Manorial Roll 1816 – German Cottages (Peel)

This book was started in 1816 and remained in use until 1854 - there are many cryptic lines with dates under many of the names (shown as (m1824) which indicates courts when a change is noted in Lib Vas (a=April m=May, o= Oct).

The numbering of the entries was taken over from the 1794 and 1764 books, which in turn seem to take over that of earlier books (certainly to 1728 and probably still earlier - they are not in topographic order. Note that comments such as "formerly Jno Keruish's" etc are in many cases merely identifying tags copied over from book to book - several of those in this 1816 list are identical to those of the 1728 book and might well refer to owners pre 1643!.

1 Tho Crellin (o1821,m1822,o1842) for Crott Lower? near Mona Moar?
2 Judith Graves 1½d For a Dwelling House formerly Geo Savage’s 4d & 2d
  Ann and Jane Graves 1½d ,,
  Robert Casement (o1839)3d ,,
  Jno White (o1824,o1857[Wm White]) 5d formerly Gilbt Callow’s  
3 Phil Moore (a1839) [B.] a Cottage
4 The Right Rev George Lord Bishop and 24 Keys Trustees for the Grammar School 3d
  Mr Chas Cooper a House and Garden 4d
5 The Revd Danl Mylrae 1s 0d [] a house and garden rent
1d 6d 6d 2d + 1d and 1d house formerly Henry Young’s
  Jno Quayle 1d  
  Elizh Shewell with Wm Hall her husb (o1857) 3d  
  John Taggart  
6 William Clark (a1834) 5d For a house and garden 3d and 2d and 2d more rent of Crot Vonnnaughan
  Will Corris (o1838) & Mich Corris (a1838) 2d  
7 Jas Quirk Esq (m1817, a1823) 1½d for half a house and garden
  Ann Leece with Hugh Cubbon her husband (m1820, m1834)1½d  
8 Phil Moore Ballamoore (m1823) for the other half thereof
9 James Quirk Knockaloe 3½d (m1817, a1823) A dwelling house and garden 6d + 2d +1d house of Ratcliffe rent
  Elinor Kermod ¼d and Tho + Henry Kermod ¼d and the of ¼ of ¾d 1¾d
  Sarah Ann and Barbara Bridson ¼d and the ¼d of ¾d (a1835)  
  Charles Kayle’s ½d and the ½ of ¾d  
  Charles Kayle’s 3½d (o1817, o1834)  
  George Quayle Esq in trust for the Mathematical School (1847) Another cottage 3½d + 1d more
formerly Phil Cain’s & Thos Sherlock’s
  Ann Cosnahan (o1845) ¼d and a ½ ¼d, John Calvin Liverpool (a1835, m1845)¾d + ¼ of a ¼d, Ann Cosnahan(o1845) ¾ of ¼d  
  Marg Dawson with Robt Kewin, her husband 1¾d  
10 Matt Cain (m1824, o1832)  
11 Will Cooil for ¼th and Of a cottage bought from Captain Radcliffe
  Margt Dawson Widw for ¾th (m1818, m1838)  
12 Thomas Nelson A cottage formerly Margt Cannell’s
13 George John Shimmin (a1831, m1835) 1d Being several rents for a house and garden
  The vicar and wardens (a1837) 1½d  
  John Crellin (m1821,m1824) 6d  
14 James Quirk, Esq (m1817, o1823) A cottage and garden near the Lime kiln
15 William Clucas 7d A house and garden
  Richard Quirk & Tho Watterson (a1835, o1850 John Gordon[] ) Formerly Henry Quinney’s
16 John Tho Graves (1/3rd of ½d) John Taylor 2d & 1/3rd of ½d (m1820, a1828, a1834) Thos Garrett ¾d  
  Daniel Clucas (m1819, o1838) 3½d Will Cowley ½d + 1/3rd of a ½d (a1834) A cottage the 1/4th part whereof belonged to Wm Radcliffe Exors
17 Will Cowley (1834) and Will Gell []  
18 Will (1831) and Alice Crellin (1821,1831) A Cottage
19 Will Crellin (1822) A cottage near the church yard
20 Philip Corris (1839) 2¾d A cottage
  Will Crellin (1822) ¾d  
21 John Kermod (1824) 1¾d A cottage 2d more 1½d
  John Kermod (1824 1¾d  
22 Will Cannell 9½d For Brown’s garden
  Mary Higgin ½d  
23 William Cannell 6d  
  Mich Corris (1828) ½d Being the ¼d formerly joint with
Jno Corris [] formerly Jno Kewish’s
  Pat Creer (1824) ½d  
- In the Lord’s hands 8d being the court house.  
