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Re: Lace Family of Peel via Andreas

I admit the information from Jim has surprised me.Previously I have searched the Yahoo site;Isle of man manorial roles-and there was no Lace to be found.I took this to mean that I must be near the first Lace onboard the IOM when I found Mitchel,in Andreas,and that the next job would be to find the group of Laces in U.K. that He came from.I suppose now I want to know;why were the Laces missing.I think I remember the Rolls were for revenue raising purposes,and not just a recognition of great and good.Also,again from sites,the name Lace does not figure in list of "old manx names"....but they must be getting near.
I have read elsewhere that all Laces are down from a Norman baron...... Baron d. I'ce,this in a book about geneology I can't remember.He had estates near Leicester.
I will soon get hold of the information of Patricks brother,William,and his family in Peel,in 1881,from census information.It would seem that Patrick and his brothers are the core of the population of Laces from Peel.