[From Atholl Papers - AP 32-25]

[Draft ? of letter from Duke of Atholl to George Grenville 20 August 1764]

Atholl House 20th August 1764


I have inclosed you an answer to a letter I received from the Lords of the Treasury of the 25th July which I would have sent sooner but learn by the Newspapers that their Lordships were adjourned for a month.

I have nothing to add to what I have said in the inclosed, but that the Dutchess of Atholl & I think ourselves very fortunate, that when a treaty of so much consequence to our family is resumed there is at the head of the Treasury one who has so great a character both for candour & ability.

As I have a thorough confidece in your honour & justice I shall be ready to treat with you upon the same footing of frankness & confidence that the late Duke of Atholl did with Sr R Walpole Mr Pelham & the Duke of Newcastle incase Goverment continues their intention of purchasing the Isle of Mann


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