Onchan - South Side Sales

Following the Act of Settlement , which came into force 1704, all sales, mortgages etc involving property had to be recorded - these were indexed in two groups - North and South Side Sales.

The Reference is the form needed to request the deed - North or South Side, Month (usually May or October) , Year and deed reference within that court. Also in the index are references to Lib Canc and Lib Vast - these precede the 1704 Act of Settlement

Deeds (contracts etc) recorded pre 1723 are numbered in a different sequence - as Old Deeds, the sequence number does not reflect the date. Onchan has two bundles of this indicated Bun1 and Bun2

Contract = Marriage Contract, Gift is usually a parent giving the land to a child, a settlement is usually an elderly parent passing the land onto the heir.

Note these are transcribed from a copy of a negative photocopy (white on black) in Manx Museum - the copy is not always easy to read and there will be several errors still to be corrected - Onchan included all property transfer for Douglas.


  Reference           Vendor                         Vendee                         Notes
LibCanc 1617 15    Malloney Brew and Katherine Cannill Articles of Marriage proved before the Deemster
LibCanc 1636 67    Tho Joyner and Kath Norris Articles of Marriage or Agreement between Thos Joyner the elder & Tho Barry - afterwards hereunto annexed
LibCanc 1643 23    Hen Deraper to Edward Broughton a sale of his houses of 20d rent in Douglas
LibCanc 1645 52    John Gellin to Robt Cannell s sale of the one half of Clepse of 2s 3d rent
LibCanc 1654 56    Robt Bancks to James Bancks a sale of a house in Douglas provided that if Robt pay James 20s upon next Lady Day then this sale to be void
LibCanc 1654 59    Sir Robt Parr & wife to Rob Banckes a sale of his messuages & houses in Douglas of 3s 3d rent
LibCanc 1654 63    Robt Bancks to James Banckes a sale of his messuages & houses in Douglas of 3s 3d rent
LibCanc 1656 95    Eliz Christian to Alice her sister a surrender of her estate
LibCanc 1659 47    An exchange of 2 intacks between Ro Cannell & John Oates who gives Cannell the intack adjoyning to Rick Lewas land of 6d rent for an intack joyning to Phinlo Corkills of 4d rent and cash to pay their former rents and Oates to give Cannell a way on the sd intack to the mountains for turff and ling as formerly
LibCanc 1659 79    James Bancks proved by the witnesses & those present by the Govrs order viz Chaloners
LibCanc 1660 19    James Bancks to Sr Robt Norris a sale of the houses gardens &c
LibCanc 1662 25    Jo Christian & wife to Pat Carran a sale of Balley begg of 8s 6d rent
LibCanc 1665  8    Hugh Kissage to Rick Pendlebury a sale of all his houses gardens &c in Douglas
LibCanc 1665 11    Tho Hutchin to Rick Pendlebury a sale of all his houses gardens &c in Douglas
LibCanc 1665 81    An agreement or division between Wm Cubon & wife and Elizth Xtian of the garden lately Paul Bradshawes into the parts and each to pay 22d rent of the prcll called the hill to be strewn with flax and divided between them
LibCanc 1669 67    Wm Cannell & Averick Cannell's contract half Tromode settled upon them & the heirs of their 2 bodys
LibCanc 1674 16    John Cannell and Jane Cannell's contract - to be married when they come to 14 years & if it happens that eother of them dye the marriage is to proceed from one child to another while there is any child living between the old couples
LibCanc 1675 --    Hugh Bancks & wife to Tho Crellin a state of houses backsides & gardens in Douglas of 1s 9d ? rent & Robt Quayles sale of a quarter thereof to Hugh Bancks
LibCanc 1676 25    Robt Cowell & wife to Pat Christian a sale of one end of their house of 10d rent viz the Spence end with a promise of the other end - which they have surrended viz page 35
LibCanc 1676 27    Pat Xtian & Ellin Quayle's contract - settling a close on them & their issue
LibCanc 1676 69    Robt Quayle and Mary Murrays contract, or Wm Quayles settlement on his son Robt
LibCanc 1676 81    Ellinr Fletcher & Tho Fletcher to Arthur Caesar a sale of their houses backside & gardens (excepting a small brew house) of 3s 10d rent
LibCanc 1676 84    Arthur Caesar & wife to Matthew Traverse a sale of ther above houses &c
LibCanc 1676 140   Wm Fayle & Robt Cubon (supervisors of Wm Quayle's children) to Chris Bridson a sale of houses & gardens in Douglas being inventoryed - ye security for awarranted
