[From Atholl Papers - AP X14-5]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 3 March 18th 1758

My Lord

I had the honour of your Grace's letter this week of the 25 February and we are colecting money as fast as we can to send to your Grace and as the Clergy have not gott their acctts settled I beleive it will be some time before they call upon us.

I have in another packet sent your Grace the last abstract and I am very hopefull that the next and itt will be a good one this year promises well and I must doe our colectors the justice to observe to your Grace that they doe their duty both carefully and justly.

As for the noise about the Roman Chatholicks I will venture to say that it is a mistake that they are increasing for I have been near seven years in the Island and I doe not know of one man of any consequence that is come into the Island in that time and I am certain there is less noise about religion then in any part of his Majesty's dominions It is true the Moores have made a noise because they cannot gett the whole trade into their own hands and because I will not support them to the prejudice of other traders and they are supported by a brother of theirs Doctor Moore a scandalous drunken fellow a disgrace to human nature but to gett the affair of the naturalization of the Roman Chatolicks in a true light I here inclose yor Grace a paper signed by the officers which I hope will satisfy your Grace that what was done was both for your Grace's interest and for the interest of the Island

I have received the acts your Grace signed and sent and the commission for the chaplain and am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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