Isle of Man Family History Society Journal Vol 6 no 1 Jan 1984



From St. Luke's, Baldwin, Churchyard

In memory of MARGARET CLAGUE, wife of the late ROBERT CLAGUE, of Ballaquine in this Parish, who departed this life suddenly on the 24th of October 1872, aged 50 years. The above was for many years a consistent member of the Weslyan Society. She might indeed, with propriety be called a mother in Israel. She was attentive on the means of grace. A liberal supporter of the Church of her choice. She was large hearted and gave of her substance, nobly and willingly towards the support of the Gospel. Her offerings were not given so grugingly nor of necessity, but freely as unto the Lord. Of her hospitality too much cannot be said. A few words of eulogy in an epitaph is but a feeble mean of praise for so noble a spirit, so large a heart as characterised her. With joy she now reapeth a reward of her doings. Truly blest in the memory of her righteousness.



(Manxmen and their Cornish Neighbours)

Reproduced by kind permission of the Laxey Committee


History of the Little Manx Church by Mrs Gertrude Baxter of Mineral Point

Over a hundred years age a number of Manxmen came to the Mineral Point area from the Isle of Man - "The Little Manx Nation" or "Mona's Isle" (meaning Beautiful Isle). These people were mostly younger sons of old Manx families and came to make homes on the land where they could be free to buy and own their own farms. These people did not all come at once. but those who came first must have told others in their old homeland. My father, Thomas Kelly. was one of the men. He and his cousin, James Callow, came together when they ware in their early twenties to buy land and build a home.

Most of the people settled within a radius of five, six or eight miles from Mineral Point in a good farming community, later known as the Laxey and Bloomfield neighbourhood. Here the Manx people built a stone church which they named Laxey Church after the old home town in the Isle of Man, where most of them were born. This little rock church. along with the small white frame church a mile away, built by their Cornish neighbours,soon became the religious and social centres of a large and prosperous community.

Laxey Church was widely known for its generous giving. When Reverend Kent, who was pastor of Mineral Point Primitive Methodist Church qt one time, returned from a trip to England, he said that the P.M. Church over there had asked about our Laxey Church (which was also a P.M. Church) saying that our Laxey Church had been very generous in giving to the missions.

Several of the members went out as local preachers to the towns and neighbouring communities. I have known my father to farm all week and on Sunday to walk ten miles to preach and get home in time to teach a Sunday School class or to fill the home pulpit, and some others did the same. We had a large Sunday School and a good congregation.

Needless to say the neighbourhood was a happy place to live. But many of the Manx descendants have moved away and are scattered all over the United States. I still remembers some of the names of some of those who first came here and helped to build the church: Callow, Cowley, Faragher, Gelling, Hudgeon, Kelly, Kewley, Quirk, Skillicorn, Radcliffe and many others.

The influence of the little Manx Church was widespread and even though the building has been torn down, I know that in the hearts of Manx descendants there is still a warm spot for the little Manx Church.


Fleeing The Wrath to Come by Jayne Watkins

A box of books purchased at an auction some years ago contained the usual collection of nondescript volumes; but one book, upon examination, aroused the interest of the purchaser. It was the record book of teachers' meetings of the Laxey Sunday School, 1857-1886. The book is now owned by Mrs. A.C. Collin.

The record book reveals interesting sidelights in the Manx Community. Some writers were more apt than others, and there are some years when no minutes were taken. Many popular personages were appointed to offices and committees year after year. Their names are familiar: Kelly, Cowley, Jewell, Skillicorn, Callow, Fine, Vivian, Jolliffe, and others. Names of newcomers were mentioned for a while then they disappeared. Besides the devoted souls, there were the occasional backsliders who were "waited upon" for non-attendance.

Laxey Church was Primitive Methodist. A Laxey Class Attendance record book (published in Mineral Point, and now owned by Mae Reese) contains the rules and regulations for the Primitive Methodist Connexion. The following quote will help us understand the organization of the Classes (later called Sabbath School, then Sunday School). "The Primitive Methodist Connexion is composed of Protestant Christians united for mutual assistance in working out their own salvation, and extending the kingdom of Christ; and it is arranged in societies, circuits, and districts, and the societies are formed in small companies, called classes, one member in each is styled 'the Leader', and usually another 'The Assistant Leader'.

"The classes meet weekly. The members of each have their names in a class book. and each member holds a society ticket. The tickets are renewed quarterly, at which time a visitation of the class takes place."

Each person "desiring to flee the wrath to come" had his name entered into a class book where attendance was kept. This desire was to be "earnestly maintained" for a three month period. which was called "on trial". After the trial period, they acquired full membership and wore given a society ticket, which was renewed quarterly. This membership also required that certain funds be subscribed monthly or quarterly "as the Lord prospered him.

If a member was absent, the Leader or his deputy visited the arrant member, frequently referred to in the minutes of the record books "waiting upon . If a member was absent from class four weeks successively without "asaigning any sufficient reason, such would be considered no longer a member."

A rule of the society statess "No person must be continued a member of the Primitive Methodist Connexion who attends vain and wordly amusements; wastes time at taverns or saloons; buys unaccustomed goods; or who is not honest in a dealings; or who is guilty of any acts of inmoralty." Despite these rules. it was necessary in 1858 to appoint a taskmaster to emphasize good behavior. This position continued for at least 25 years. Some years two taskmasters ware appointed.

In 1857 John Pierce was Chairman, Thomos Kelly, assistant Superintendent of the Classes. There were four classes of boys and two of girls. Each had two leaders. Item 17 of the minutes states that "the Superintendent may joust the according to his judgement." Item 23 indicates that there would be "some spelling books and- reward books got for the school." The July 10th meeting resolved to purchase $8 worth of reward books and twelve hymn books, also 10 Bibles and 10c worth of paper and 50c worth of cards and tickets."

