This page has brief details of various deeds which give transfer of ownership of property in Peel.

Key details extracted are: ref in Manx Museum,Grantor and Grantee, description, location (generally by property on N, E, W, and S.) rent (though all too often this most useful item is left unspecified) and date (the ref gives the date of enrollment). All North Side Sales are under German.

Grantor: the seller, donor etc
Grantee: buyer etc
Date: on Deed Witness
Rent: could be either Lord's Rent (ie in Manorial Rolls) or AbbeyLands
Bounded on - such descriptions are not always easy to follow


Identification: LAnn refers to Liber Assed (pre 1703); MRnn refers to post 1703 Manorial Rolls (1709, 1728, 1740, 1750, 1764,1794,1816,1869); ABnn refers to Abbeyland rentals.

The 25"/mile plan of Peel (CD only) is extremely useful as is the list of Peel Street names.

NSS Oct 1781-7

Grantor: John Gell, Boat Carpenter, having died intestate; Cath Christian (als Gell + Elinor Kenery ? (als Gell) sisters
Grantee: Patrick Cannell (Peel)
Date: 5 Feb 1779 Witness
Description: house & garden
Value: sold at Auction 27 Jan last [1779] £31 11s mks
Rent: Intack Rent 4d
Bounded on - East End

North: Shore
East: John Callow, Robert Kewley
South: street
West: Wm Sayle


NSS Oct 1782-10

Grantor: Isable Mylechreest als Fargher, widow
Grantee: Anne & Cathrine Mylechreest, daughter
Date: 17 Sep 1782 Witness
Description: dwelling house and garden
Value: gift
Rent: Lord's Rent ½d
Bounded on

North: rent of James Crain
East: 'the Glan' [Glan stream under what is now Bridge street]
South: the Highway
West: William Shimmin

Identification: most likely part of MR70 at corner of today's Bridge Street and Atholl place; #70 was much divided by 1816 and especially by 1869 to form left hand side (as viewed from Atholl Place) of Bridge street


NSS May 1782-3

Grantor: John Caesar (Ballahick)
Grantee: Robt Quilliam
Date: 1 Apr 1778 Witness
Description: houses & garden lately purchased from William Quirk
Value: £24 10s manks
Rent: Lord's Rent 10d
Bounded on -

North: John Hevenson
East: Wm Nelson (? AB5)
South: highroad
West: Jon Mcylechreest (?MR63)

Identification: MR58 (where given as 8d + 2d) ,

NSS May 1782-8

Grantor: John Quayle (of Kk Bride) & wife Marg Quayle als Kaighen
Grantee: John Sewell (of Peel)
Date: 1 Apr 1781 Witness
Description: House, backside & yard
Value: £49 British
Rent: Lord's Rent 6d
Bounded on -

North: rent of Rev Wm Mylrea (part of MR5)
East: late Daniel Clague's concerns
South: as east
West: street

Identification: part of MR5, (in 1764 John Quayle described as Cooper paying 7d; John Quayle noted as paying 1d in 1794; 6d by John Shewell)

NSS May 1782-9

Grantor: James Halsal (of Peel) & Mary his wife
Grantee: Wm Quirk
Date: ---- Witness
Description: dwelling house erected by said James Halsal and Richard Bell (proprietor of other moiety of property)
Value: £6 manks
Rent: not specified
Bounded on -


NSS May 1782-12

Grantor: Ann Cubbon (als Gell)
Grantee: Charles Cubbon (son)
Date: 27 Dec 1776 Witness
Rent: Lord's Rent 1d
Bounded on -

North: Street
East: Arthur Colvin + Ann Gell (?MR49 + pt MR48)
South: Quay's Croft (?MR50)
West: Quay's Croft

Identification: pt Mr48 ?

NSS May 1782-13

Grantor: John Callin, merchant, lately of Town of Drogheda, died sometime month of November 1773; John Stevenson & James Cain sworn administrators in trust 9 March 1774 (Catharine Callin, widow/relict)
Grantee: Robert Moore
Date: Witness
Description:Young's concerns opposite the Markert Cross + concerns near the street opposite sd concerns, the [] backside & garden
Value: £61 5s
Rent: being both Lord's and Abbey lands
Bounded on -

North: adjoining to rent of late Patrick Clark
East: Caesar Wattleworth + Rev Wm Mylrae ?MR5
South: late John Fairbrother
West: street


NSS Oct 1782-6

Grantor: Thomas Radcliffe (+ Elizabeth) (Knockaloe)
Grantee: James Cain (Peel)
Date: Witness
Description: House at West End lately purchased from Executors of John Callin deed dated 5 March 1778
Value: £92 10s mks
Bounded on - adjoining to rent of John Quayle Hinart

North:Robert Farr
East: Public Street
South: Dollin Corris
West: Daniel Mylrea

Identification: ? MR14

NSS Oct 1782-11

Grantor: Isable Mylechreest als Fargher, widow; relict of late Syl. Fargher
Grantee: Henry Dawson
Date: 13 Aug 1782 Witness Thos Witham, Henry Quayle X
Description: 8 yds in length and as many in breadth as my own dwelling house adjoining being lately purchased from James Crane (of Peel)
Value: £3 1 3
Rent: to be specified
Bounded on

North: the rest adjoining my own garden the gable of my own house being a boundary
East: my own
South: common road

Identification: suspect property on Atholl Place next to corner shop, now antique shop.

NSS Oct 1782-18

Grantor: Thomas Nelson (Kk Christ Rushen)
Date: 9 July 1782 Witness
Description: 2 Houses + garden (1 Lords Rent, 1 Abbeyland)
Bounded on - adjoining Mr Shewell's (? pt MR5) and Mr Munns' s Rents

Identification: ?MR12 + AB5

NSS Oct 1782-19

Grantor: John Dawson (Peel) & Mary Dawson
Date: Witness
Description: Mortgaged by John Curry 2 June 1757; devised by will John Curry 9 Nov 1776
Bounded on -



NSS Oct 1782-21

Grantor: Hugh Shimmin (of Renars German) & Margt Shimmin (als Quirk) and Thomas Cubbon (with Sarah Cubbon als Quirk)
Grantee: Robert Cubbon
Date: Witness
Description: Henry Colvin's Concerns
Value: £51 14s
Rent: Bishop's Land 3d
Bounded on -

North:Phinlo Stephen's (? pt MR38)
East: Lane/Street
South: Patrick Carran + Sedan's Garden
West: John Callin's Rent
North West: sd Thomas Cubbon's Rent


NSS Oct 1783-3

Grantor: Mary Dougherty alias Quay
Grantee: Henry Graves
Date: 11 Aug1783 Witness Dan Colvin, Tho Key
Description: small dwelling house
Value: Agreement to give property 'at present in a tottering condition' in exchange for room in rebuilt house.
Bounded on - such descriptions are not always easy to follow

North: rent of the said Henry Graves ?MR2
East: public street that leads from the market place towards K.K.Patrick
South: rent of Wm Corran & Wm Clague ?MR24(Wm Karran)
West: church yard

Identification: MR24, House/shop to north of St Peter's as Market Place leads into Castle Street.



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