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Hi Bruce,
Thank you for sharing that you are not related to the Morrison-Muncaster family in Australia. It’s a small world. I am a Sydneysider too. Three of my Grandparents came out from England in 1911 and 1925. The remaining Grandparent descended from 9 convicts, alas no 1st Fleeters, but some in the 2nd and 3rd Fleet and later arrivals up to the 1830s. It surprises me that so many people, such as yourself, who are unrelated to queries on these genealogy message boards are so helpful.
Thank you for the pointers toward Elizabeth Wade’s origins in Andreas, IOM. I am fairly certain from studying the copy of the parish entry for the marriage of Isaac Muncaster and Elizabeth Wade in 1833 that it is Elizabeth who is the minor and not Isaac as Frances thought but will happily be corrected if other records can be found. I did find the last entry of an Elizabeth Wade to parents Daniel Wade and Catherine Teare in 1812 and carefully scanned each of the parish entries from the originals up and until 1818. I will return to them again in a bid to see if I may have missed something. Perhaps there are variants on Elizabeth. There are instances of my own ancestors from Cambridgeshire, England with no records of baptism in a similar period and the editor of the Family History Society from there said some couples simply didn’t have the money to pay for the child’s baptism, hence no baptism. I will also recheck deaths too. I couldn’t help noticing there was a very high rate of illegitimate births in Andreas during that period and wondered if Catherine and Daniel Wade had taken on the care of one of these illegitimate children. We may never know and can assume nothing.
Once again, I very much appreciate your help,
Christine Pilgrim