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Thanks Jim for your answer y/day
Im here today to correct a few errors from y/day.I said that Patrick married Mary Cain in 1840,in fact it was 1867.Patrick was born in 1841.In 1881 he was 41 and Mary 34.In Peel at that time he had the company of his brothers William,b.1825.John,b.1830.Henry,b.1834.
I will find the family of William from the 1881 census,but the family of Henry (a mariner,married to Annie)is;Henry,b.1862-Minnie,b.1864-John,b.1868-Joseph,b.1870-Edward,b.1874-William,b.1877
The family of John(a road-repairmans labourer,married to Catherine)is;James 1863,Jane 1865,and Kate,1868
I do not know of the marriage,or any information about their sister,Judith Ann,b.1828.Also,I have not found details of their brothers,Charles,b.1835-or Cesar Thomas,b.1838.
I know their father was Henry,married to Jane Killey,in Peel.I have the date somewhere,I think 1823.
Brother Patrick,b.1841,the youngest of Henry's children,had boys John Patrick,b.1874-and Robert Henry,b.1877...this is my grandfather.They had a sister,Margaret J,b.1875.I know nothing of these two others.
In 1881,at the census,there were about 80-100 Lace's in the 2 parishes of Peel,German and Patrick.