[From Atholl Papers - AP 32-26]

[Reply from George Grenville to Duke of Atholl, 2 September 1764]


Septr 2nd 1764

My Lord

I received the honor of your Grace's letter of the 20th of last month, together with that inclosed in it for the Commissioners of the Treasury ; I shall return to town tomorrow & will take care to transmitt it immediately to the Secretaries that it may be laid before the Board at our first meeting. I am much oblig'd to your Grace & to the Dutchess of Atholl for the favorable opinion which you do me the honor to entertain of me & shall be very happy if I can contribute to settle this important business upon a proper footing, according to the intention of Parliament, & in a manner that may be agreable to yoyr Grace, & consistent with our duty to the public for whom we are to act as trustees.

I have the honor to be with the greatest regard, My Lord
Your Grace's most obedient humble servant

Geiorge Grenville


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