[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Wattleworth’s of Peel and KnockRushen


The name of Wattleworth or Wattleford as it is found in the earlier records, first occurs in the Isle of Man at the beginning of the 17th century. It is probably of Lancashire origin, being common there at the present day. Henry Wattleford was possessed of lands and intacts in Malew in 1630. His son William was entered for the property in 1659. He was buried at St German’s cathedral. Henry’s second son Henry was the subject of the following entry in the Malew Register: ‘1667 March 31, Isabel Wattleford daughter to Henry and Mary his wife bapt. by Mr. Halsteed in the Chapel contrary to order.’ William’s eldest son Samuel (born 1646) became Archdeacon and Vicar General. He was a man of considerable mark in the Manx Church and was highly esteemed by Bishop Wilson. He died in 1718 and was buried in St German’s Cathedral. Henry (see above) had a third son John, who settled at Ramsey (buried at Kirk Maughold 1696). His eldest son of the same name (born 1663,1 buried 1741 at Kirk Maughold) was a captain in the Merchant Service. He married Margaret Christian (born 1655, buried 1704 at Kirk Maughold) and had issue an only daughter,2 Margaret, who died unmarried. William’s second son, Caesar, was Lieutenant of Peel Castle Garrison. He was buried in the Cathedral in 1720.

To return to Samuel, the Archdeacon. By his wife, Jane Barton (born 1642, buried 1721 in the Cathedral), he had issue 3 sons and 5 daughters. His eldest son, Henry (buried 1749)3 married Jaine … and had issue (see below), the second son John (buried 1748 at Malew) inherited Knockaloe Beg, near Peel, from his mother. He married Margaret Quayle,4 heiress of KnockRushen and Red Gap in Malew, and of Ballamoore and Ballaquayle in Patrick, in 1707. (She was buried in 1752 at Malew.) They had a son John, who had also a son John, on whose death without progeny the properties went a cousin, John (see below). A third son, Charles (born 1676,5 buried in 1752 6 [sic buried 1728 & the following is confused as Margt Garrett was his sister, as was Esther] at the Cathedral) was appointed Archdeacon’s Registrar in 1706. He was at this time Curate with his father at Andreas, and after his father’s death, he remained there with Archdeacon Horrobin, with whom, however, he was on very bad terms. In 1726, Lord Derby presented him to the Vicarage of Arbory, but Bishop Wilson refused him institution, merely giving him a license as curate. This matter was, however, satisfactorily arranged afterwards. One of Charles’[? Samuel's] 8 daughters, Margaret, married John Garrett of Ballabrooie, Lezayre and Captain of that parish and left issue; another, Esther, married John Thompson of Magherhall, Co. Antrim, 8a and left issue, and the third, Isabell 9 married Anthony Halsall and had issue Ann, who married her cousin John (see below).

To return to the issue of the eldest son Henry:10 His eldest son, Thomas (born 1704) married Margaret Christian of Milntown (see Christian’s and below). His second son, Samuel (born 1716, buried 1760 in the Cathedral) was a merchant in Peel. Of his three daughters, Margaret (born 1711, buried 1784 in the Cathedral) married John Maddrell and had issue. Thomas (see above), who succeeded to the Balla- Wattleworth property near Peel, had issue (1) Thomas, who married Christian, daughter of John Kelly of Peel and Christian … neé Fine; 11 (2) Margaret who married Joseph Christian of Mortlake, her first cousin (see Christian’s of Milntown); (3) Dorothy (born 1745, died 1802) who married Mr. Jeale of Kent and had issue Elizabeth who married James Moore, father of Archdeacon Moore (see Moore’s of Pulrose); (4) Jane, who married (1) John Graves 12 of Peel and had issue, and (2) Peter Sorenson of Liverpool by whom she also had issue n1. Thomas and Christian Kelly (see above) had issue (1) John Joseph 13 (born 1784). He married and had issue Caesar, who married Margaret Callister.14 Their issue are still living near Peel and hold the family property of BallaWattleworth.

