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1st.— Death of Mr Jos. Drake Rogers, of Liverpool, formerly an auditor of Dumbell's Bank; also of Mr John Taylor, Douglas public librarian for 20 years.
3rd.— Death of Dr. John Alfred Dearden, formerly Medical Officer of Health for Douglas.
9th.— Payment to Stoneyard workers by ticket abolished by the Douglas Board of Guardians.
10th.— In the Douglas Town Council, Councillor Ashburner made an onslaught on the Medical Officer of Health Bill.— The proposed Advertising Rate secured the unanimous vote of the Council.
10th.— Insular Church of England Clergy and adherents assembled at Douglas to bid farewell to Dr. Drury, as Bishop of the Diocese, on his translation to Ripon; presentation of an illuminated address.
16th.— In the House of Keys, Mr. W. Goldsmith moved a resolution calling upon the Lieut.-Governor to place before the Home Secretary the necessity of an early pronouncement on the recommendations of the Home Office Departmental Committee's report (1911). The resolution was carried.
19th.— Mr Crennell, M.H.K., of Ramsey, addressed his constituents, opposing Workmen's Compensation Bill.
19th.— Submarine Cable between Port Cornaah and St. Bee's Head snapped. The mischance was due to the steam-trawler Maud, which left Fleetwood in the afternoon for the fishing grounds off the North-Eastern coast of Ireland, running ashore at Cornaah. With Assistance from Messrs. Graham and Looney, of the Barony Farm, the crew got ashore in safety.
23rd.— Meeting of the Tynwald Court. Tax of one shilling per head levied on all passengers disembarked at Douglas, Ramsey, Laxey, Port St. Mary, or Peel, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays. Increased grants given for horse and bull premiums. Mr. W. M. Kerruish and Mr. Cormode strongly opposed bolstering up a flourishing industry.
25th.— Cable ship Monarch proceeded to Port Cornaah and repaired the telegraphic breach.
29th.— Annual Meeting of Isle of Man Bank Ltd. A "record" volume of business reported. Dividend at rate of 15 per cent. per annum approved.
30th.— Annual meeting of Licensing Board for Douglas district. Election of Messrs. R. H. Collister, H.K., T. McKneale, C.P. (Lonan), W. Goldsmith, H.K., W. Proctor, J.P., R. Marshall, H.K., and Capt. Roberts (Laxey) to, constitute (with the High-Bailiff) the Licensing Court.
30th.— The House of Keys agreed to permission being given the Douglas Corporation to control the fares on the Upper Douglas Tramway.


7th.— Meeting at Port St. Mary to consider the Manx fishing industry. Government assistance suggested.
8th.— Tynwald inquiry into application by Douglas Town Council tv borrow 2,500 for the purchase of No. 3 Marina-terrace; 400 for erection of two slaughter-houses at the Lake; 2,000 for extensions of water mains.
13th.— House of Keys debated second reading of Workmen's Compensation Bill. Speeches in support from Mr. Goldsmith, Dr. Marshall, Mr. W. J. Corlett, Mr. J. Qualtrough; and from Mr. W. M. Berruish, who warned the House of a growing feeling in favour of annexation. Mr. Crennell led the opposition, stating that he favoured Compensation, but opposed this measure and suggested National Insurance. He was supported by Mr. Radcliffe and Mr. R. S. Corlett.
11th.— St. Thomas' Church tower, Douglas, gutted by fire, which was discovered just at conclusion of evening service. Extensive damage to the building and organ.
11th.— Death of Mr. James Rae Fielding, of Douglas, at the age of 94 years. Mr. Fielding had been associated with St. Matthew's Church as warden for many years; he was also a prominent Oddfellow and a member of the Board of Guardians.
14th.— In the Douglas Town Council, Councillor Ashburner caused a scene by making charge against the Town Clerk, and persisting in interrupting the proceedings; and a second scene on the question of the water supply to the Holiday Camp.
20th.— Second reading of Workmen's Compensation Bill continued in House of Keys.— Mr. A. Qualtrough introduced a bill to amend the vaccination laws by the inclusion of a conscience clause. It was defeated, only six members voting for it, viz., Messrs. Kermode, Quayle, A. Qualtrough, J. Qualtrough, Goldsmith, and W. M. Kerruish
21st.— Conference of Insular Higher Education Boards. Committee appointed to consider financial requirements and available revenue in connection with provision of two Secondary Schools in Douglas (for boys and girls respectively), and a small Secondary School in Ramsey.
21st.— Before Deemster Moore and a special jury, a workman claimed damages against the Corporation in respect of a quarry
accident. The jury found for the plaintiff, and assessed the damage at 15.
22nd.— Brotherhood and P.S.A. Federation meeting at Laxey. Resolution passed urging the Insular Legislature to provide Old Age Pensions and National Insurance.
27th.— Annual meeting of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd. Transfer of .6,606 to reserve, which now stood at 30,000. Dividend 64 per cent.; balance carried forward 6,901.


