[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of BALLAUGH is less hilly than that of Michael, which it adjoins towards the south. It stretches for three miles along the coast to the mouth of the Carlane river, and its average breadth is about 2½ miles. Its area is about 10 square miles. The southern part of the district is mountainous, lying along the slopes of Slieau Dhoo and Montpellier ; but its northern part is low and forms part of the great northern depression of The Curragh. From this circumstance its name Ballaugh (Balla Lough) is derived. In the map engraved for Speed’s History of Great Britain, in 1595, this lake is marked with its outlet at Ballamona mooar ; and, though it has long been drained, small sheets of water still remain in different parts, as the Dollagh Moar, between the old and the new churches, the Dollagh Beg near the new church, and others ; and traces of it also remain in the names of numerous places in the district, as Cashtal Lough (the castle in the lake), Lough Dhoo, &c. The principal stream of the district is the Ravensdale river, which rises on Slieau Dhoo and flows through Glen Dhoo and Ravensdale, past the village of Ballaugh, and empties itself into the sea by the ancient outlet of the lake. It is an agricultural district, and contains a scattered population of 1,077 (in 1851 the population was 1392). Its only village is Ballaugh, prettily situated at the mouth of the Ravensdale valley. The living is a rectory next in value to that of Andreas, and the present incumbent is the Rev. W. Kermode.



Blain, Peter, Railway Cottage, Ballavolley
Bishop, Christian, grocer, Village
Boyde, Catherine, Bishop’s Domain
Boyde, James Edward, labourer, Carmodil-moar
Boyde, John, Bishop’s Domain
Boyde, John, butcher, Village
Boyde, John, Cronkould
Boyde, Philip, parish clerk and shoemaker, Ballaterson-moar
Boyde, Thomas, labourer, Bishop’s Domain
Boyde, William, mason, Ballavolley
Boyde, William, nailer, Carmodil-beg
Boyde, William, shoemaker, Carmodil-beg
Brew, James, mariner, Broughjairg
Brew, Jane, Ballamona-beg
Brew, John, joiner, Glenshoggel
Brew, Thomas, labourer, Bishop’s Domain
Brew, Thomas, mariner, Village
Brew, William, labourer, Ballacorage
Bridson, Margaret, grocer, Close-Taggart
Brooke, John, H.K., Cronkould


