[pp 1294-1320 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]




THE HIGH SCHOOL, CASTLETOWN, ISLE OF MAN [MAGAZINE~. 1875-1925. No. 1, Castletown : M. J. Backwell. July, 1925. pp. 8. Frontispiece. 206 x 136. [7844, L6]

The frontispiece is a portrait of Laura, Lady Buchan, the founder of the school, wearing a lace-ribboned cap. The editorial states:

'We are celebrating this year the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the High School, and in connection with the event are launching two new ventures. One of these is the formation, for the first time, of an Association of Old Girls, and the other is the re-starting of a School Magazine. The latter has been attempted more than once previously, but the magazine has never lived through many numbers. We have no very certain hopes that the present attempt will achieve a longer life.... We are determined not to aim too high at the outset, but to content ourselves with one number every year. . . . .

'It seems fitting that this first number, which is coming out at the time of the School Jubilee, should deal exclusively with the history of the School, so far as it can be ascertained. . . .

There follows a long article giving in detail the story of the School entitled 'Our History - 1825-1925,' of which there are typescript copies in the Library of the Manx Museum. These copies are registered as 7844, L6, F 73, and D 426.

1925 - 1927.

ST. GEORGE'S PARISH CHURCH MONTHLY MAGAZINE. Douglas : Brown and Sons Ltd. August, 1925. PP. 8. 240 x 188. Price, 2d. [5219, L 6]
Contains news of the Church and bodies connected with the Church and All Saints, Alexander Drive. Ceased after 24 numbers had been issued, in July, 1927.

1926 - 1933.

Y FEEAGH (THE RAVEN) : Magazine of the Ramsey Grammar School. Published twice yearly, at Christmas and Midsummer. Ramsey Courier' Office. December, 1926. pp. av. 24. 217x137 approx. Price, One shilling annually. [5524, L 6]
Containing notes of the activities of school societies, etc., sports paragraphs, and original contributions by the pupils. The final copy was No. 5, published in December, 1933.


THE MANX RAG: A Journal of Humour. Xmas, 1926. Proceeds in aid of Noble's Isle of Man Hospital. Douglas: S. K. Broadbent & Co. Ltd. December, 1926. pp. 64. 244x185. Price, sixpence. [5502, L 6]
Described on the title-page as 'The Manx Rag and Christmas Discord - A Magazine of Alleged (!) Humour.' 1926 -

NORTH WESTERN NATURALIST. Quarterly. Commenced March, 1926.
Contains references and papers concerning Manx natural history, all of which, up to the end of volume xii (1937), are listed in the index given below. Arbroath: T. Buncle and Co. March, 1926. pp. 300-400 per volume, with several half-tone plates. 218x140. Price, 7/6 per annum. [5343, L 6]

The following is a complete index of all references to matters concerning the Isle of Man:

Algae: An Algal Survey of the South End of the Isle of Man (M. Knight and M. W. Parke), vii, 167. Antiquarian Ornithology, Some Notes on Manx (P. G. Ralfe), i, 16.
Antiquities, List of Manx-Review (P. M. C. Kermode), v, 276,
Arachnida Records (G. A. Dunlop), v, 183.
Archaeology and Ethnology, x, 187.
Bailey, Dr. J. H.: A Manx Entomologist, i, 146,
'Bird-Life in the Isle of Man'-Review (H. W. Madoc) ix, 196.
Bird-Notes, 1928 (Col. H. W. Madoc), iii, 18.
Bird-Notes from Peel (F. S. Graves), 1934, x, 135.
,, Miscellaneous bird-notes, ix, 152-153.
Bride Moraine (G. Slater), vi, 44.
Calf of Man (P. G. Ralfe), ii, 71.
Cambrian Archaeological Association, Visit to Man, 1929, iv, 147.
Castletown Grammar School, vii, 253.
Cowin, W. S., Manx Insect Captures, ix, 156, 380;
,, Manx Lepidoptera, 1934, x, 41; 1935, xi, 50.
Cubbon, William, viii, 163, 361, 380; Bibliography, ix, 90; P. G. Ralfe, xi, 279.
Dunlop, G. A.: Arachnida Records,, v 183.
Ethnology and Archaeology, x, 187.
Flowering Plants, Ferns and Horsetails, List of (C. I. Paton), Supplement to viii, nos. 2 and 3 (67 pp.); Addenda to the above (C. I. Paton), viii, 328.
Flowers, First Dates of Manx Wild (R. Howarth), 1929, v, 113; 1930, vi, 98; 1931, vii, 232; 1932, viii, 249; 1933, ix, 160.
Flowers: Rumex Alpinus L. (A. A. Dallman), x, 143. Goldcrest (R. Howarth), iv, 22.
Graves, F. S.: Bird-notes from Peel, 1934, x, 135; Hoodie Crow and Hybrid, ix, 153; Peregrine feeding Young, ix, 153; Ravens and Shags, ix, 152; Obituary, x, 364
Hartley and Wheldon: Lichens of the Isle of Man, ii, 291.
Hawk-Moths (Metopsilus porcellus L. and M. elpenor L.), xii, 177.
Hooded Crow and Hybrid (F. S. Graves), ix, 153.
Howarth, Ralph: First Dates of Manx Wild Flowers (1929), v. 113; 1930, vi, 98; 1931, vii, 232. Goldcrest, iv, 22. Nesting Observations in the Peel District, iv, 182, v, 164; 1932, viii, 249; 1933, ix, 160.
Insect Captures (W. S. Cowin), ix, 156, ix, 380.
Johnstone, Prof. James (Obit.), viii, 57.
Journal of the Manx Museum, vi, 118, 179; vii, 64, 152, 253, 345; viii, 76, 266, 361; ix, 187, 304, 417; x, 70, 171, 289, 393; xi, 79, 198, 296, 404; xii, 96, 206, 445.
Kermode, P. M. C., iv, 94; 'List of Manx Antiquities,' v, 276; on the Manx Museum (illus.), vii, 278; Obit., vii, 171; In Memoriam (P. G. Ralfe), vii, 287 (portrait) ; Memorial Tablet, viii, 361.
Kneen, J. J.: Some Features of Manx Place-Names, v, 210. Knight, M. and Parke, M. W.: Algal Survey of the South End of the Isle of Man, vii, 167.
Lepidoptera, Notes on Manx (W. S. Cowin), 1934, x, 41; 1935, xi, 50.
Lichens of the I.M. (Wheldon and Hartley), ii, 291.
Madoc, Lt.-Col. H. W.: Bird-Notes, 1928, iii, 18; 'BirdLife in the Isle of Man'-review, ix, 196; Ornithology of the I.M., 1935, xi, 341; Obit., xii, 67, 97 (portrait) ; P. G. Ralfe, xi, 341.
Marine Biological Station, Port Erin, i, 123.
'Marine Fauna of the I.M.' (H. B. Moore), xii, 457. Moore, Hilary B.: See Marine Fauna.
Museum Notes, vi, 117; vii, 161, 163; ix, 304; x, 69, 187, 288, 393; xi, 79, 198, 296, 404.
Natural History and Antiquarian Society, iv, 102, 147, 149; v, 2, 51, 210, 265, 276; vii, 277, 283; ix, 207; xi, 70.
Nesting Observations in the Peel District (R. Howarth), iv, 182; v, 164.
Ornithology, Annual Report on (P. G. Ralfe), 1928, iv, 122, 177; 1929, v, 96, 157; 1930, vi, 76; 1931, vii, 217, 301; 1932, viii, 225, 303; 1933, ix, 261, 365; 1934, x, 231, 335; 1935 (H. W. Madoc), xi, 341; 1936 (H. M. Rogers), xii, 284.
Ornithology, Manx Antiquarian (P. G. Ralfe), i, 16.
Parke, M. W., and Knight, M.: An Algal Survey of the South of the I.M., viii, 167.
Paton, Cyril I.: List of Flowering Plants, Ferns, Horsetails, etc., Supplement to vol. viii, nos. 2 and 3; Addenda to above, viii, 329; Hawkmoths Metopsilus, xii, 177.
Peregrine feeding young (F. S. Graves), ix, 153.
Place-Names, Some Features of Manx (J. J. Kneen), v, 210.
Ralfe, Pilcher G.: Ornithology of Man, 1928, iv, 122, 177; 1929, v, 96, 157; 1930, vi, 76; 1931, vii, 217, 301; 1932, viii, 225, 303; 1933, ix, 261, 365; 1934, x, 231,335; Some Notes on Manx Antiquarian Ornithology, i, 16; The Calf of Man, ii, 71; Obit. (portrait), xi, 279.
Ravens and Shags (F. S. Graves), ix, 152.
Seaweeds, i, 125.
Shags and Ravens (F. S. Graves), ix, 152.
Slater, George: The Bride Moraine, vi, 44. Spiders. See Arachnida.
Wheldon and Hartley: Lichens, ii, 291.
Wild Flowers, First Dates of Manx. See Flowers.
Zealous Manx Workers, iv, 102.