LibCanc 1677 41    Paul Bridson & wife to Wm Cubon a sale of a house & garden in Douglas of 22d rent Cubon's wife surrenders her right thereof to the sd Cubon to be after his disposal
LibCanc 1677 53    Edw Christian & wife to Jo Christian his brother a sale of a field for driving to the Comons of 3d sing rent
LibCanc 1677 158   Mary Tyson to Sr Tho Thwaites a sale of all her houses & goods moveable & immovoveable
LibCanc 1679 79    Tho Harrison Alexr Young John Root & Cath Quirk to Robt Coultey a sale of Houses & gardens of 1s rent
LibCanc 1680 81    Ellinr Kermaine als Cubon to John Kermaine her son a deed of gift of her moiety of a house of 91/2d rent
LibCanc 1680 85    John Kermain & wife to Parson Cha Parr a sale of a house called Gilb Kermain's old house of 9d rent & half another house called John Clarke's house of 11d rent
LibCanc 1680 89    An agreement between parson Cha Parr & John Clark Clark is to have the house next the common street of 6d rent and Parr to have the brew house of 5d with a way thro Clark's to the street
LibCanc 1680 125   Paul Bridson free consent to a sale by his father to Hen Kewley of houses in Douglas
LibCanc 1682 57    Thon Hattley to Tho Lewn a sakle of 3 qtrs of land of 5 ? Abby rent
LibCanc 1684 49    Ellinr, Jane + Martha Xtian to Tho Fairbrother a sale of their houses backsides & garden of 18d rent
LibCanc 1686  9    Kath Moore als Corkill to Arthur Brew a sale of a brew house & garden of 11d rent
LibCanc 1687  5    John Xtian & wife + Tho Ottiwell and John Coultry supervisrs of Robt Coultry's children an agreement for the houses and gardens of a division made by 4 men Xtian to have the houses of 13d rent & 6d of the 2s 6d & the supervisrs to have the 2s rent
LibCanc 1687 23    Dan Fargher to John Joyner a sle of a croft & old house of 2d rent
LibCanc 1688 25    Ann Loony to Gilbt Smith a sale of a cottage house & garden of on the north side of Douglas of 2d rent
LibCanc 1690 71    Robt Craine & wife to Rich Killey a sale of a garden of 11/2d rent
LibCanc 1699 85    Margt Loony & Anth Whiteside's agreement or Wm Whitesides & Eliz Lowcay's contract
LibCanc 1704 20    Tho Wilson to Phill Moore a sale of Laurence & Kelly's closes of 6s 8d rent
LibCanc 1704 30    John Robinson & wife to Mr John Parr Deemster a sale of a dwelling & brew house & backside of 15d rent
LibCanc 1704 36    Wm McHolme & wife to Mr John Parr a sale of their right of the sd houses etc
LibVast 1637 --    Tho Cown & wife to John Creer a sale of a prcell of Qrland of 3s 3d rent [note heading is LibCanc but no page number + falls with LibVast entries]
LibVast 1648 --    The Officers to Wm Gellin & Donald Xtian a sale of half a Qr of 4s 6d rent sing which fell to the Lord upon the conviction of Wm Xtian
LibVast 1649 --    Wm Gellin to Dan Xtian a sale of the moiety of the above premises
LibVast 1652 --    John Coan & wife to Wm Corkill a sale of half a Qr of land called Ballalug of 4s 3d sing rent
LibVast 1665 --    An agreement & setting Quest's division between Wm Clucas & Paul Oates concerning 3d rent in Douglas Clucas to pay 2d per year Oates 1d
LibVast 1669 --    Jo Christian of Milntown to Arthur Brew a sale of houses &c ib Douglas of 7d rent Jane Samsbury to Ewan Xtian a sale of [the same][ prior to the above sale
LibVast 1675 --    Wm Gellin & Wm his son to Dan Christian a sale of the 4th part of a quarter of 4s 6d rent
LibVast 1679 --    Tho Wilson to his daughter Alice a deed of gift of all his houses & lands
LibVast 1680 --    Paul Bridson to Wm Parker a sale of Ballafogaiye of 12s sing rent a power of attorney from Bridson annxed
LibVast 1684 --    A discharge from Jo Xtian son of David to Robt Quayle & his wife (being David's former wife) for all goods due to him; the houses being praised, therefore Robt Quayle's exrs are entered for them David Xtian's exrs having paid their filial portions due to them whereof the houses was part being inventoried
LibVast 1689 --    John Lewney & wife to Tho Fayle a sale of two fields called Boletoblan & Bolefreij of 3s ? & 4d rent

Old *** Bun1 01    Phill Christian                   Margt Kaighin                  contract
Old *** Bun1 78    Pat Christian                     Wm Kelly
Old *** Bun2 01    Alderman Murrey &c                Jo Callister
Old *** Bun2 93    Wm Kelly                          Tho Waterson

