[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Christian’s of Lewaigue


Edward, grandsire [JMO:or sire:A.W. Moore changed it from sire to grandsire] of Deemster Robert Christian of Milntown (see Christian’s of Milntown), married Katherine, only daughter and heiress of William Harrison of Lewaigue. He was entered for the estate in 1603. His son, Robert (died 1668) was entered in 1631; another son John died in 1663, sans progeny. Robert had a son of the same name (died sans progeny 1697), so that the property descended to his second son Ewan (born 1644, died 1712). Ewan first became an M.H.K. in 1673. In 1703, he, with Ewan Christian, of Milntown, and John Stevenson, of Balladoole, was appointed to the Keys to arrange with the Earl of Derby for the settlement of the dispute about the tenure of land, the agreement between them being embodied in the ‘Act of Settlement.’ In 1707, he was one of the delegates appointed to confer with the English Commissioners of Customs about duties, etc. He was a devoted friend of Bishop Wilson who preached his funeral sermon. He married Jane Barry and had issue John (posthumously 1712) and Thomas (died 1748, without progeny). John married Mary (died 1762) and had issue Edward (died 1759), John (died 1772) and Mary (died 1760). Edward, who was an M.H.K., and died by being drowned in the Cornaa River on his way home from a meeting of that House, married Mary Barclay and had issue John Edward (died 1796); Ellinor (born 1744, died 1819); Evan (born 1746, died 1811). Evan, who was Vicar of Patrick and Vicar General, married Ann Kelly, of Peel (see the Kelly’s of Peel) (born 1746, died 1808), and had issue Evan, who was a midshipman on the ‘Barfleur,’ but nothing is known of his later career; Robert; Christian, Nancy and Susannah, who married John, father of Robert Lucas of Knockrushen (see Wattleworth’s of Peel and Knockrushen). Edward and Mary Barclay had also issue Edward who married Catherine Allen n1, of Ballavarry (died 1823), and they had a son Edward, who fought at the battle of Corunna. He was a lieutenant in the 47th Regiment. Their eldest son, John Edward, married Catherine (died 1798), and had issue Robert (died 1819), Patrick and George. Robert had issue, Ewan [or Evan, born 1803, died 1874], Thomas (born 1808, died 1856) MRCS, LRCP, who practiced as a doctor in Ramsey. Ewan married Maria Crawford and had issue Alice, Maria, Ellen, Catherine, Robert, James,1 and Claude. Ewan was distinguished as a pioneer of the temperance movement in the Island. After his death, the estate was bought by the Rev. S.N. Harrison, who is no relation to the Harrisons who formerly owned it.

n1 JMO note: A John Edward Christian married Mary Savage, and had the following children in Maughold Parish: John Edward bapt 28 Nov 1764; Anne b 14 Jun 1766; Rose b 13 Aug 1767; Robert b 6 Nov 1768; George b 19 Jan 1772; Margery b 1 May 1774; Patrick b 29 Mar 1779; Edward b 17 Oct 1786. (If George and Patrick and Robert are the children of John, then their mother has to be Mary Savage.) John CHRISTIAN md 20 Jul 1762, Maughold, to Cath. CHRISTIAN & John CHRISTIAN md 29 Jun 1769, Maughold, to Cathrine CALLOW

 1 died 1879. He was second engineer of the ‘Britannic,’ White Star Line.


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