(Complete to end of Volume xii, 1937.)

1927 - 1931.

THE WILSONIAN : Magazine of the Bishop Wilson Theological College. Published thrice yearly in the Lent, Trinity and Michaelmas Terms. Ramsey : 'Courier' Office. 1927, Michaelmas. pp. 12-18. 245x154 (1927-28), 257x160 (1928-29), 230x145 (1930-31). [5721, L 6]

Lent, 1928: Bishop Thornton-Duesbury (portrait), Carved Stones at the Kirk Michael Lych-Gate (P. M. C. Kermode).
Trinity, 1928: Bishop Stanton Jones (portrait), St. German's Old Plate (E. T. P.).
Michaelmas, 1928: St. Patrick (R. Mitchell).
Michaelmas, 1929: Castle Rushen (C. H. C. Lamb).
Lent, 1930: Rev. J. N. E. Tredennick, College Principal (portrait), Manx Legends and History (C. H. C. Lamb).
Trinity, 1930: Peel Castle (C. H. C. Lamb), The Soul of a Bird (Col. H. W. Madoc), Sacrifice (Canon E. C. Owen).
Michaelmas, 1930: Bishop Wilson During his Episcopate (D. A. Adams).
Lent, 1931: Norsemen in Man (C. H. C. Lamb).
Trinity, 1931: Bishop Wilson Theological College-The Past (F. W. Stubbs), Tynwald Day (C. H. C. Lamb), Bishopscourt a Bird-Sanctuary (G. Davies and J. N. Appelbe).


SEA BREEZES. The P.S.N.C. Magazine (Pacific Steam Navigation Company). F. W. Siddall, Editor. No. 95, vol. 10. October, 1927. pp. c. 40, copiously illustrated with photographs. 244x155. Price, twopence.

Magazine devoted to sailing ships and the stories of famous ships and fleets. Contains occasionally matters of Manx interest, which are listed in the following index:

Brig 'Caesar,' The Romance of the (W. Cubbon), xx, 203.
Calf of Man, Tragic Loss of the 'Lily' off (Davies), xvi, 237.
Castletown-built Ships, xiii, 260, 261.
'Enigma,' Castletown, xiii, 261; xv, 21, 54.
' Euterpe,' later 'Star of India,' x, 285.
' Frida' Leaving Douglas Harbour, xvi, 22, 29.
' Imberhorne,' Castletown, xiv, 152, 214.
'James Crossfield,' Liverpool, wrecked on Langness, xiv, 116.
Karran, Captain George Christian, J.P. (Obit.), xiv, 237.
'Lady Quirk' Training Ship, xiv, 304.
'Lily,' Tragic Loss off the Calf, xvi, 237.
'North Barrule,' Ramsey, xiii, 236, 259.
Pitcairn in 1899, Visit by a Cumbrian, x, 148. do. Another Visit to, x, 271. do. Another Visit to, xi, 100.
Quirk, Capt. Edward, xiv, 56, 304.
' Ramsey,' How she came to grief (A. G. Davies), xix, 299; xx, 26.
Shimmin, Mrs. Marion, H.K., xvi, 313.
Viking Survival, Northern Fire Festival, x, 293. 1928.

THE MANXMAN. Supplement to " The Manx Star," 2d. Douglas: W. J. Ramsbottom Ltd., Market Street. October, 1928. pp. 32. 285x225. First copy presented With 'The Manx Star,' subsequently ld.[5840, L 6]
Publication ceased with the December number, the third in volume 1, of 1928. Consists largely of short stories and other inconsequential matter, but the biographical sketches, with portraits, of Councillor William Quirk, J.P. (no. i, p. 14), Mrs. R. D. Farrant (no. ii, p. 6), and Mrs. Richard Cain (no. iii, p. 6) are of interest.

1928 -

DOUGLAS WEEKLY DIARY OF COMING EVENTS. Douglas: Printed and published every Saturday morning at the Norris Modern Press Ltd, 6 Victoria Street. 16 June, 1928. pp. normally 48, occasionally 64. 165x110. Price, one penny. [L 6]
Contains a complete guide to the places of recreation and amusement, sporting events, etc., and full tiene-tables of all passenger transport services. There are also short articles by Samuel Norris, H.K., on political matters under the heading of 'The Outlook,' and in addition the following articles of a more general appeal:


Local History Notes, Oct. 20. 1929.

