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Douglas Harbour scene

THE above reproduction of a pretty sketch of a Douglas Harbour scene-as viewed from Quine's Corner-was recently published in " The Yachtsman," The artist is Mr F. Leach, of Douglas, who is most happy in his subject and in his treatment of it



Mrs. Stevenson Moore

UPON July 25th, 1901, Mr. Stewart Stevenson Moore, Second Deemster of the Isle of Man, took unto himself as wife Miss Emma Louisa Praed, only daughter of the late Mr. Winthrop Praed, of Mickleham, Surrey, and 22 Carlton House Terrace, London. The portrait of Mrs. Moore, above reproduced, is a capital one. Mrs. Stevenson Moore has made herself much liked in the Isle of Man, and already takes a great interest in Manx social and charitable affairs.





Hon. James H. Ward

THE Hon. James H. Ward is perhaps the most respected of Manxmen beyond the seas. He was born in Peel about eighty years ago and while still a young man, proceeded from the Isle of Man to Canada, where he has since made his house. He has built up a great lumber business, and has taken all active part in political and other public affairs in the Dominion. So respected is he by Canadians. that he has been appointed a member of the Higher Branch of the Dominion Legislature His benefactions to Manx institutions are numerous and generous, and almost yearly he visits his dearly loved native land. He is an old schoolfellow and constant correspondent of the High-Bailiff of Douglas


Rev. H. T. DEVALL.


THE Vicar of South Ramsey (St. Paul's) has not resided for many years in the Isle of Man, and yet is one of the best known clergymen in the Island. He served for some time as senior curate of St George's, Douglas, and his earnest work, combined with his fine tact and admirable social qualities, secured for him a large circle of friends in the chief town of the Island. A year ago he was appointed to South Ramsey by King Edward VII, and Chaplain of St. Paul's by the Bishop, under circumstances of some delicacy and difficulty. He has fully justified his appointment, and has already earned golden opinions from all classes in Raxnsey.



Thomas Callow (Liverpool)

MR. Thomas Callow, a respected Liverpool-Manxman, was born on New Year's Day, 1823, at Carnlork, Braddan. In 1866 he removed permanently to Liverpool, and for thirty years was in the service of Mr. W. T. Leigh, corn and flour merchant. In the seventies he commenced business for himself as a flour merchant, and, after conducting such business for several years with great tact and business capacity, he retired. He assisted in the formation of the first Liverpool Manx Association, and for four years served as president of the subsequently formed Manx Association which still flourishes. Mr Callow has, for over fifty years, been identified with the Congregational body, and is held in high esteem by Liverpool Congregationalists. He has a splendid memory, and as he is a good raconteur, his reminiscences of the Isle of Man of over seventy years ago are particularly interesting.



Rev. Richard Barton

THE Rev. Richard Barton is the successor of Dean Gillow in charge of the Catholic mission of St. Maughold's, Ramsey. He was born at Chorley, in Lancashire. At an early age he showed a vocation to the Ecclesiastical state, and passed through his Humanities at St. Edward's College, Liverpool, and completed his course of philosophy and theology at St. Joseph's College, Wigan. His early priestly life was spent at St. Michael's, Liverpool. There, after a few years, his health broke clown, and he was placed as Rector at Clifton Hill, near Lancaster. Here, in his leisure tune, he cultivated a taste for roses, and became famous throughout the county as a prize rose grower. Towards the close of 1900, Father Barton's health being very much improved, Bishop Whiteside appointed him to St. Maughold's, Ramsey.



Egbert Rydings

MR. Egbert Rydings of Laxey, though not a native of the Isle of Man, is more Manx than the majority of Manx people. A disciple of John Ruskin's, Mr. Rydings established in Laxey the celebrated St. George's woollen mills upon the principles laid down by the great teacher in regard to.manufactures. The fabrics turned out at Mr. Rydings' mill have achieved world-wide celebrity for beauty and durability. Mr. Rydings is a writer of more than average ability, and, extraordinary to relate, his best literary work is in the Manx dialect. His " Manx Tales" are greatly admired both by natives and visitors.



Thomas Cowley Kermode

MR. Thomas Cowley Kermode is one of the worthiest of the citizens of Peel. For several years he carried on business as all ironmonger in the important Manx fishing port, and has ever taken an active part in the public affairs of the Island in general, and of Peel and district in particular. He has filled with credit the position of membership of the Peel Town Commissioners. Mr. Kermode has also acted as hon. secretary for the Peel Poor Relief Committee, and has filled the office of Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man District of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, M.U. He was foreman of the jury which convicted the persons accused of fraud in connection with the management of Dumbell's Bank. Mr. Kermode has also achieved distinction as a statistician.