SSS May 1723 26    Tho Kelly                         Hen Caine
SSS May 1723 27    Dav Hutchin                       Wm Curlett
SSS May 1723 28    Rich Fayle                        Alice Fayle                    exchange
SSS May 1723 29    Pat Quoole                        Jo McHood
SSS May 1723 30    Jo Christian                      John Clark
SSS May 1723 31    Cath Quark                        Dan Clark                      settlement
SSS Oct 1723 20    Gilbt Looney                      Bahee Boddagh                  contract
SSS Oct 1723 21    Mary Henrick                      Jo Henrick                     G
SSS Oct 1723 22    Mary Oates                        Mr Wm Gell                     G
SSS Oct 1723 23    John Vinch                        Tho Kelly
SSS May 1724 31    Adam Christian                    Margt Davies                   contract
SSS May 1724 32    John Clark                        Chris Callow
SSS May 1724 33    Wm + Margt Moore                  Wm Cottiman
SSS May 1724 34    John Stean, Cha Gellin, Wm Christian  Tho Christian senor?
SSS May 1724 35    John Vinch                        John Kelly
SSS May 1724 36    Dav Curlet                        Ro Waterson
SSS May 1724 37    Jo Kelly                          Christian & Cha Moore
SSS May 1724 38    Wm + Margt Moore                  Jo Cottiman
SSS May 1724 39    Rich Killey                       Cha Killey                     gift
SSS May 1724 40    Jo Christian                      Tho Cannell
SSS May 1724 41    John Lester                       Wm Cottier
SSS Oct 1724 23    Cha Cowle                         Susanna Pickersgill
SSS Oct 1724 24    Tho Bancks                        James Skillicorn
SSS Oct 1724 25    Ro Quine                          Wm Cashen
SSS Oct 1724 26    Phill Christian                   John Christian                 agreement
SSS Oct 1724 27    Ro Broughton                      Wm Oates
SSS Oct 1724 28    Wm Quayle                         Mick Vinch
SSS May 1725 20    Sarah White                       Wm Thorne
SSS May 1725 21    John Wood                         Wm Oates
SSS May 1725 22    Tho Broughton                     Wm Oates
SSS May 1725 23    Alexr Huddleston                  Kath Huddleston (his wife)     G
SSS May 1725 24    John Kewley & ?                   Ro Kewley
SSS May 1725 25    Tho Broughton                     Alderanr ? Quayle
SSS May 1725 26    Phill Hodgson                     Mr Jo Murrey
SSS May 1725 27    John Clague                       John Cowley
SSS May 1725 28    Jo Mylvartin                      Ro Cannell
SSS May 1725 29    Phill Cannell                     Margt Cannell
SSS May 1725 30    Solomon Mercer                    Wm Cannell
SSS May 1725 31    Tho Kelly                         Wm Oates
SSS May 1725 32    John Creer                        Mary Lewin
SSS May 1725 33    John Kelly                        Jane Kelly
SSS May 1725 34    Adam Christian                    Cath Cowley
SSS Oct 1725 11    Chris Hampton                     Cha Killey
SSS Oct 1725 12    Paul Gellin                       Jo Gellin (his son)
SSS Oct 1725 13    John Joyner                       Ann Quine                      contract
SSS Oct 1725 14    Wm Kewley                         Bridget Quay
SSS Oct 1725 15    Cha Cannon                        Jo Gellin
SSS Oct 1725 16    Susanna Pickersgill               Matth Pickersgill (her son)
SSS May 1726 25    Tho Christian                     Wm Christian
SSS May 1726 26    Wm Dickson                        Lord Bp
SSS May 1726 27    John Smith                        Edw Nash
SSS May 1726 28    Tho Lloyd                         Edw Nash
SSS May 1726 29    Jo & Jane Vinch                   Wm Kelly
SSS May 1726 30    Alice Farger als Skeally          Chris Looney
SSS May 1726 31    Jo & Jane Vinch                   Tho Moore
SSS May 1726 32    Wm Kewley                         Wm Hanton
SSS May 1726 33    John Vinch                        Dan Cain
SSS May 1726 34    James Killey                      Mc Thorne
SSS May 1726 35    Wm Cannell                        Cha Knickell
SSS May 1726 36    Kath Cowley                       Nich Kewley
SSS May 1726 37    Issa Cowle                        Cha Cowle
SSS May 1726 38    John Cannell                      Dorothy Cowle                  contract
SSS May 1726 39    Ann Craine als Quaine             Ro Lewne
SSS May 1726 40    Alice Christian                   Tho Christian
SSS May 1726 41    Tho Joyner                        John Clague
SSS May 1726 42    Nick Kewley                       Paul Gellin
SSS Oct 1726 12    Jo & Jane Vinch                   Ellinr Ellison
SSS Oct 1726 13    Lord Derby                        John Sanforth                  lease
SSS Oct 1726 14    Margt Oates                       Wm Gell
SSS Oct 1726 15    Phill Kissage                     Joney Christian                contract

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