[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Christian's of Ballacoarey (Ballaquarrys), Andreas


The record of this family, who consider themselves to be connected with the Christians of Milntown, is interesting as showing the regular descent from father to son of the same property for 350 years. No member of this family seems to have risen to any eminence, but they have uniformly maintained the status of substantial yeomen. Patrick McChrysten purchased the property from Gibbon McCurry in 1539; Thomas, his son succeeded in 1577; Thomas, his son, whose name is written Christin, in 1580; Steven in 1594; William 1622; and William 1679, all in direct descent. Daniel, William's son, was the first to adopt the modern spelling. He is entered in 1722; William in 1767; William 1786; William 1817; and the present proprietor William, all in direct descent, in 1869.



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