[From Slater's Directory, 1846]

Santan Parish

Is situate on the eastern coast, to the middle sheading, and is four miles in length from north to south, by one mile and a half from east to west. The parish church stands onu the old road from Douglas to Castletown, four miles north-east of the latter, and six miles south-west of the former town : it was rebuilt in 1773, and contains two hundred and fifty sittings ; the living is a vicarage, to which the Crown has reserved appointment: the present vicar is the Rev S Gelling. There is a chapel for Wesleyans, on the old road from Castletown to Douglas and for for Primitive Methodists, near Mount Murray. An annual fair for cattle is held, on the 26th of May at Oatland in this parish.

POST.-Letters are forwarded by post boy, passing between CASTLETOWN and DOUGLAS, on payment of one penny with each letter.


Bacon Captain Caesar, Seafield
Gelling Rev. Samuel, Vicarage
Skinner Capt. Jatres, blouut~lurray


PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Ballanahowin --John karran, master
Taubman Jane, Glentrough


Beard Thos.millwright,Grenna moar
Cannell John, mason, Ballaglouna
Collister John, blacksmith Oatland
Corlett Robert publican (Halfway House) Oatland
CubbonThomas, sumner,Ballamona
Gell Henry blacksmith Mnt, Murray
Gelling Thos. mason, Ballaquinney
Gick John, shoemaker, Ballavertln
Gilbertson John, joiner, &c. Clanna
Kagne Robt ;overseer,Ballanahowin
Karran Elizabeth dressmaker, Ballnahowin
Kinnish William, shoe maker, Ballamona
Kinnish William, smithy Ballachurry
Morrison Win. tailor, Kirk Santon
Shimmin Robert, tailor, Ballakelly
Taggart Samuel, parish clerk, shoe maker and shopkeeper, Ballamona


Brew Thomas, Mallanaquinney
Bridson Richard, Ballafurtcrellin
Bridson Thomas, Baliquiggin
Cannon Daniel, Aroganbeg
Caugherty James, Ballavarr
Caughert John, Knookfrey
Clague Tomas, Aroganonovar
Corlett John (steward), Ballachrink and Ballakelly
Corlett William, Oatland
Cowin Robert, Ballacragga
Curphey Henry, Ballachurry
Curphey William. Ballacorria
Davies Richard, Mary voar
Gell William, Balldnahow
Gelling John, Mary Veg
Gick Thomas, Ballavertin
Gick William, Ballachrink
Hampton Robert, Ballacostain
Harrison Matthias, Ballacorrin
Jelly James, Ballacrine
Kelly John, Crogga
Kelly John, Balladoo
Kennish Thomas, Ballagick
Kennish William, Reasht
Kinley Cleave, Ballanahowla
Kissack John, Ballakissack
Lewin Thomas Knockfrey
M'Goffack Anthony, Ballak[]
M'Kneale Isaac, the Court
Moore John, Sulbrick
Moore William, Ballavilla
Oates Thomas, Ballafartoate
Quine John, Glentraugh
Quine William, Glenrenough
Quinney Thomas, the Park
Qninner Thomas, Ballacrine
Quirk Philip, Crogga
Spence Wlliam, Ballafurt
Taggart Matthiae, Ballagick.
Watterson John, Ballavertin


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