[From Atholl Papers - AP 42B-2]

[Letter from Lords of the Treasury to Duke of Atholl, 25 July 1764]

Treasury Chambers 25th July 1764

My Lord

We think proper to inform your Grace that in pursuance of the powers vested in us by the 12th of George the 1st. We are willing to treat with you, for the purchase of the Isle of Man, or of such part of the rights claimed by your Grace in the said Island, as it shall be found expedient to vest in the Crown for preventing that pernicious and illicit trade, which is at present carried on between the said Island and the other parts of his majesty's dominions, in violation of the laws, and to the great diminution and detriment of the revenues of this Kingdom.

The House of Commons during the last session of Parliament thought fit to enquire whether any, and what steps had been taken for this purpose ; and we have reason to think it is expected of us that we should pursue every legal method for the prevention of this evil, with this view we have judged it necessary first to inform ourselves of the present extent of this illegal commerce, of the nature of those rights, under colour of which it is carried on, and of the laws of this country with respect to them : We are now ready to treat with your Grace pursuant to the said Act of Parliament. and to receive from you a proposal for that purpose specifying what part of your property and rights in the said Island, you are disposed to sell, and the value you put upon them ; that we may know whether the terms are in all respects such, as we who are trustees for the publick can admit : but if your Grace is not inclined to enter into a treaty with us, upon this subject, we beg to be informed of it, that we may then pursue such other methods as, we shall think, our duty to the publick requires of us.

We are My Lord Yor Grace's most humble servants

George Grenville
John Turner
James Harris



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