[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of Braddan (or Brandon—St. Brandon was an abbot who died in the Isle of Arran in 1066) includes the southern part of Douglas, and stretches from the centre of the Bay to Port Soderic, and from the Crogga river to Pen-y-Phot and Colden. It contains about 18 square miles. It consists of two nearly detached portions; the northern one of which lies among the highest mountains of the central ridge and includes the peaks of Pen-y-Phot 1772 feet ; Garraghan, 1,520 feet ; and Colden, 1,599 feet. The southern portion is a hilly district, and consists of the lower slopes of the hilly ridges which branch out from the southern mountains. Its chief depressions are the Baldwin valleys in the north, the eastern portion of the central valley in the middle, and the Middle and the Crogga glens in the south. The chief streams are—the Glas, the main branch of the Douglas, rising on Injebreck Hill, and flowing down the West Baldwin Valley—with its tributary, the Awin-ny-Darragh (the river of oaks), and the lower course of the Dhoo ; and, in the south, the Middle river, which falls into the Crogga river. The uplands are barren, and in great part unenclosed mountain land, but there is a good deal of fertile and well cultivated land in the sheltered lowlands. It is an agricultural district, and is chiefly engaged in supplying the Douglas markets. The parts adjacent to the town of Douglas are thickly inhabited, and ornamented with numerous elegant villa residences ; but the remoter parts of the parish are very sparsely inhabited, and in the highlands the inhabitants are a very primitive race. The Crogga Glen and Port Soderick are a favourite resort for summer tourists. Baldwin, in the West Baldwin Valley, is a small agricultural village, beautifully situated. Union Mills is a small manufacturing village, prettily situated on the Dhoo. The woollen and corn mills of Messrs D. Maitland and Co. employ a large number of work-people. Tromode, on the Glas, is a manufacturing village, the inhabitants of which, to the number of about 200, are employed in the sailcloth works of Messrs. W. F. Moore & Son, of Cronkbourne. The population. excluding Douglas, in 1851, was 2,405 ; and in 1871, it was 2,215. The district is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. Wm. Drury.



Annat, Archbald, weaver, 14 Cronkbourne Village
Annat, Frank, 18 Cronkbourne Village
Annat, James, labourer, Ballaquiggin
Annat, John, weaver, 20 Cronkbourne Village
Ashley, Edward, butler, 40 Cronkbourne Village
Atchinson, James, weaver, 12 Cronkbourne Village
Atchinson, Robert, weaver, 39 Cronkbourne Village
Atkinson, Benjamin, farmer, Virginia


Baird, Thomas, labourer, 7 Cronkbourne Village
Baldwin Board School, John C. Garrett, teacher
Baldwin Corn and Flour Mills, Robert Clague
Baldwin Village Church, Rev. Mr. Gasking, curate, Braddan
Ballaoats Paper Mills, John & Edward Lewthwaite, Braddan
Barwick, Charles, gardener, Harcroft Cottage
Bates, Job, proprietor Quarter-bridge Inn. (See advt. p. 700.)
Boddan, Robert, Ballabeg
Berey, Margaret, widow, 19 Cronkbourne Village
Bickerstaff, James, Mill Mount
Blundell, Charles, joiner, Harcroft
Blundell, Thomas, Brookvale, Union Mills
Booth, Thomas M., miller, Saddle Houses, Ballaughton
Boyne, Edward, miller, Union Mills
Braddan School Board, Joseph Quirk, teacher
Breeden, C. & A., stay & corset makers, Park-view
Breeden, Henry A., agent, Park-view
Brew, Thomas, Grove-view, Union Mills
Brew, William, farmer, Whine Meadow
Brew, William, miner, Ballachrink
Bridson, Mrs. Ann, widow, Kewaigue
Bridson, Daniel, labourer, Kewaigue
Bridson, James, joiner, 42 Cronkbourne Village
Bridson, James, labourer, Harcroft
Bridson, Mrs . Jane, widow, Port-e-chee-beg
Bridson, Robert, labourer, Port-e-chee
Bridson, Thomas, labourer, Strang
Britton, George, engineman, 5 Union-terrace, Union Mills
Brown, James, druggist, Spring Valley
Burns, James, Millmount



