Origins of the Names Qualter, Qualters and Qualtrough vol 07.2 pp41-45
Continuing 'Qualtrough' Saga vol 03.2 pp38-39
Crosh to the Qualtroughs vol 02.4 pp91-93
Feb 10 1823 Qualtrough marriage vol 11.2 pp64
Genealogy Joy [James Qualtrough + 'Mermaid'] vol 01.2 pp3-5
Memorials of God's Acre - Qualtrough vol 03.3 pp49-50
Qualtroughs in New Zealand vol 01.3 pp15-17
Death [John Quane ex Manx Sun 1851] vol 14.4 pp133
Odd Baptismal Entry - Onchan 1766 [Margaret Quark of Braddan] vol 01.2 pp11
Quarry's of Ballavoddan vol 05.3 pp45-48
Quarry's of Ballavoddan [cont] vol 05.4 pp66-70
Quarry's of Ballavoddan vol 06.1 pp18-24
Quarry's of Ballavoddan - Addendum vol 07.2 pp63-64
The Quays of Man vol 06.4 pp104-105
Cushag to Silver Fern [Quayles in New Zealand] vol 12.1 pp7-8
Foxdale Ancestors Thomas Quayle [m 1861] vol 08.1 pp11-13
In memory of John Quayle [fishing accident 1782 + list of other men lost] vol 13.4 pp131-133
Quayle Strays in the USA vol 06.1 pp25-29
Quayle, Radcliffe
Letters from Australia [to John Watterson from those who sailed on Vixen] vol 10.4 pp103-105
It pays to advertise - 1831 style [Quiggins] vol 08.3 pp83
Family Feuds in the Eighteenth Century [Quilleash vs Quilleash re Dhoon Maughold] vol 18.2 pp57-59
Memorials of God's Acre - Quilliam vol 04.4 pp66
Descendants Willam Quirk m. 1792 Kk Rushen vol 10.2 pp41-42
Quirk / Kissack
Lucky Break [Quirk, Kissack] vol 03.2 pp30-34
My Search for Thomas Corkan/Radcliffe [illeg twins b1832 Thomas Radcliffe+Jane Corkan] vol 18.2 pp65-66
Copied from a Manx Bible - Readshaw vol 10.4 pp102
Another Manx Link with Trafalgar [Lewis B. Reeves] vol 01.3 pp6-9
Another Manx Link with Trafalgar [more on Reeve fam] vol 07.2 pp36
Mad Freak and Narrow Escape [John Rogers] vol 18.1 pp35
Death of Pte Harry P. Sansbury confirmed 1917 vol 17.1 pp10
Manx in American History - Gov William Sayle vol 04.3 pp55
Memorials of God's Acre - Sayle vol 05.4 pp65
Sayle Family of Ballalhergy, Bride vol 13.4 pp124-125
An emigrant Manxman John Scarff [Gippsland Australia] vol 11.4 pp122-126
An emigrant Manxman John Scarff [Gippsland Australia] - Adventurous Career of Mrs Scarffe vol 12.1 pp29-35
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