[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of Arbory extends along the southern coast from Pooil Vash to Strandhall, and, after taking a circuit inland, follows the course of the Colby river to Cronk Fedjag, and across the mountain to the western boundary of Malew. It contains six square miles. It is part of the same district as Malew and possesses the same physical characteristics. In the north it is a highland region, and in the south it is a low, undulating plain. Its short coast line lies along the dangerous shores of Pooil Vash, and is low and flat, but rocky and exposed. It is an agricultural district, and contains a population (in 1871) of 1,353. The parish is a vicarage, and the incumbent is the Rev. C. T. Langton.



Arnold, John, engine driver, Colby


Beck, William, coachman, Balladoole
Bridson, John, farmer, Balladoole
Bridson, John, fisherman, Claughvane
Bridson, Robert, farmer, Colby
Bridson, Thomas, farmer, Claughvane
Bridson, Thomas, fisherman, Claughvane
Bridson, William, boot and shoemaker, Ballabeg
Bridson, William, fisherman, Claughvane


Callow, John, farmer, Ballabeg
Callow, Mrs. Ann, farmer, Balladoole
Cannell, Thomas, boot & shoemaker, and farmer, Ballabeg
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, Ballacregeen
Cannell, Thomas, highway overseer, Balladoole
Cannell, William, blacksmith, Balladoole
Cannell, William, marble mason, Balladoole
Cannell, William, schoolmaster, Balladoole
Carin, Samuel, railway porter, Colby
Clague, Mrs. Catherine, Ballabeg
Clague, Charles, farmer, Ballaclague
Clague, Edward, fisherman, Ballabeg
Clague, Edward, labourer, Ballabeg
Clague, Mrs. Eleanor, provision dealer, Ballabeg
Clague, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballabeg
Clague, Mrs. Elizabeth, Colby
Clague, Frederick, retired farmer, Ballabeg
Clague, Henry, farmer, Ballanorris
Clague, Henry, labourer, Ballabeg
Clague, James, boat builder, Colby
Clague, James, farmer, Ballaclague
Clague, John, labourer, Ballaclague
Clague, Joseph, fisherman, Ballafadda
Clague, Mrs. Margaret, farmer, Balladoole
Clague, Richard, fisherman, Colby
Clague, Thomas, fisherman, Ballabeg
Clague, Thomas, fisherman, Colby
Clarke, William, farmer, Ballaquinney
Collister, Thomas, farmer, Balladoole
Comish, Henry, farmer, Balladoole ‘
Comish, John, farmer, Balladoole
Comish, Joshua, labourer, Colby
Comish, Thomas, blacksmith and fisherman, Ballabeg
Comish, Thomas, labourer, Ballakeighan
Comish, William, farmer, Ardery
Cooil, John, boot and shoemaker, Ardery
Cooil, John, farmer, Ballagawne
Cooil, Richard, farmer, Ballakeighan
Cooil, Thomas, farmer, Ballameanagh
Cooil, Thomas, farmer, Ballaquinney
Cooil, William, farmer, Ballacomish
Cooil, William, fisherman, Ardery
Cooil, William, fisherman, Ballaquinney
Corrin, Edward, farmer, Balladoole
Corrin, John, blacksmith, Ballabeg
Corrin, John, labourer, Balladoole
Corrin, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, Colby
Corrin, Richard, blacksmith and farmer, Ballabeg
Corrin, Richard, fisherman, Ballabeg
Corrin, William, farmer, Ballacrie
Corrin, William, Ballaclague
Costain, Edward, joiner and cartwright, Ballabeg
Costain, Edward, joiner and cartwright, Colby
Costain, James, farmer, Ballachrink
Costain, James, farmer, Colby
Costain, James, joiner and cartwright, Ballabeg
Costain, John, farmer, Colby
Costain, John, farmer, Ery Stain
Costain, John, fisherman, Colby
Costain, John, joiner, Colby
Costain, John, master mariner, Ballabeg
Costain, Richard, labourer, Colby
Costain, Richard, master mariner, Ballagawne
Costain, Thomas, labourer, Colby
Costain, Thomas, fisherman, Ronague
Costain, Thomas, stone mason, Claughvane
Costain, Thomas, junior, stone mason, Claughvane
Costain, Thomas, tailor, Ballabeg
Costain, Wm., smith & agricultural implement maker, Colby
Crebbin, Henry, farmer, Ballablack
Creer, James, corn and flour mills, Colby
Creer, James, weaver, Colby
Cregeen, Robert, fisherman, Colby
Crellin, Edward, farmer, Friary, Ballabeg
Crellin, Edward, miner, Cringle
Crellin, Joseph, boot and shoe dealer, Colby
Crellin, Robert, fisherman, Cringle
Cringle, John, fisherman, Ballabeg
Cubbon, Henry, master Arbory District School, Ballabeg
Cubbon, Mrs. Ann, Ballaglonney
Cubbon, Mrs. Isabella, farmer, Ronague
Cubbon, James, labourer, Ronague
Cubbon, John, farmer, Ballaconnall
Cubbon, John, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbon, John, boot & shoemaker and fisherman, Ballabeg
Cubbon, John, fisherman, Ballabeg
Cubbon, John, labourer, Balladoole
Cubbon, Mrs. Margaret, Ballabeg
Cubbon, Richard, blacksmith, Ronague
Cubbon, Robert, farmer, Ballaquinney
Cubbon, Robert, farmer, Ballayelse
Cubbon, William, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbon, William, joiner and cartwright, Colby
Curphey, Mrs. Jane, sub-postmistress and provision dealer, Ballabeg


