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Rushen (or CHRIST RUSHEN) parish, in the :sheading of its name, lies at the south-western extremity of the island; it is about five miles and a half in length from north to south, by an average breadth of one and a half from east to west. The church, situate four miles west of Castletown, near the centre of the parish is a plain unadorned edifice, rebuilt in 1775, and adapted to contain a congregation of four hundred and fifty persons; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the crown. The parish school is adjacent to the church ;and about a quarter of a mile to the south is a school for girls, supported by a small endowment. The central part of the district is fertile productive land, and is as well cultivated, perhaps, as any locality in England ; but the north and south portions are bleak barren highlands. This parish contains plenty of limestone of the best quality, and lead ore is found at several places : Kentraugh, the beautiful mansion of Edward M. Gawne, Esq., about three miles from Castletown, is unequalled m the island. The house is built of freestone,taken from the quarrys of Mostyn, Denbighshire. A noble colonnade extends along the entire front of the edifice, upwards of ninety feet, supported by eight massive columns of the Ionic order. The lofty rooms of the interior, especially the saloon (which is eighteen feet in height, and of proportionate dimensions, with a beautiful Gothic arched ceiling), display the elegant taste of the hospitable proprietor. The gardens and pleasure grounds are delightfully laid out; and the offices and out-houses, conveniently grouped, contain all the various requisites furnished by the best judgment, and appropriate to an establishment of the magnitude to which they belong.

PORT ERIN (so called from the bay opening towards Ireland) is a small village and sea-port in the above parish, nearly five miles west of Castletown and 15 south-west of Douglas. The village comprises about forty dwellings, a small Wesleyan chapel, and a comfortable inn ; the employment of the inhabitants is fishing and husbandry. The bay, which forms a natural square, has good anchorage; and vessels of two hundred tons burthen can come close to the rock, on the south side, in favourable weather. Breda Head, a bold and abrupt precipice, forms the north boundary of the bay. Port Erin is the most convenient place for taking a boat for the purpose of visiting the Calf of Man which is distant about three miles south-west.

PORT St MARY (or Port-le-Mary) is a busy prosperous village and sea-port, in the same parish as Port Erin, situate on the western side of a fine spacious bay, on the south shore of the island, four miles west of Castletown, fifteen south of Peel, and the same distance south-west of Douglas. The village consists of about eighty houses, principally erected close to the harbour, which is protected from the violence of the sea by a substantially built stone pier, two hundred and thirty yards long and eight yards broad, with a lighthouse ott its not them extremity. eighty yards broad, with a light-house on its northern extremity. There is a new pier about to be built on the south side of the harbour, which will furnish extra facility for leading and unloading vessels. More than eighty light vessels, from fifteen to forty tons burden belong to this little place; many of them are employed in the fishery during the season. The Carrick Reef, near the middle of the bay, is dangerous, being covered at high water. A little south of the village, on the shore, below high-water mark, is a stratified quarry of limestone, of superior quality, from which the new jetty at Douglas, and many other piers and quays, have been constructed. At Mount Gawne, about one mile on the road to Castletown, is the extensive brewery of Mr. Michael Connal. A national school and a Wesleyan Methodist chapel, are in the village of Port St. Mary; and a Primitive Methodist chapel, and a Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Howe.

The CALF of MAN is it small Island separated from Man by a dangerous channel of five hundred yards width; its area comprehends about 570 acres, of which nearly one hundred are cultivated; and it contains one farm-house, three cottages and two lighthouses. The occupier of the farmhouse, Mr. Shepherd has opened it as an inn, erected a corn mill, and provided a threshing machine. The surface of the Calf is uneven-in some places elevated from four to five hundred feet above the sea; and great part of the coast is composed of high rocky shire. Rabbits have multiplied here to a somewhat valuable amount, not less than from two thousand four hundred to two thousand eight hundred being annually exported.

The Post Town for the above places is CASTLETOWN.


Commal Mrs. Marion, Mount Gawne
Corrin Rev. William, Vicarage
Dawson Mr. Emerson, Scoalaby
Gawne Edward M. Esq. M. H. K Kentraugh
Wood Mr. Michael, Port Erin


Loran Eleanor, Ballafesson
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Port St. Mary - Robert Quayle, master
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Rushen church -Thomas Qualtrough, master
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL (girls), Christ Rushen -Margaret. Cubbon, mistress


Qualtrough Robert, Port St. Mary
Watterson Mark, Port St. Mary


Cubbon William, Port St. Mary
Duke Henry, Port St. Mary
Kermode John, Port St. Mary
Quayle John, Port St. Mar9
Quayle Richard, Port St. Mary
Turnbull Thornas, Cross-fourways
Turnbull William, Crosakaley


