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" How populous! how vital is the Grave!
This is Creation's melancholy vault,
The vale funereal, the sad cypress gloom,
The Land of apparitions, empty shades!
All, all on earth is shadow, all beyond Is substance."

Over the front door, on a stone let in.

To the honor of the sacred Trinity. This Church was rebuilt, A.D. 1704. The Right Rev. Dr. Ts. Wilson, the Bishop. Mr. Rob. Parr, Vicar-General, minister. James Christian, John Curghey, and Edmund Curlett, and Robt . Curghey, Churchwardens.

On a stone let into the wall of the Church, north side near the roof.

To the glory of the sacred Trinity.
The north wall and roof of this church was newly made. A.D. 1760.
Then, the Right Rev. Mark Hyldsley, D.D., Bishop, and Mr Matthias Curghey, Vicar General, minister.


Thomas Arthur Corlet, John Caley, James Clark, Thomas Tear.

Inscribed on a brass in the Chancel.

Here lyeth inter'd the body of Mrs. Margaret, daughter to Peter Heywood, of Heywood, in countie of Lancaster, Esq., by his wife Alice, daughter of John Greenhalgh, of Brandelsom, in the same countie, Esq., and Governor of this Isle of Man many yeares. She was wife to Captain John Garrett, of Sulby, and had issue by him one sone and three daughters, viz., John, Mary, Alice, and Elizabeth, and dyed the 16th of January, and buryed ye 19th, Anno Dom. 1669.

On a brass plate annexed.

The above John Garrett, Captn. of Sulby, died 1692, aged 29 years. Also, his granddaughter-in-law, Elizth. daughter of Willm. Sutcliffe, of Stansfield Hall within Hallifax Vicarage, by his wife Grace Gibson, of Briggroyd, wife of John Garret, the fifth of Balabroy, died the 13th March, 1745, aged 40 years, with four of her children who died in their minority, and left issue, Elizth. Ann Margaret Phillip William Evan and Alice.

1. Arms: (colours not marked) a bend between bendlets, charged with three roses, impaling a bend engrailed charged with three bugle horns.

2. A field, cross saltire, charged with a helmet, sinister, as dexter above.

John Curghey, of Colbane, buried February 8th, 1699, also, Jane his wife, buried May lath, 1713.

In the Churchyard on flat tomb.

Joh. Hodshon de Witton in Co. Dunelmensi, armiger. Oxon. in Coll. Univ. educates. Ob. Feb. 18, 1729, aetat. 34. Fratri dilecto frater superstes Readus Hodshon moerens. H. M. M P.

On a tomb inclosed with iron rails.

Jean Kirkpatrick, wife of John Kirkpatrick, merchant in Ramsay, died 26th October, 1766, aged 24. To whose memory this stone, as a proof of the sincerest regard and a sacred tribute to worth and innocence, is erected by her disconsolate husband.

Quam veniente die, quam decedente requiro
Et meam moriens reminisces uxorem.

James Christian, late of London, died 5th July, 1778, aged 74.
Joseph Bacon, son of John Bacon, of Staward in Northum., Esq. Died 14th May, 1728, aged 34. Erected by his mournful widow, Eliz., daughter of James Christian, Gent., in testimony of her great affection. Eliz., relict of the above, died 24th June, 1744, aged 37.