In February of 1858, it was resolved "that Wm. Harris will wait on Mary Watkim for bad attendance and "if no amenment that Ann M Harris will take her place" as one of the teachers of the Second Class of girls. But by April, 1858, Mary Watkins and Jane A. Soadey were to be teachers of the Second Class of girls. (It is interesting to note that many who "waited upon the errant member were themselves "waited upon' in later years.)

On January 13, 1862, a motion made "that they teachers be required to ask and that a ticket be given to the scholar that answers best the questions put to him." The years of 1863 ind 1864 had much discussion of tickets. James Brewer in 1863, was authorized"to buy a $1 worth of tickets and they shall be marked "Laxey Sunday School." It was also resolved that each scholar would "have the privilege or paying 25c per child in money for their books and that, before sending for the books, the tickets be in and a receipt given." The use of tickets was explained in an entry in 1864; "40 tickets be given to the scholars that recite the most verses, 30 for the second, 20 for the third." It is apparent that the tickets thus earned could be presented to buy books.

Library books are mentioned from 1858 onward. By 1864 a book case was acquired for the library books and rules were laid down. "Fines of 10c to whoever keeps a book over 4 weeks, the fines to benefit the library. Whoever returns one soiled or torn fined 10c. Wm. Katerid, John Truan examine each Library'... (teachers' and children').

The high importance of the library is clearly indicated by this entrys

Sept. 1863


Paid out on library


Left in hand


Proceed of Dinner 1864


Total amount


Promised by Wm. F. Vivian


Old library sold to Wm. Harris


In November, 1864, a committee was formed to buy $30 worth of books and "settle with Bro. Dawson for $50.3 worth of Books bough of him."

Not all of the activities recorded are of a serious nature. Both the years 1861 and 1862 record Good Friday Tea Meetings. The proceeds in 1861 were "$35.24, promised by Wm. Haxris 1.50. Paid by Wm. Brooks .50."

Judge Hallum in his manuscript Bloomfield and No..5 (a reminiscence of the area in the 1870'a) described a Dodgeville Methodist Tea Meeting (supposedly the best of all) as follows ...
"80 to 100 solicited chickens made into chicken pies (real pies), 400 pasties sold for 25c each, biscuits and saffron cake frosted, cakes, pies of all kinds, tea and coffee. The dinner cost 50c."

After dinner there wore speaking by the pastor, the choir sang, and home talent performed. No doubt Laxey Tea Meeting was not on such a grand scale, but of a similar format.

The Laxey Picnic, an event that was to acquire fame as the best picnic around, had simple beginnings. The first mentioned of a similar event was 1858 when it was resolved "that we shall have anniversary the last Sunday in June". In 1860 J. Pierce was elected Superintendent of the anniversary, and the collection was $14.64. 1862 records a day meeting for "the benefit of the school. James Callow, Wm. Harris, John Patman, Geo. Marcow, and John Truan be a committee to raise victual. 6 ladies appointed to do the cooking, the ladies requested to attend the meeting on Thursday week." By 1864 there was a bandy and lemonade stand and a grab bag. It was voted that "a hat pass around the tables as usual and Bros. Dawson, Windra, Trenary to talk on the occasion." George Brewer was appointed to put notices in the paper for Laxey. Diamond Grove. Jamesville. Linden Bloonfield, and Spring Valley.

1867 records a vote to have a picnic for the Sabbath School about the 4th of July. A motion was made that "we have some pieces recited by students at the picnic", and it was moved- "the Superintendents be a committee for to secure a competant person to play the organ at the picnic."

In 1870 the picnic was hell the last Thursday in June. 'Women were listed as canvassers and. were on the ice cream selling committee. Proceeds were $69.77.

As happens when a good, thing has. been discovered, by 1880 the machinery for the picnic becomes very detailed, men heading up most of the committees. The amount of ice crelm made was up from 10 gallons in 1870, when ice cream.was first nentioned. A motion was made to buy eggs and milk. The ice cream was to be made at Mr Callow's. Women were for the first time to make custard for the ice cream; Mrs. Callow, Mrs. Vivian, Mrs. Kelly. This committee was to continue until 1886, with few changes in personnel. Four men were on the lemonade committee.

1881 found picnic proceeds to be used to repair the church. 20 gallons of ice cream were made. Twenty dozen eggs were donated for the custard; "Mrs. Vivian, 5 doz., Mrs. Callow, 10 doz., Emma Kelly. 5 doz.," N. Jowell, W.F. Vivian, Thoms Kelly, George Morcum and Wm. Pascoe were elected to be a committee to make and sell the ice cream.

By 1884 the ice cream made for the picnic on August 26, was down to 15 gallons. The eggs and milk were to be purchased. Mr, Callow was, by now. well entrenched as superintendent of the freezing.

In 1885 a motion was made to make 15 gallons of ice cream and to buy 600 pounds of ice. It was voted to have a basket picnic.

Judge Oscar Hallum, in his manuscript Bloomfield. and No.5, declared that the Laxey Picnic the finest, outshining the Bloomfield Picnic. He describes the entertainment at a Laxey picnic in the 1870's:

"The music by the Linden Primitive Choir. Entirely Cornish, they dealt with H's in the approved Cornish manner, but noy always consistantly. For example, I remember a couplet which vaz sung in this fashion:

'Then 'aste o 'aste to yonder bower
We'll all 'ail the happy hour'."