Thomas and Christian Kelly had (2) Thomas (born 1785). He was a Lieutenant in the army. He went to the West Indies with his Regiment and married there. It is not known whether he had issue or not; (3) James Kelly who was an adjutant in the Dragoon Guards. He died without issue, when quite a young man by a fall from his horse at Brighton; (4) Christian (born 1790, buried October 23, 1861 at Braddan cemetery) married 1818 Henry Curwen Christian, son of Joseph Christian, her Aunt Margaret’s husband. (see Christian’s of Milntown) (5) Dorothy; (6) Samuel, both of whom died young. Thomas married (2) Ann, daughter of Deemster Charles Moore (see Moore’s of Abbey) and had issue (1) William, (2) John, died young, (3) Ann (born 1765, died without progeny), (4) John, 15 (5) Charles, both died without progeny. (6) Quayle, died without progeny. He was drowned at sea. (7) Catherine, who inherited the KnockRushen and Red Gap properties after the death of her brother John, married Robert Lucas, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and had issue (see below). (8) Margaret married William Jones and had issue. (9) Jane died without progeny.

Catherine and Robert Lucas had issue John and Ann married William Clague of Ballaclague, Arbory. John Lucas married Anne Christian, (heiress of Scarlet through her mother), a daughter of Vicar General Christian and Ann, daughter of John Kelly of Peel by his first wife Christian Seddons of Scarlet, and had issue (1) Anne (died unmarried aged 19), (2) Christian married Henry Moore of Cronkbourne (see Moore’s of Pulrose), (3 & 4) Sarah and Susannah (twins). Sarah died in infancy, Susannah married Edward Moore (see Moore’s of Pulrose) and had issue. (5, 6, &7) Evan, Samuel, Christian all died in infancy. (8) John born 1816, killed by a fall from his horse in 1849 (died without issue). (9) Claudia (died without progeny aged 22). (10) Robert (born 1818, died 1858), who succeeded to the property. (11) Ellen married Rowland Jones, MRCS, and had issue a daughter who died in infancy. Robert married Elizabeth Quilliam and had issue Annie, the heiress, (born 1856) married Mr. Uaira[?] More, and Susannah married Mr. Christian (no issue).


1 JMO: per Monumental Inscription, Memorials of God’s Acre, by Feltham: he was 88 when he died in 1741, making birth date 1653.

2 JMO: according to parish records, John Wattleworth & Margaret Christian, md 12 Aug 1676, Maughold, had at least ten children: Rbt 1676, Jn 1679, Edwd 1680, Jn 1682, Wm 1685, Margery 1689, Tho 1690, Ewan 1691, Mgt 1692, Ewan 1694.

3 JMO: Archdeacon Wills 1750 #15, German, of Henry Wattleworth of Peeltown, died 20 March 1749/50: wife is Jane Wattleworth als Hargreaves; dau Jane had son Henry Graves, ‘his own grandson’

4 JMO: according to parish records, Elizabeth Quayle md a John Wattleworth 4 Aug1702, Maughold; & Mgt Quayle md Jn Wattleworth 5 Nov 1734 Lezayre: ?unable to find this Jn W & Mgt Quayle of Malew / Patrick area; German bur reg: Mrs. Margaret Wattleworth als Quayle of Knock Rushen in Malew bur 28 Mar 1752 / Malew bur reg: Mrs. Margaret Wattleworth als Quayle buried 28 March 1752

5 JMO: Michael Parish Register gives Charles’ birth/baptism as 16 Dec 1675

6 "Vicars of Arbory: Charles Wattleworth, appointed June 21, 1726. Son of Archdeacon Samuel Wattleworth. Died 26th May 1728. Aged 52. Buried in German Cathedral."—Wm Harrison, Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man

7 MI, German, Cathedral: "Rev. Charles Wattleworth, son of Archibald [?: Archdeacon, instead--Archdeacon Samuel was his fa] Wattleworth, vicar of Arbory, May 26th, 1728, aged 52." –Feltham, Memorials of God’s Acre

8 JMO.: Mgt md John Garret in 1705; Isabel md Arthur Halsall in 1690: Mgt, Esther, & Isabel must be sisters of Charles, not daughters.

8a FPC: Probably Magheragall, the parish near Lisburn whose vicar or rector was George Thomson who was probably Sam Wattleworth's son-in-law Ellinor [info from descendant].