[1718] Jane Casement, alias Wattleworth, November 9th, [BR bur 9 Nov 1718]
  Mary Casement, wife to Wm. Casement, of the Kelly, August 4th,Date broken off. [?mary thomason m Andreas 30 may 1718 - her will 1729 ?bur]
1673 Captn. Garret, Junr., of Ballabroole, 14th April,
1672 Mr. Nich. Christian, of Ramsey, August 12th,
1689 Margery Christian, alias Sumpter, buried 27th Jany.
1722 Captn. Nich. Christian, his son, April 25th,
1747 Capt. Francis Christian, August 29th,
1741 Capt. Nich. Christian, of Ramsey, June 20th,
  His sons, Charles Nich., John, and Charles, died in their minority.
Ewan Curphey, 12th June, (very old)
1714 The two daughters of Edmund Kneale, of the Gill, Joney died April 9th; Margaret, April 26th,
1732 Edward Gill, April 7th,
1686 Parson John Harrison, of Kirk Bride, Vicar-General 32 years, buried 2nd October,
1708 Thomas Corlet, of Glantraman, 4th February,
1741 Thomas, his son, buried 1st March,
1789 Thomas, son and grandson of the above, died June 4,
  On an adjoining stone, upright on the Chancel wall.
1764 Margaret his wife, died 1st November,
1732 Will. Keig, buried October 24th,
1732 Mary Stole, his wife, buried December 17th,
1721 Will. Kneen, August 12th,
1724 Jane Kneen, March 20th,
1727 John Kneen, February 20th,
  Children of Edmond Kneen.
1655 Jane Curghey, wife of John Curghey,
1713 Jezabel Curphey alias Christian, buried lath April,
1741 Robert Curphey, buried 25th November,
1639 R. C.
1682 E. W. C.
1692 J. C.
1728 Rob. Curghey, died January 7th,
1796 Esther Crow alias Christian, died January 11th,
1737 Thomas Fenwick, uncle to Robert F. Esq., Vice Chamberlain of the County Palatine of Lancaster, died 29th May,
. _
1723 Mary Bignall, wife of John Bignall, merchant, of Ramsey, buried 1st February . .
1721 Thomas Pennock, of Seamer, in Yorkshire, buried 29th October ... ...
1778 George Strachan, of Ramsey, buried 18th July,
1664 John Black, merchant, died March 20th,
1719 Edward Black, died 2nd August; also two sisters and a brother, children of Hugh Black, merchant, of Ramsey, .
John Keevin - Thomas Keevin ...Two old stones.
1745 John Kermod, of Jargereny, buried January 30th,
1692 Will. Kewley, died March 29th,
1714 Cather. and Mary Kewley, daughters of John and Ann Stevens. C. buried April 12; M. April 21,
1683 Thomas Callister, July 17th, ... ...
1705 Also, his daughter Grace Callister, wife of Robt.Christian, January 21st, .
1782 Cath. Kneale, wife of Rob. Kneale, 14th May,
1776 John Kneal, March 20th,
  Erected by Captn. John Lewhellin, to perpetuate the memory of a true and faithful servant.
1751 William Kneal, mariner, buried 21st February,
1754 Joney Corlet, wife of John Corlet, February 17th,
1788 Alice Clague, wife of Pat. Clague, 10th February,
1709 John Hogg, 17th October, ... ..
1766 John Curghey, of Ballaigh, buried June 18th,
1742 John Cain, 1st December. "Here burieth."
1782 John Kelly, son of Wm. Kelly, buried 18th Novr.,
1761 Patrick Crow, May, ... ...
1782 Dorothy Crow, alias Kewin, wife of Edmond Crow,of Ause, buried 31st July,
  Edmond Crow, of Ause, ... ...
1770 Eliz. daughter of Wm. Calow, buried 15th May, 18 most
1759 Will. Crowe, 14th November,
1753 Wm. Crowe, Nary, 6th October,
1771 John, his grandson, 16th March,
1741 John Crowe, of Ballaih, 27th May,
1761 John, his son, February 9th,
1755 Rob. Christian, of Ramsey, 8th January,
