[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Bacon's of Seafield


The first member of this family who settled on the Isle of Man was Joseph, second son of John Bacon of Staward Pile, County Northumberland. This Joseph (born 1682, died 1744, buried at Conchan) married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain James Christian of Milntown, and had issue John Joseph (born 1728, died 1809, buried at Conchan), an only son. He was a merchant in Douglas and married Jane, daughter of William Johnstone, (born 1737, died 1781, buried at Conchan). They had 5 sons and 6 daughters, of whom the most noticeable were: John Joseph (born 1770, died without progeny 1805, in Gurnsey). He was a Captain in the Fifth Veteran Battalion. Isabella born 1760 married George, second son of Sir George Moore (see Moore's of the Hills') and had issue. Jane (born 1761, died 1800) married (1) Dr. Johnstone, her cousin, and had issue, and (2) John Quane of Douglas by whom she had John Joseph and William. (Their descendants are still living on the Island, in 1888.) Elizabeth (born 1762) married Robert Heywood, brother of Deemster Heywood (see Heywoods). John Joseph Bacon (see above) married (2) Ann, heiress of Seafield, eldest daughter of the Revd. Joseph Cosnahan, Vicar of Braddan (born 1760, died 1835, buried at Conchan) (see Cosnahan's) and had among others an only surviving son Caesar (see below) and Catherine (born 1789, died 1817) who married 16th April 1811 to Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Murray, only son of Lord Henry Murray, who was brother to John, fourth Duke of Atholl, and had issue. (This family has left the Island, but still possesses land there.) Caesar (see above) (born 1791, died 1876, buried at Conchan) was a Major in the 23rd Light Dragoons. He was at Quatre-Bras and Waterloo, where he was slightly wounded in two places. He retired from the army in 1817, and in 1825, he married Frances Hale, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Smelt, Governor of the Isle of Man. They had issue John Joseph (born 1837), who was a captain in the army, but has retired, and Frances Hale (born 1831), who married the Rev. H. MacDougall and has issue. John Joseph, the present representative of the family married … and has issue, one son John Caesar.

1 JMO: Goodwin’s Scraps: 1792, A stone in Mansfield Churchyard says: Isabella Moore, relict of George Moore, H.M.Consul at Saxxxx, eldest daughter of John Joseph Bacon, Isle of Man, died 1792, age 34½ years. A family Bible of Geo. Moore says she was married at Braddan 19th Sep 1778. The family Bible says that Isabella Bacon and Geo Moore had the following children: George b 1779, died at Triest 1871 (md 1st 1804 at Constatninople, Mary Froding and had the following: Clara, Isabella [md C Groti, banker, London], George, Mary; md 2nd, 1817 at Baltimore USA to Sarah Nicholson) Jane b 1780, died at Exeter 1872; Catharine b 1782, d in Isle of Man 1859; Isabella b 1784, d 1787; Joseph b at Salonica 1788, Basil Born and died at Salonica 17xx. The Bible in 1896 was in the hands of Cap Sterling who is married to one of the Groti family.


2 JMO: Episcopal Will, Douglas, 1760: William Johnson departed this life on or about the 16th day of September last intestate. The Court upon Intelligence thereof has decreed his two daughters, namely Jane & Elizabeth Johnson sole and joint administrators of all his goods and chattels moveable and immoveable whatsoever. John Joseph Bacon husband of Jane has relinquished all his right of the goods, chattels & credits of the deceased unto his sister Elizabeth, who is thereupon sworn sole administrator and has given pledges for payment of debts and indemnity of the office according to law namely the foresaid John Joseph Bacon & Captain Thomas Moore. [Jane Johnston was first wife of John Joseph Bacon (m. 2 Aug 1757) Malew; Ann Cosnahan was 2nd wife]



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