Caine, Edward, labourer, Strang
Caine, Daniel, farmer, Piscoe Top
Caine, David, labourer, Harcroft
Caine, John, farmer, Mount Murray
Caine, John, labourer, Ballaoates
Caine, John, labourer, 8 Cronkbourne Village
Caine, John, labourer, Middle
Caine, John, Ballafletcher
Caine, Miss Mary, 25 Cronkbourne Village
Caine, Mrs. Mary, farmer, Ballawillan
Caine, Matthew, labourer, Baldwin
Caine, Matthew, labourer, Quine’s-hill
Caine, Nelson J., farmer, Builay-vaina
Caine, Philip, farmer, Ballaney
Caine, Philip, farmer, Ulican
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Algare
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Mount Murray
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Port-e-chee-beg
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Union Mills
Caine, William, labourer, Ballafletcher
Caine, William, labourer, Strang
Callin, John, labourer, Ballalonna
Callow, William, farmer, Ballacreggan
Callow, William H., gardener, 4 Cronkbourne Village
Camaish, John, farmer, Algare
Caneen, William, labourer, Ballabunt
Cannell, Mrs. Alice, widow, Middle
Cannell, Mrs. Ann, farmer, Algare
Cannell, Edward, labourer, Strang
Cannell, Isaac, farmer, Ballawillan
Cannell, Mrs. Isabella, farmer, Algare
Cannell, John, labourer, Ballafletcher
Cannell, John, labourer, Cronkbourne
Cannell, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Mount Rule
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, Ballawillan-beg
Cannell, William, labourer, Castleward
Cannan, James M., gardener, Cronkbourne
Cannon, John, labourer, Middle
Carnochan, Miss J., lodging house, Cliff House, Union Mills
Carran, William, labourer, Middle
Caveen, Thomas, shoemaker, Mount Rule
Caveen, William, labourer, Ballamona
Christian, William, labourer, Ballamona
Christie, Thomas, cow-keeper, Middle
Clague, Edward, labourer, Kewaigue
Clague, John, farmer, Ballaslig
Clague, John, farmer, The Howe farm
Clague, John, farm labourer, Strang
Clague, John, labourer, Howe
Clague, Matthew, cloth finisher, Union Mills
Clague, Robert, farmer, Ballaquine
Clague, Robert, labourer, Union Mills
Clague, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Clague, Thomas, farmer, Ballamanagh
Clague, William, shoemaker, Union Mills
Clark, Mrs. Dinah, widow, Ballachrink
Clark, James, farmer, Ballacregga
Clark, Thomas, Ivy Cottage
Clark, William, dyer, Kewaigue
Clark, William, dyer, Union Mills
Clark, William, labourer, Hampton Court Cottage
Clarke, Ann, widow, Shenthaioo
Cleator, Miss Emma, 38 Cronkbourne Village
Clucas, Edward, labourer, Ballakinnish
Clucas, Matthias, farmer, Hampton
Clucas, Thomas, gardener, Kirby-terrace, Union Mills
Clucas, William, farmer, The Cronk
Clucas, William, labourer, Castleward
Collins, Benjamin, Railway Inn, Union Mills
Collister, Henry, miner, Mount Rule
Collister, John, farmer, Ballacreggan
Collister, Robert, labourer, Ballacaroon
Colquhoun, William, tailor, Spring Valley
Coole, John, farmer, Virginia
Coole, Thomas, engineer, 43 Cronkbourne Village