24 Henry Graves 2½d Being the 4d cottage and 1d of the 4d for the house adjoining the Church yard
  Ann Graves 2½d  
  Margt Karran with Jno Gell her husband 3d for her [] of the 4d of the house adjoining the Church yard
25 Mr Charles Cooper A parcell joining Cooper’s Mill given in exchange ? of a garden in Town demolished to enlarge the highway
26 Jno Moore Esq 1.4½d A house and garden formerly Thos Crellin’s Composition + 1d more of Will Cannell’s
  Will Quirk and Thos Kelly 4½d Compounded for by Wm Crellin
    For a shop near to the church yard
27 Cath Callister with Thomas Shimmin her husband 5½d For a cottage
  Margt Callister with Philip Quirk her husband 5½d  
  John Cowley 3d  
28 Jno Kelly A cottage formerly Jno Crellin’s
29 William Quirk & Tho Callister A part of a garden near Cowell’s House
30 Ann Regan 1/6d with Mich Regan (her husband (m 1843) }
  Margt Thomas, Ann and Jn Gell }1½d A Cottage formerly Tho Stephen’s
  Henry Killey (1819,1834,1846) }
  Ann Corris (1820,1821,1845,1858) 2½d  
- In the Lord’s hands 4d being the Brew House bt of Will Crellin  
31 Thos Martin 3¼ (m 1817, a 1825 4 entries,a 1853) Being 4½ formerly Danl Corlett and 1½d Jno Kewishes
  Jno Quirk ¾d  
  Ann Regan with Mich Regan her husband 1d (m 1843, m 1852)
  Margt, Tho ? Ann and John Gell 1d (m 1846)  
32 Phill Kennaugh 2½d (1825, m 1851) 5d rent formerly on Jno ? Cowle
  Will Mylechrest 2½d (1838)  
33 Richard Ellison 3.10½d (1842, m 1852)  
  William Gell 1.0d (1842)  
  James Quirk Esq 1½d (m 1824)  
34 John Mylechreest Present master of the old English School
35 Elizabeth Corris A cottage
36 Richard Quirk of Peel town (m 1834) A House and Garden
37 Robert Quilliam 1d A small croft 4d half whereof was taken to enlarge the highway
  Robert Quilliam 1d  
38 Thomas Kayell 2¾d (a 1833) Ann Clark 2¾d (1824,1834)  
  Thomas Siddleton 2¾d (1837, 1852) Elinor Cowley 2¾d []  
39 Henry Colvin 2½d and Ann his wife (1827)  
  Margt Stephen 2½d (1827)  
40 Henry Colvin ¾d and Ann his wife (1832,1853) A Cottage
  Henry Colvin ¾d (1832) James & Margt Moore 1½d (1829)  
41 Ann Oates and Tho Mylchrest (1819,1837) ¾d A small house and garden
  Matthew Oates ¾d (a 1833)  
- In the Lord’s hands A House and Garden near the cross
42 Mylechrest for three fourths of a ¼d (1818,1834) Charles Morrison and Jno & Ann Gell three fourths of a ¼d  
  Thos Bridson ¼d and ½ a ¼d and Ann Knaigle ? (1817,1834) Cath Cannell ¼d (a 1823)  
  Jno Shimmin ¼d Cath Sayle 1d Gilb Cain 1d (1835)  
43 Thos Kewley 1¼d  
  Ellinior Kermod and Tho& Henry Kermod 1¼d (m 1819) A cottage [] Hartley’s
44 Catharine Cubbon and Thos Christian her husband ½d A house near Creg Mallin
  Mary Cubbon with Saml Callister her husband ½d  
  Catherine Cottier spinster ½d William Sayle 2½d (1829,1834)  
45 Philip Shimmin ¾d (1835,1853) William McCulloch and Alex McCulloch his son (a 18xx, 1848) ¾d Robert Corkill ½d Alice Crellin 1d A Cottage on the high way
