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Patrick Christian and Ellin Quayle

Articles of Marriage formerly agreed upon betwixt
Capt Patricke Christian of the pish of Jurby on the one
ptie and Christian Quaile als Kissage of the pish of kk
Concan  in the behalfe of her daughter Ellin Quaile
on the other ptie as followeth

Inprs it was agreed & concluded upon that ye young
copoul come to ye pish church of kk Braddan then and there
to enter into the holy estate of matrimony if God permitts
life and holy church allowes the same and which was accordingly

Item the above named Christian doth prmisse covenat and
bargaine to give into the forsd Cappp Patr: Christian and her
daughter Ellin and their lawfull issue in porcon or marr=
riage goods one close in the Myres comonly called and
known by name ye waterbailiffes close for ever of the yearly
rent of thirteene shillings with halfe of all her house hould []
of what sort or nature soevr ^and the rest after her death ^ he the sd Capp Patr: [] [] his
mother in law fifteene pounds sterling forth with for the
payment of her prsent debts and for the [] pformance of
the prmisses both pties have bound themselves their heires exor
administrs and assignes in ye pennalty and forfeiture of 100
sterling to be leviede as for such? fines to pforme ye above
articles. In testimoniall hereoff we have subscribed or names
ye 4th day of May 1668
       Christian Quaile alis
       Kissage her mark X
Signed and delivered
in ye prsense of these wittnesses
Tho: Fletcher
Robt Quaile
Tho: Thwaites

   20 Maij 1668
This day ye above Tho: Fletcher & Tho: Twaites have both
their corporall oathes yt all ye abovewritten was ye act & 
deed of ye sd Christian Quayle al Kissaige Signed & delivered
[in] their prsence, wch she ye said Christian likewise
    Before me  Tho Norris

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