These pages are a transcribed version of manuscript notes left by A.W.Moore - originally intended for inclusion in Manx Note Book (and in which several chapters appeared before it ceased publication in 1887).

Other sections were incorporated into Manx Worthies.

The manuscript was transcribed by Joyce M. Oates, who added many notes and corrections to what were in some places first drafts. I am very grateful for permission to include them on my site - however I have taken the liberty of reformatting and re-ordering them to better fit HTML pages.

Joyce Oates's contributions and/or corrections are indicated JMO in the footnotes - additional material by myself is indicated FPC - obvious typographic errors have been silently corrected.

Moore gives Armorial Bearings for several of the families - it might be worth noting A.M.Crellin's remarks of 1885 that such are often mere affectations.


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