9 Archdeacon Will 1711/2 #17, Malew of Philip Brew, died 24 Jan 1711/12: "Being alxxx poor aged man, and no one to take car of me, xxx it hath pleased the Almighty (of late) to take himself my dear wife, And xxx deplorable condition not knowing how to subsist, having made the same know to my sister’s daughter and her husband, they in charity toward me (I having but very little worldly substance of any kinds whatsoever) have shewd their kindness on sundry arroants which hath xxx moved me to resign unto them and make over whatever I now or hereafter may have according to this under written. Know all men therefore by these presents, that I Philip Brew of Castletown out of the xxx love, good will, and affection which I have and do bear to my said sister’s daughter and Arthur Halsall her husband, have given, & granted, & by these presents do freely hereby and absolutely give forever unto them after my decease, what substances of any nature or of right in any wise descend to me, they extending the continuance of their kindness in yielding and giving me relief, as some seasons when my necessity may require their charity, as also to clothe me some indifferent way is my habit either linen or woolen shall happen to receive it, And that this my deed of gift is memorable[?], have xx at them in present possession by delivering them axxxx silver xxx six pence (English xxx), And to this my deed xxx subscribe my name in presence of these witnesses the 9th March 170x [signed his mark] Philip Brew. Witnesses Thomas Lowney senr, James Maddrell. Isabel Halsall being next of kin to the within Philip Brew is sworn as Executrix to the said Philip according to Law, who is according xxx, and given pledges to pay all debts the witnesses of the within Deed." This indicates Isabel Wattleworth wife of Arthur Halsall is the daughter of Henry Wattleworth & Mary Brew b 31 Mar 1667 Malew, & Henry W & Mary Brew married 5 Jun 1666 Malew. This also makes Isabel W a cousin to the Archdeacon Sam. Wattleworth.

10 JMO: Henry Wattleworth (b 1674) md Jaine Hargraves 28 Apr 1709, at Rushen Parish, & had children Jane b Feb 1709, Mgt b Jan 1711, Barbara b Feb 1714, Samuel b 1716, a dau b 1719, Esther b 1721, John b 1727. Though not listed in parish registers, Thomas may have been born illegitimate or about 1712. In Miscellaneous Genealogical Papers, collected by Rita G. Christian and kept at the Manx Museum, the father of Thomas is given as Archdeacon Samuel, 1646-1718, which makes him a grandfather of Thomas.

11 JMO: Christian Fine md 3 times: 1st, Samuel Smith 1749 (no children) , 2nd, Jn Kelly 1758, 3rd, Jn Stevenson of Lhergydhoo after 1762 (no children).

12 JMO: Jane Wattleworth md Roger Graves 5 Dec 1778, St Peter Church Street, Liverpool, Lancashire. Another Jane (her aunt and the dau of Mr. Henry Wattleworth who died 1750) md John Graves before 1749, and had children Wm 1746, Roger 1749, Wm 1753, all in German (and Henry, per her fa’s will: Archdeacon Wills 1750 #15, German, of Henry Wattleworth of Peeltown, died 20 March 1749/50); this Jane died 1791, per German burial register (Jane Graves als Wattleworth bur 19 Sep 1791)

n1 FPC Peter son of Peter Sorensen b. 7 Mar 1791, Peel.

13 JMO: John Joseph (b 1784) md either Jane Stevenson on 6 Jul 1806, Lezayre Parish & had no children, or Jane Clark (b 1781 to James Clark & Jane Corlet) 6 July 1806, Lezayre & had 7 children: Charlotte b 1806, Esther Jane b 1808, Jane b 1810, John b 1812, Charles b 1814, William b 1818, & Ann b 1812; NO Caesar was born to them. Caesar, b 1725 in Malew to Jn Wattleworth (b 1679 to Caesar; Jn md Mgt Casement 1710, Maughold), md Mgt Callister in 1748, Peel

14 JMO: Caesar & Mgt had Caesar married Catharine Clarke of BallaWyllin, German, and had Caesar married Eleanor Crellin of Ballig (see below); also Thomas married Mrs. Kelly, John. Samuel (who had issue Caesar James), Eliza married J. [or T.] Morrison. Caesar and Eleanor Crellin had (1) Caesar John (now, in 1900, in BallaWattleworth). He married Miss Clarke of BallaWyllin. (2) Catherine married Hugh Clucas. (3) Elizabeth married Ewan Quirk. (4) Eleanor married Robert Corrin of Peel. (5) Alice married John Fisher. (6) Margaret married John Karran.

15 John inherited these properties from his cousin John. Ballaquayle and Ballamoar appear to have been sold to Sir George Moore before this.



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