Rev. Alfred Shave, portrait, Oct. 12. Mr. S. Norris, H.K., portrait, Oct. 19. 'The Outlook' commences, Nov. 23. 'Armchair Reveries' commence, Nov. 23. 'If I Had My Way in Douglas,' by various public men, Dec. 7 to March 29, 1930.


Business Romances: Norris Modern Press, April 5; R. C. Cain's, April 12; Todhunter and Elliot Ltd., April 19; Clucas's Laundry, April 26.

T. E. Brown Centenary, May 4.
Christmas Customs (Mona Douglas), Dec. 20.
New Year Customs (Mona Douglas), Dec. 27.


Population ('The Outlook'), Feb. 14, 21. Tynwald, July 4.
Thumb-Nail Sketches: The Deemster, Bishop of Sodor and Man, High-Bailiff, Generals and Admirals, the Lieutenant Governor, etc., July 25 to Sept. 12.
Power of Parliament to Impose Duties in Man, Nov. 28.


The 'Permit Elections' (R), Jan. 23 to Feb. 13.
Old Douglas (R), Feb. 20 to March 5.
Bishop Hill (R), March 12.
Church Matters (R), March 12 to 26.
Old St. Matthew's (R), March 26.
Rev. Theophilus Talbot (R), April 2.
Manx Emigration (R), April 16.
Sir William Hillary, April 30.
The 'Dalby Outrages' (R), May 7.
Steam Packet Stories (R), May 14 to May 28.
Manx Electric Railway (R), June 4.
Adjutant Harold Watson (Salvation Army), Oct. 1.
Dumbell's Bank Crash (R), Sept. 24 to Dec. 24. 'Sermons in Brief' by various Clergymen, weekly.


Manx Reform Movement (R), Jan. 21 to May 20.
Sir William Hillary (R), May 27 to July 15.
Old Douglas (Hilda Cowin), July 22 to Aug. 12.
Heywood, Peter and Nessy (H. Cowin), July 29 to Aug. 12.
Peeps into the Past (Hilda Cowin); Charlotte de la Tremouille, Derbys and Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, Pierre Henri Baume, Illiam Dhone, Aug. 26 to Oct. 14.
Lord Raglan (R), Nov. 11 to Dec. 2.
Reform Petition (R), Dec. 9 to March 10, 1934. Mr. Joseph Qualtrough (Recr.-Gen.), Dec. 16.


Reform Petition (R), Dec. 9, 1933, to March 10.
Great War and the Isle of Man (R), March 17-June 16.
Sir William Fry, March 24.
Mr. Alexander Gill (R), May 12.
Articles by Hilda Cowin: Lancashire and the Isle of Man-The Tyldesleys, June 30; Three Legs, July 7; Manannan, July 14; Wordsworth and the I. Man, July 21, 28; Napoleon and the I. Man, Aug. 4; Phoenicians and the I. Man, Aug. 18; Ronaldsway, Aug. 25; Proverbs, Sept. 8; Corrin's Tower, Sept. 15; Manx Quakers, Sept. 22; Calf of Alan, Sept. 29; Hollantide and other Fairs, Nov. 17; Kirk Lonan Parish Church, Dec. 1.
Kaye Don Case, Oct. 6 and 20.
War Rights Union, Dec. 8 to June 22, 1935.


War Rights Union and Reform, Dec. 8, 1934 to June 22, 1935; resumed Oct. 12, 1935.

Future of King William's College, March 23. Articles by Hilda Cowin: Tower of Refuge, June 29; Point of Ayre, July 6; John Martin, July 13; Eliza Craven, July 20; First Sunday in August, July 27; Kirk Maughold Churchyard, Sept. 21; St. Luke's or Kirk Lammas, Oct. 5.


Reform Agitation, Oct. 12, 1935, to July 4, 1936; resumed on Oct. 10, 1936.
Articles by Hilda Cowin: Lighthouses, Sept. 19; Names in the I. Man, Sept. 26.


Reform Agitation (R), Oct. 10, 1936, to June 19. The Governorship, March 27.
Articles by Mona Douglas: Land of Friendly Fairies, July 24; St. Patrick's Isle, Oct. 9.
Articles by 'The Rambler,' Oct. 23 onwards. In Tynwald, Nov. 13, 20.
Sir G. Frederick Clucas, Nov. 20. The Speaker, Nov. 27.
Reverie on Speakers, Dec. 11. Reverie on Governors, Dec. 18, 25. T. E. Brown, Unpublished Letters (Hilda Cowin), Jan. 9, 16.

(R) -'Recollections and Reviews.'