Cooper, Arthur, tobacco-spinner, Spring Valley
Corkhill, Mrs. Betsey, widow, Castleward
Corkhill, Joseph, farmer, Ardwhallan
Corkhill, Thomas, farmer, Anow-beg
Corkhill, Thomas, farmer, Ballaquine
Corkhill, Thomas, labourer, Pulrose
Corkish, William, labourer, Pulrose
Corlett, Daniel, farmer, Galbrie
Corlett, Henry, labourer, Crogga
Corlett, Hugh, farmer, Ballawillan
Corlett, John, farmer, Leece Lodge
Corlett, Thomas, weaver, Strang
Cormode, John, blacksmith, Quine’s-hill
Cormode, John, farmer, Ballagloney
Corrin, William, labourer, Mount Murray
Corris, John, farmer, Ballachrink
Corrooin, William, paper maker, Ballaoates
Corrooin, William, blacksmith, Strang
Costain, William, labourer, Kewaigue
Cottier, Thomas, labourer, Ballakinnish
Cottier, James, labourer, Ballaquiggin
Cowin, David, labourer, Strang
Cowin, James, labourer, Middle
Cowin, James, farmer, Camlork
Cowin, Mrs. Jane, widow, Port-e-chee
Cowin, John, labourer, Ballawillan
Cowin, John, labourer, Kirby
Cowin, Robert, farmer, Ballakewish
Cowin, Robert, farmer, Ballaligh
Cowin, William, gardener, 36 Cronkbourne Village
Cowin, William, labourer, Ballacreggan
Cowle, John, miller, Spring Valley
Cowle, William, farmer, Battery Hill
Cowley, Daniel, farmer, Ardwhallan
Cowley, John, farmer, Ardwhallan
Cowley, John, farmer, Close
Cowley, Robert, mason, Ballabunt
Cowley, William, labourer, Kirby Farm Cottage
Cowper, Thomas, Annacur House
Craig, James, Rose Cottage
Craine, James, joiner, Cooil
Craine, James, labourer, Cooil
Craine, James, labourer, Spring Valley Lodge
Craine, James, labourer, Union Mills
Craine, John, joiner, Mount Rule
Craine, John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Craine, John, labourer, Ballabunt
Craine, John, labourer, Union Mills
Craine, Mark, labourer, Union Mills
Craine, Robert, farmer, Ballacubbon
Craine, Robert, farmer, Ballavarr
Craine, William, farmer, Ballabunt
Craine, William, farmer, Ballapaddog
Creer, John, farmer, Middle
Creer, John Joseph, steward, Cronkbourne
Creer, Matthias, farmer, Ballamodda
Cregeen, William, weaver, 5 Cronkbourne Village
Crellin, Caesar, sexton, saddle houses, Ballaughton
Crellin, Evan, gardener, Ballamillaghyn
Crellin, John, coachman, Kirby
Crellin, John, labourer, Ellenbrook
Cretney, John, farmer, Kiliney
Cretney, Robert, farmer, Ballaoates
Cretney, William, 3 Union-terrace, Union Mills
Cringle, Hugh, miller, Kewaigue
Cronkbourne School, Mrs Sarah Magee, teacher
Crossfield, Robert, Oak-hill
Crowe, Miss Margaret, spinster, Quine’s-hill
Crow, John, labourer, Kewaigue
Crow, William, labourer, Ivy House, Pulrose
Cubbon, Mrs. Ann, widow, Union Mills
Cubbon, John, farmer, Ballavere
Cubbon, Joseph, farmer, Kirby farm
Cubbon, Joseph, labourer, Howe farm
Cubbon, Robert, miner, Ballawillan
Cunningham, Henry, labourer, Howe farm
Cunningham, Robert, farmer, Ballacutchall
Curphey, Edward, weaver, 17 Cronkbourne Village
Curphey, Thomas, weaver, 37 Cronkbourne Village
Cutill, James, joiner, 42 Cronkbourne Village


