[Taken from The Manx Church Magazine Vol v #4 April p lvii & #5 May 1895 p lxix]

Extracts From Lezayre Parish Registers

The first entry in the book is :—


Margaret fil Fitt Caley, April 26.
Will fil John Curphey, May 5.
Will fil Ewan Knoon, sol. die. [same day]
Ann fil Phinloe Crow, sol. die.
Paul fil Paul Crow, May 7.
Evitt fil John Skillicorne, June 7.
Mary fil Ewan Aijgough, June 20.
Grace fil Edis Gill, July 12.
Nich fil Will Corlet, Aug. 15.
Robt. fil Ewan Curghey, Aug. 17.
Hoyton fil Robt. Curghey, Aug. 29.
John fil John Mylcarrane, Sept. 23.
Jonoy fil Phil Cowley, Oct. 11.
Ellin fil Ewan Kissags, Dec 15.
Bahoo fil Will Kinrade, sol.’ die.
Standigh fil Capt. W. X’tian, Dec 28.
John fil Ewan X'tian Ramsey, Feb. 3.
John fil Gilbert Kolloy, Feb. 23.


Ewan Christian and Heneretta Maria Parr, Ap. 21.
John Madrell of K. Arbory and Margaret Kissage, July 21.
Michael Kneale and Amelia Crow, Nov. 3.
William Johnson and Catherine Killip, Nov. 10.
Daniel Garret and Catherine Moore, Nov. 12.
James McNamcore[McNameer] and Mary Crowe, Feb. 2.



Elizabeth fil Ruth Corlett, April 1.
Will fil Duncan Corkill, Oct. 10.
Edmund fil Ewan Kesal, Oct. 23.
John fil Ewan Callow, Oct. 21.
Dorothy fil Pat Boddagh, March 10. [nb 1698 NS]


Ed fil Will Kissags, June 12.
John fil Mich’Kowley, June 15.
Joney fil Ewan Kisags, Feb. 23.


Charles fil Ewan Xtian, March 28,
Leonare fil Capt. Will Xtian, April 22.
Alice fil Phinloe Crow, May 1.
Margaret fil Ewan Curghey, Aug. 5.
Mabell fil Thos. Kneen, Nov. 12.
Ann fil John Nilleragh, Nov. 22.


Barbary fil Will Quayle, May 2.
Joney fil Edw Garrett, July 5.
James fil James Clark, October 1.
Edmund fil Edmund Kneal, December 13.
Bum fil Will Quayle, December 16.
Mally fil Ewan Kneen, March 5.


John fil Ed. Goldsmith, March 26.
Mary fil Patt. Bodagh, March 30.
Easter fil Thos. Killip, April 19.
Isabel fil Thos. Faile, August 21.
Mally fil Thos. Cottier, November 30.


Arthur fil Patt. Garret, March 27.
Joney fil Ewan Callow, October 2.
Will fil Edmund Kewney, February 7,


James fil Robert Quilliam, April 23.
John fil Gilbert Teare, September 14.
Margaret fil John Caley, December 16.
Grace fil John Xtian, January 24.
Easther fil Will Salle, January 26.
Dorothy fil Rich. Lewin.


John fil John Kewley, April 9.
Cath. fill Will Brew, April 27.
Thos. fil Will Claige, September 10.


Ann fil Gilbert Kelly, July 6.
Margary fil Will Stevenson, July 16.
Phil fil Phil Kermott, August 6.
Eliz. fil Dan Cry, September 15.
John fil John Calister, January 3.


Margaret fil Will Keig, August 7.
Ellinor fil John Knickall, September 8.
Ann flu James Griffen, October 6.
John fil John Gill, October 22.


Martha fil Robt. Dagnell, September 26.
Bahoo fil Thos. Ratchliff, March 14.


Margaret fil Will Cletar, March 1.
Margaret fil Edmund Quark, March 25.
Will fil Phil Kormett, March 13.
Catherine fil Thos. Casement, October 13.


Eliz. fil Ewan Scarf, May 4.
Barbary, fil Will Crow, September 1.
Simon fil Will Cletar, October 27.
Christian fil Ewan Kneale, March 6,

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