Isle of Man Family History Society Journal Volumes 13 onwards

My apologies - by a decision of the Society Committee these issues are not held on this site - members please apply to their publications representative for back issues

It is interesting to quote the1779-80 bye-laws for Lloyd's Register of shipping::-

"As the interest of the Society is, in the first Instance, greatly hurt by the Custom of shewing the Books, and leaving them at Places where they are but too common, thereby preventing many Under-writers from becoming Members, who, though they reap the Advantages and Benefits in common with them, do not pay their Quota towards the expenses of the Institution, thereby, as much as in them lies, reducing the Members to the Necessity of paying larger Subscriptions . . ."

and goes on to set out a scale of fines and forfeits for the sin of showing the Book to unqualified persons and for its loss.

It is hoped that they may become available (to members only) via the Society's own pages.




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