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1-First illumination of the "Examiner" electric sign.

10-Appointment of following on Commission of Peace:-Sir Thomas Walter Wragge, Port St. Mary; Thomas Henry Hall Caine, Greeba Castle; Thomas Corlett Stevenson Moore, Peel; Alderman Samuel Webb, Douglas; Captain W. H. Kitto, Foxdale.

11-Withdrawal of Press reporters from Legislative Council and Tynwald Court meetings oil account of refusal by the Lieut.-Governor to provide adequate accommodation.

13-Civic Recognition of New Century at Douglas. Religious Service in The Palace.

1.8-Legislative Council passes new Licensing Bill.

29-Death of Queen Victoria.

30-Ceremony of proclaiming Edward VII. King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India, at Tynwald Hill.


2-Funeral of Queen Victoria.

12-The Factories and Workshops Bill and Employers' Liability Bill pass Legislative Council.

18-Futile attempt to revive Permit Systern. "

21-Claim by Dumbell's Bank liquidator for 21,000 against John Shimmon. Judgment for full amount.

25-Public meeting in Ramsey on J. R. Kerruish's Licensing Bill. Its mutilation by the Legislative Council condemned.


2-Death of Hon. Albert Edward John Henniker, eldest son of the Lieu. t.-Governor.

5-House of Keys again pass Deceased Wife's Sister Bill. The attempt by the Council to pass the Permit Clause frustrated-9 for, 11 against.

13-C. B. Nelson presents petition at Law Courts, London, for leave to appeal from two convictions. Leave granted to appeal against one of the convictions.

13-Death of John Joughin, H.K., J.P., of Peel.,

13-Meeting of Trades Unionists. Councillor Thornley (on behalf of the Douglas Branch of National Operative Plasterers) presents cheque for 100 to A. Cain, a disabled member.

14-Annual Session of the Licensing Court. The Legislature again defied.

19-Employers' Liability Bill discussed in the Keys. Committee appointed to take evidence. The Factory and Workshops Bill thrown out.

19-Public meeting at Port St. Mary to protest against the action of the Legislative Council in respect of Licensing Bill.

27-Sitting of House of Keys Committee to take evidence on Employers' Liability Bill.

31-Roman Catholic Consecration of portion of Borough Cemetery.


1-Numbering of the People. (See page 56)

2-Meeting of House of Keys. Report in favour of Employers'

Liability Bill submitted by Committee. Report rejected, and another Committee appointed.

4-Capt. Kitto elected member of the House of Keys for the Sheading of Glenfaba in place of John Joughin, deceased.

16-Sitting of House of Keys Committee on Employers' Liability Hill., Counsel and witnesses appear for and against the Bill

20-Result of Douglas Census published in " Examiner." Decrease in population. 1891, 19,340; 1901, 19,126.

30-House of Keys meet and take up reports of Committee appointed on Employers' Liability Bill. Majority of Committee in favour of Bill. Largely-signed petition in favour. Bill rejected on the preamble.


4-Census of the Isle of Man published (see Official Directory).

4-Deputation of local printers wait oil Financial Committee of Town Council to protest against the Printing of the Burgess List off the Island. Finance Committee adhere to their resolution.

5-Formation of Manx District of Institute of Journalists.

8-Attempted Press censorship by the Douglas Library Committee. Proposal to exclude the "Daily News " (London) from Public Library defeated in the Town Council.

9-Rifle Club formed.

16-Queen Victoria Memorial at Foxdale. Public clock erected. Inaugural ceremony.

18-Governor's Financial Statement issued. Increase of 8,854 8s upon revenue of 1900-1. Increase of 1,462 7s 2d upon expenditure for similar period.

18-Publication in "Examiner" of Manx Language Statistics (compiled by A. W. Moore, S.H.K.) 4,419 people subscribe themselves as being familiar with the mother tongue.

20-Bankruptcy of J. R. Cowell, H.K.

