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Hi Christine

Searching for clues to help solve your mystery of “who was Elizabeth Muncaster nee Wade ?” I’ve been looking at James Hunter, one of the witnesses at the 1833 Andreas marriage of Isaac Muncaster and Elizabeth . James made a clear signature. This same James Hunter married Cath Starkie in 1834 Lezayre. He was the son (bap 1813 Ballaugh) of George Hunter and Ann Wade who married in 1811 Ballaugh. James (as a teenager) was also a witness at the 1829 Ballaugh marriage of Ann Wade’s brother, William Wade, to Margaret Cowle.

I made lots of notes which I’ll include with this (they’re in the order I came across things so pretty haphazard, and they include things you already know)---so have a look at the attached speculative tree first which will help you make sense of the notes.

James Hunter (b 1813, son of George Hunter and Ann Wade b circa 1797) who signed as witness at 1833 marriage of Isaac Muncaster and Eliz Wade. with his wife Cath nee Starkie (m 1834 Lezayre) in 1841:

Big Well St, Douglas

Jas Hunter 27 tailor Y
Cath 26 milliner Y
Cath 1 Y
George 4 Y
John 2 Y

5 Birk St, Preston, Lancs

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name: James Kunter
Age: 36
Estimated birth year: abt 1815
Relation: Head
Spouse's name: Cathrin Kunter
Gender: Male
Where born: Balbough, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Civil Parish: Preston
Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish Maps: View related Ecclesiastical Parish
Town: Preston
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England
Street address:


Condition as to marriage:

Disability: View image
Registration district: Preston
Sub-registration district: Preston
ED, institution, or vessel: 02m
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 92
Piece: 2266
Folio: 64
Page Number: 28
Household Members: Name Age
James Kunter 36
Cathrin Kunter 35
George Hunter 14
John Hunter 11
Cathrin Hunter 9
Robert Hunter 1
Darrell Harlow 21

James Hunter 36 tailor b Ballaugh IOM
Cathrin 35 b Lezayre IOM
Robert 1 b LP
other chn b Douglas IOM

Death of a son of James Hunter and Cath Starkey:

Name: Robert Hunter
Birth Date: 3 Aug 1849
Birth Place: Iowa
Death Date: 22 Oct 1915
Death Place: Buhl, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
Father: James Hunter
Mother: Cathern Stackey

Copied from an Ancestry tree:

This article is from ROCKLAND VALLEY 1879-1979, copyright in 1980 by the Rockland Centennial Committee.

"James Hunter was born July 21, 1810, the son of George Hunter and Ann Wade in the Isle of Man, England. He married Catherine Starkey January 4, 1834, in Lezigre, Lsle of Man, England.

James Hunter was six feet tall. He was a tailor by trade. He and Catherine joined the L.D.S. Church in the Isle of man and were members of the British Mission. On April 28, 1856, James received notification. No. 158 stating they could sail May 25, 1856 for the United States of America on the ship Horizon. A fellow by the name of Reed was the master of the Horizon. Franklin D. Richards was one of the agents. This they did. The following children came with them. George, John James, Catherine, Robert, Hannah, and Edward. On June 30, 1856 the ship docked at Boston, Mass. They were members of the Edward Hand Cart Co.

They settled in Big Cotton Wood Canyon east of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their son George was killed while working in the canyon.

In the year 1878 we again find them located in Big Cotton Wood where their son Edward married May Ann Spillett, daughter of James Spillett, July 10, 1878. Robert married Letha Newmand December 29, 1873.

In the spring of 1881, with their four children and Edwad and Mary Ann, and their daughter Emma, they left in a covered wagon for Rockland, Idaho.

Edward Hunter homesteaded 320 acres of land north and west of the town of Rockland. They then made a ditch down the lower end of the creek, this was known as the U.S. ditch. From this he got the water to irrigate his land. Robert and Edward planted some potatoes and wheat, but a frost came and threatened to destroy their crop. Fearing they would not raise enough food to last through the winer they sought employment with Timpson Taylor as cow punchers. They trailed cattle thru Cheyenne, Wyoming and didn't get back until the following August. They left the stage at Corinne, Utah and walked to Samaria, where they got a job binding grain. They worked long enough to get sufficient money to buy enough flour for the winter.

James and Catherine lived on the old Robinson place for a time. Mary Ann and Letha remained on the claim during this time. There were cattle roaming the valley and they had to pound on tin cans and pans to keep them out of their crops. They finally succeeded in digging the potatoes, one riding the mule and the other guiding the plow.

Then Edward built a five-room house. It was faced with light red brick. Charley and Sarah Taysom were the first white family to visit them in the new home. Soon afterwards came the Indian, Pocatello John. He arrived when Mary Ann was home alone, and warned her about settling on Indian land. Then he demanded food and she was so terrified she gave him all he could eat.

