Archdeacon Will 1661 #95 Maughold, of Robert Allen vicar of Maughold,

[will is in the group of wills under 1661 that were proved in early 1663, i.e., in 1662/3, which would have been about when Rbt died]:

"August the first 1661: In nominee dei Amen. I Robert Allen vicar of KK Maughall, weak and feeble in body but whole and perfect in mind (praised be God) do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. Imprimis, I commit and commend my soul to God my Creator and Redeemer, and my body to Christian burial. Item, I leave to the poor at the discretion of the Executrix. I leave to each one of my CHILDREN (SONS & DAUGHTERS) ten shillings apiece as legacies. I constitute, and ordain, my WIFE JANE Executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable, whatsoever Lands, houses, crop provided that if my said wife do marry, that then she shall be answerable to my said CHILDREN for my said goods according to Inventory. It is also my will that when each CHILD is to be pre---ed that then my said goods shall be distributed and disposed of to that CHILD, or the other, according to the discretion of my said WIFE with whom I desire my well beloved friends, & kinsfolk (Captn. Richard Stevenson, Captn Robert Calcot, Thomas Norris Deemster, Parson Harrison, Mr. Thomas Fletcher) to join in their assistance and advice hoping they will be pleased out of their affection to me both to be assistants to my said WIFE, and overseers to my CHILDREN, whom I desire also to understand that it is no way my intent that each CHILD shall have an equal proportion of my said goods, but that they (my said WIFE, & overseers) shall distribute and dispose of them to each CHILD as they shall see best cause, and as shall be for their most necessary preferment. And that this is my Will I do hereby justify under my hand. [signed] Ro. Allen. In presence of: Tho: Norris, John Harrison, Richd Fox, jurati. Solvo lamen viueui[?] suo juri. Probated et solvit 1s. XXXXX GIVEN TO BRING IN THE INVENTORY within a month's time. Performed.