Hallum also credits Philip Allen, Mineral Point grocer, active in the Primitive Methodist charch and a local preacher, with taking a great stock of candy to Laxey picnic and taking back what did not sell.

This record book of teachers meeting of Laxey' church is a remarkable mirror of the time, revealing the pioneers to be people of devotion to duty, sticklers for detail, ;and possessors of great enthusiasm for the smallest project. There must have been another book of minutes that took up where this one left off. Would that we had it, too.




[Delany Family Tree]




by Michael Callister





























c.1791 born in Scotland
1807 married Agnes Scott
1809 a householder, living with his wife at Bellobutts, Ancrum, Rox., a servant at Whitehouse
c.1821 they lived in Edinburgh
by 1823 they were living in Bride
1841 Census: Bride, (next entry: Thurot's Cottage) - WALTER QUARRY 50 farmer born Scotland, Agnes 50 born Scotland, Isabella 25 born Scotland, John 20 farmer born Scotland, James 20 born Scotland, Clark 15. William 15, Agnes 12, Walter 9, Margaret 6.
1851 Census: Bride, Prospect ? Hill - WALTER QUARRIE 64 farmer of 53 acres, Agnes 62, Isabella 40, John 35. Clark 27, Walter 19, Margaret 15.
1859 of the 'Hills', Bride, when buried on 17 March at Bride, aged 71 according to his gravestone, or 72 in the Parish records.


c.1791 born in Scotland
see 2 WALTER for history to 1851
1855 died at Ballaskeally, Bride, on 14 December, and buried in Bride churchyard on 17 December. Age on gravestone - 66 years (gravestone shows year of death as 1856)


1809 baptised 'ISABELL' at Ancrum, Roxburghshire, on 29 October. see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census: Bride - aged 25, living with parents
1851 Census: Bride - aged 40., living with parents
1861 Census Bride, Cottage - aged 46, living with younger brothers
1871 Census: Bride, Ballagennel Farm House - aged 55, with younger brothers
1881 Census: Maughold, Ballagorrey - aged 67, housekeeping for younger brother 2e James
1887 died, a spinster 'aged 80', on 9 December, and buried at Maughold



c,1811 born in Scotland
no direct evidence of kinship, but 1 JAMES had his own daughter Mary, whose history is established as lc MARY. I believe that this MARY is a daughter of 2 WALTER so see his history to 1832.
1832 married James Gawne at Bride on 2 December, both making their marks in the presence of Wm Christian and the Parish clerk John Cowell. Children born to them:
1833 (i)John - baptised at Bride on 10 March
1839 (ii)Mary Ann baptised Bride 7 March (married Phillip Crennell, son of Thomas Crennell, Cooper of Bride, and Margaret Kelly of Lonan, at Bride on 22 October 1859. Eight children she died at Glentruan, Bride 22 October 1910 and was buried at Bride on 25 October)
1841 Census: Bride, Ballakie area - James Gawne 50 agricultural labourer, MARY 30 born Scotland, John 8. Mary 2.
1843 (iii) Christian - baptised Bride 16 July
1848 (iv) Walter - baptised 27 February
1851 Census: Bride, Ayre House - MARY GAWNE 40, Christian 8,
Walter 3; Husband James Gawne not present, but there was a 55-year old farm labourer named James Gawne working for William Christian at Ballacallow House.

1852 (V)James - baptised Bride 18 July, father described as a labourer of Ballacowle
1859 James Gawne of Ballacowle died, and was buried at Bride on 17 April, aged 70

1861 Census Bride, Cottage (near Ballakie) - MARY GAWNE 46 widow & labourer, James 9 scholar.
With 2f Clark, one of household is a nephew Walter 'Quarrie': could this actually be 2b MARY's son Walter Gawne ?
1871 Census: Bride, Cottage (near Ballakilley) - MARY GAWN 57 widow & pauper.



born in Scotland
c.1814 no direct evidence of kinship, but 1 JAMES had his own daughter see 2 WALTER for history to 1833
1833 married Robert Halsall at Bride on 29 June children born to them:
1833 (i)William baptised Andreas on 24 November
1836 (ii)Robert baptised Andreas 20 March
1840 (iii)John - baptised Andreas 25 February
1841 (iv)Agnes Jane - baptised Andreas 19 December
1844 (v)James baptised Andreas 28 July
1849 (vi)Thomas baptised Jurby 12 August
1852 (vii)Christian - baptised Jurby 14 March
1854 (viii)Isabella Jane. - baptised Jurby 8 October
1864 Robert Halsall died at Kerrowdhoo, aged 581. and was buried at Bride on 17 April
1881 Census: Bride, Ballahard Cottage - CHRISTIAN HALSALL 66 widow & agricultural labourer, born Scotland, Robert 46 son & agricultural labourer, born Andreas.



born in Scotland C.1821 see 2 WALTER for history to 1841 1841 Census: Bride - aged 20, farming with parents
(i)his daughter born to Margaret Looney, daughter of George Looney, a proprietor of land in Lezayre, and christened Ann at Maughold on 8 March
1850 married Margaret Looney at Lezayre on 28 December - both could sign their names, and JOHN was described as an occupier of land
1851 Census: Bride, Hilla - JOHN QUARRIE aged 35, farming with parents; daughter Ann Jane aged 5.
1851 (ii)William - baptised Maughold 22 June (died a bachelor at Glen Mona on 14 January 1916)


