[From Atholl Papers - X14-2]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 2d Febr 11th 1758

My Lord

My last was No 1st in which I acquainted your Grace that we was to send by Capt Charles Lace to Liverpool 1353 British he has now gott the money and I expect he will sail to morrow or the day following The clergy tells me that they want for an answer from Mr Hammersley before they can divide their money so I bleive we shall have money colected before any demands come upon us.

In my last I mentioned to your Grace that there was a great many appeals laying before your Grace and that I thought it would be right to have them determined as soon as possible and I am satisfyed that so soon as appeals are lay'd before your Grace if orders were given to have them heard and determined it would prevent a great many idle appeals which are don for no other reason but to procure delays There is another thing My Lord I think would be a great service to your Grace as appeals heard in London is both agreat trouble and an expence to your Grace and agreat many silly and foolish appeals goes from the Keys to your Grace about roads and menny more triffling things I think those might be heard in the Isle of Mann by commissioners appointed by your Grace which would not only save your Grace a great deal of trouble but save a great deal of money to the people of the Isle of Mann as appeals are very expensive to them. This method of hearing appeals in the Isle of Mann was often don by the Earls of Derby and the method of hearing appeals I think should only be don in triffling causes Law suits of consequencies in London in my humble opinion is the proper place to hear them. I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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