Bell Richard, Port St. Mary
Clucas James, Port St. Mary
Nelson Edward, Port St. Mary
Nelson John, Port St. Mary
Nelson Thomas, Port St. Mary
Taubman John, Port St. Mary
Turnbull Thomas, Port St. Mary
Watterson Henry, Port St. Mary
Watterson John, Port St. Mary
Watterson Thomas, Port St. Mary


Christian Thomas, Barhacraggau
Clague Thomas, Port St. Mary
Corrin John, Level
Harley John, Port St. Mary
Kermode John, Fisthert
Qualtrough Henry, Port St. Mary




M'Combe James, Port Erin
Moore John, Level
Quillin William, Cross-fourways
Taubman John, Port St. Mary
Turnbull Wiliam, Cross-fourways


Beaton Jane, Llargan
Bell William, Grampiian hill
Clague Thomas, Rouanies
Clucas John, Ballakilly
Connall Michael, Mount Gawne
Crebbin John, Fleshwick
Crebbin Thomas, Fleshwick
Crebbin William, Ballachrink
Crebbin William, Ballafesson
Curphey John, Ballachurry & Ballagawne
Dawson Emeson, Ballacorkish
Duke William, Cronkmoar
Gale John, the Howe
Gawne Henry, Ballafesson
GAwne ttilliam, Ibmaines
Gawne William, Glaudown
Griffin Thomas, Ballahaue
Jefferson William Barwise (and lime-burner), Port St. Mary
Kegg Ann, & Son. Ballawinnacan
Kelly John,, Ballacraggan
Kelly William, Curry
Kermode Henry, Bradda
Kermode Henry, Cronghlagh
Kermode John, Surby West
Kinley Edward, Bradda
Kneale Hugh, Level
Kneen Richard, Crosakilley
Loway John, Surby North
Loway William, Sound
Maddiell John, Quebec
Maddrell William, Gleushase
Moore Peter, Fleshwick
Moore Thomas, Hallafrason
Moore Thomas, ItallaRblounay
Qualtrough Edward Surby East
Qualtrough Elizabeth, Kentruugh
Qualtrough Richard, Surby East
Qualfroueli William, Surby East
Qualtrough William, Glandown
Shepherd Robert, Calf of Man
Shimmin John, Darrigh
Taubman Thomas, Craignish
Taylor John, Ballaqueeney
Watterson John, Bradda
Watterson William, Surby West
Watterson William, Corvelley


Duke Henry (and ironmonger and coal dealer), Port St. Mary
Hodgson Thomas, Port St. Mary
Lace Enos (and rope maker), Port St. Mary
Pollard Maria, Port St Mary
Turnbull Wm.Morray, Port St. Mary


(See also Taverns, &c.)
Clogston James, (Queen's Arms,) Port Erin
M'Kenzie James, Port St. Mary
Shepherd Robert, Calf of Man


Corrin William, Port St Mary
Gelling Robert, Port St. Mary
Moore Thomas, Port St. Mary
Taubman John, Port St. Mary
Taubman William, Port St. Mary


Clogiton Richard, Port St. Mary
Kermode John, Port St. Mary


Bell John, Port Se. Mary
Clague Thomas, Port St. Mary
Collister Ann, Port St. Mary
Corrin John, Level
Crown Thomas, Port Erin
Hodgson Thomas, Port St. Mary
M'Combe John, Port St. Mary
Maddrell Eleanor, Port St. Mary
Maddrell Margaret & Jane, Port Erin
Moore Robert, Level
Quayle Catherine. Port St. Mary
Quayle Richard, Port St. Mary


Hughes Daniel, Port St. Mary
Pollard Marts, Port St. Mary
Qualtrough John, Port St. Mary
Turnbull William Murray (and wine merchant), Port St. Mary
Watterson John, Port St. Mary


Bell Jno. (Cumberland), Port St Mary
Christian Richard, Keutragh
Cregeett Thomas, Port St. Mary
Gale Edward, Port St. Mary
Kermode Ann, Port Erin
Kneale Hugh, Level
Leece Thomas, Ballagawne
Qualtrough John, Port St. Mary
Qualtrough Robert, Port St Mary
Reasbeck Joseph, Port St. Mary
Taubman William, Port St. Mary
Turnbull Thomas, Cross-fourways


Taubman John, Port St. Mary
Turnbull William Murray (mud cost
and salt), Port St. Mary


Christian Catherine, lodging house Port St. Mary
Thomas, tailor, Port St Mary
Jefferson William Barwise, lime burner, Port St. May
Kneale Hugh, coroner, Level
Maddrell John, stone cutter and merchant, Strand Hall
Qualtrough Elizabeth, miller, Kentraugh
Qualtrough Richard, harbour master, Port St. Mary
Qualtrough Thorum, parish clerk, Ballakilley
Quayle Richard, saddler,Port St. Mary


PARISH CHURCH, Rushen-Rev. William Corrin, vicar
METHODIST CHAPELS, Ballafesson; Howe; and Port St. Mary
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, Port St Mary, and Port Erin




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