Dalrymple Memorial Chapel, Union Mills
Dalrymple, William, magistrate & M.H.K., Burnside House, Union Mills
Dawson, George W., compositor, 1 Union-ter., Union Mills
Dickinson, Henry, Park-view
Dickinson, Richard, butcher, Kewaigue
Downward, George W., farmer, Ballaslig
Drinkwater, Sir William L., Deemster, Kirby House
Drury, Miss Mary, spinster, Snugborough
Drury, Rev. William, The Vicarage


Eccles, William, farmer, Pulrose farm


Faragher, Robert, tailor, Strang
Faragher, Thomas, labourer, Ballaben
Faragher, Thomas, labourer, Ballavere
Faragher, William, labourer, Southampton
Farrant, Quayle, farmer, Injebreck
Farrar, William, weaver, Strang
Fell, John, labourer, Cooil
Fell, John, miller, Ballavere
Fleming, Thomas, Harcroft


Gale, James, farm labourer, Kirby
Gale, Robert, farmer, Ardwhallan
Gale, Robert, labourer, Howe farm
Gary, John, weaver, 31 Cronkbourne Village
Gawne, Thomas, farmer, Cronkbane
Gelling, Edward, farmer, Ballacottier
Gelling, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer, Ballamillaghyn
Gelling, John, farmer, Craig-cowin
Gelling, Philip, farmer, Ballamillaghyn
Gick, Robert, grocer and shoemaker, Strang
Gillespie, Henry, weaver, 9 Cronkbourne Village
Gilmour, David, Land-view, Strang
Gilmour, John, gardener, Spring Valley
Gilmour, Miss, spinster, Ballamillaghyn
Gilmour, Robert, 7 Union-terrace, Union Mills
Goldsmith, Mrs. Ann, widow, 11 Cronkbourne Village
Goldsmith, Thomas, mason, Mount Rule
Green, George, joiner, Union Mills
Green, Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, Union Mills


Hampton, William, farmer, Ballabunt
Harwood, John J., The Nook, Quarter Bridge
Hodgson, Mrs. Catherine, Ellenbrook
Hope, John, Richmond-hill Inn
Hoyle, Robert G., farmer, Hill Farm
Hughes, Ebenezer, Nunnery top lodge
Hughes, Thomas, agent, Kewaigue House
Hughes, William, station-master, Nunnery top lodge
Hunter J., gardener, the Strang
Hutchinson, Thomas, farmer, The Groves


Isle of Man Lunatic Asylum ; Dr. T. O. Wood, superintendent, Ballafletcher
Isle of Man Racecourse, Strang


Joughin, Mrs. Margaret, widow, 22, Cronkbourne Village


Kaighin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Cronkbourne
Kaneen, Daniel, farmer, Craigcowin
Kaneen, Daniel, farmer, Dhoon
Kaneen, John, farmer, Ballacain
Kaneen, John, farmer, Castleward
Kaneen, John, labourer, Cronkbourne
Kaneen, Robert, farmer, Airyween
Kaneen, Robert, farmer, Ballawillan
Kaneen, Robert, farmer, Fratlagg
Karran, John, labourer, Ballafletcher
Kayes, John James, blacksmith, Ballacottier
Keale, John, farm manager, Ballachrink
Keig, Mrs. Emily, widow, 24 Cronkbourne Village
Kelly, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Kewaigue
Kelly, James, labourer, Castleward
Kelly, James, weaver, 2 6 Cronkbourne Village
Kelly, James, labourer, Kirby
Kelly, Mrs. Jane, widow, Close-c-Kelly
Kelly, John, R.N., Land-view house, Strang
Kelly, John, joiner and cartwright, Ballamillaghyn
Kelly, John, joiner, Camlork
Kelly, John, weaver, Ballawillan
Kelly, John, weaver, 10 Cronkbourne Village
Kelly, John T., farmer, Rhenscault
Kelly, John Kermode, Forrest-view, Union Mills
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Kewaigue
Kelly, Mrs. Maria, widow, 32 Cronkbourne Village
Kelly, Philip, farmer, Ballaquine
Kelly, Robert, fisherman, Ballabunt
Kelly, Robert, gardener, Ellenbrook
Kelly, Robert, labourer, Mount Murray
Kelly, Thomas, dyer, Union Mills
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Renscault
Kelly, Thomas, grocer, 34 Cronkbourne Village
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Port-e-chee-beg
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Vicarage
Kelly, Thomas, steward, Coomas
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballawillan
Kelly, William, farmer, Boilsaheggel
Kelly, William, labourer, Ballakinnish
Kelly, William, labourer, Ballamona
Kelly, William, shoemaker, 2, Cronkbourne Village
Kennedy, Finlay, gardener, Nunnery Lodge
Kermode, William, labourer, 29 Cronkbourne Village
Kerruish, Mrs. Agnes, widow, 33 Cronkbourne Village
Kewish, Edward, farmer, Ballacaroon
Kewish, Daniel, weaver, 16 Cronkbourne Village
Kewish, Thomas, shoemaker, Port Soderick
Kewley, Mrs. Cecilia, lodging house, Park-view
Kissack, Edward, engineer, 15 Cronkbourne Village
Kissack, James, labourer, 1 Cronkbourne Village
Kissack, Robert, joiner, 30 Cronkbourne Village
Kneale, Mrs. Esther, widow, Union Mills
Kneen, David, mason, Mount Rule
Kneen, James, labourer, The Groves