Dawson, Anne, dressmaker and milliner, Ballabeg
Duggan, James, labourer, Ballabeg
Duggan, Patrick, labourer, Ballakeighan
Duggan, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, farmer, Ballabeg
Duggan, Thomas, general dealer, Ballabeg
Duggan, William, farmer, Ballacomish
Duggan, William, labourer, Ballabeg
Duke, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballakelly
Duke, Richard, farmer, Ballaoats
Duke, William, fisherman, Colby Glen


Elliott, Joseph, nailmaker, Colby
Elliott, Thomas, nailmaker, Colby
Elliott, William, nailmaker, Colby


Faragher, Joseph, blacksmith, Ery Stain
Faragher, Joseph, labourer, Ballabeg
Fisher, Thomas, farmer, Balladoole


Gale, William, farmer, Ballachrink
Gawne, John, farmer, Ballafadda
Gawne, Thomas, farmer, Ronague
Geneste, Captain Lewis, Ballakeighan House
Grice, Miss, Bell Abbey


Hall, Mrs. Mary, Ardery
Hall, William, farmer, Ballafadda
Halsall, Mrs. Margaret, provision dealer, Ballabeg
Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballagawne
Harrison, Henry, labourer, Colby
Harrison, John, farmer, Ballamoar
Harrison, Thomas, farmer, Colby
Harrison, William, fisherman, Ballabeg
Hudgeon, Miss Elizabeth, Claughvane
Hudgeon, John, labourer, Friary
Hudgeon, Richard, labourer, Balladoole
Hughes, Mrs. Jane, Colby


