[From Manx Ballads, 1896]




CRED dy jinnagh yn slouree as y drolloo
Troggal seose ayns caggey cheoie;
Maidjey'n phot, as ny jystyn ooilley,
Ooilley felyral nol-ry-hoi ?

Maidjey'n phot as ny vuirdyn klarklagh,
Cressad, goggan, jyst as claare,
Ooilley caggey, scryssey dy, sonnaasagh,
Tra vecagh oo cleddit er y laare.

Cred dy jinnagh yn Tarroo-ushtey spottagh,
As yn Ghlashtin oo y ghoalll,
As yn Fenoderee yn glionney, sprangagh,
Cloolesagh y yannoo jeed nol'n voal ?

Finn McCoole, as ooilley e heshaght,
Ferrish ny glionney, as y Vuggane,
Dy lymsagh ad cooidjagh mysh dty lhiabbee,
Eisht role ad lesh oo ayns suggane.


WHAT if the chimney,-hook and the pot-hook
Should rise up in mad war;
The pot-stick and all the dishes,
All sounding against each other ?

The pot stick and the round tables,
Crucible, noggin, dish and bowl,
All fighting, scratching riotously,
When thou wouldst be felled opon the floor.

What if the spotted Water-bull,
And the Glastin would take thee,
And the Fenoderee of the glen, waddling,
To make of thee a bolster against the wall ?

Finn McCoole and all his company,
The Fairy of the glen, and the Buggane,
If they would gather together about thy bed,
They would then run off with thee in a straw rope.


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