Lawson, Robert, cartwright, Kirby Cottage
Lea, Fabius, Pulrose Cottage
Leece, Paul H., M.H.K.,. farmer, Ballamona
Lewin, Thomas, gardener, 1 Rosehill Lodge
Lewthwaite, Edward, farmer, Rhenscault
Little, Neil, labourer, Castleward
Looney, James, gardener, Springfield
Looney, William, labourer, Kirby
Lloyd,Henry, artist, Pulrose House


Macfee, Thomas, labourer, Mtllmount
Macferty, William, weaver, 3 Cronkbourne Village
Maitland, Dairymple, & Co., dyers and woollen manufacturers, millers, corn and flour merchants, Union Mills
Maitland, Dalrymple, manufacturer, Stanley Villas, Union Mills
Manning, Mrs., widow, Ivy Cottage
Marfett, Claude, farmer, Kewaigue
Marsden, Benjamin, labourer, Ivy Cottage
Marsden, Henry, farmer, Cronkbane
Martin, James, weaver, 28 Cronkbourne Village
Mawdesly, William, gardener, Hampton Court
Maxwell, William, weaver, 41 Cronkbourne Village
Millett, George, Land-view, Strang
Middleton, John, gardener, Kirby
Montford, Dr. Henry, Stanley Villas, Union Mills
Moody, Peter, weaver, 35 Cronkbourne Village
Moore, Arthur W., J.P., Cronkbourne, Tromode
Moore, John, farmer, Ballastole
Moore, Mrs., dressmaker, Ballacottier
Moore, Robert, labourer, Middle
Moore, William, farmer, Balirenney
Moore, William, farmer, Ballaquiggin
Moore, William, labourer, Ballaoates
Moore, William, labourer, Spningvalley
Moore, William F., J.P., Cronkbourne House
Murphey, James, gardener, Cronkbourne, Tromode
Murphey, Jeremiah, Port Soderic Hotel. (See advt. p. 701.)
Murphey, Joseph, Pulrose
Mylchreest, Henry, fisherman, Union Mills
McClure, John, innkeeper and farmer, North Inn, Baldwin
McCammon, James, labourer, Leece Lodge Cottage
McDonald, Jonathan, gardener, Ballacreggan
McKey, Alexander, labourer, Howe
McKibbin, James, labourer, Landview Cottage, Strang
McKibbin, John, labourer, Kirby-terrace, Union Mills
McKibbin, Richard, labourer, Union Mills
McKibbin, William, labourer, Strang
McLeod, Hugh, shepherd, Ballig


Nash, Thomas, Millmount, Ballaughton
Neale, Philip, cabinetmaker, Union Mills
Nunnery Flour and Corn Mills, William Oates


