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Can add a fair amount re Cath - I suspect she is daughter of John Tear and Alice Christery (other spellings available) - Alice was 2nd wife of John his 1st being Ann Radcliffe (d 1764) will 1765 - d 20 oct 1764;eldest dau Ann;dau alice;sons dan + john;husb john;uncle james radcliffe supv
John's will : dated 10 Feb 1801;John Tear(widower, Kk Andreas) ch Daniel, Wm,Ann Crellin als Tear, Alice Corkish als Tear, Cath Garrett als Tear exex; Witt Andrew Crebbin, Wm Christian
Cath was bapt Andreas 17691015
Cath had married Paul Garret Braddan 17980902 + John had gifted his croft (NSS 1801 Oct #16) dated 21 Jan 1799;John Tear(Andreas) gives to Son-in-law Paul Garrett + wife Catharine who takes care of and supports me in my declining years all that small croft + garden fomerly known as BallaCabish beinf intack 5d rent already bounded adj highway on east + south, lands of John Raddclif + Wm Caley (prop of Ballacross?) on west and sd Wm Caley on north - covenant is such that Paul + Cath to support sd John Tear etc; Witt Chatles Lace, Ewn Gill (all others 'x');
but Paul died intestate and his decree d 12 May 1800;widow sworn admx + guardian of child or children (the 'or' is that she was pregnant + the 2nd child was posthumous) - thus there is no