c.1821 born in Edinburgh
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census Bride - aged 20, farming with parents
1845 married Anne Fargher at Bride on 6 July
children born to them
1845 (i)Ann - baptised Andreas on (married William Costain In Ramsey on 22 November 1'W ?; moved to Port St. Mary ? a widow in 1923)
1846 (ii) Walter Scott - baptised at Maughold on 27 September
1849 (iii) Christian - baptised Maughold 16 September (servant to Chaplain Stowell at Maughold in the 1861 Census, aged 11)
1851 Census Maughold, Crog-ny-Mohlt - JAMES QUARRY 28 farming 60 acres, born Scotland, Ann 30, Ann 6, Walter 4, Christiana 1, plus William(2g) 24 and his wife Ann 22.
c.1852 (iv) Margaret Jane - born in Maughold
1853 (v) Isabella - baptised Maughold 30 October (married Thos Kissack
at Maughold 23 January 1875 (Editors notes They had Issue of at least the followings- James Henry and Ann (twins) born 1875. William 1876, Wilfred 1877. @est 1879. John 1881,
Robert 1883, Edward Thomas 1886, George 1892, Walter 1898, this was supplied by our Chairman, Rev. R. Kissack)
1855 (vi)James - baptised Maughold 14 October (labourer at the mines
In 1871; a mason lodging at 38 Church Street, Ramsey, in 1881; living in Douglas in 1923)
1857 (vii)Clark - baptised at Dhoon 19 April (a mason living at 38 Church Street, Ramsey, in 1881)
1860 (viii)Thomas Flargher baptised at Dhoon 1 September (married Isabella died at 23 Casletown Road, Douglas, on 6 March 1923 - buried at Braddan)
1861 Census Maughold , Ballelin - JAMES QUARRY aged 39 farming 12 acres, Am 38, Ann 15, Welter 13, Margaret 8, Isabella 7, Clark 4, Thomas 1.
1863 (ix)Elizabeth - baptised at the Dhoon 9 A~t (married Daniel
Corlett; living in Ramsey 1923)
1869 JAME's wife Anne died on 4 May aged 51 and is buried in Maughold.
187? married Mary Christian of Jurby - daughter of Leonora
1871 Census Maughold, Ballagarrey Beg Farm House - JAMES QUARRIE aged 50 farming 30 acres, Mary 36@ James 15 labourer at mines, Clarke 13 scholar, Thomas 11 scholar, Elizabeth 11 scholar, wife's mother Leonora aged 63.
1872 JAMES's second wife Nary died on 12 January 'aged 36w and is buried in Maughold
1881 Census: Maughold, Ballagorrey - JAMES QUARRIE 62 widower and farm labourer, born Scotland, Isabella(2a) 67 sister and housekeeper, Jessie 2 granddaughter and scholar ? born Maughold, Annie Kissack 5 granddaughter and scholar born Maughold.
1893 JAMES died on 30 November 'aged 77' and is buried in Maughold.



1823 baptised at Bride on 5 14arch
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census Bride - aged 15 and living with parents
1851 Census: Bride Hills - aged 27 and living with parents
1860 Married Catherine Christian of Upper Moss Lane, Hulme, Manchester,
daughter of Thomas Christian, joiner, at Manchester Cathedral & Parish Church on 1 March. CLARK's address on the certificate is Kirkbride, Isle of Man, and his profession is 'farmer'. Witnesses were Daniel Christian and Catharine Quayle. CLARK signed his name but Catherine made her mark.

1861 Census: Bride Hills - head of family since his father's death, a~ QUARRIE 34 farmer, Catherine 27, Isabella 46 sister, Walter 27 brother Walter's wife Ann 26 and children John 5 Agnes 4 Isabella2, and a nephew of M^ called Walter 12 (is this really Walter Gawne ?) 1862 (i)Ellinor Jane - baptised at Bride on 8 January @led Richard Henry Kinvig; living in Ramsey in 1923@ 0.1863 (ii)Isabella - born in Bride (married Geo. Joseph Tears at Lezayre on 22 December 1879; widow by 1923 ?; dead by 1928 ?) 1864 (iii)Catherine Ann - baptised at Bride on 18 September (~ed James Henry Faichney at Lezayre on 6 April 1882; living In Lezayre in 1923) 1864 CLARK died at The Hills, Bride, of smallpox, aged 40. and buried at Bride on 2 November 1871 Census: Maughold, Ballagennel n= House - Living with 2a Isabella, Catherine 39 widow Ellon Jane 9. Utherine A B. 1881 Census: Lezayre, Loughneyeigh - Living with daughter Isabella (Tear) 19, and Geo. Tearet Cath, Quarry 479 Ellen Jane 20. Catherine A 16,



c.1825 born at Bride
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census: Bride - aged 15, living with parents
1851 Census Maughold Creg-ny-Mohlt - aged 24, working as an agricultural labourer, and living with brother 2e James
1856 married Margaret Cormode at Andreas on 27 November described as 'a farmer of Bride', he signed while she made her mark.
1861 Census not traced, but Andreas, Dune House - M'Cormode 83 farming 10 acres, Margaret ~is 35 daughter
1871 Census Bride, Ballagennel Farm House - living with 2a Isabella, William QUARRY is 45 a steward and widower
1877 died at Ballaghennie 'aged 51, and buried at Bride on 19 November



1828 baptised at Bride on 24 August
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census. Bride - aged 12, living with parents
1853 married William Corteen at Maughold on 5 February Children:
1854 (i)Mary Agnes - baptised at Maughold on 29 January (later Mary Agnes Moors of Crowville, Maughold)
1858 (ii)Thomas - baptised at Dhoon Christ Church on .27 June
1861 (iii)Francis Sarah - baptised at Dhoon Christ Church on 3 February
(later Corkill, of Maughold)
1864 (iv)Walter Scott - baptised at Dhoon Christ Church on 7 February
1866 (v)Margaret - baptised at Dhoon Christ Church on 1 July (later Christian pf Ramsey ?)



