Index to Transcribed Atholl Papers

The Atholl Papers are a very large archive of over 7,500 manuscripts & books donated to the Manx Museum (Manx National Heritage) in 1956 that cover the period from 1735 through to 1765 when the Dukes of Atholl were Lords of Man and onto 1828 when the British Government bought out their remaining rights. The following is a small selection from the archive (now microfilmed) which is organised into bundles and then papers within the bundle, hence the reference number (note papers within a bundle are not necessarily in sequence). There is an excellent typed handlist and description produced by Neil Mathieson in the Manx Museum

Note that the name Atholl is rendered as Athol in many papers - the following transcriptions keep the original spellings and general lack of punctuation, though 18th century capitalization of words is not generally followed.


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