  Eliner Christian, wife of Will. Christian, blacksmith in Ramsey,
1769 Christian Cashin alias Lane, 26th December,
1774 Will. Cashin, 11th June,
1701 Thos. Christian, of Sulby, 26th March,
1689 Cath. Christian alias Garret, of Sulby, 12th Feby.
1723 Edward Christian, her son, buried 3rd July,
1772 Mary Caley, wife of John Caley, May,
1778 Robert Moore, of Bala-coobraugh, 3rd February,
1780 Est. Caley alias Elison, wife of Pat. Caley, buried 12th February,
1790 Robert Corris, 6th April,
1786 Joney Killip alias Caley, wife of Thomas Caley, 23rd January, .
1785 Thomas Killip,
  Thomas Crow, ... ... ..
1789 Alice, sister of Thomas Crow, Aust, August,
1772 Joney, daughter of John Caley, August,
1781 Mary, dau. of John Caley, buried 7th December,
1793 Joney Caley alias Mylecharane, wife of John C., 13th December,
... 31
1784 Jane Caley alias Cottier, wife of Matt. Caley, 10 May, 40
1788 Philip Garret, died April 12th,
1778 John, son of the above, died August 1st,
1780 Philip, son of the above Philip, died May 23rd,
1780 Quayle Curphey, of E3allakillingen, died March 20th,
1790 Alice Curphey, his widow, died 23rd June,
1790 Ewan Curphey, son of John C. of B., died January,
1781 Wm. Caine, son of Pat. Caine, buried 20th Deer.,
1755 Edmond Kneale, of Ramsey, buried 2nd February,
1765 Margt. his wife, 17th April,
1777 Robt. his grandson, buried 4th July,
1782 Robert, their son, buried 20th February,
1775 John Quayle, 4th August,
1772 Joney, wife of John Q., 2nd February,
1784 Henry Quayle, February,
1757 Alice, wife of Thos. Corlet, 14th April,
1724 Jane Corlet, August 14th,
1740 Wm. Corlet, November 30th,
N.B. Jane Corlet, (F.S.) 1685, was the first person who died in the island of the small pox.
It was brought into the Isle by Wm. Killey from abroad,
and it was called in Manks, " Brack Willy Killy" from thence, on the information of an old inhabitant.
1776 Mary Gill alias Leadbetter, relict of the Rev. John Gill, late vicar of this parish, buried January 22nd,
1762 James Watt,
1771 Jonathan and John Hendry, died young ...
1766 James Wilson, son of James Wilson, schoolmaster, buried 26th February,
1777 Mary Wilson, wife of James Wilson, schoolmistress of Sulby, buried 11th April,
1777 Philip Garret, died February,
Thomas Cowley. John Cowley. Matthias Caley.No dates.
1667 Arick Kenred, 20th August,
1722 Isabel Oats, wife of Rob. Quilliam, December 22nd,
1727 Robert Quiliiam, July 8th, ... ...
1746 Thomas Kelly, of Corady, 19th September,
1767 Jane Coffier, his wife, died March,
1713 Will. Kelly, son of BY. K. of Corady, buried 11th January,
1728 Christian Kneale, alias Corlet, October lath,
1741 B. Quart, wife of John Kneale, buried February 7th,
1699 Isabel Corlet, wife of Daniel C., died October 14th, [actual stone reads 1674 Daniel C. Snr]
1737 Duncan Corlet, buried January 23rd,
1692 Daniel Corlet, died 9th January,
1737 Thomas Calister, of Jurby, died September 7th,
1700 Jane Kneen, dau. of Wm. and Jane Kneen, of Ramsey, 25th January, .. ...
1734 :Eliz. Kneale, buried 28th February,
. .
1717 John Kneale, son to Will. Kneale, of Ballacooile, April,
1721 Arthur Cowll, of the Kelly, buried June 13th,
1765 Arthur, his son, buried 1st May,
1719 Cath. Kewne, wife of Arthur Cowll, buried May 6th,
1750 Elenora Cowll alias Aiscough, her daughter, buried December 25th, .