1832 baptised at Bride on 6 February
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census: Bride - aged 9, living with parents
1848 confirmed at Bride on 5 November by Bishop Eden
1851 Census Bride Hills - aged 19, living with parents
1854 married Ann Quilliam (originally from Patrick, but moved to Bride from Peel around 1852 when aged 17) in Kirk German on 29 October
1855 (i)John - baptised at Bride on 4 February
1857 (ii)Agnes Jane - baptised at Bride on 1 March, father WALTLPR being described as a 'labourer of Lough Drurgel (domestic servant aged 14 at Bal),Lchrink Farm House, Bride in the 1871
18 (,,,)Census; married a Cottier and moved to Northampton ?)

-59 Isabella - baptised at Bride on 22 May, father WALTER's address given as Ballaskeally (married Geo. Cluem at Bride 19 June 1880 ?)
1861 Census: Bride Hills - farming with brother Clerk, WALTER QUARRIE 27. Ann 26. John 5, Agnes 4, Isabella 2.
1862 (iv)William Thomas - baptised Bride 12 January (indoor servant
aged 19 for Daniel Joughin at Ballaquark, Bride, in the 1881 Census ?) Ballaskeally
1863 (v)Catherine Alice - baptised at Bride on 22 November (married Thomas Cannon of Andreas ?)
1866 (vi)Walter - baptised at Bride on 17,June, parents' address
Bride Hills (working on Blackpool Trams in 1928)
1868 (vii)Clarke - baptised at Bride on 30 May, parents living at
Bride Hills (catechism at Bride on 21 September 1890)
1871 (viii)Goldie - baptised Bride 22 January, parents living at Bride
Hills (Married Janie ; died at 'Bolivia', Lezayre, on 6 December 1919, 'aged @w, and buried at Bride.
1871 Census Bride, Ballaskeally Cottage - WALTER QUARRIE 38 farm steward, Ann 36, Isabella 12. Wm. Thos. 9, Catherin A 7.
Walter 5, Clark 3, Goldle 2mths.
1873 (ix)Edith Ann - baptised Bride 26 Oct., parents address the Hills
(catechism at Bride 17 June 1888; died at 'Fair View' Bride on 6 August 1943 aged 70 and buried at Bride)
1876 (x).Elizabeth Margaret - baptised Bride 3 September, parents' address Ballaghennie (catechism at Bride 21 September 1890)
1881 Census: Bride, Quarrie's House, Glentruan - WALTER QUARRIE 49 farming 20 acres, Ann 46, Clark 12, Goldie, Pdith A 7,
Elizabeth m 4o
1889 WALTER died at Ballagennie, Bride, 'aged 57' and buried at Bride with his parents
1928 his widow Ann died on 10 July, aged 93 and Bride's oldest resident at the time, at 'Fair View'. Buried with her husband and his parents at Bride. 'believed to have been the subject of "Cushag"s delightful poem "The lill Everin"' (Examiner obituary)



c.1835 born at Bride
see 2 WALTER for history to 1841
1841 Census: Bride - aged 6, with parents
1851 Census: Bride Hills - aged 15, living with parents
1861 Census: Bride Cottage - aged 23. farming with brother 2f Clark
1866 married Thomas Kneen of Andreas at Bride on 1 Aug
1866 Bride birth for 12 June 1866 shows a daughter Agnes born to Thomas Kneen and Agnes ? Quarry; presumably this should read Margaret Quarry.

This accounts for the majority of the 86 entries on the Mormon roll. A small number of items remain to be fitted into the above - the Parish Records would probably give ready answers.

Walter Quarrie to Martha Bell, Douglas, St. Thomas's, 16 Jan 1878
Ada to James Quarrie and Jane, Malew 8 Dec 1867
John William to John Quarry and Margaret Beck, Bride, 8 Oct. 1876 Ballaghennie
Walter Quarrie Kneen buried at Andreas on 24 Jan 1870, aged 2mths - presumably son of 2j MARGARET
Eleanor Quarry buried at Andreas on 17 Aug. 1848, aged 3mths - presumably 1b (54 Agnes Quarry buried at Bride on 10 Aug. 1868, of Ballabligg(?)

Three other entries on the Mormon roll are incorrect and I am grateful to Ann Harrison in the Manx Museum for checking the originals for me. The father of William Frederick, x'ned Andreas 1 August 1841, was William Drury, and not Quary. Eliza, xned Lezayre on 7 Jan 1814. had a father Richard Quinney and not Quarreys Finally, an item which could have thrown doubt on the 18th Century Quarrys the father of Elinor, baptised Onchan in 1735, was Daniel Quark, and not Query.


1. A Margaret Ann Quarrie, wife of John Quarrie. of 31 Bowring Road Ramsey, died at Church Cottage, Ballaugh, on 26 December 1921, aged 54, leaving a son and daughter in Liverpool.
2. An H.D. Quarrie(1b xi ?) was vice-president of the Northern Ploughing Association in 1894, and had been president the pervious year.
3. A W. Quarrie was secretary of Christ Church, Maughold, in 1893.
4. A James Quarrie was overseer for the IOM Harbour Board at Ramsey in 1923.
5. Gunner James Martin Quarrie died at 'Bolivia', Lezayre, on 1 Jan 1918, and James M. Quarrie appears on the Lezayre War Memorial.
6. A William Quarrie of Mt Kimmeragh, Bride, died around 1909. His wife Emma (nee Caley, of Mast Kimmeragh, sister of John Caley) died at Oliver House, Bowring Road Ramsey, on 22 May 1924, aged 64. She was buried at Bride.

