[From 1912 Examiner Annual]



January 17th.—Mr T. H. Cormode, H.K., delivered annual address to his constituency at Peel, advocating Constitutional Reform as the panacea of the Manx Nation.
January 11th.—A disorderly scene occurred at a Douglas Town Council meeting. Councillor Ashburner objected to certain minutes of previous meeting, and moved for amendment. This being disallowed, Councillor Ashburner refused to accept the ruling of the chair, and a scene ensued. A constable was called in, but was defied by Councillor Ashburner to take action. Eventually the chair was vacated.
January 18th.—At an adjourned meeting of the Douglas Town Council, peace prevailed, explanations and apologies being given.
January 24th.—Mr W. Goldsmith moved in the Keys that the House request the Lieut.-Governor to introduce a Workmen’s Compensation Bill into the Legislature. Resolution passed, only Mr R. S. Corlett and Mr Curphey against.
January 31st.—The Speaker announced in the Keys that the Governor bad consented to the preparation of a Workmen’s Compensation Bill.— At a meeting of Tynwald on the same day, a deadlock arose as to whether the Governor’s previous consent to money votes was necessary. The Keys pressed a proposal to increase the Advertising grant. The Governor denied their right to do so. Tynwald adjourned for two days, when the impasse continued, the Council unanimously supporting the Governor, and the Keys being unanimously against. Mr Quayle was absent.


February 7th.—Death of Mrs John Clague (widow of the late Dr Clague), of Castletown, who left large legacies to Insular charities.
February 8th.—Tynwald Court Committee to report on the improvement and construction of new roadways and the development of sea fisheries sat at Peel.
February 16th.—Opening of Port Erin New Wesleyan Church.
February 20th.—Death of Mr James Mylchreest, J.P., Castletown, formerly M.H.K. for the town.
February 21st.—Death of Mr H. S. Christopher, secretary of King William’s College, and College librarian.
February 28th.—Third reading of Lights on Vehicles Bill lost in the House of Keys. Motor car speed limit abolished.
February 28th.—Annual meeting of Employees’ Hospital Fund subscribers; apathy of Workmen deplored.


March 1st.—Question asked in the House of Commons by Mr Pointer as to what action had been taken by the Home Office in regard to the Manx deadlock.—The Home Secretary signified approval of the Lieut.-Governor’s action.
March lst.—Annual meeting of Noble’s Isle of Man Hospital.
March 2nd.—Aisnual meeting of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s Record year reported; nearly a million passengers carried. Dividend 6 per cent.
March 2nd.—First prosecution and conviction under the Insular Factories and Workshops Act.
March 6th.—Announcement of bequests to Manx charities, under the wills of the late Mrs Clague, of Castletown, and the late Mr James Mychreest, ;J.P., of Castletown.
March 7th.—Annual meeting of Isle of Man Railway Company a good year reported ; dividend 5 per cent.
March 8th.—Tynwald Inquiry concerning the development of roadways and fisheries at Port St Mary.
March 12tb.—Meeting in Victoria-street Wesleyan Church, Douglas, to protest against free concerts in public houses.
March 12th.—Death of Mr A. N. Laughton, High-Bailiff of Peel, and formerly M.H.K., after a distinguished career.
March 17th.—Death of Mr W. J. Cain, of Douglas, and formerly of Mullen-e-Corran —for many years translator of Acts of Tynwald into the Manx language.
March 22nd.—Death of Mr Thomas Hugh Clague, an old and highly-respected resident of Douglas.


April lst.—Visit of Lieut.-General Baden-Powell, in connection with Boy Scouts’ demonstration at Douglas.
April 4th.—Annual meeting of Isle of Man Homes for Orphan and Destitute Children First public gathering in new building at Glencrutchery.
April 6th.—Extraordinary meeting of shareholders in the Isle of Man Mining Company (Foxdale mines), at Liverpool. Resolution passed to wind up the company, which had worked the mines from the year 1823.
April 11th.—In the Tynwald Court, the Onchan Village Commissioners applied for powers to construct, a separate water supply, meeting with strenuous Opposition from Douglas.
April 17th.—Death of Mr James Gell, merchant, Victoria-street, Douglas.
April 17th.—Scene at St Barnabas (Douglas) vestry meeting, upon the legality of the presence of ladies at vestry meetings being questioned.
April 21st—The Legislative Council disagreed with the Keys in abolishing the motor-car speed limit.
April 25th.—At a meeting of Tynwald, further expenditure was authorised on the Douglas water undertaking. Conferences took place between Keys and Council, and the motor speed limit finally abolished.
April 28th to May 2nd.—The (Primitive Methodist Synod (Liverpool District), met at Laxey.