Keig, John, farmer, Ballameanagh
Keig, Thomas, stonemason, Ballafadda
Kelly, Mrs. Catherine, Ballagawne
Kelly, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Ballachrink
Kelly, Jonah, labourer, Ballamaddrell
Kelly, Mrs . Margaret, farmer, Ballacrickert
Kelly, Richard, farmer, Ballaquinney
Kelly, William, railway stationmaster, Ballabeg
Kennah, James, farmer, Ronague
Kennah, Robert, labourer, Ronague
Kennaugh, John, labourer, Ballabeg
Kennaugh, Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Kennaugh, Thomas, farmer, Ballakeighan
Kennaugh, Thomas, farmer, Ballavarkish
Kennaugh, William Henry, farmer, Ballacluke
Kermode, Henry, farmer, Ballacubbon
Kermode, Miss Margaret, Colby
Kewish, John, fisherman, Ballabeg
Kewley, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballabeg
Kidd, James, tailor, Colby
Kinley, John, farmer, Ballaclague
Kinley, William, farmer, Cronkshynnagh
Kinvig, Mrs. Catherine, Ronague
Kinvig, Daniel, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig, Daniel, farmer, Garey Mooar
Kinvig, Edward, labourer, Ballachrink
Kinvig, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig, Mrs. Esther, Ballaquinney
Kinvig, Mrs. Esther, Ronague
Kinvig, Mrs. Isabella, Ballachrink
Kinvig, John, farmer, Ballaquinney
Kinvig, John, weaver, Ballagawne
Kinvig, Richard, farmer, Ballaglonney
Kinvig, Richard, labourer, Colby
Kinvig, Richard, King Orry Inn, Colby
Kinvig, Thomas, farmer, Ardery
Kinvig, Thomas, farmer, Ballagreiney
Kinvig, Thomas, farmer, Ballaquinney
Kinvig, Thomas, farmer, Colby
Kinvig, William, farmer, Ballaquinney
Kinvig, William, weaver, Ronague
Kneale, Catherine, publican, Ronague
Kneale, Thomas, fisherman, Ballabeg


Lancaster, Mrs. Charlotte, Ballabeg
Langton, Rev. C. T., clergyman, Arbory Vicarage
Lawson, Edward, farmer, Ballavarkish
Leece, John, boot and shoemaker, Colby
Leece, John, labourer, Colby
Lorimer, T. W., Ballasherlogue House, Colby
Lowey, James, boot and shoemaker, Colby


Maddrell, John, farmer, Ballamaddrell
Moore, Mrs. Catherine, Ballabeg
Moore, Mrs. Catherine, Colby
Moore, Edward, fisherman, Ballabeg
Moore, Miss Eleanor, Ballaclague
Moore, George, farmer, Ballacarin
Moore, Mrs. Jane, Claughvane
Moore, John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Moore, John, farmer, Ballacurphey
Moore, John, farmer, Claughvane
Moore, John, parish clerk, farmer, Ballacross
Moore, Miss Sophia, Ballaclague
Morrison, Henry, stonemason, Ard cry
Mylchreest, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ballaglonney


Nelson, John, fisherman, Colby
Nelson, William, fisherman, Ballabeg


Preston, William, farmer, Balladoole


Qualtrough, Mrs. Catherine, boarding house, glass, china, and provision dealer, Colby
Qualtrough, Mrs . Jane, Claughvane
Qualtrough, William, boot and shoemaker, Colby
Qualtrough, William, farmer, Ery Stain
Qualtrough, William, fisherman, Ballachrink
Quayle, James, farmer, Garey Mooar
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballajack
Quayle, Thomas, labourer, Ballamaddrell
Quayle, William, labourer, Claughvane
Quill, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Colby
Quill, William, nail maker, Colby
Quilliam, Mrs. Ann, Ronagne


Radcliffe, Mrs. Ann, Ballabeg
Radcliffe, Mrs. Elizabeth, Garey Mooar
Radcliffe, James, farmer, Ballacannell
Radcliffe, William, labourer, Ballabeg


Shimmin, John, tailor and farmer, Balladoole
Skelly, William, farmer, Ballakelly
Skillicorn, James, provision dealer, Colby
Smith, Miss Anne, Colby
Stevenson, William Baring, Balladoole House
Stott, Mrs. Ann, Ballabeg


Taggart, Mrs. Margaret, Claughvane
Taggart, Miss Mary, farmer, Ballacubbon
Taylor, John, fisherman, Colby
Thomas, Joseph, miner, Ballabeg


Watterson, Mrs. Anne, Colby
Watterson, Mrs. Catherine, Ballabeg
Watterson, Edward, fisherman, Ery Stain
Watterson, Henry John, captain of parish, and chairman and treasurer school committee, Colby
Watterson, John, fisherman, Ballabeg
Watterson, John, fisherman, Colby
Watterson, Richard, farmer, Ardery
Watterson, Stephen, sub-postmaster, Colby
Watterson, Thomas, provision dealer, Ballabeg


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