NEEDS no introduction to Examiner readers, as he has been, for over ten years, one of our most valued honorary contributors. His daughter, who spent the first four years of her life in the Isle of Man, assists in keeping her father's .library in order, and for that reason we give her a place in our .ANNUAL.



Thomas Qualtrough

RESPECTED throughout the Isle of Man is Mr. Thomas Qualtrough, the veteran Harbour Master at Port St. Mary and Port Erin. Especially is he held in high regard and esteem in the South of the Island, where virtually he has spent a lifetime. Mr. Qualtrough was appointed as Harbour Master of Port St. Mary in 1854, and continued to discharge the duties of that office without interruption until 1878, in which year he was appointed First Assistant Harbour Master at Douglas. During his residence in Douglas he quickly became a favourite with the townspeople, and particularly with the seafarers. His heart, however, was in Port St. Mary, and in the year 1882, in consequence of an accident which befell him at the time, he applied for and secured his reinstatement as Harbour Master of those pretty Southern ports — positions which he still holds. He is an enthusiastic Oddfellow, and has served as Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man.




OF Park Road, Liverpool, is a native of Port St. Mary. Twenty-one years ago he left home and took to the sea. After spending ten years as a mariner, he settled down in Liverpool and commenced business as a baker and confectioner. His venture prospered, and Mr. Maddrell became one of the best known and most useful men in the district. He has been a valued member of the Liverpool Manx Society since its formation, and is also a prominent and active Freemason, holding offices in the Craft Mark and Royal Arch. He is also a founder of a Masonic Lodge in the Liverpool district. Mr. Maddrell is a member of the Toxteth Board of Guardians, having been returned in April last by a substantial majority. In Mr Maddrell Manx enterprise, industry, and good nature combine. in a rare degree, and have made him the useful and successful member of a great community which he is.



John Stout

DOUGLAS Trades Unionists owe no small debt of gratitude to Mr. John Stout. Serving his apprenticeship to the tailoring in Laxey, Mr. Stout came to Douglas about eighteen years ago, and shortly afterwards was appointed as Secretary to the Douglas Tailors' Society, now one of the strongest Labour Societies in the Island. Mr. Stout is also a member of the Douglas 'trades and Labour Council, and for some time acted as President. His keen foresight and practical business ability have won for him the unanimous respect and esteem of Douglas workers.



Edward Faragher

MR. Edward Faragher, of Cregneish, has rendered the Isle of Man and the Manx people considerable service by his translation into Manx of AEsop's Fables (Skecalyn AEsop), which, as published by Messrs S. K Broadbent & Co., Ltd., makes a useful handbook for students of the Manx Gaelic. Mr. Faragher is also a poet of considerable merit, and some of his verses have obtained more than Insular approbation. A fisherman by calling, Mr. Faragher has had few educational advantages, but of those which came in his way he has made the best use. He was born at Cregneish just 70 years ago.



MR. HEAP is second minister of the Douglas Wesleyan Circuit. The above engraving accompanied a sketch of his career in the Methodist Weekly, November 28th, 1901.


William Watson Christian

MR. William Watson Christian is a scion of two of the most fmuous Manx families. He is a son of the late 11Ir John Murray Christian, of Ballachurry, Andreas, and was named after his uncle, the late Mr William Watson Christian, of Ballachurry, for many years Water Bailiff of the Isle of Man, who was a younger brother of Mr. John Murray Christian's. The subject of this sketch is a grandson of the late Captain Thomas Christian, of Ronaldsway, Malew, a direct descendant of the great Manx patriot, William Christian (Illam Dhone), the soldier-statesman, who was illegally shot to death at Hango Hill, in 1662, at the instance of Charlotte de la Tremouille, the widowed Countess of Derby, Captain Thomas Christian's wife. (Mr. W. W. Christian's grandmother) was, before marriage, Eunice Ann Murray, a lineal descendant of the John Murray who was responsible for the issue of the first Maux coinage. In 1864 Mr. W. W. Christian left the Island and settled in Cheshire. .He has been in business for himself as a builder for over thirty years, and has been very successful in his enterprises. Most of his building operations have been carried on in West Kirby and Hoylake, and in connection with them he has ever shown a predilection for Manx labour. He is in fact one of the best friends that Manx workmen have in the Liverpool district. A valued member of the Manx Society he was in September last elected unanimously as president for the current year. He has represented the township of West Kirby for over twelve years on the Wirral Board of Guardians, and previously he was a member of the Wirral Higlnvay Board. In June of this year he was elected by a large majority as a member of the Hoylake and West Kirby Urban District Council.


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