Caine, John, gardener, Bollough
Caine, John, labourer, Ballakinnag
Caine, John, tailor, Village
Caine, William, baker and grocer, Village
Caine, William, coachman, Bishop’s Court
Caine, William, mariner, Dollagh-moar
Caley, John, Ballavolley
Caley, Thomas, Bishop’s Court
Caley, Thomas, joiner, Ballavolley
Caley, Thomas, weaver, Bollough-beg
Callister, Ann, Curragh
Callister, John, labourer, Bishop’s Domain
Callister, John, labourer, Crawyn
Callister, John, labourer, Dollagh-beg
Callister, John, labourer, Ballacorage
Callister, John, nailer, Village
Callister, Thomas, grocer, Village
Callister, Thomas, joiner, Curragh
Callister, Thomas, labourer, Carmodil-beg
Callister, Thomas, tailor, Poldoih Cottage
Callister, Thomas, Castle Lake
Callister, William, Ballacrye
Callow, John, grocer, Dollagh-moar
Cannell, John, Ballacooiley
Cannell, Margaret, Ballamoar
Cannon, John, labourer, Ballamona
Cannon, Robert, labourer, Ballakeig
Cannon, Thomas, labourer, Bishop’s Domain
Cavendish, Thomas, Ballaterson-moar
Christian, John, labourer, Village
Clark, Thomas, Ballavolley
Clark, William, Ballacrosha
Cleator, Jane, dressmaker, B allacorage
Cleator, William, Broughjairg-moar
Clucas, James, labourer, Cronkould
Clucas, Thomas, labourer, Bishop’s Court
Coffey, Ann, Ballacrosha
Coffey, Hugh, mariner, Cronkbreck
Corkill, Robert, Squeen
Corkill, William, labourer, Bishop’s Court
Corlett, Ann, Ballamona
Corlett, Catherine, Bridge Cottage, Village
Corlett, Daniel Thomas, Corvalley
Corlett, Daniel, Cronkould
Corlett, James, Cronkould
Corlett, Jane, Dollagh-moar
Corlett, Jane, Ballakinnag
Corlett, Jephtha, Broughjairy-moar
Corlett, John, Ballaneddin
Corlett, John, coachman, Ballamona
Corlett, John, Dollagh-beg
Corlett, John, mason, Village
Corlett, Margaret Elizabeth, Village
Corlett, Thomas, Close-e-Corvalley
Corlett, Thomas, William, Cronkould
Corlett, Thomas Edward, Ballakinnag
Corlett, Thomas William, Carmodil-beg
Corlett, William, Bailacorage
Corlett, William, sen., Ballaterson
Corlett, William, Ellan-Rhenny, Curragh
Corlett, William, Glenshoggil
Corlett, William, joiner, Village
Corlett, William, junr., joiner and ironmonger, Glen
Corlett, William, mariner, Ballaterson
Corlett, William, shoemaker, Cronk
Costain, Thomas, labourer, Cronkould
Cottier, James, labourer, Dollagh-moar
Cowin, John, Ballacrye
Cowle, Edward Francis, mariner, Ballamoar
Cowle, James, Carmodil-beg
Cowle, Thomas, shoemaker and ironmonger, Village
Cowle, William, labourer, Dollagh-moar
Cowle, William Frederick, Village
Cowley, Charlotte, Scrundale
Cowley, Jane, Dollagh-moar
Craine, David, Glack
Craine, Edward, Dollagh-moar
Craine, Henry, mariner, &c., Crawyn
Craine, Jane, Ballacrosha
Craine, John Thomas, Broughjairg-m oar
Craine, Robert, Glenshoggil
Craine, Thomas, Brookvilla, Village
Craine, Thomas, Dollagh-moar
Crellin, Thomas, roadsman, Curragh
Crow, Margaret, dressmaker, Village
Cubbon, James, police sergeant, Village
Cunningham, Evan, general dealer, Crawyn
Curphey, Robert, Ballacain


Daugherty, William, Ballacurn


Faragher, John, mariner, Cronkould
Faragher, William, miller, Crawyn
Fletcher, —, Railway Cottage, Sandy-road
Freer, Eleanor, Village


Gawne, John, Ballacorage
Gawne, Philip, grocer, Ballacorage
Gawne, Thomas, grocer, Ballamona
Gell, John James, H.K., Carmodil-moar
Gill, Christian, Chestnut Cottage, Ballamoar
Green, Thomas William, Ballacurn-moar
Griffith, —, Railway Cottage, Orrysdale-road
Guest, Samuel, Ballamoar House


Hampton, Robert, Crawyn
Harboard, - Corvalley Cottage
Hill, Right Rev. Rowley, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Man, Bishop’s Court
Hughes, Richard, Railway Hotel, Village
Hunter, Margaret, Ballamoar