1723 Jane Crow, wife of Philip Cottier, buried 14th Nov.
1732 Ann Cottier alias Skillicorn, died 20th December,
1746 William Cottier, her husband, November 24th,
1714 John Cottier, 6th October, of Aridale,
  Ewan Corlet, ... ... ...
1772 John Caley, buried January 19th,
1782 Richard Corlet's burying place
1780 Christian Goldsmith alias Kneal, of Balladoile, buried November 14th,
1748 William Goldsmith, of Baladoile, buried Dec. 11th,
1748 Ledus Goldsmith alias Cowle, of Baladoile, buried January 25th,
1752 William Cottier, of Balelaghban, died Novr.
1781 John, son of John Caley, of East-Baley-Caley, December 9th, ... ...
1781 Philip, son of John Caley, of East-Baley Caley, December 20th,... ... ...
1761 William Corlet, died May 19th,
1762 Ewan, son of Ewan Caley, of West Balla-Caley, died April 16th,
1770 John Cottier, buried May 5th, ...
1700 Jane Caley, Cooile Vane Vig, buried Nov. 2nd,
1779 William Corlet, buried October 27th, ...
1776 Joney Crebbin, wife of Wm. Corlet, buried Jany. 7th,
Matthias Corlet,
1784 Matthew Corlet, ... ... ..
1764 John Saile, died December 14th,
1772 William Saile, buried October 1st,
1751 Joney Gill, widow of Thomas Kneale, January 15th,
1751 Alice, wife of Thos. Corlet, buried April 14th,
1784 Henry Quayle, died February,
1764 Anne Howard, alias Skelton, wife of Wm. Howard, of Ramsey, buried May 3rd,
1766 Jane Howard alias Looney, wife of Charles Howard, of Ramsey, died April 12th,
1772 Thomas Kissag, buried October 23rd,
1772 William Garret, buried December 30th,
1763 Anne Corlet, buried February 1st,
1784 John Wattleworth, March,
1758 Mary Quayle alias Cannel, died June,
1776 Catherine, dau. of Thos. Quayle, June l0th,
1781 Two children of James Quayle. Jane, 16th Nov.; and Anne, 27th November,
1789 Jane, wife of John Kneen, of Ballamenagh, buried January 18th,
1751 Robert Black, died August 28th,
1758 Thomas Bean, died December 4th,
1767 Patrick Stowle, buried September 29th, ,
1706 Joney Lace, wife of Michael Kewley, died May 14,
  William Lord .. ..
1731 Catharine Walker, died September 19th,
1791 Catt. Cottier alias Skilecorn, wife of Wm. Cottier, Jnr. of Balla-claghbane, died 3rd November,
1763 Patrick Vandy, November 16th, .
1778 Margaret Vandy alias Kneale, 24th March,
1781 Thomas, son of John Caley, of East Balley-cally,buried 31st December,
1763 Isabel Crowe alias Clarke, of Balla Cottier, 12th April, 53
1757 Edward Andrews, buried 2nd March,
1777 Isabel Corlet, wife of E. Corlet,
  Thomas Stevenson,...
1760 Will. Macnameer, 23rd February,
1780 Joney, his wife, buried 10th September,
1774 Wm. Quayle, cooper, buried 11th December,
  Erected by Mich. Corlet, his nephew.
1784 Thomas Arthur Corlet, of Loughan-e-yeiy, Oct. 28,
1788 Thomas Casement, of the Grange, buried 28th Oct.,
1770 Fisher Jackson, Esq., late Comptroller of the port of Ramsey, 10th March,
1754 John Strachan, July 17th,
.George Strachan,.. ...
1743 Will. Quayle, of Creg-Vooart, buried 5th February,
1762 Dorothy, dau. of John Knickel, 5th June,
1775 Anne, wife of Wm. Knickel, 5th August,
1788 Christian Kelly alias Corlet, wife of John Kelly, smith, of Sulby, buried 1st May,
1741 Danl. and Wm. Kneal, died November 9th,
1762 Wm. Howard, Ramsay, buried 19th March,
1730 Ewan Corlet, ... ... ...
1731 Mary Goldsmith alias Corlet, died April 1~3th,
1747 Edmond Quark, July 2nd,
1647 Isabel Christian,