N.A.M.A. INTERNATIONAL MANX CONVENTION SOUVENIR PROGRAMMES. Place of publication and printer, various. August, 1928. Illustrated. [5841, 5947, 6950, 6951, L20]
Souvenir programmes of the Annual Conventions held in various parts, of North America. For fuller account see Manx Abroad, L. 20.


BULLETIN OF THE NORTH AMERICAN MANX ASSOCIATION. Printed in U.S.A. January, 1929. pp. 4, occasional half-tones. 380x320. [L 20]
Announced in the first issue as a monthly paper. Each volume is published under the auspices of a different Convention, and comprises from 5 to 9 issues. See under 'Manx Abroad,' L 20.

1929 -

NUGAE : A King William's College Publication. Douglas Brown and Sons Ltd. July, 1929., pp. 20-28, 215x135. [5921, L 6]
Contains a selection of the best literary work of the year, including the prize essay and prize poems, and 'occasional free compositions' of the Sixth Form. There were three issues printed, the last in July, 1931, of 28 pages.

1929 -

THE, DOUGLAS CONGREGATIONAL MONTHLY. Issued by the ' Finch Hill Congregational Church. Douglas: Brown and Sons Ltd. (up to Jan., 1932) ; Douglas: Norris Modern Press Ltd. (after Jan., 1932). October, 1929. pp. 4. 210x130. [E 238]

The above title was first adopted in March, 1934, with the 48th issue. Previously the sheet had borne the headings 'Finch Hill Congregational Church' or 'Congregational Church, Buck's Road.'

1929 -

THE LIFEBOAT. The Journal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Vol. xxxvii, No. 300. London Whitefriars Press Ltd. November, 1929. pp. 48. Price, sixpence.

Sometimes four, sometimes five issues, each year. The Library does not possess copies prior to No. 300, which is for November, 1929. Contains mentions of Manx Lifeboat services.


BUCHAN SCHOOL MAGAZINE. No. 2. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. 1930.

Published on the occasion of the departure of the Rev. Canon E. C. Owen. No copy is available.


UNENPLOYED BOYS' MAGAZINE. Douglas: Christmas, 1930. pp., plates and size variable.
Published each Christmas, Gestetner's gelatine process being used.

1932 -

THE PATHFINDER: Being the Official Organ of the 4th Douglas (St. Andrew's) B.P. Boy Scouts. Editor: J, Radcliffe. Printed and Published by the St. Andrew's 4th Douglas B.P. Scouts at their Pressroom in St. Andrew's Hall, Finch Road, Douglas. February, 1932. pp. 8. 250x160. Price, 2d.

Contains notes of the various patrols and scouting news.


YN LIOAR AEGLAGH VANNIN (The Journal of the Young Manx). Edited by J. A. Cain, B.A. Douglas Clucas and Fargher, ' Mona's Herald' Office. October, 1932. pp. 16, plates 4. 245x1 S4. [6665, L 6]

The only issue. Its contents are: Manx Nationalism and Aeglagh Vannin (Mona Douglas), Christianity and the Celts (J. Arthur Cain), Bird-Life in the Isle of Man (Ralph Howarth), A Group of Four Poems (E. Maude Quayle), Old Manx Dwellings (J. R. Bruce), Manx service at Peel (A. I. Caine), The Beauty of the Countryside (A. J. Davidson), Fairy Beliefs in the Isle of Man (The Deemster Farrant), Secretary's Report 1931-32 and Reports of Meetings. Four sketches of Manx scenes (St. Trinian's Church, the Monk's Bridge at Ballasalla, Ballaugh Old Church, and the Old Red Pier), admirably executed by Wilfred T. Quayle, are deserving of mention. 1933 - 34.

THE GOVAG : The Official Organ of the Douglas High School Old Boys' Association. March, 1933. 247x184. Price, sixpence. [6730, L6]
Cover design and lettering by Archibald Knox. Vol. i, No. i, issued March, 1933, 40 pp. Vol. i, No. ii, issued December, 1933, 32 pp. Vol. i, No. iii, issued December, 1934, 36 pp. No. i was printed at the 'Monk's Herald' Office by Clucas and Fargher, No. ii by Brown and Sons Ltd., and No. iii by the 'Examiner,' Hill Street.
History of the Association, No. 1.
Lhen Mooar (sketch by John M. Nicholson), No. 2. Old Boys' Who's Who, Nos. 1, 2.
Portraits: Mr. George Shaw, No. 1; Archibald Knog., No. 2; F. R. Grundey, No. 3.


