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13 — Death of Mr James Gill, F.R.A.S, a Manxman who became Principal of Liverpool Nautical College.
13 — Death of Rev George Paton. of Ramsey, a notable Oddfellow.
27 — Douglas new Sewage Scheme: Continuation of Tynwald Court Inquiry.
27 — Deemster Kneen appointed Southern Deemster.


3 — BLACK SATURDAY. Failure of Dumbell's Bank announced. Awful consternation throughout the Island Hundreds of depositors and shareholders ruined. Parr's Bank stated to have assumed liabilities and assets of failed concern.
17 — Mr J, A. Mylrea, H.K., senior member for North Douglas, and a director of Dumbell's, resigns from the House of Keys.
18 — Death at Port St. Mary of Judge Jones, of the Bolton County Court.


9 — Meeting of Dumbell's shareholders in Douglas: Mr J. A. Mylrea says mea culpa: Announcement of Parr's withdrawal from their agreement to assume liabilities and assets of Dumbell's causes consternation: Messrs J A. Mylrea and T. H. P. Mylechreest appointed liquidators. Later in year Mr Mylrea resigned, and Mr W. H. Walker appointed in his place„ and yet later Mr Mylechreest resigned, and Mr Walker confirmed as sole liquidator. Parr's gave £40,000 for goodwill of Dumbell's business, and £15,000 for bank buildings.
10 — Rumoured increase of spirit and tobacco duties, and consequent run on Customs.
10 — The Budget: Increase in duties on wine, beer, spirits, tea, and tobacco.
10 — Mr E. T. Christian, H. K., one of members for Glenfaba, and agent for Dumbell's at Peel, resigns from the House of Keys.
12 — An unfounded rumour causes a great run on the Isle of Man Banking Company, Ltd.: Disgraceful panic.
12 — Death of Sir Alured Dumbell, Clerk of the Rolls.
16 — Death of Mr Robert Archer, a noted Manx business-man and philanthropist.
17 — Death of Mr H. T. Graves, J.P., of Peel.
17 — Resignation from the House of Keys of Mr F. G. Callow, one of members for Middle — another result of the Bank smash.
17 — Visit of Bugler Dunn, the Manx soldier boy, who so distinguished himself as the battle of Colenso.
27 — Legislative Council reject Deceased Wife's Sister's Bill.
27 — Glenfaba bye-election: Candidates, Messrs P. Cadman and W. C. Quirk: Victory of Cadman.
29 — Mr W A. Hutchinson returned unopposed for Middle.
30 — Death of Mr Walter J. Cannell, of Peel.
31 — Mr Thomas Clague, member for Peel in House of Keys, goes bankrupt: Overdraft at Dumbell's nearly £22,000.
31 — Resignation of Mr Thomas Clague, HK., from House of Keys.


11 — Peel bye-election: Candidates, Mr A. N. Laughton and Dr W. Cregeen Faraker : Victory of Laughton.
11 — Deemster Sir James Gell appointed Clerk of the Rolls.


1 — EXAMINER printing department removed to Rosebery Buildings.
5 — Fatal fracas in Douglas: Two Douglas butchers committed on manslaughter charge.
10 — Opening of New Town Hall at Douglas.
12 — EXAMINER printed for first time on new "Lancashire" web perfecting and folding machine: First newspaper in Isle of Man to be printed on web machine.
21 — Annual meeting of Isle of Man Tramways Co. : Serious position of affairs: Damaging reports by auditors.


11 — Unopposed return of Mr Alderman Goldsmith for North Douglas, vice Mr Mylrea.
14 — Magisterial proceedings against Charles Banks Nelson (director), John Shimmon (manager), Joseph Drake Rogers (auditor), William Aldred (auditor), and Harold Vincent Aldred (auditor), officials of Dumbell's Bank, on charges of fraud. Prisoners committed for trial, and bail refused by Mr Samuel Harris, High-Bailiff of Douglas.
16 — Petition for winding-up of Tramways Co. Mr W. H. Walker appointed liquidator.
20 — Death of Lord Loch. Governor of Isle of Man 1864-1882.
23 — Dumbell's failure: First dividend of 3s 4d in £ to creditors.
23 — Bank prisoners released on bail by Staff of Government.
23 — Deemster S. Stevenson Moore, of London, appointed Northern Deemster.


3 — Rev E. Walsh appointed chairman of Douglas School Board, vice Mr James Moore, resigned.
14 — Alexander Bruce, for 22 years general, manager of Dumbell's Banking Company, Limited, died today in Douglas. Criminal proceedings in connection with the failure of Dumbell's had been instituted against him, but were withdrawn in consequence of his illness
17-21 — Court of Criminal Inquiry: Bank prisoners committed for trial before Court of General Gaol Delivery: Bail allowed.
19 — New Primitive Methodist Church, Buck's Road, opened.
21 — Passenger steamer Lily (Liverpool to Douglas) stranded at Onchan Harbour : Floated next day: Narrow escape of 700 passengers.
26 — The manslaughter case: Thomas and William Corlett committed by Court of Criminal Inquiry to General Gaol Delivery.


