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Hi Christine

I haven’t been following the Muncaster part of this query, but I thought I’d look for the baptism of Elizabeth Wade. Below I’ll paste in passages from 2 of your messages:

“I did have Isaac Muncaster’s marriage in Andreas in 1833 to Elizabeth Wade –a minor from Andreas. Elizabeth’s origins appear to be in the records except that her mother was 57 at the time she was born?? There goes that theory. Of significance or just to muddy the waters further, John Muncaster was a witness to their marriage. “
“Isaac’s wife Elizabeth Wade was a minor with consent of her parents at the time she married in 1833. I am unable to find a baptism for her which I had hoped would appear in the parish records of Andreas c1816. Frustratingly there is a couple Daniel Wade 1767-1837 and Catherine Teare 1769-1833 producing children there from their marriage in 1802 in Andreas. Elizabeth Wade baptised one of her son’s Daniel Muncaster in Douglas, 1834. My theory doesn’t hold up that Elizabeth Wade’s mother could not have been 53 yrs old when Elizabeth was born? Ugggh. “

I suspect that the baptism you’ve already found (to Daniel Wade and Cath Teare ) really IS the right one --- you seem to have used faulty arithmetic in dismissing it due to her mother being too old (you say 53 / 57). But Cath Wade nee Teare b 1769 was 43 in 1812.

The mystery is that the Eliz Wade baptism I’m attaching to this message shows a 5 April 1812 baptism (which would mean that she had actually turned 21 in July 1833) with a pencilled date beside it which might belong to this Elizabeth’s entry or to the entry above it (Jane dau of John Sayle). I can’t decipher it---I suspect that it refers to a burial on 4 Dec 1813. Perhaps this Eliz b 1812 died in 1813 and then Daniel & Cath had another Eliz in 1814 ?