May 8th.—Issue of the Lieutenant-Governor’s financial statement, showing Increasa of revenue; surplus over £10,000.
May 9th.—Question asked in the House of Commons by Mr Roberts regarding the grant of Old Age Pensions to the Isle of Man. The Home Secretary replied that it was a matter for the Tynwald, and the Commission to visit the Island would consider its financial administration.
May 9th.—Annual meeting of Great Laxey, Ltd., at Manchester.
May 9th.—Meeting at Rushen on Constitutional Reform. Mr J. D. Clucas defended the moderate reform petition.
May 10th.—At a meeting of the Douglas Town Council, a Sunday service of cars during the Season on the cable tramway was decided upon.
May 13th.—Arrival of the Commission to inquire into the subject of Manx Constitutional Reform.
May 15th to 23rd.—Sitting of the Commission. Evidence from officials of the Insular administration; from the Legislative Council, and House of Keys; and from other witnesses representative of the professional, commercial, and industrial life of the Island.
May 25th.—The Mayor and Corporation and public bodies celebrated Empire Day by attending St Barnabas Church.


June 2nd and 3rd.—North-Western Library Association met in conference at Douglas.
June 3rd.—Whitsuntide arrivals of 11,000 visitors—a record.
June 5th.—Whit Monday. Over 10,000 visitors arrived.
June 13th.—Meeting of subscribers to the Douglas Jubilee and Coronation Fund. Programme arranged.
June 15th.—At a special meeting of Tynwald, the Clerk of the Rolls moved that a committee be appointed to lay before the Home Office Committee reasons why more favourable financial arrangements should be made between the Imperial and Manx Governments. The motion was carried, only Mr Clucas voting against.
June 20th.—Public meeting in the Town Hall, Douglas, to protest against the perpetuation of alleged illegalities at the Holiday Camp.
June 22nd.—Coronation Day of King George V. Celebrations took place throughout the Island.
June 26th.—Strike of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s firemen, higher wages being demanded, and terms were soon arranged.
June 27th.—Fatal accident at Creg Willy’s Hill to Victor John Surridge (19), one of the prospective competitors in the Douglas Jubilee motor cycle race.
June 28th to July 8th.—Douglas Jubilee Celebrations. Great demonstration of public boards, Sunday-schools, etc. Extensive programme of Athletics, motor racing, concerts, etc. Flights round Douglas town and bay by Mr Grahame White in his aeroplane. The whole extent of the Promenades lighted each evening by electric fairy lanterns.


July 5th.—Tynwald Day. No laws promulgated, because of delay in obtaining the Royal assent.
July 5th.—Foundation stone laying for new tower of St German’s Church, Peel.
July 7th.—Appointment of Colonel Madoc to the office of Chief Constable of the Isle of Man.
July 9th.—Death of Mr Frederick Saunderson, C.E., manager of the Howstrake Estate.
July 10th.—Strike on both sections of the Douglas Corporation tramways, with temporary suspension of traffic.
July 11th.—Committee appointed at a meeting of the Tynwald Court to consider the agricultural industry.—New pier sanctioned for Port Erin as a protection for boatmen and fishermen.
July 13th.—Mr. L A. Mylrea, formerly a leading member of the House of Keys and director of several Insular joint stock companies, died at Schandau, Germany.
July 17th.—Re-union at Ballasalla of home, Colonial, and foreign Manx residents. Inauguration of Manx National Society.