Of the two original families, that of JAMES QUARRY and MARGARET (DEANS) occupied the largest tracts of land, and was, generally speaking, both more literate, and more numerate. Both branches have children or grandchildren named Walter Scott Quarry, yet I have failed to find any case where any member of one branch is living or working with a member of the other branch, though within each individual branch there is considerable mingling.

The Scottish ancestry of both branches is sometimes recalled in the names of the Manx-born offspring.. Most of the children of the original two families into married with native Manx, but one or two may have left the Island, and others may have married partners from across the water (e.g. 1h James, whose age I have not traced, and whose children carry most un-Manx names).

In a high proportion of the original children's marriages, a birth follows soon after (before in more than one case). I have been told that in the nineteenth century when ageing parents relied more on their offspring that visible evidence of fecundity was often a pre-requisite of marriage in rural areas, and these cases certainly seem to bear this out.

Through the Journal of the Isle of Man Family History Society I should like to invite any further information on the 18th century 'Manx Quarry's, perhaps even from the Scottish Borders FHS.

In conclusion, in addition to the staff of the Manx Museum, I should like to thank Doctor Robson, Curator of the Wilton Lodge Museum in Hawick, Roxburghshire, for his assistance, also the staff of the Register House in Edinburgh.

Michael Callister, Flat 4, Lindsay House, 167 Shaftebury Avenue, London WC2H 8DN, England.


Extract from Kirk Rushen Parish Register

on July 19th, 1763. William Watterson of Ballafesson, Robert Christian, tenant of Ballagawn, John Watterson of Saureby, Patrick Crellin and William Kneen all of this Parish, and John Kneal of Ballasalley, being all one boats crew, went to the herring fishery along with the rest of the fleet, but the evening appearing dark and lowering, and heavy rain continuing, the most part of the fleet returning to the harbour before night, the wind. being, then about southeast, and pretty calm. About ten o' th' clock at night the wind clapt up suddenly to about north, and blew so tempestuously that the boats that stayed at sea till then were hard set to save their lives, but the said persons were never more heard off, being supposed to have perished near the or Chickens of the Calf, being seen a little before night some distance near to the westward of the said Carrick or 'Chickens.




QUAYLE Strays in the U.S.A.


Ann Quayle came to Lorain County (Ponfield township) Ohio in 1844 from the Isle of Man per "Women in the Western Reserve before 1840."

Ann married George Bradstock 14th April 1841 in Geauga County, Ohio Der DAR (Cuyahoga Co.) Book IV, page 204.

John Quayle married Mary Corlett (b. Ohio) daughter of William & Jane Corlett from the Isle of Man per Pioneer Families of Cleveland 1796-1840, page 340.

John K. Quayle - married Agnes Hallsall of the Isle of Man and resided in Warreneville (Cuyahoga County) Ohio in 1841 per "Women in the Western Reserve before 1840, page 254.

Thomas Quail (Quayle) - married Isabelle Kelly 20th November 1830 in Geauga County, Ohio by Ahira Clark, Justice of the Peace.



John Quayle - arrived in the U.S.A. June 1853 from the Isle of Man. Record made to entry 01 October 1860 at the Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio, page 112.

NATURALIZATIONS (Common Pleas Court (Cuyahoga Co..) Ohio)

Daniel Quayle page 127, origin I.M., naturalized 1st Nov 1852.

Daniel Quayle origin England, declaration of intent 7th Mar 1849.

Frederick Quayle - page 297, Docket D, origin I.M., naturalized 13th Nov 1858.

James Quayle - origin I.M., declaration of intent 9th Oct 1852. (notation on file that he was under age 18 at the time.)

James Quayle - page 125, Docket U, origin I.M., declaration of Intent 9th Oct 1852, naturalized 9th Oct 1852.

John Quayle origin I.M., declaration of intent 10th Jan 1855.

John Quale (spelling as shown on record) - page 56, docket P, origin England, naturalized 19th Mar 1845.

John Quayle, Sr. page 56, docket P, origin England, declaration of intent 27th Feb 1843, Naturalized 19th mar 1845.

John Quayle, Jr. page 56. docket P. origin England, declaration of intent 27th Feb 1843, Naturalized 19th Mar 1845.

John K. Quayle - page 225, docket R, origin - none listed, declaration of intent 7th Nov 1844. Naturalized Oct 1848.

John T. Quayle - case #10723, origin I.M., declaration of Intent 15th Oct 1894, Naturalized 21st Oct 1896.

John William Quayle - page 318, origin I.M., Naturalized 31st Mar 1888.

Joseph Quayle - naturalized 24th Oct 1890, docket #500. page 102. Filed journal 34, page 293 and also Vol. 26, page 184.

Robert Quayle - page 134. #1 supplement, Naturalized 20th Nov 1848.

Thomas Quayle- page 233, docket N, origin - none listed, Naturalized 8th Mar 1843.

Thomas J. Quayle declaration of intent 3rd Jan 1853 (no other Information listed).

William Quayle 96, docket S, origin - none listed, declaration of intent 8th oct 1849, Naturalized 29th oct 1849.

William Quayle 163. docket D, origin - none listed, Naturalized 21st oct 1856.



Thomas Quayle references Biographical Cyclopedia, Vol. 1, page 116.

b. 9th May 1811 I.M., immigrated with parents to U.S. in 1827 and settled in Cleveland (Cuyahoga Co.) Ohio.

Formed a partnership with Luther Moose ca 1847 and the company waa called Thomas Quayle & Sons. Thomas had three zones Thomas B; William H; and George L.