6 — Yachting disaster at Port St. Mary: Visitor and boatman drowned.
28 — Great fire on Douglas Head: Warwick Tower consumed.


21 — A Douglas girl shot dead by accident.
23 — Death of Mr J. Kaighin, H. K., one of the members for Michael.
25 — Douglas Town Council decide to directly construct new sewerage works and reservoir.


12 — Mr W. T. Crennell. of Ramsey, returned to House of Keys unopposed for Michael Sheading, vice Mr J. Kaighin, deceased.
27 — For personal reasons, Sir James Gell (Clerk of the Rolls) and Deemster Kneen unable to sit as judges in trial of Bank prisoners before Court of General Gaol Delivery: Mr Henry Gordon Shee, Q.C.. Judge of Salford Hundred Court of Record, and Recorder of Burnley, appointed as Acting First Deemster.
29 — Death of Mr D. McDowall, manager of Manx Northern Railway Company.
30 — Installation of Linotype composing machine driven by electric motor at EXAMINER Office, The only office in the Isle of Man where electricity is used as a motive power.


1 — Douglas Municipal Elections: Only one contest: Mr H. Hambleton beats Mr J Sharp in No. 1 Ward.
5-19 — Trial of Charles Banks Nelson (53), John Shimmon (55), Joseph - Drake Rogers (58). William Aldred (76), and Harold Vincent Aldred (33), before Court of General Gaol Delivery of Isle of Man upon charges of fraud in regard to management of Dumbell's Bank : Tynwald Chamber at Douglas specially fitted as Court for occasion: Judges — the Lieut.-Governor (Lord Henniker), Acting First Deemster Shee and Second Deemster Moore : Counsel, The Attorney-General (Mr G. A. Ring), Mr F. Browne and Mr R. Farrant (for Crown); Mr J. J. Creer (for Nelson and Rogers), Mr C. W. Coole (for Shimmon), and Mr C. Hughes-Games for the Aldreds : Trial of all prisoners upon charge of issuing false balance sheets lasted nine days: Jury (Mr T. C. Kermode, of Peel, foreman) after one hour's deliberation found all prisoners guilty, and recommended H. V. Aldred to mercy: Sentences postponed: Trial of Nelson and Shimmon upon charge of fraudulently appropriating to their own use money of the bank followed, and lasted four days : Jury (Mr Pilcher G. Ralfe, Castletown, foreman) ;were absent for seven hours and did not agree: Accordingly, they were locked up in Talbot hotel over Sunday, and on Monday morning returned into court with a verdict of guilty against both prisoners: Sentences: Nelson and Shimmon, five years penal servitude for fraudulent appropriation, and three years penal servitude for publication of false balance sheets, the sentences to be concurrent; Rogers, eighteen calendar months' Imprisonment, with hard labour; William Aldred, twelve calendar months' imprisonment, with hard labour; Harold V. Aldred, six calendar months' imprisonment, with hard labour: Great public excitement during trial.
7 — Laying of foundation stone of Isle of Man Banking Company's new premises by High-Bailiff Harris. A picture of the bank's new premises (which are now being erected at the corner of Athol-street) appears among our illustrations.
9 — Mr Joseph Hall, an Alderman of the Borough of Douglas, unanimously elected Mayor of Douglas in succession to Mr Alderman Webb, J.P. — On his retirement from the office of Mayor, after two years' service, Mr Alderman Webb presented the Corporation of Douglas with a superb mace.
18 — Death of Dean Gillow (R.C.), of Ramsey, a noted philanthropist.
21 — Thomas and William Corlett tried before the Court of General Gaol on the charge of manslaughter, and found guilty. Sentenced to three and six months' imprisonment with hard labour respectively. Indignation expressed at lightness of sentences. At same court, Caesar Moore, a deaf mute, on charge of housebreaking and stealing few articles of clothing, sentenced to three years' penal servitude.
22 — George Horsepool, an expert English thief, having against him a long list of convictions, sentenced to five years' penal servitude by Court of Gaol Delivery for stealing about 26s from till of Douglas Coffee Palace. — Court. of General Gaol Delivery concluded to-day after sitting for fifteen days — the longest sitting of the Court on record.
27 — Death of Mr John dBarron, merchant, member of Douglas School bd


5 — meeting of shareholders in the Manx Bank, Lmited, to sell the bank to the Merchantile Bank of Lancashire, England


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