1659 William Christian,
1691 Joney Rowe, wife of Thos. Christian, buried Jany. 14,
1698 Jane Cottier, wife of Thos. Stevenson, 2nd April,
1701 Isabel Stevenson, wife to Wm. Keig, 4th September,
  Wm. Christian, died 2nd Nov., stone mutilated,
1716 Gilbert Kelly, 23rd October, ... ...
1719 John Corlet, of Baluahown, buried July 16th,
1732 Wm. Corlet, father of the above, buried 4th June,
1749 John Corlet, of Balnahow, October 13th,
1773 Catherine Corlet alias Casement, relic of the late John Corlet, of B., buried 2nd May,
1785 Nicholas Corlet, of the Kella, buried 27th February,
1685 Jane Corlet, May 15th,
1645 The body of P., also his son Will.
1679 Corlet, March 20th, ... ...
1706 Jane Callister, wife of John Corlet, of Cleannagh, June 13th, ... ... ...
1724 John Corlet, the son of Wm., the husband to Jane, January 10th, ... ... ...
1741 John, son of John Corlet, of Balnahow, great grand son of the above John Corlet, of Cloannagh, June 6th,
1782 Thomas, son of Nichs. Corlet, of the Kella, buried 29th January, .. ..
1772 Diary, wife of John Quay, buried July 5th,
1777 Catharine, dau. of John Kneale, of the Mill,
1777 Isabel, dau. of John Kneale, June 22nd,
1741 Edmond Corlet, November 17th, ...
1782 Catharine, wife of Robert Kneale, died May 14th,
1784 Joney Clark alias Cottier, wife of James Clark, died February 26th,
1779 Margaret Quine alias Crow, wife of John Quine, of Balnachria, died March 23rd,
1780 " Here burieth" Mary Cain alias Quayle, May 30th,
1752 Thomas Kneen, died September 29th,
1769 Robert Corlet, buried August 7th,
1755 Mrs. Jane Boyd, wife of James Wall, October 28th,
1741 Edmond Crowe, of Ause, buried June 29th,
1753 Isabel Caley alias Corlet, buried March 27th,
1765 John Caley, of the Well, her husband, buried August 20th,
1757 John Crow, died February 9th,
1776 Margaret, his wife, buried February 1st,
1783 Isabel, dau. of John Crowe, Nary, died July 7th,
1792 John Kneen, of Ballic, died July 25th,
1744 Robert Kneale, Nary, buried January 6th,
1772 Hannah Kneale, October 9th, ... ...
1765 John Cashin, died May 9th,
1758 William Stephenson,
1781 Nicholas Stephenson, buried February 4th,
1719 Thomas Christian, March 27th, ... 25
1741 Fanny Cottier, of Bally Cloughbane, February 26th,
1774 Anne Caley alias Killip, wife of Win. Caley, of East-Ballecally, buried March 16th,
1780 William, her husband, buried July 2nd,
1763 Edward Crow, buried March 4th,
1736 Edmond Crow, son of Wm. Crow, of the Nary, died 11th August,
1711 John Christian, 28th July, ... ...
1669 William Christian, 15th November,
1764 Thomas, son of Patrick Davidson, schoolmaster, died October 16th, ... ... ...
1765 Mary Casement alias Davidson, his mother, Aug. 28,
1777 John Corlet, mariner, buried 24th May,
1769 Mary, daughter of Philip Garret, died May 11th,
1699 Margt. Cally, buried November 14th,
1726 Joney Corlett, wife of John Cally, of West-Balle Caly, buried 24th February,
  John Christian, buried 20th September,
His son and dau., Ewan and Christian,
1792 Jane Christian, wife of Standish Christian, of Ellanbane, buried April,
1685 John Kewley, 25th March,

Note.—The two brasses described as being in the Chancel of this Church, are now in the possession of Mr John Garrett, of Aspull near Wigan, having been taken down when the present Church was rebuilt

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