Jelly, Thomas, Village


Kaighin, Humphrey, Castle Lough
Kaighin, Thomas, Close Rhenney
Kaighin, Robert, coroner, Village
Kaighin, William, Close-e-Nellan
Kelly, Eleanor, Dollagh-moar
Kelly, Elizabeth, Carmodil-beg
Kelly, James, labourer, Broughjairg-moar
Keig, Elizabeth, Ballacurn-moar
Keig, Robert, Ballacaine
Keig, Thomas, Ballacurn-kiel
Keig, Thomas, Ballamona-moar
Kermeen, Robert, carrier and dealer, Broughjairg
Kermode, Rev. William, Rectory
Kerruish, James, labourer, Dollagh-moar
Kerruish, Robert, Ballacorage
Kewley, Joseph, labourer, Cronkould
Killey, Ann, washerwoman, Ballacrye
Killey, Elizabeth, Carmodil-beg
Killey, William, labourer, Dollagh-moar
Killip, Elizabeth, Glen
Killip, Thomas, Crawyn
Killip, William, Scrundale
Kennish, Edward, grocer, Ballacorage
Kinnish, William, Lough Dhoo
Kinrade, Thomas, joiner, Village
Kneale, John, Lough Dhoo
Kneale, Philip, tailor, Knockan
Kneale, Thomas, labourer, Corvalley
Kneale, William, Curragh
Kneen, James, Railway Cottage, Bollough
Kneen, Robert, Ballamona-beg
Kneen, Thomas, Dollagh-moar
Kneen, William, saddler, overseer of roads, Jurby & Ballaugh


Lace, Charles, blacksmith, Village
Lace, Charles, Crawyn
Lace, James, mason, Carmodil-beg


Martin, John Philip, miller, Ballacrosha
Monington, James, Broughjairg-beg
Morrison, John, mariner, Glenshoggal
Morrison, Thomas, labourer, Knockan
Morrison, William, mariner, Village
Moughtin, Thomas, Ballacurn-kiel
Mylecraine, Ann, Lough Dhoo
Myleeraine, Philip, Carmodil-beg
Mylecraine, Thomas, manure agent, Ballamoar
McVinnie, James, Ballathoar


Norton, John William, Scrondal Mill


Oates, William, Ballacrye


Perry, Samuel, labourer, Ballacrye


Quayle, Ann Isabella, Dollagh-moar
Quayle, Daniel, weaver, Close-moar
Quayle, Daniel Murray, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, Village
Quayle, Edward, tailor, Cronkbreck
Quayle, James Robert, shoemaker, Village
Quayle, John, mason, Curragh
Quayle, Robert, butcher, Ballacorage
Quayle, Thomas, Close-Taggart, Curragh
Quayle, Thomas, joiner, Village
Quayle, William, tailor, Close-Moughtin
Quayle, William, Ravensdale
Quayle, William Edward, grocer and joiner, Village
Quilliam, Caesar, Glendhoo


Richards, Sarah, Ballacorage
Roberts, John, tailor, Ballavolley
Roberts, William, tailor, Ballacurn-keil
Rowe, Frederick, Ballaterson-moar
Rutherford, James, gardener, Bishop’s Court


Sayle, John, Alpine House
Shimmin, Caesar, shepherd, Glendhoo
Shimmin, William, Glendhoo
Shimmin, Philip, Corvalla
Stephen, Catherine, Ballamoar
Stephen, Daniel, Glendhoo
Stephen, John, coroner, Village
Stephen, William, mason, Curragh


Taggart, Eleanor, Village
Taubman, John, labourer, Village
Taylor, Edward, roadsman, Squeen
Taylor, John, Ravensdale
Teare, Ann, Chestnut Cottage, Village
Teare, Jane, Ballacorage
Teare, John, Ballaneddin
Teare, John, cooper, Ballacrosha
Teare, Mary, Cronk Cottage
Teare, Philip, grocer, organist of St. Mary’s, paints and oils, Village
Teare, Robert, Dollagh-beg
Teare, Robert, Isle of Man Times agent, Village
Teare, Robt., tailor, draper, &c., & commission agent, Village
Teare, Thomas, blacksmith, Ballakinnag
Teare, Thomas, Frowdes Croft
Teare, Thomas, shoemaker, Ballacrosha
Teare, William, Albert Inn, Village
Teare, William, postmaster, and registrar of births and deaths
Twigg, Frederick, Bishop’s Court Farm


Vale, Thomas,labourer, Crawyn


Wade, John F., Carmodyl-beg
Wade, William, labourer, Ballaterson-moar
Walton, Thomas K., The Grange
Watterson, John, Board School master, Village


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