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Kirk Christ Lezayre ( or Holy Trinity)

Kirk Christ Lezayre

By John Welch, 1835; an attempt in local stone to look like a spired country church of the English midlands; contemporary woodwork inside.[JB]
The old church stood a little higher up the hillside in the old churchyard - site marked by a plaque.
Inside the walls of the church are decorated by Manx Texts on the walls.

One widow is unusual being painted glass by Daniel Cottier, erected in 1884, in memory of his father and grandfather.

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Most prints of the church showed the new vicarage with the church tower in the background.

Lezayre Vicarage (Phillips c.1860)

Guide book Henry Callow A Tour though the Church Kirk Christ Lezayre : parish
Kermode Annals of Kirk Christ Lezayre

Glen Auldyn

Glen Auldyn

Originally a Methodist chapel but renovated in memory of (?) Charles Peel Yates (the founder of Yates Wine Lodges) who lived in Glen Auldyn - opened 1960.

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St Stephen - Sulby

St Stephen - Sulby

In 1838 Captain Bacon gave a parcel of land, part of Staward quarterland, to build a church and school. One condition was that he, and his family, had a private entrance from Staward and a pew as big as the Ballakillinghan pew in Lezayre. This church was to a design of John Welch, and judging from early prints resembled Dalby and St Lukes.
The church was rebuilt 1879-80 in its current style - the new church, which replaced the old chancel is at right-angles to the old church/school-room which still serves as a hall..

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