[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Stevenson’s of Balladoole


Arms: per pale gules & ermine, a cross saltire counter changed

Crest: within a wreath, a dove, with an olive branch in its mouth

Motto: Omnia vincit assiduitas

This was another of the Lancashire families who followed the Stanley’s to the Isle of Man. The first of any note was William who was a Member of the House of Keys in 1593 1 and was soon afterwards elected Speaker. He married Alice Moore (of the Abbey) and had issue William, a Member of the House of Keys in 1637; and Richard, who, in 1651 2obtained the properties of Balladoole and the Calf for services rendered to the Stanley's. He was a staunch supporter of theirs and an opponent of the Christians and the popular party. 3 He was a Member of the House of Keys in 1654 and afterwards became Receiver General. He was also Major of the Manx Troops. He died on the 20th of April 1683, and was buried at Kirk Arbory. He married Isabel daughter of Deemster John Christian of Milntown, whom he had opposed as above stated, and, it would seem, to have continued to do so after his marriage. They had issue John 4 (see Manx Worthies); Richard; William; Isabel; and Thomas.

Of these, William 5 became proprietor of Lhergydoo in the parish of German. This property remained in the possession of his successors till the beginning of the 19th century, when the heiress married a Moore, who grandson, John Stevenson Moore, is still (1889) living.

Thomas married Elizabeth Huddlestone at Malew on the 6th of October 1702. It is not known whether he had issue or not. Isabel married James Gibbons, an Irishman, on the 12th of February 1701.

Richard married Alice, daughter of Governor Heywood, at Malew on the 7th of November 1686. They had issue John 6 who married Jane Senhouse, second daughter of John Senhouse of Netherhall (hence connection with Christian’s and Taubman’s). (Jane’s sister Grace married Viscount Shannon and had issue Grace, Countess of Middlesex.) John Stevenson and Jane Senhouse had issue (1) Richard (died 1752) who had issue (see below); (2) John, a Colonel (died unmarried); and Jane, Elizabeth and Dorothy, all died unmarried. John, who died in December 1755 and was buried at Rushen on the 17th of that month, was Captain of that parish, and a Member of the House of Keys. Richard, who was a Major in the 4th Troop of Dragoon Guards married Jane Waters and had issue Jane (died in infancy) and Richard Ambrose, who succeeded to Balladoole on his grandfather’s death. He married Marjery, daughter of John Frissell, High Bailiff of Ramsey (see Frissel’s) and had issue (1) Richard Ambrose (died without progeny); (2) Frederick married Elizabeth Bowyer (died without progeny 1807); (3) George (born 1763, died without progeny); (4) Charlotte, the heiress, married Captain Thomas Woods, 7 of the 59th Regiment; (5) Margaret (born 1770, died October 15, 1844) married Captain Quilliam Royal Navy (see Manx Worthies), but had no issue.

Thomas Woods and Charlotte had issue (1) George Augustus (see below); (2) Maria married G. T.[?] Call, a Captain in the army and had issue 3 sons and 2 daughters; (3) Charlotte married S. Gunton. George Augustus married Anna Maria Coney in 1816 and had issue (1) Charlotte Isabella (born 1817) married Peter Collins of Maryport and had issue 3 sons and 2 daughters; (2) William Baring (see below); (3) George Augustus; (4) Frederick Stevenson; (5) Anna Maria; (6) Caroline Margretta; (7) Thomas Quilliam; (8) Octavia Rosa. George Augustus Wood married as 2nd wife Charlotte Hepenstall and had issue (1) Richard Ambrose (of Glenville, Onchan); (2) Lucia Agnes; (3) Alice Waters; (4) Jane Senhouse; William Baring (died 1905) took the name of Stevenson and succeeded to Balladoole in 1838 on his father’s death. He is a Member of the House of Keys, and Captain of the Parish of Rushen. He married Elizabeth (born 1834, died 1881) daughter of Captain Z. Bailey, and has issue 4 sons and 3 daughters, viz., William Augustus, Harry (married Mrs Kinpe); Arthur; Carrie (married … Collins); Blanche; and Brada (married … Adams). William Augustus married Ada Crellin of West Hill (near Castletown) (see Crellin’s). He resides at Ballacaighen, a property adjoining Balladoole. He is an MHK and JP.

1 But members of this familiy had been ‘keys’ since 1417 (see Statute Law Book)

2 As per grant on record from Countess of Derby

3 He seems, however, to have ingratiated himself with the Parliamentary party as he was a member of the Willer’s Court in 1659.

4 He died circa 1737 without progeny. He was MHK and CP

5 This was not the William who became proprietor of Lhergydoo (see Stevenson’s of Lhergydhoo) but probably his nephew.

6 He succeeded to Balladoole on his Uncle John’s death in 1737.

7 He and Col Cunningham came to the Island with a battalion of veterans after the Siege of Gibraltar.



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