Archdeacon Wills 1727 #16, Maughold, of Revd. Thomas Allen, Vicar of Maughold:

"Sept the 23, 1726: In the name of God, amen. I Thomas Allen Vicar of KK Maughold being at this time weak and feeble in body, but of good and perfect memory (praised be God therefore) do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth. First, I give my most gracious God an entire sacrifice of my body and soul with my most humble thanks for that assurance which his blessed spirit imprints in me now of the salvation of the one and of the resurrection of the other. In expectation of that resurrection I desire to be buried westward of my brother Samuel’s grave, and as close to the chancel wall as his is. Item, I bequeath to the poor of KK Maughold and Ramsey twenty pounds English bequeathed by the late Mr. Ewan Christian of Lewague to the same use being now in my custody with twenty shillings in Manks value to be distributed to the neediest of them at my death by the ten vicar and church wardens. Item, to my nephew John Allen my mortgage in Foxes Croft, Kerran’s house, my flocks of sheep in the Croggan, and Coan Moar with my whole of the hundred pounds now in mortgage in the Rush Close. Item, I bequeath to my sister Catharine Christian twenty shillings as legacy. Item, I bequeath to her son and daughter John & Isabel Christian ten shillings each as legacy. Item, I bequeath to my sister in law Mary Allen five pounds as legacy. Item, I bequeath to my nephew Peter Corlett two shillings. Item, I bequeath to my niece Catharine Allen forty pounds with a furnished bed with a cow as legacy. Item, I bequeath to the seven children of my nephew Henry Allen Vicar of KK Christ Lezayre vizt., Thomas, Richard, Samuel, John, and Henry, Robert and Jane Allen the sum of ten pounds to each of them. Item, I bequeath to the several witnesses two shillings and six pence apiece. Item, I bequeath to my cousin Joney Kerruish five pounds. Lastly, I do nominate, constitute and appoint my nephew Henry Allen Vicar my lawful whole and sole Executor of all the remaining part of my goods and chattels. Now in fine of all I do this day for the satisfaction of the Revd Court and for the better assurance of the annexed witnesses publish and declare in this hearing that all the above and within written is the last will and testament of Mr. Thomas Allen and do in their presence sign and seal it for the satisfaction of them and all others. [signed] Thomas Allen. Witnesses: Daniel Callow, Thomas Christian.

The Executor sworn in Court in formof Law. Pledges, the Revd Mr. John Woods junior and the Revd. Mr. William Ross junior. Feb 8, 1727, Captain Edmund Corlett enters a claim against the Executor of the Revd. Mr. Thomas Allen for the sum of 2 pounds 15 shillings, and craves the Law."



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