THE BUCHAN SCHOOL MAGAZINE. No. 1. Douglas : The 'Examiner 'Printing Works. 1935. pp. 20. 213x1-0. [7333, L 6] Previous issues were on the occasions of the School Jubilee in 1925, and the departure of Canon Owen in 1930. This issue, Summer Term, 1935, 'has a double incentive-the Diamond Jubilee of the School and the departure of the Headmistress' (Miss M. W. Matthew). The frontispiece to the magazine is a portrait of Lady Buchan by Sir Thomas Lawrence, President of the Royal Academy, and was given to the School by Sir Mark Collet. The contents include a few pages concerning the history of the School culled from the 1925 magazine. (See page 1294.)

THE MANX PICTORIAL: A Review of Pictures that appeared in the 'Isle of Man Examiner' during 'the year 1934. Douglas: 'Examiner' Printing Works, Hill Street. September, 1935. pp. c.200. 308x250. Price, 1/-. [7290, L 6]
The purpose of the publication is explained in the introductory note as follows: 'As the pioneers of pictorial illustration in Manx journalism, the proprietors of the 'Isle of Man Examiner' have ventured to carry their enterprise further by the production of the 'Manx Pictorial,' in which are reproduced a collection of the most interesting photographs, cartoons, etc., that appeared in the columns of the 'Examiner' during 1934.'

UNEMPLOYED BOYS' MAGAZINE. 5th Issue. Douglas: The Drill Hall, by the Masters and Boys of the Classes of Unemployed Youths. Christmas, 1935. pp. 20. [7372, L 6]

The 'staff ' responsible for the production of the magazine are given as: Editor, J. J. Gelling; sub-editor, E. H. Harris; and printer, R. B. Karran. The printing in the case of the 1937 (Xmas) issue is the work of V. Kelly, whilst the editor is J. Halsall.


MANX PICTORIAL: A Review of Pictures that appeared in the 'Isle of Man Examiner' during the year 1937. 1938 edition. Douglas : The Isle of Man Examiner Ltd. March, 1938. pp. c.270. 278x218. Price, 1/3. [7834, L 6] Devoted wholly to the reproduction of photographs of interesting Manx scenes and important events of the year, which have appeared in the 'Isle of Man Examiner.' A reference to the former issue is made in the introductory text. 'The earlier volume appeared in 1935, and it had been our intention to follow this with an annual publication, but this was not possible owing to the pressure of other work. . . . We find it more convenient to publish the 'Pictorial' in the early part of the year, and we intend, in future, to go to press by the end of February.' The only previous issue of the 'Pictorial' was in 1935. (See page 1305.)


[3030, L 6]

A Collection of Extracts from various early periodicals, bound in two volumes : 1754- 1879 and 1880 -8918. From the collection of George William Wood, London. In the following list the contents of these two volumes are listed according to the Library classification, and their date and source is given. The abbreviation 'I.L.N.' means 'Illustrated London News.'

A 72. Mammalia.

1903. Manx Cats. The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart. 149.

A 182 Molluscoe and Marine Fauna

1898. The Shells of the Isle of Man (Lionel E. Adams). Science Gossip. 134.

A 224. Geology.

1883. The Geology of the Isle of Man (W. Jerome Harrison). Knowledge. 93.
1903. Barrule Granite Quarries. The Quarry. 150.

B 22. Agriculture.

1866. Peat Drying in the Isle of Man. Penny Illus. Paper. 61.

B 60 Building.

1866. St. Olave's Ramsey. Building News. 62.

B 92. Harbours.

1865. Destructive Storm at Douglas. I.L.N. 58.

B 95. Public Water Works.

1905. Enterprise in Manxland - Douglas Water Supply Scheme. Municipal Journal. 154.

B 114. Military.

1855. A Manx Recruit. Story in Chamber's Journal. 48.

B 158 Nautical (Seamanship and Navigation).

1760. A Succinct Account of M. Thurot's late Expedition. Gentlemen's. 7.
1760. A Journal of M. Thurot's Expedition, from his leaving Dunkirk to his being taken by the brave Commodore Elliot off the Isle of Man. Royal. 8.
1760. An Account of Captain Thurot's Expedition, from his first landing in Ireland to his Defeat. Universal. 9.
1811. Miraculous Escape of Eleven Men in a Small Boat Derbyhaven. 30.
1825. The Manx Boatmen. Letters of Sir William Hillary in the Times. 34.
1852. Shipwreck and Terrific Explosion of the Brig 'Lily' off the Calf of Man. I.L.N. 45.