INDEX TO ESTATES - (Cuyahoga County) Ohio.

While it is not known if the following Quayles were originally from the I.M., (Isle of Man) it is very likely they ware. I made note of them to help me in my Quayle search. Estimates and Wills; are found in both the court of Common Pleas and Probate court and are divided below.

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Common Pleas-court

A 9th Feb 1852 436½ William

C Jun 1880/Nov 1864 203 James

C Jun 1880/Nov 1864 537 John

E Nov 1868/Dec 1871 1691 Charles M.

F Nov 1871/.Dec 1873 450 Daniel

G Dec 1873/Pct 1875 854 Magaret

I SeP 1877/Sep 1879 1258 Isabella

L Dec 1882/may 1884 264 John T.

L Dec 18&/May 1884 1189 Thomas. J.

H May 1884/jul 1885 432 John K.

N Jul 1835/Oct 1886 722 John

X Jul 1885/Oct 1886 1494 John J.

Probate Court

L Dec 1882/May 1884 1142 Goorge A.

17-46 Feb 1"/Dec 1896 -50-59 Frederick T.

17-46 7212 John

17-46 7213 Mary A.

17-46 12456 Thomas

17-46 15179 Thomas H.

17-46 8884 William H.

INDEX TO INSANITIES - (Cuyahoga C*., Ohio) covering period Ka=h 18

May 1911. Probate Court. _52 to


John 23 3573

Phillip 23 3370

Charles 94 57767

Robert G. F 732 & 742

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INDEX TO ADMINISTRATIVri DO - (probate Court - C~oga County, Ohio). SMAYLE MS # QUAYLE CASPH Docket #l (1886 through 1896) Ann 9582 jams 6" Prederick T. 50-59 iamee 715.5 John 7212 james 7212 James Jazee 7213 Docket #2 (1886 through Aug lgol) Albert K, 22857 Jannott 24923 Ivan J. 24923 iaaes 17819 Jessie Mable 15780 James 21329 James 18627 Lcon C. 22857 Thomm 15179

INDEX TO CIVIL DOC"@ (A through P) and 17 through 61) in C~ ~ 00,0 Ohio - Probate Court actions @m March 18.52 through June 1901. Involvecl Parties Action Docket c"$ Quayle vs Quayle Land Sale A 252 Quayle vs Corlett sell land B 896 Robert G. Quayle Insane F 732 Robert G. Quayle Insane p 742 Quayle vs McKeever Land Sale H 17 Quayle vs Buttner Land Sale K 577 Quayle vs McOune Land Sale m 401 Q,uayle vs Merchant Lancl Sale 0 1130 Ann Quayle vs Cleveland Dgs (sic) 31 7763 Cora F. Quayle 'by James ~yle Land Sale 31 7691 & 769 Hattie Quayle City Appropriation 42 13,5,54 Ida M. @ayle Robert J. Quayle Administrator James Kitty J. Quayle Quayle ~ Land Sale 31 7691 & 769 Mary Ann Quayle

vecl Parties Action Docket c"$ A( e vs Quayle Lancl Sale A 252 e vs Corlett sell land B 896 G. Quayle Insane F 732 G. Quayle Insane p 742 e vs MeKeever Land Sale H 17 c vs Buttner Larid Sale K 577 e vs McOune Land Sale m 401 e vs Merchant Lancl Sale 0 1130 e vs Cleveland Dgs (sic) 31 7763 F. Quayle 'by James Quayle Land Sale 31 7691 & 7696 e Quayle City Appropriation 42 13554

Yitty J. Quayle Quayle ~ Land Sale 31 7691 & 7696 Mary Ann Quayle @ @@US - Quayles in Ohio - I collected few recorded as follows 1860 - Leroy Township (Lake County), page 396, line 17. dwelling Y"73, family 1865. ' Robert Garrett 56/m/farmer/real ertate val. g2200/ personal

Almina Ann Quail

./b. IM (I take IM to be Isle of Man) Aimina nd Ann Quail 1850 - Mdison Township (Lake ~ty). page 143. dwelling @p family h~, (My husband's ancestor) - also 1860 below.

John Quail real estate 9-500,/b, IM Ann Pb. Man John Pb, Isle of Man Henry role school Arm go ndz school Phlizaboth school Sarah

MMison Township (Lake County). page 354. line 18. John @yle 58/9#Ifarmer/value of real estate g4000/personal property * 1" Anna I r im Henry @h io '00@ *10 farmer / tte Sarah 'I@b Ohi'@ nds school 61 p 26@/W 1 5/F/W

354. line 18.

1870 - Trumbill Towmhip (Aohtabula Co.) Ohiot page 610. line 26. Peter Baur 2_5/M/W/farmer/b, Ohio Sarah 22/P/W/.Keep@ houselb. Ohio Lida 2/Y/Wlb. Ohio Qmyleo Jeabolle 30/PIV , IM (Isle of Man) Levinia 9@/w . IN Isabolle 4/1r/W . IN. John 21M1W . Ohio Ann 70@i/w . im

Net*& peter's vife is Sarah Quayle in the above 18-50/1860 census' who has chopped 3 Years from her age for the census taker. Ann Is Ann @liza (jglizabeth) Orye vho Is new the widow of John Quayle and living with her youngest daughter Barah and family, This Is a double relationship to my husband as Peter is his great uncle, however, neither the Baur (Bower) nor quayle relatives know who the evidently widowed Isabelle and her children are, I believe them to be related to John qmyle through a nephew who, at this time, is unknejwn.

