[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Kelly's of Peel


This family is known to be a very old one in the Island, but there is no regular record of it before John (born 1699, obit 1762). He married (1) in 1743 Christian (born 1702, obit 1757, buried at Peel) daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General Christian. Their daughter Susannah [JMO: Anne married John Lucas; Susannah married Robert Lucas of KnockRushen: see Wattleworth's & Christian's of Lewaigue] married John Lucas (see Wattleworth's). John married (2) in 1758 Christian Smith, neé Fine, and had issue John (born 1759, obit 1768), Christian (born 1760) married Thomas Wattleworth (see Wattleworth's), and James (see below). Christian Smith after John's death married John Stevenson of Lherggdoo and survived him, dying in 1815, aged 80. James (born 1762), who was an advocate in Castletown and Acting Attorney General for Sir Wadsworth Busk, married Catherine granddaughter of Sir George Moore (see Moore's of Hills) and had issue John. John, who was High Bailiff of Castletown, married Margaret Ann daughter of James Christian Moore of the Abbey (see Moore's of the Abbey) and had issue James, a surgeon (see below); Catherine Moore (unmarried) now (1888) living at the Abbey Cottage; Christian 1 married John Llewellyn and had issue three daughters, 2 unmarried and one daughter, Margaret, married (c.1860) Rev. H.S. Gill, Vicar of Malew and has issue. James married Miss Christina Hanson and had issue two daughters. This family is now extinct in the male line.

1 JMO note: Christian who married John Llewellyn about 1820 is Christian Catharine Kelly, born about 1796, the daughter of James Kelly & Catharine Moore, and not the dau of John Kelly (her brother) and Margaret Ann Moore. See Archdeacon Wills 1815 #4, Braddan, of Ann Durie als Fine, made 1813, proved 23 Feb 1815, in addendum. Also: 1881 British Census, Malew, Isle of Man: Dwelling: 2 Parade :: Christian C. LLEWELLYN widow age 84 born Castletown, Isle of Man, Rel: Head Occ: Has Income From Land; Christian F. LLEWELLYN unmd dau age 47 born Peel, Isle of Man; Eliza E.L. LLEWELLYN unmd dau age 45 born Peel; Annie CLAGUE unmd servant age 17 born Castletown, Occ: Domestic Servant



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