[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Stevenson’s of Lhergydhoo


This family claims, and probably rightly, to be connected with their namesake of Balladoole. The William Stevenson who is mentioned in the manorial rolls of 1657 as having property in the parish of German is probably brother of Richard (see Stevenson’s of Balladoole), and was an M.H.K. in 1837 [sic ?]. He was succeeded by Robert, also M.H.K., who was proprietor of Lhergydhoo in 1677. His son, James, held this property in 1683 and died in 1707, being buried in Peel. His son, William, was Captain of the parish of German. He married (1) Isabel Curghey of Ballakillingan, (2) Eleanor Quirk, alias Moore. By the former he had several children, among whom were Ann and John who succeeded him on his death in 1775. John married Christian Fine of Ballahot but died without progeny in 1800 [or 1806]. He was Captain of German and M.H.K. Ann married William Moore of Lonan and had issue John (who married Catherine, died 1825 [or 1823]) who on succeeding to the property too the name of Stevenson-Moore. He died in 1826. His son John, M.H.K., born 1804, married in 1828 Alice Corlett of the Kella, Lezayre, is still living (1893) and has issue 2 sons and 1 daughter (died 1895). The eldest son John James is vicar of Dagenhron, Essex, and has issue Stuart, a barrister and appointed Deemster in 1900; James E. (Revd.) of Felsted; and Charles J of Bengal C.S.. The second son Thomas C. is captain of German and was an M.H.K. The daughter’s name is Alice.

1 She died in 1815, aged 90. 1815 April 20: ‘Mrs. Christian Stevenson . . . Her amiable disposition and goodness of heart rendered her an ornament to society.’

2 She was sister of Elizabeth, daughter of William: hence connection with Christian’s of Milntown and Moore’s of Pulrose, also Kelly’s (see Kelly’s of Peel). William was a son of Capt James Moore of Lonan (buried in Chancel of old church in 1773).



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