Property Records

Property, apart from a very small amount of freehold, fell into three categories

  1. Lord's Rent - Land nominally owned by the Lord and rented out as tenements - in practice regarded by tenants as their own property, which property right was codified by the 1704 Act of Settlement - the annual rent roll was held in Lib Assed whilst Lib Vas gave the changes from one year to the next - additional levies were often laid by the Lord upon landowners for the support of garrisons etc - these could be fixed for a certain number of years and compounded into the rent - the Composition Books give the names and rentals of such properties - these too were codified by the Act of Settlement and alienation fines imposed at each change of ownership.
  2. Abbey Rental - land which pre 1540 was held by Rushen Abbey but after this year became the property of the Lord - however the rentals and changes to the rentals continued to noted in Lib Mon
  3. Other Baronial land - small tracts held by the Bishop, Abbeys of Sabbal and Bangor etc - noted in the respective Barony book

There are several significant changes to the form and location of records:

Marriage Contracts form about 10% of the Deeds found in North & South Side Sales - these are discussed elsewhere

Lib Assed - indexed by Year

Lib Vas

Property Transfers - indexed by Parish

The Parish indices for Old Deeds, Old Mortgages, NSS and SSS are complete, those for NSM, SSM, CTD and ERD are currently in preparation though those for Santan are available


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