THE INVENTORY of the goods of Mr. ROBERT ALLEN minister, deceased, praized by Richd Cowle, Robert Christian, Robert Callow, & John Kermode sworn. [right edge is missing] Imprimis, Half of 9 new blankets 1 pound 0s 3p, half 6 caddows 1:0:0 02:01:0x; Item, half a bed tick 2s, half 2 blankets 4s, half of fishing nets 4s 00:10:0x;
Item, half 5 pair of sheets old & new 15s, half another sheet & 2 old table cloth 2s 9d 00:17:00;
Item, half 2 towels 1s, half 6 pillow beeri[?] 1s, half a small piece of linen cloth 8d, 00:02:xx;
Item, half of one dozen of napkins 1s, half 3 pairs of coarse sheets 3s, 00:04:0x;
Item, half 2 old table cloths & a napkin 8d, half an old pair of old sheets 6d, 00:01:0x;
Item, half 4 old hogsheads 1s, half 8 old barrels 4s, half 2 old barrels & half 2 old tubs 1s, half old bowls 6d, 00:06:0x;
Item, half 2 old keavs & half an old hogshead 2s, certain pieces of curraugh timber with 3 dowels 2s, half a cheese[?choice] ladder 4d, 00:04:0x;
Item, half 3 rings & half 9 sives 1s 6d, half certain old small vessels & half 2 dozen trenchers, 00:02:xx;
Item, half an old pail & other trifles 6d, half 2 old shelves 6d, half 3 old pots 3s 6d, half 2 old wheels 1s, half a little brass pan 8d, 00:06:0x;
Item, 2 old wooden basins 3d, half a cupboard and press 20s, 01:00:03;
Item, half 17 pewter dishes, half a flagon, half a pewter chamber pott, 00:10:0x;
Item, half 9 old candlesticks & half 2 earthen dishes 6d, half of some little bottles, sauiers[?or saviers] and cups all earthen ware 1s 2d, 00:01:0x;
Item, half one dozen of mugs 1s, half an chays 6d, half an old chest 1s, 00:02:06;
Item, half certain old trays 1s 2d, half a stool and half an old bedstock 3d, 00:01:01;
Item, half an old fishing line 2d, half 2 old frames, a little table, and other boards 1s 4d, 00:01:06;
Item, half an old desk 1s, half an chest 1s, half churn 3d, half a bedstock 1s, 00:03:08;
Item, half an old bedstock, half an old tub, and half 2 little boards 1s 6d, half 2 old barrels 6d, half an old table 1s, half an old chest 9 - 5, 00:03:0x;
Item, half certain little wooden vessels 8d, half an old barrel 6d, 00:01:0x;
Item, half an old basket 2d, half 4 old feather beds & boulsters 1:4:0, 01:04:0x;
Item, half some old curtains 1s, half of 10 cushions 3s 6d, half an iron griddle 1s, 00:05:0x;
Item, half of certain old barrels 2s 6 more half of small vessels 1s 4d; 00:03:10; Item, half 2 spits 6d, half a door 4d, half of pieces of old boards 1s 3d, 00:02:0x;
Item, half of 8 old carrs, half 7 shadles 2s 11d, half 4 pair of creebs 4d, 00:03:0x;
Item, half 2 old plow beams with coulters and sucks[?sacks] 2s 6d, 00:02:06;
Item, half 3 old pair of harrows 1s, half pieces of old sticks 4d, half pieces of other old sticks 4d, 00:00:08;
Item, half an old hogshead 1s, half an old house of 2d rent with some pieces of old timber within it 20s 4, 01:03:0x;
Item, half a little other house 3s, half a cellar in Ramsey 15s, 00:18:09;
Item, half a chest 6s, half an old bedstock 1s, half an old cart 1s 6d, 00:08:0x;
Item, half an old ladder 4d, half the crop of corn 4 pound 10s, 04:10:0x;
Item, half 2 spades 8s, half a grope 8d, half an iron grayte[grate] 4s, 00:04:xx;
Item, half silver spoons 15s 9d, half a silver bowel 15s, 01:10:xx;
Item, half of 6 old sacks and half a blanket 4s, half an iron clever, half an old frying pan, a hatchet, a rackentree and pot hooks 3s, 00:07:xx;
Item, half 4 pair of old woolen cards 10d, half an iron draught, 00:03:xx,
Item, half of some old sickles 4d, 4 ropes 4d, xx:xx:xx;
Item, half of 7 steer and 13 sheep 07:06:00;
Item, half an old wooden can, half a ladle, half an old chassen dish, half an old iron griddle, half a cradle, 00>01:03;
Item, half an old brewing kean[?] 00:01:03;
Item, half an old smoothing iron, half a mortar & pestle 00:01:00;
Item, half an old saddle & half 3 old bridles 1s, 00:01:00;
Item, half an old beer barrel 00:00:10;
Item, half of five oxen 2 pounds 17s 6d, half 4 heifers 2 pound 04:17:06;
Item, half of 2 calves 10s, half of eight little horses & mares & colts 2 pounds 02:00:00;
Item, half old books on horses 1 pound, half 2 other old book 12s 01:12:00;
Item, half 3 other old books on horses 9s, half the riding horse 30s 01:19:00;
Item, half a mare & colt 25s, half another old mare 6s 01:11:00;
Item, half of cows 2 pounds half 2 old cows 14s 02:14:00;
Item, half a swine 00:02:00;
Item, half a young mare 01:00:00;
Item, ten goats 00:15:00;
Item, half of ten sheep 00:10:00;
Item, half 2 dripping pans, half 2 grates 00:00:06;
Item, half 2 sieves 2d, half a looking glass 2d 00:00:04;
Item, half the houses and gardens with tables cupboards and other necessaries belonging thereto at Castletown rxxd[?] 00:01:11;
Item, xxxxx in the house [total] 128[?or 428]:00:00. And what more moneys of his debts shall be received shall be added to ye Inventory.

Pledges secundum forman legis, John Huddlestone & Richd Fox.

A NOTE OF THE NAMES of such as are behind with their tithe money xxxxxxxx in Mr. Allen's Book for several years: Don: Callow for (55) and 56) 0:9:0; Don: Joughin junr for (62) 0:6:0; xx Xpian ballasaies 0:11:0; Edmond Callow 0:6:0; James Corkle 0:2:6; Ev: Quark for (57) 0:5:0; Xxxaryd Fox (672) 0:10:0; xxxry Cannon of r a glee of Tho Callow's for (57) 0:3:9; Hasthing Fox 0:3:6; Phillip Cowle 0:2:0; Ro: Xpian senior Ballure 0:12:0; Ro: Kerroush na barney 0:6:9; xx Kerroush junr of Carrydayle 1:1:0; xxx Curled for 58 his own, and half Jo: Cannon's 0:8:9; xxxx for sixty two half his own xxxx 0:6:6; xxx for (59) 0:13:0; Robt[?] Looney for (58) 0:4:0; Jon:[?] Corkle for (59) 0:2:0; Xpher[?] Corkle for a quarter of Ballnagorry for (59) 0:5:6; Willm Callow for ye said year 0:5:6; xxxll[?Willm] Corkle 0:2:0; xxxx: Balnasloe for half Wm Corteen's xxx for (59) 0:3:6; xxxn Cowle for half Carrydayle and xxxugharabeaue (59) 0:12:0; xxx Bridsone 0:3:6; [total] 8-5-9 4:10:xx."

There is a burial for Robert Allen Maughold 3 Jan 1662/3



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