1860 - Concord Towmhip (Lake Co.) Ohio, page 415, line 2, dwelling 1170, family 1155,

Theme Quayle 66/farmer/real estate value $2400/ personal property leabolla '7 F'bo i@ John Corlet 14 @M . Ohio Willian Quayle 72/M@b. irt

1870 - rhuclid Township (Cuyahoga County) Ohio* page 349. line 22, dwelling 41o. family 393.

Willia!n Quail 32/M/W/farner/real estate value 95507/b. IM/parents both foreign born. Isabella 58/7/W/b. IM/parents of foreign birth John 20/M/W/,farmer/b. Ohio/parents foreign born Martha l@/i@/b. Ohio/parents foreign born


1880 - Ravenna Township, Portage County, Ohio, V$1, 529 Kd, 127t sheet 469 line 1. Resid@ on West Bowery Street,

John Quayle 38/M@/bs IM Isabel wife/39/'b. IN Isabel daughte@/14/b, Ohio Charles W.L. Ohio Carric A.P. daughter/9/b, Ohio

1880 - Cleveland (C"huga CountY) Ohio - veal 129 Pwd. 20 Sheet 459 lion 48,

Thop~ quayle 67/W/ ,M/b , IN Mary wife/39/b. Ohio Annie Caley nei@/@5/b. Ohio Lillis Preudfoot ncies/7/b, Ohio.




Memorials of God's Acre - Kewley




John Kewleyt Clerk and Schoolmaster of this Parish 51 years buried this June





Alice Kewley, alias Taggart, wife of John Kewley of Balne Toar, buried 26th July



John Kewley, buried 4th December



Anthony Kewley, son of William Kewley, buried 27th May






Margaret Kewley, alias Comaish, buried 12th July





Will Kewley, died March 29th



Catherine and Mary Kewley, daughters of John and Mary Stevens. Catherine, buried 12th April, Mary, buried 21st April



John Kewley, 25th March


Kirk Lonan



John Kewley, of Agneash, buried 30th November



Isabol, daughter of John Kewley of Baldooin, buried 12th January





Mary Kewley, wife of Nicholas Kewley, of Ballalough, buried 26th December



John Kewley of the Braaid, buried 13th January



James Kewley, 27th January



Elinor Kewley, 5th January



John Kewley, buried 25th October



John Kewley of Ballafreer, died 22nd October



John Kewley, his fathers died 10th October






John Kewley, lst June



John Kewley, son of the above, 8th August

10 yrs 9 mths


Jno. Kewley of Douglas, 17th May



Matthais Kewley, 8th July



Wmo Kewley of Douglas, Cooper November



Patrick, St. Peter's Church, Jurby, Kirk Andreas, Maughold, Onchan, Santan, Malew, Arbory, Rushen: All None.


BOOK REVIEW. A Brief History of the Isle of Man G.V.C Young O.B.E. "Barney" Young is one if the newest members of our Society but he is already very well known as a prolific writer and scholar of Manx History, particularly on the history of the Isle of Man under the Norse and Viking Rule, His latest publication is an attractive, useful, interesting easy to read pocket sized paperback, and it has been written so as to provide the maximun amount of historical information in the minimum space, and serves admirably as a brief introduction to a vast subject. The booklet covers not only the civil history, through the Celtic; Norse, Scottish/English, Stanley/Derby Periods but up to more recent time. It also deals briefly with the Island's topography, constitutions, legal and ecclesiastical history, together with details on tourism and other facts most useful as background information for the family historian. Barney Young has utilized his knowledge and experience as a historians and as a constitutional lawyer here on the Island and in many parts of the world, to make this booklet as comprehensive az possible. The booklet is available in Island bookshops for a modest £1.20p, AM for overseas buyers it is available from the publishers, The Manak-Svenska Publishing Co. Ltd., 17 North View, Peel, Isle of Man, postage and packing extra; along with list ; of many other published works by the same author. We wish Barney every success with this latest publication, and will endeavour to persuade him to display his talents with articles for our journal,

EDITOR We wish to advise your institution of the forthcoming publication of the in depth family history on six different QUALTROUGH families, all of whom emigrated to New Zealand originally from the Isle of Man.

The book will be entitled A QUOTA OF QUALTROUGHS - early settlers to New Zealand from the Isle of Man by by Elizabeth A. Barlow and Joy McDougall.

It includes a brief history of the Isle of Man and the name QUALTROUGH; the emigration of the different QUALTROUGHs and their subsequent place of Settlement in New Zealand, concentrating mainly on the family of JAMES & CATHERINE (CLAGUE) QUALTROUGH who came to NZ in 1859 (Areas in which the Qualtroughs settled include Pakurange, To Awamutu, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Te Aroha and Christchurch); the publication of the diary of James Qualtrough written during the voyage to NZ on the MERMAID in 1859; a description of the history of the Pakuranga Methodist Church which played a large part in the lives of one Qualtrough family; an in-depth record of the large 1979 family reunion of the Qualtrough family, Also included are many photos, engravings, and family documents; 30pp. approx. of family tree charts including all known NZ lineage's as well as many overseas Qualtrough family lineage's which with the 1£ ones; several appendices, a bibliography and other references. The book will be extensively indexed in 4 categories - people in the text,subjects & places as well as a 'spouse index" na@ all those who ad @o the , ,Qualtrough family as listed within the family lineages. There is also to be a descendants Index. The book will be A4 size, offset printed, 130pp, approx. Delivery is expected at the end of February 1984. Prices Hardcover £14.00 posted to UK by sea. Softcover £10.00 I .. 11 , sea. Publication is being undertaken privately by the authors.

Elizabeth A. Barlow,

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