[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Stephen's of Ballaugh


The name Steon or Stephen occurs at a very early date in Manx Records. The family with which we have to do were landed proprietors in Ballaugh in 1515. They did not, however, distinguish themselves, as far as is known, in any way for three centuries. Daniel was clerk of the parish from 1770 to 1792, and also discharged the office of schoolmaster to the satisfaction of the parishioners. His son Thomas entered the church and became curate to the Revd Daniel Gelling Rector of Ballaugh (1777 to 1801). Thomas, who was born in 1760, married in 1800 the Rector's daughter Charlotte, by his wife, the daughter of the Deemster Lace, who is called by Feltham in his 'Tour' (Manx Soc Vol VI) 'the lively Miss G,' by whom he had a large family, most of whom died young. He became Vicar of Marown in 1819 and Vicar of Patrick in 1827. He was also Vicar General.

He was for several years editor of the 'Manx Advertiser' published by G. Jefferson. His son John Clowes, born in 1806, was, after receiving a suitable education, articled to his Uncle J. C. Gelling, High Bailiff of Ramsey, and practiced very successfully at the Bar. After being for some time acting attorney General under Mr Ogden, who held another appointment in Liverpool, he was, through the recommendation of Lord Auckland, appointed second Deemster in 1855, on the death of Deemster Heywood, which responsible office he discharged to the satisfaction of the bar and the public till his death in 1880. He was a man of refined tastes, and no small amount of culture, he was a warm friend, a sound lawyer, and an upright judge. His daughter Charlotte Augusta (born Aug 15, 1805, died Oct 6, 1862) married Joseph Gill, C.E. John Clowes (born Nov 26, 1806, died ?) married August 17, 1841, Elizabeth Swan (at Patrick) and had issue.



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