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1899 - Portraits


 W J Kermode

MR.KERMODE was on Tuesday, the 29th November, 1898, elected as one of the representatives of North Douglas in the House of Keys, in succession to the late Sir John Goldie-Taubman. Mr. Kermode’s election was the outcome of one of the most memorable electoral contests ever experienced in the Isle of Man, the opposing and unsuccessful candidates being Mr. J. W. Clinch (brewer), and Mr Robert Clucas (retired draper). Mr. Kermode is a Manxman to the core, and is a native of Douglas, in which town he has for many years past carried on business as a merchant successfully. He is a prominent Wesleyan Methodist and an ardent Temperance reformer.


 Dr J  Clague

DR. CLAGUE, of Castletown, is one of the best known men in the Isle of Man. He is a scion of a well-known Manx family, and takes a patriotic interest in the antiquities, lore, and music of his native land. His skill in medicine and physic obtained for him in 1884 the appointment of Surgeon to the Household in succession to Dr. Primrose Wells. Dr. Clague has one of the most extensive practices in the Island.


 Herbert Story

MR. STORY is a member of the English Bar. In 1874 he was, upon the retirement of the late Mr. John Thomas Clucas, appointed by Governor Loch as Secretary to the Lieut. -Governor. Mr. Story also holds the positions of Clerk to the Council and Treasurer of the Isle of Man. He has a very extensive knowledge of matters having reference to the Executive Government and Legislature of the Isle of Man.

[in 1881 census gives name as Anthony, age 42, living at 16 Victoria Road, married to Australian Born Sarah (age 38) and 5 children, the last two (born after 1878) Manx-born ]

Mr. J. T. COWELL, J.P., H.K.

 J.T. Cowell

MR. COWELL is one of the members of the House of Keys for North Douglas. He has had a successful business career in Douglas, and takes a great interest in mercantile pursuits, and in all public matters. Prior to his first election as a member of the popular branch of the Legislature he served as a member of the Douglas Town Commissioners and the Douglas School Committee. He has been for some years a director of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., and is also the local director of the National Telephone Co., Ltd.


 J.R. Kerruish

IS one of the representatives of Garff Sheading in the House of Keys. He holds pronounced Liberal views, and favours temperance legislation. Mr. Kerruish is one of the most conscientious and hard-working members of the House. Formerly he was a merchant carrying on business in Ramsey, and, on retiring, he travelled extensively, visiting all English speaking countries of the world, and other parts.


J  Murray Cruikshank

MR. CRUICKSHANK is one of the most popular, respected, and able members of the Manx Bar, and enjoys a large practice in the North of the Island. In 1898 Mr, Cruickshank, on the death of the late Mr. J. C. LaMothe, was made High Bailiff of Ramsey, and the appointment gave great satisfaction throughout the Island.



Robert Archer

Mr. ROBERT ARCHER. of Homefield, Douglas, is perhaps the best known private citizen in the Isle of Man. Mr. Archer takes a great interest in movements that have for object the social, religious, and physical well-being of the people. Principally at his own cost he constructed the famous bathing places of Port Skillion, Douglas, and Traie Fogog, Peel ; and also the greater portion of the new road leading from the Battery Pier to Douglas. Head. He is head of the famous drapery firm. of Archer, Evans & Co., Douglas.


 Captain John Hill

CAPTAIN HILL is a native of Portwilliam, Wigtownshire, Scotland. For the last thirty-three years he has been in the service of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, and in 1897, On the resignation of Captain McQueen, he was appointed Commodore of the Company’s Fleet. Captain Hill is a mariner of skill and resource, and he is very popular with people who cross the channel to and from the Island.



Samuel Webb

ALDERMAN SAMUEL WEBB is esteemed and respected by all who know him. He has been a member of the Douglas Town Commissioners or the Douglas Town Council for over 17 years, and during that period has served the town faithfully and progressively. He was appointed an Alderman in 1896, and served as Deputy-Mayor for three consecutive terms. He was unanimously elected as Mayor for the current year. Mr. Webb is the proprietor of the large business concern known as the Lounge, Strand Street, Douglas.

 [died 1903 aged 72]



James Moore

MR. MOORE is a native of the North of the Island, but most of his life has been spent in Douglas. About fifteen years ago he was elected as one of the members of the School Committee and has ever since had a seat on the Board. He is an ardent educationist, and it is in a great measure owing to his efforts that Douglas is now so splendidly equipped in the matter of schools Mr. Moore was in 1898 appointed Chairman of the Committee vice the Attorney-General (Mr. G. A. Ring), who resigned membership.



Philip Christian

Mr. PHILIP CHRISTIAN , of Finch Hill House, is a citizen of whom the people of Douglas are proud. His main object in life is the social and religious advancement of his fellows, and to attain this he has spared neither time, work, nor money. The Island is indebted to Mr. Christian for his labours on behalf of the Isle of Man Industrial Home for Destitute Children, of which institution he has been hon. secretary for many years. He is hon. treasurer of the Isle of Man Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and is also a member of the Committee of Noble’s Isle of Man Hospital and of the Douglas Poor Relief Committee. He is a temperance enthusiast, and is President of the Manx Band of Hope Union and of the Douglas Temperance Federation. He is hon. treasurer of the Isle of Man School of Art, and has taken a deep interest in this institution since its establishment in 1880.

[Born 1855, described as Architect - in 1881 census unmarried sharing Finch Hill House with sister Lizzie]


Alexander Robertson

MR.ROBERTSON, though still a young man, has by industry, energy, and ability, attained to one of the highest positions in Douglas open to a Douglas man, in that he, in 1898, on the resignation of Mr. T. H. Nesbitt, was unanimously appointed Town Clerk of the only borough in the Isle of Man. After leaving King William’s College, he was for twelve months with Mr. Richard Sherwood (afterwards Deemster), advocate. He was for eight years in the service of the Manx Bank ; and in 1890 he was appointed Deputy-Clerk of the Douglas Corporation (then the Board of Commissioners). Mr. Robertson is much esteemed by his fellow officials and by the townspeople of Douglas generally.

[Born 1864 Douglas; staunch Methodist. Later, in 1930 became Freeman of Borough of Douglas, died 1951]


Wardens St Mathews

THESE gentlemen form a very interesting group. The Rev. T. A. Taggart, vicar, has devoted the best days of his life to work in the poorest parish in Douglas, and is held in affectionate regard by all classes of the community. Mainly by his instrumentality New St. Matthew's has been built, and in this he has been loyally assisted by Messrs. James Rae Fielding and Robert Quayle, who have been Wardens of St. Matthew's Church for many years past



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