5th.— At the Port Erin Commissioners, the question of the co-; purchase was discussed. It was stated that 1,000 law cost been incurred, of which 550 was still owing.
5th.— In the House of Keys, the second reading of the Workmen's Compensation Bill was carried by 13 votes to 10. On the question of a medical officer of health for the Island being discussed, rural representatives objected to the inspection of dairies.
5th.— Annual meeting of Isle of Man Railway Company. A dividend of 5 per cent. per annum on the preference shares for the half-year, with a bonus of 1 per cent. declared; 4,485 carried forward; reserve fund, 36,500.
7th.— Meeting of legislators at Government House re the prevailing coal crisis. The Lieut.— Governor had obtained prices for the supply of a 4,000 tons cargo discharged at Douglas from the United States. The suggestion was considered to be impracticable, and an official notice was decided upon-that although locally there was no shortage at present, still it was necessary to exercise rigid economy in the use of coal.
8th.— Annual meeting of Noble's Isle of Man Hospital. Credit balance of 90 reported.
15th.— Annual session of the Licensing Court for the Douglas district Rev. Wilson Stuart strenuously opposed the granting of boarding-house licenses. The Court refused new applications for these licenses, but granted renewals.
19th, 20th, and 21st.— Manx Music Festival at the Palace, Douglas. " Coming of Age" celebrations.
26th.— In the Legislative Council, in connection with the Douglas Cable Tramway fares, discretionary powers to the Town Council were refused, and Tynwald Court control insisted upon.
26th.— In the House of Keys, Messrs. W. M. Kerruish, Crennell, and Clucas were appointed to urge upon the Home Secretary the readjustment of the financial relations existing between the Isle of Man and the Imperial Government.
28th.— Lively meeting of Port Erin Commissioners. Rate of 4s 6d in the pound required.


1st.— Lecture by Dr. Annett (formerly of Liverpool University) at Ramsey on Tuberculosis in the Isle of Man. Startling figures given as to the proportion of Insular diseased cattle.
1st.— Bishop Thompson made his first public appearance in his new diocese, holding a confirmation service at St. George's, Douglas.
8th.— Foundation stones laid of Michael New Wesleyan Church, with appropriate ceremony.
9th.— Onchan Village Commissioners decided to apply to the Local Government Board to increase the number of members consti-tuting the Board to seven.
10th.— Appointment of Mr. W. Cubbon as public librarian by the Douglas Town Council.
10th.— A decorative scheme of electric lighting of the sea front, proposed at meeting of the Douglas Town Council, was lost by the Mayor's casting vote.
11th.— Mr. G. H. Roberts, Labour M.P. for Norwich, delivered an address in Douglas. He characterised the report of the Home Office Committee, who inquired into the Manx Constitution, as "far too timid."
16th.— Dr. Marshall's Medical Officer of Health Bill referred to a committee of the House of Keys.
18th.— Enthronement of Bishop Thompson at St. George's Church, and taking of oath by him as legislator. 18th.— Correspondence on National Insurance scheme, passed between the Lieut.— Governor and Insular Friendly Societies, discussed at the Rechabite District Meeting.
23rd.— Tynwald Court committee reported adversely on the addition
to Villa Marina of Marina-terrace property. The Receiver-General and Mr. J. D. Clucas made a minority recommendation that the petition be granted.
25th.— The Bishop, in the Douglas Town Hall, received a welcome from Manx temperance societies.
26th.— Professor Annett lectured at Douglas on " Consumption," and made appeal to Manx people to grapple with the disease.


8th.— The Governor issued the Insular financial statement for year ended 31st March. The realised surplus-the biggest for years past-was 11,102, being an increase of 2,242 over that estimated.
13th.— Death of Archdeacon Gill, at the age of 82.
14th.— Douglas Corporation petition for the purchase of No. 3 Marina-terrace (and addition to Villa Marina) carried in Tynwald. At the same sitting, the Council accepted the proposal for an Advertising rate; the Keys, by majority, rejected it.
15th.— In the Tynwald Court, the Insular finances came up for consideration. Reduction of taxation was demanded. On the question of Old Age Pensions, there was some straight talk. The Governor agreed to the appointment of a commission on Old Age Pensions.


1st.— Death of Canon Taggart, formerly Vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Douglas (where he laboured for 31 years), at Hornsea., near London, aged 70 years.
3rd.— Sudden death of Mr. William Cashen, custodian of Peel Castle, at the age of 73.
6th.— Recognition meetings to the Rev. J. Vivian Davies, new pastor of Finch Hill Congregational Church, Douglas. (See p. 29.) 12th.— The Town Council decided that the Governor be asked to have pulmonary tuberculosis scheduled as a notifiable disease. 12th.— Douglas Town Council agreed to increase the municipal labourers' wages from 1 to 1 is for 56 hours week.
20th.— At a Rechabite demonstration at Douglas, Bishop Thompson was initiated into the Order.