B 159 Steam Packet Companies.

1866. Isle of Man Company's New Steam Boat Tynwald. I.L.N. 63.

B 162. Lifeboat, Lighthouses, &c.

1875. Chickens Rock Lighthouse. Leisure Hour. 79.
1885. Launch of the New Lifeboat and Opening of the Naval Reserve Battery at Peel. Graphic. 96.

B 170. Mining, Quarrying, &c.

1903. Barrule Granite Quarries. The Quarry. 150.

B 192. Railways.

1873. Opening of the Isle of Man Railway (Sketches). I.L.N. 77.
1895. The First Mountain Railway in the British Isles. London Home Monthly. 122.
1895. Snaefell Mountain Railway. Electrical Review. 127.

B 304. Motoring.

1904. Gordon Bennett Race - Eliminating Trials in Man. Motoring Illustrated. 158.
1905. The Tourist Trophy Race in the Isle of Man. Motoring Illustrated. 159.

B 306. Fisheries.

1808. Particulars of Douglas Bay and the Herring Fishery. Marine Scenery. 27.
1847. The Herring Fishery. I.L.N. 43.
1856. Interesting Ceremony-Service in Peel Castle for the Herring Fishermen. I.L.N. 47.
1880. Fisheries of the Isle of Man. Journal of the Society of Arts. 81.
1900. Trawling in the Isle of Man. Land and Water. 139.

C 18. Art.

1879. Visit of Prince Leopold to the I.M. Illumination of Douglas Bay. Sketch by J. M. Nicholson. The Graphic. 81.

C 142. Photography.

1898. Manxland for the Camera. Amateur Photographer. 136.
1900. The Farmer's Daughter. Photo by George Cowen, Ramsey. The Lady. 140.

C 494. Games and Sports.

1892. The Links of the Douglas and Ramsey Golf Clubs. Illus. Sporting and Dramatic News. 113.

D 36. Temperance.

1875. The New Licensing Bill. I.M. Times. 76.

D 66. Crime and Police.

1892. Trial of George Cooper for Murder. Daily Graphic. 110, 114.
1900. Dumbell Bank Prosecution. Daily Graphic. 141.
1900. Dumbell Drama. Photos in 'The King,' also appropriate text. 142.

D 86. Freemasonry.

1890. Masonic Ceremony at Douglas.-The Earl of Lathom. Daily Graphic. 109.

D 151. Tynwald-Historical.

1849. Engraving of the Tynwald Court (S. White). I.L.N. 45.
1857. Tynwald Court (with Sketch). I.L.N. 52.
1886. Home-Rule in Action. Daily News. 97.
1887. Home-Rule in the Isle of Man (R. Wheatley), 8pp. Harper's New Monthly. 98.
1899. House of Keys (Photo, W. H. Warburton). Sketch. 138.
1901. The Little Parliaments of England - The House of Keys. Royal. 144.

D 155. Election Literature.

1867. An Election in the I.M. (illus.). I.L.N. 64.

D 274. Law.

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1901. Mrs. Creer's Home (same sheets as last). 146,
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1902. Methodism in a Manx Village - The Oldest Methodist Chapel in the Island (H. Mudie Draper). Methodist Recorder. 147.
1903. Methodism in Ramsey - Some Manx Methodist Workers and their Work (H. Mudie Draper). Methodist Recorder. 148.
1903. Laxey and its Methodism (H. Mudie Draper). Methodist Recorder. 151.
1904. An Old Trafalgar Hero - John Cowell. Methodist Recorder. 152.
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1904. Old Edmund - A bit of Manx Methodism Half-aCentury Ago. Methodist Recorder. 152.

E 241. Other Churches.

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E 244. Mythology and Folklore.

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F 7. Antiquities.

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F 64. History, General.

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1837. The Isle of Man. Moule's English Counties Delineated. With map. 38.
1864. The Manx Tynwald. 57.

F 65. Descriptive Historical Sketches.

1784. Account of a Tour Through the Isle of Man. Universal. 20.
1798. Feltham's 'Tour' Reviewed. Monthly Review and Evangelical Mag. 24.
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F 67. Guide Literature.

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F 71. Douglas.

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F 71/72. Laxey.

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1865. Gigantic Water Wheel at Laxey, drawn by A. Slader. I.L.N. 59.
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F 73. Castletown and District.

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F 74. Peel.

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F 75. Parishes and Churches.

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1916. The Cross of St. Maughold (Herbert Pitts). The Treasury. 157. - Braddan Church and Crosses. 51.