Oakhill Church, Rev. W. Drury, vicar, Braddan
Oates, Edward, Ballafletcher


Parish Church, Rev. W. Drury, vicar
Pearson, William, coachbuilder, Brook Villa, Union Mills
Penketh, Richard, M.H.K., Hampton Court
Pickup, Thomas, Millmount
Port Soderic Hotel (J. Murphey, proprietor.) (See advt.p.701.)
Port Soderick Post Office, Thomas Kewish, postmaster
Post Office, Dalrymple Maitland, postmaster, Union Mills
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Strang
Proctor, John, weaver, Cronkbourne


Quarter Bridge Inn, Job Bates, Quarter Bridge. (See advt. p. 700.)
Quayle, James, labourer, Strang
Quayle, James, miner, Ballawillan
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballalough
Quayle, Thomas, labourer, Harcroft
Quilliam, William, Ballaughton
Quilliam, William, farmer, Port-e-chee Farm
Quilleish, William, Mill Mount
Quin, Robert, weaver, 24 Cronkbourne Village
Quine, Benjamin S., farmer, Ballagarey and Craig
Quine, Edward, farmer, Ballig
Quine, Edward, labourer, Mount Murray
Quine, John, farmer, Ballachrink
Quine, John, farmer, Carraghar
Quine, John, farmer, Egypt
Quine, Mary Ann, widow, Strang
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Ballastole
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Middle
Quine, William, labourer, Howe


Radcliffe, Henry, shoemaker, 13 Cronkbourne Village
Radcliffe, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow, 21 Cronkbourne Village
Redford, Thomas, Hill House
Redman, Richard T., steward, Lunatic Asylum, Strang
Reed, David, weaver, 33 Cronkbourne Village
Registrar for births and deaths for Braddan and Marown, D. Maitland, Union Mills
Reynolds, Dr. J., Grove Cottage, Union Mills
Richardson, Henry, superintendent of telegraphs, SpringValley
Roberts, Alfred S., 6 Union-terrace, Union Mills
Roberts, Rodger, shoemaker, Union Mills
Rogers, Joseph D., secretary to the Great Laxey Mining Co., Limited, Millmount
Rooth, John, farmer, Ballachrink


Sayle, Mrs. Jane, widow, 31 Cronkbourne Village
Scott, Miss Susanna, spinster, 4 Union-terrace, Union Mills
Senogles, John, farmer, Clybane
Senogles, Moses, farmer, Ballaughton
Shimmin, John, labourer, Algare
Shimmin, Thomas, labourer, Ballacreggan
Shimmin, William, labourer, Middle
Siddan, Henry, farmer, Pulrose
Simpson, John Thomas, labourer, Ballawillan
Simpson, William, labourer, Quine’s-hill
Speedie, Peter, farmer, Ballacubbon
Speedie, Robert, Middle farm
Stowell, Miss Bella Ann, spinster, Summer Gate
Stowell, Mrs. Esther M., widow, Ballacreggan
Stephen, James, labourer, 6 Cronkbourne Village


Taggart, Henry, blacksmith, Mount Rule
Taubman, John S. G., S.H.K., J.P., C.P., Nunnery House
Teare, Edward, labourer, Spring Valley
Teare, Thomas, joiner, Quine’s-hill
Thompson, James, labourer, Quine’s-hill
Todd, Henry, weaver, 27 Cronkbourne Village
Tombs, John, weaver, Union Mills


Vick, Charles, gardener, Saddle Houses, Ballaughton


Walker, Charles, Ballacreggan Cottage
Ward, Charles, mariner, Annacur Cottage
Watterson, John, Upper Tromode
Watterson, John, station master, Union Mills
Watterson, William, coachman, Ballaughton Lodge
Waugh, Alexander, farmer, Speke
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Baldwin Village
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Union Mills
Whiteside, Mrs., Nunnery Cottage
Willan, Mrs. Louisa, widow, 23 Cronkbourne Village
Williams, Edward, Brook Villa, Union Mills
Wilson, James, labourer, Kewaigue
Wilson, Senhouse H., Springvalley House
Wood, Dr. T. O., superintendent Lunatic Asylum, Strang


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