August lst.—Public meeting in the Town Hall, Douglas, to protest against the Camps. Denunciation of the Camp and the Town Council by a section of townspeople.
August 5th (Saturday).—Record arrivals of visitors—30,000.
August 6th.—Sensational attack by Mr Hall Caine on Manx judges and juries at the Grand Theatre, Douglas.
August 7th (Bank Holiday).—Arrival of 17,000 visitors.
August 10th.—Agricultural Society’s annual show at the Nunnery, Douglas.
August 17th.—Special District meeting of Oddfellows at Douglas. Serious position with regard to the National Insurance Bill discussed.
August 18th.—In the middle of August a great strike prevailed on the leading English railway systems. Military and naval forces were requisitioned by the Government to secure order, and as a precautionary measure the cruiser " Warrior " was despatched to Douglas, and anchored in the Bay for several days. It was understood that, in the event of a sympathetic strike amongst seamen, the cruiser would supply staffs to man the mail and passenger boats on the Manx service.
August 19th (Saturday).—Panic exodus of 16,000 visitors from the Island. Arrival of 5,000 instead of the 15,000 who, in the ordinary course, would have come under normal conditions.—Wireless communication between the "Warrior " and Whitehall, messages being exhibited outside the Government offices, which created great interest.
August 27th—Bishop Drury in an address delivered in the Hippodrome (Douglas), uttered a warning against impropriety of conduct on the part of young people holiday-making, etc.


September 5th.—Tynwald Ceremony at St John’s : Promulgation of new laws. (See page 82).
September 7th.—Public meeting at Port St Mary to protest against the dismissal of three head teachers from the elementary schools of Rushen.
September 9th.—Death of Mr Chas Roeder, of Manchester. (See page 29).
September 12th..—Completion of Rose Mount Church spire, with suitable ceremony. Cost of the work, about £1,050.
September 13th.—Colonel Wm. Freeth, ex-Head Constable of the Isle of Man, arrested on charges of forgery and embezzlement.
September 16th.—Col. Freeth committed by the High-Bailiff for trial.


October 4th.—Sale of plant at Foxdale Mines.
October Sth.—Col. Freeth before Court of Criminal Inquiry, and committed to Court of General Gaol Delivery for alleged forgery. The jury threw out the embezzlement counts.
October 3rd.—Death of Mr William Caine, of Glen Aldyn, the oldest Manx local preacher.
October 10th.—Memorial bust to the late Mr A. W. Moore unveiled in the Keys’ Chamber, Douglas.
October 12th.—Court of General Gaol Delivery. The jury found Colonel Freeth not guilty, and considerable public agitation followed as to the justice of such finding.
October 20th.—Presentations to Rev D. Inglis, B.A., by the Finch-hill Congregational Church, and the Manx Free Church Council, on his departure from Douglas to Lancaster.
October 28th.—Anti-vaccinators before High-Bailiff Gell at Castletown. Emphatic protests uttered.


November lst.—Douglas Town Council elections. Return of J. H. Kelly (Derby Ward), R. D. Cowin (Hills Ward), A. B. Crookall (Victoria Ward), T. M. L. Quayle (St George’s Ward), E. Cowin (Murray’s Ward), and W. F. Cowell (Athol Ward).
November 1st.—Deputation of Manx Friendly Societies waited upon the Lieut.-Governor, advocating the extension of the Insurance Bill to the Isle of Man.
November 13th.—Constitutional Reform. Home Office report received. (See page 81).
November 9th.—Alderman Wm. Joughin re-elected Mayor of Douglas.
November 18th.—An anti-vaccinator from Ballaugh was released from prison, and in his native 'village' related his prison experiences.
November 17th.—Rushen School Board election. Seven new candidates elected.
November 24th.—The Tynwald Committee of Inquiry as to an independent water scheme for Onchan Village District signified their intention to report against the scheme.
November 2lst.—Sale of St George’s Woollen Mills, Laxey, the home of " Ruskin Homespun," to a Leeds gentleman.
November 20th.—Bye-election in Derby Ward (Douglas), necessitated by the retirement of Mr J. H. Kelly,. Result : John Kelly, 301 ; Robert D.Callister, 256 ; majority, 45.
November 17th.—Resignation of the Clerk of the Rolls as a member of the Council of Education.


December lst.—Death of Mr Councillor A. H. Marsden, of Douglas
December 5th.—Canon Denton Thompson, of Birmingham, appointed Bishop of Sodor and Man.
December 5th to 17th.—Industrial Guild Exhibition at The Palace, Douglas.
December 12th.—Presentation to House of Keys, by Mr. R. E. Morrison, artist, Liverpool, of oil painting of late Speaker A. W. Moore.
December 16th.—Issue of the Examiner Annual for 1912.
December 2lst.—Last of four Gilchrist lectures in the Gaiety Theatre, Douglas.


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