Before they got their home they lived their wagon bed, which was set on the ground. There were wooden bows bent over the wagon bed. These were covered with canvas, which kept the wind and rain out.

One day some Indians walked in without any warning. They begged for bread and sugar, which were very scarce and they were afraid they would run out before their men folks could bring them any more. The Indians in an effort to get more resorted to frightening tactics, but they refused to let them know how frightened they were, and they even held a conference without them suspecting.

Edward and Mary Ann had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls. They were all born in Rockland but their oldest child Emma, who was born in Big Cottonwood, Utah. Emma Eliza, born Oct.31, 1879, married Marvin Tyler apr. 28,1898. James Edward, born Nov.12, 1881, married Maria Jane Taysom, August 29, 1905. William Henry, born January 10, 1884, died July 17, 1904. George Cleveland, born April 27, 1886, Bonanza Bar, married Ida Southwell, 1905. Mabel, born July 25, 1888, Bonanza Bar, drowned September 17,1890. Murval, born August 15, 1890, married Roy MaacNeil, Japril 14, 1909. Robert Bing, born February 22, 1892, married Jennie Taysom, July 10, 1916. Grace, born May 5, 1894, married Charles Higgins, January 12, 1915. Rachel, born May 16, 1896, married Perry Cox, April 18, 1917. Cecil, born September 13, 1899, married Raymond Kemper, October 14, 1914. Clarence, born October 16, 1901, married Isabelle Kildew, July 25, 1922. Arthur, born April 29, 1905, died December 14, 1911.

James Hunter died at the age of 88 years. Catherine died at the age of 84. Edward Hunter died at the age of 86 years. Mary Ann Spillett Hunter died at the age of 68 years. They are all buried in the Rockland Cemetary.


James Hunter’s mother Ann, grandmother Jane nee Keig and eldest son Thomas:


Ballavolley, Ballaugh, IOM

Jane Wade 70 publican

Ann Hunter 40 linen spinner

Thomas Hunter 6



Ballavolley, Ballaugh

Ann Hunter 53 widow labourer b Ballaugh

Thos Hunter grandson 16 scholar b Lezayre



Bolagh (next to Ballavolley), Ballaugh

Ann Hunter widow 62 fund holder b Ballaugh

next door to:

William Wade 60 mason b Ballaugh

Margaret wife 61 b Ballaugh

(WW was Ann’s brother)



Ballavolley, Ballaugh

Ann Hunter widow 76 annuitant b Ballaugh

Edward C W C Shimmin grandson 6 b Ballaugh



HUNTER, Ann 78 Ballaugh 1 Mar 1873 WADE

Anne Wade
Isle of Man Parish Registers
Event Type Christening
Event Date 24 Nov 1794
Event Place Ballaugh, Isle of Man
Gender Female
Father's Name James Wade
Mother's Name Jane Keig

WADE, Jane 73 Ballaugh 15 Feb 1842 KEIG

Factory Lane, Douglas

Name Age
Isaac Muncaster 28
Eliz Muncaster 29
Robert Muncaster 7
Ann Muncaster 6
John Muncaster 7

IM dyer
All Y

Barrack St, Douglas

Name Age
Isaac Muncaster 36
Elizabeth Muncaster 35
Ann Muncaster 16
John Muncaster 11
James Muncaster 9
Elizabeth Muncaster 7
Bridget Muncaster 3
Esther Muncaster 1

IM dyer b Laxey
EM b Andreas
chn b Douglas

Queen St, Douglas

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Elizabeth Muncaster 46
John Muncaster 20
Betsey Muncaster 17
Ellen Muncaster 13
Seat Muncaster 10

EM widow charwoman b Andreas

North Quay, Douglas

Name Age
Elizabeth Muncaster 59
Scott Muncaster 18
James Wood 25
Ellen Wood 21
Alexander Wood 1
Alexander Wood 21
Alexander Curry 41
Ann Curry 36
Maria Curry 13
Margaret Curry 9 Months

EM 59 widow lodging house keeper b Andreas

MUNCASTER, Isaac 41 Braddan 4 Sep 1853

James Hunter’s Uncle William Wade and family:

Name Age
William Wade 45
Margaret Wade 40
William James Wade 6
John Frederick Wade 5

WW stone mason

In 1851 and 1861 Wm & Mgt Wade were next door to Ann Hunter nee Wade at Ballavolley (ages 54/52 and 60/61)

James Hunter and Cath nee Starkey gave their ages as 60/60 in 1870 Utah, and as 67/67 in 1880 Idaho. The headstone gives James’s birthdate as 1 Jan 1810, but the Ballaugh parish register gives baptism date as 3 Jan 1813.

I’ve run out of steam so will post this.

Jean C

PS the tree has come out upside-down ! I'll send this and try again in a separate message.