[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Allen's of Maughold

[Much was re-cycled into Manx Worthies pp44/5]

This family was said to have come to the Isle of Man from Norfolk in the middle of the sixteenth century,1 five of whom in succession held the Vicarage of Maughold. The first, Thomas, from 1625 to 1660;2 the second, his son Robert, from 1660 to 1666; the third, Robert's son, Thomas (born 1643, obit 1726), who was Vicar for 60 years. His funeral sermon was preached by Bishop Wilson who made the following reference to him in his diary: 'March 8, 1726, Mr. Thomas Allen, having been Vicar above sixty years, died, aged 83, and has left a good name behind him, having been a diligent pastor, of a serious, grave, sober behaviour, kind to his neighbours and to the poor, and very hospitable to all others.' In the following year, his son Henry 3 was appointed to succeed him. He had been Vicar of Lezayre 1713 to 1714, and of Maughold from 1727 to 1748 (born 1677, obit 1748)4. His son Thomas, the last of the family who held an ecclesiastical appointment in the Island, had been curate of Andreas since 1739 and was appointed to Maughold on the death of his father (born 1702,5 obit 1754). All these six Allens were buried in Maughold church yard. The last Thomas Allen was the author of two of the best carvals in the Manx language. The present representatives of this family are Thomas of Ballavarry, Andreas, HK; and Robert of Douglas, Bookseller.

1 The first of them was a clergy man who fled from Norwich during the Marian persecution and settled at Castletown. He was said to have been the first Protestant divine on the Island. His grandson was the first [see note to manx Worthies FPC].

2 JMO: A.W. Moore states this Thomas Allen died 1660. Harrison, in Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man, states this Rev Tho died 1642, bd Ormskirk, Lanc. If Harrison is correct, it leaves Maughold without a vicar between 1642 and 1660, when the next vicar (Rbt Allen) is appointed, which is unlikely (FPC - this period corresponds with the civil war during which Earl James was strapped for cash - post 1651 until the restoration possibly appointments were not recorded). Harrison also indicates that Tho Allen, Vicar of Maughold 1666, was son and gson of the previous vicars. Question: was the Thomas Allen who died 1642, Ormskirk, Lanc., (per Harrison) the father of Tho Allen, Vicar of Maughold 1625?] In the 1659 will of Elizabeth Black reference in is made to Mr Robt Allen (by implication vicar)in 1662 lying on his deathbed (burial 1662/3)

3 JMO’s correction: Henry, who died 21 Jun 1748, aged 71, was born 1677, per Wm Harrison An Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man, p 100. The only Henry born then in Maughold or elsewhere was the son of Samuel Allen, a brother of Rev. Thomas, per parish registers. There is no indication that Rev Thomas 1677-1726, married.

4 Henry’s brother John was appointed Vicar of Michael in 1734, but died the following year and was buried at Maughold. [FPC Gelling quotes vicar of Michael 21 May 1735 d. 10 July 1735 - he 'accepted post against advice and wishes of Bishop Wilson']

5 JMO’s correction: per Wm Harrison An Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man, p 100: "Vicar of Maughold: Thomas Allen, appointed 2 Jun 1746. Curate of Andreas in 1739. Buried 7th April 1754, aged 44 years, at Maughold." Also: Memorials of God’s Acre, by John Feltham, p 49: at Kirk Maughold: ‘Rev. Thomas Allen, vicar of this parish, buried 7th April 1754, aged 44." Conclusion: Rev. Thomas Allen was born 1710, not 1702.[FPC: Gelling History of Manx Church quotes 1709 but gives no reference]


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