21-Meeting of Tynwald Court. Petition of Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Douglas for leave to extend boundaries of borough submitted. Matter referred to a committee to take evidence. Discussion on surplus revenue-9,000. Committee appointed to consider what to do with it.


17-Sitting of Tynwald Court Committee to take evidence as to the desirability of establishing a Fish Hatchery at Port Erin.


3-The Isle of Man Tramways offered for sale by tender.

3-C. B. Nelson dis-barred.

10-Consecration of Nave of St. Matthew's New Church.

12-Fish Hatchery at Port Erin decided upon by Tynwald Court. Press resume attendance at Tynwald Court, their demands being conceded.

25-Marriage of Deemster S. Stevenson Moore to Miss Emma Louisa Praed.

29-Death of J. Hirst, supernumerary Wesleyan minister at Douglas.


3-Opening of Douglas Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Market by High-Bailiff Harris.

20-"The Eternal City," by Hall Caine, published.

22-Sudden death of James Cowle, public valuer, etc.

23-Ben-my-Chree collides with ss. West Coast in Mersey, and sinks her.

28-Foundation Stone Laying of Thomas Street (Wesleyan) Sunday-school.


7-Publication of "Manx Worthies," by A. W. Moore, S.H.K.

8-Steamer Yarrow runs ashore between Victoria and Red Piers.

11-Tenders opened for sale of Tramways. Offer of 40,000 by Douglas Town Council for Horse and Cable Sections. Other tenders for Tramways: - British Electric Traction Company (whole undertaking), 225,000; H. Kidson and Co. (whole undertaking), 210,000; Harold Vickers (three electric sections), 188,850.

14-The President of the United States of America (William McKinley) died as result of bullet wound inflicted by the assassin Csolgoz. Csolgoz afterwards electrocuted.

15-Death of Mrs L. C. Dalrymple, of Burnside, Union Mills. 23-Committee Meeting of Douglas Town Council. Original offer for Tramways increased to 50,000.

30-Steamer Fenella ashore at Dromore. Floated off at high water.


3-Opening of new Wesleyan Sunday-school at Barregarrow.

4-Alderman, Webb selected as Mayor of Dorglas vice Alderman Hall.

4-Resignation of Mr J. R. Cowell from the House of Keys.

7-Mrs L. C. Dalrymple's will proved. Bequests as follows:-Finch Hill Congregational Church, 1,000; House of Industry, 100; Isle of Man Hospital, 100; Douglas Coal Fund, 100; Isle of Man Industrial Home for Destitute Children, 1,000.

9-Meeting of Douglas Town Council. Offer of 50,000 for the Tramways approved by overwhelming majority.

10-Foundation Stone Laying of New Primitive Methodist Church at Port Erin.

16-Two candidates for representation of Ramsey in the Keys-Hall Caine and Philip Kermode. R. F. Douglas appointed Town Valuer.

18-Heavy floods: Train traffic stopped : Bridges swept away: Great damage.

25-Ramsey Election. Triumphant return of Hall Caine.

29-Tynwald Court. Application by Douglas Town Council for leave to borrow 50,000 for purchase of Horse and Cable Sections of Tramways. Matter referred to a Committee. Peel Promenade in danger: application for relief.


3-Unveiling of Tablet in Lonan Parish Church in memory of the late Colour-Sergeant Wallace, of the Seaforth Highlanders, who was killed at the battle of Paardeberg, in February, 1900.

9-Statutory meeting of Douglas Town Council. Alderman Webb unanimously elected as Mayor for the third time.

9-Mayor Webb appoints Alderman Faragher as Deputy-Mayor of Douglas.

9-Aldermen Webb, Hall, and Proctor re-appointed to Aldermanic Bench for another triennial period.

12-The worst Hollantide day on record. Terrific hurricane. House blown down in North Douglas, and other great damage. On English coast numerous shipwrecks and great loss of life.


4-Isle of Man Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition, opened by Mayor of Douglas.

4-Publication of Manx Grammar by E. Goodwin, of Peel. 14-Issue of "Examiner" Annual, 1902.



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