46 Jno Mylevorrey 3d In [] Cross (close ?)
  David Callister (135,1858) In the Brew House
47 Tho Crellin (1825, 1843,1852) A cottage formerly []
48 Danl Corkill 3d Colvin’s House and garden
should be 4d
  Joseph Cowle 1¼d  
  Cesar Corris ¾d  
49 John Colvin Part of the said house and garden
50 Will Kaighin (1832) 1d  
  Jno Moore/ original tenant for the Methodist part of House 2d (1846, 1849)  
  William Cain 1d (1847) 3d is a house & 1d formerly Wm Quayles  
51 Thos Wattleworth ½d (1821,1833) Chas Shimmin 1½d  
  Jane Brew (1818) ½d Christian Brew ½d Tho Taubman her husbd  
52 Thos Kermode (a1835, a 1838) 1½d A Cottage and garden joining Hartley’s house
  Henry Kaighin (a1824) 1½d  
  William Caley (a1825, a1838) ¾d  
  Tho Gracey (a1835,m 1838) ¾d  
  Thos Kermod ¼ of 1½d Henry Kermod ¾ of 1½d  
53 Patrick Cannell 2d A cottage
  William Kewley 2d  
54 Christian Watson with Will Kaighen her husband ¾d A Cottage
  Ann Mylechrest widow and John &Thos Mylechrest ¾d  
  Will Boddaugh William Clucas and Margt Clucas with James Hampton her husband 1/3 of a ½d  
  Ann Lace alias Clucas widow 1d (a 1838)  
  William Clucas ½d and 2/3 of a ½d  
55 Thomas Watterson (1834) A cottage and a small garden near the [] and Place formerly Pat Gill’s
56 Cesar Wattleworth 2½d A decayed house and garden called Ellis’s lately occupied ? by Wm Curphy
  Judith Salmon ? ½d  
  Margt Caley (1818, 1824) 1½d John Caley 1½d (1830,1834, 1837)  
57 Jane Brew 4d } a cottage near the shore 8d
  Cesar Brew 4d }
  John Kelly 2½d (1832)  
  Daniel Kneale and Mary Killip 2½d (1835  
58 Rob Quilliam 5d For 8d + 2d cottage rent
  Rob Quilliam (1821) 5d  
59 Sam Wattleworth 2½d A house and garden near the shore
  Philip Kelly 2½d  
60 Danl Kneale and Mary Killip (a 1835) A cottage
61 Ann Black with Thos McGill her husband 2d Near the church ? + 2d formerly John Lamb’s
62 Patrick Carran A cottage near the shore side
63 Will White 2d A Cottage formerly John Dawson’s
  Phil Kelly (1824)  
64 Henry Kelly 1½d Thwaites ? near the shore
  Ann Corris 2½d  
65 John Kelly (a 1827) For a part of a Kiln head ? bought of Will Radcliffe’s Exors
66 Phil Moore B.More A cottage in mortgage from ? ? + his rent ?
67 John Mylevorrey (m 1845) A Cottage
68 Eliz Wattleworth widw 3d A house and garden
  Thomas Gill 1d  
69 Geo McHutchin and Cath his wife 1¼d A cottage formerly Gilb Carrans
  Gilbt McHutchin 1¼d  
70 John Kermod (1827, 1852) ¼d Henry, Mary and Ellinor Clucas ¼d For 3 cottages formerly Alice Cain’s 1d of John Cain’s & 1d of Nichs Callin’s
  William Corlett ¼d Thomas Corkill ½d Henry Clucas ½d  
  Philip Crain 1¾d John Gell ½d (1842) Ann and Cathrn Mylchreest and Isabl Mylechreest with Charles Christian her husband ¼d + half a ¼d (1837) John Cannell half a ¼d Christian Quirk half a ¼d James Cowle ¼d + half a ¼d  
71 John Moore Esq A cottage
72 John Moore Esq Adjoining Mr Wattleworth’s garden
73 Hugh Cowin A cottage
74 Will Tear 2d (1845) A cottage formerly Michl Callin’s
  Jno Mylevorrey 1d  
75 Eliza Garret with Thos Kaighen her husband A cottage
76 Robert and Henry Corlett A cottage
77 Charles Quane 1d (1826) A cottage formerly Will Cowl’s ?
  John Cain 1d  
78 John Callister A cottage near the Abbey Mill
79 George Graves (1822, 1824, 1848) A cottage formerly John C/ Delivers
80 Thomas Costain A cottage
81 John Crain Shopkeeper A cottage
82 William Gell  
83 Francis Musgrave ? 3d A house and Garden formerly Wm Whitehead’s
  ? ? spinster 2d  



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