2nd.— Senior tourist motor-cycle race on the Manx course.
3rd.— New Ramsey-Whitehaven steamer service opened. Sailings were continued through the summer, with satisfactory results.
5th.— Tynwald Day. Annual ceremony on Tynwald Hill. Promulgation of 11 Acts. (See page 4.)
6th.— Sitting of Tynwald on the Port Erin Brows loan. Mr Crennell championed the ratepayers, arguing that they were entitled to some relief from Government funds. The Attorney-General insisted that Port Erin alone was responsible, and at an adjourned sitting on July 30th, the committee's recommendation was carried, only four voting against.
10th.— Opening of Braddan New Church Room.
11th.— Presentation to ex-Supt. John Cain by Douglas magistrates, on his retirement from the Constabulary. (See p. 29.) 16th.— First Licensing Court in Douglas to consider granting of music and dancing licenses. Personal opposition by Bishop Thompson and the Revs. Wilson Stuart and Hy. Cooper to free concerts in public-houses.
20th.— -Sitting of Tynwald Court Committee to consider application of Port Erin Commissioners to borrow 1,000 for a term of 50 years, to defray law costs and expenses in connection with the Brows' purchase and accumulated interest, etc. The committee approved such borrowing at 4 per cent., repayable within 25 years, and with certain conditions imposed.
22nd.— World Manx Society's second annual picnic. Representative gathering at Ballasalla. Mrs Laughton elected president. (See p. 49.)
27th.— Visit of members of the British Medical Association. Reception by the Mayor (Alderman Joughin) at Villa Marina grounds.. Dinner on the s.s. Empress Queen.


3rd.— Sitting of the Licensing Appeal Court in Douglas. More denunciation of public-house music by the Bishop and the Rev. Wilson Stuart.
8th.— Agricultural Show at Ramsey.
15th.— Great foot race in Douglas in the international competition. Won by W. Kolehmainen, Finland.
26th.— Death of Mr. Wm. James Kermode, grocer and provision merchant, an ex-member of the House of Keys for North Douglas.
26th.— Death of Mr. T. M. Dodd, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, of Castletown.
29th.— First prosecution at Douglas under the Music and Singing Act. The High-Bailiff decided that voluntary singing and music in a public-house are allowable.


4th.— Joseph Clucas and James Quayle, fishermen, drowned in Castletown Bay by the foundering of a small boat, in boisterous <<. weather.
9th.— Special meeting of the Douglas Gas Light Company. Mr Percy Crellin elected director in place of the late. Mr. W. .I. Kermode.
11th.— Opening of New Hospital in Westmoreland-road, Douglas. Grand demonstration of public bodies, schools, etc. Opening by Lord and Lady Raglan.
22nd and 23rd.— Members of the Local Preachers' Mutual Aid Association filled Methodist pulpits of the Island and assembled, in conference at Douglas.
28th.— Death of Capt. J. Killip (Laxey).


1st.— At a meeting of Port Erin Commissioners, it was decided to comply with the Chancery Court's decree in reference to the Brows' purchase.
4th.— Death of Canon Moore. Vicar of Braddan.
12th.— At the Blackpool Musical Festival. Mrs. .Rushworth's Douglas Ladies' Choir obtained seventh place in the Female Voice Choirs (open) Competition; the Douglas Festival Choir (conductor, Mr. Noah Moore) was eleventh in the Mixed Voice Choirs; in the Male Voice Choirs, the Douglas Male Choristers. came out third-
16th.— Annual Social Gathering of the Liverpool Manx Society.
21st.— Insular Boy Scouts celebrated Trafalgar Day. Wreaths placed on Capt. Quilliam's grave in Arbory Churchyard.


1st.— Another Dumbell's Bank dividend announced-6d. in the . Previous dividends amounted to 11s 1d.
1st.— Douglas Municipal Elections. Mr. D. Flinn elected for Victoria Ward, Mr. R. J. Kelly for Athol Ward. Candidates returned without contests : St. George's Ward, Mr. Wm. Knox ; Hills Ward, Mr. J. J. Corlett ; Murray's Ward. Mr. D. Collister ; Derby Ward, Mr. D. Gray.
1st.— Meeting of Onchan Voluntary Poor Relief Society. Credit balance of 52 reported.
5th.— Diocesan Conference at Douglas. Resolution condemnatory of the Welsh Disestablislirnent, Bill unanimously carried.
11th.— The members of the House of Keys for North Douglas addressed their constituents in public meeting.
13th.— Debate at Douglas Town Council on electric lighting.
16th.— Southern Branch of Agricultural Society discussed feasibility of Insular agricultural college and model farm and credit bank.
17th.— Mayoral Sunday at Douglas. Demonstration and service at Rose Mount Church.
19th.— First meeting of Keys for session. Abstract resolution carried in favour of Adult Suffrage.
21st.— Annual meetings of Manx Free Church Council at Douglas.
20th.— Mr. W. M. Kerruish, H.K., addressed his constituents in South Douglas.
26th.— In the Legislative Council, on the first reading of the Fisher Divorce Bill, the Attorney-General gave expression to his conscientious objections against divorce, and he, with the Vicar-General and the Archdeacon, left the Chamber.
28th.— Harbour Commissioners' report on Douglas Harbour scheme issued. Extension of Red Pier recommended. and Tram-way communication with the Railway Station deferred.
28th.— Chamber of Commerce first annual dinner at Douglas. Industries Development Commission suggested.


Dec. 14th.— Issue of the Examiner Annual. for 1913.


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