G 88. Individual Biography.

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H 306. Personal Names.

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J 46. Ballads and Carols.

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K 12. Individual Authors.

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1893. Manx Legends-Martin Mylrea, the Manx Miser A Tale of Peel City. The Liver. 118.
1895. The Manx Mystery-A Cycling Experience in the Isle of Man (T. D. Dickson). Outing. 123.
1897. Drift and Duty-or, What Came of a Holiday in Man (Rev. E. Newenham Hoare). Church Monthly. 133.


The following is an index to the notes and articles dealing with matters appertaining to the Isle of Man which have appeared in the magazine " Notes and Queries-A Medium of Inter-Communication for Literary Men, General Readers, &c.," published in London. Only vol, ii of the Fourth Series, containing notes of Captain Thomas Ashe, is in the Library.

First Series 1850 - 1855
Second „ 1856 - 1861
Third „ 1862 - 1867
Fourth „ 1868 - 1873
Fifth „ 1874 - 1879
Sixth „ 1880 - 1885
Seventh „ 1886 - 1891
Eighth „ . 1892 - 1897
Ninth „ 1898 - 1903
Tenth „ 1904 - 1909
Eleventh „ 1910 - 1915
Twelfth „ 1916 - 1923
*Thirteenth „ ... ... 1923 - 1929
*Fourteenth „ ... ... 1929 - 1935
* No Manx references. The latest volumes are marked " L." There are six later volumes following clx, without Manx references.

Act of Parliament, Manx; 5th, v 448, vi 19.
Albert Tower, Ramsey; 4th, iv 71.
Arms of the Isle of Man; 1st, iii 373, 510, vii 239; 4th, vi 224; 5th, iii 188, vii 309, 454, viii 118; 7th, iii 427, 486; 8th, i 8, 133, 272, 372, x 274, 318, 437.Do. on an Etruscan Vase; 2nd, vi 409-490; vii 31, 246, 474.
Ashe, Captain Thomas, writings; 4th, ii 340, 449, 594.

Ballasalley; 4th, vi 475.
Barons; 5th, ix 265.
Berwick, Isle of Man and the History of; 9th, x 69. Bibliography and Language; 6th, vi 208, 435, vii 316, 395, viii 258, ix 34.
Bishops, Manx; 4th, vii 184, 293, 352. Do. dogs buried at the feet of; 4th, viii 222, 290, 378, 422, 537.
Bishop imprisoned; ]0th, ii 487, 534, iii 57.
Bishops of Sodor and Man, Arms of; 2nd v 314. Do. Burial places of; 4th, vii 123. Do. Have they seats in the House of Lords? 2nd, vi 498, vii 16.Do. List of; 3rd, v 412.
"Blown about by the Winds"; 10th, v 126.
Bushell, Thomas, 4th, iv 159, 244, 368.

Cade Lamb - Meg; 4th, iii 345.
Calf of Man Epigram; 4th, vi 542.
Chaloner, Edmund, Son of the Governor James; 1st, vi 292, vii 334.
Chaloner, James; 1st, vii 583.
Cobham, Eleanor, confined in Peel Castle; 2nd, xi 218.
Coinage; 1st, vii 65, 165; 6th, iv 190, 393, viii 369, ix 314.
Crigan, Bishop; 2nd, v 172.
Custom at a Capital Trial; 7th, iii 516, iv 92.

Derby, Countess of, in 1651; 10th, vii 9, 73.
Derby, Earl of, and Calf of Man epigram; 4th, vi 542. Do. Prayer for; 2nd, iii 268.Do. Was James, Seventh Earl, created Duke? 4th, vi 112.
Dial Motto, Kirk Arbory; 1st, v 66.
Dialect, Works on; 8th, x 475, xi 113.
Dogs buried at the feet of Bishops; 4th, viii 222, 290, 378, 422, 537.

Ellan Vannin; 8th, xii 128.
Erse Words denoting the Moon; 4th, iv 229, 303, 458, v 289.
Etruscan Vase, Arms on an; 2nd, vi 409, 490, vii 31.
Etymology; 9th, viii 83, 152, 231.
Eubonia, Isle of :Ulan called; 3rd, viii 454.

Fencibles, Records of a Regiment; L. clx 45.
Ferrar, Bishop Robert; 1st, viii 376, 4th, iv 10.
Flag, Distinctive Character of; L. cxlvii 447.
Fleury, Cardinal and Bishop Wilson; 1st, viii 245.
Folk-lore; 1st, v 341; 5th, x 23; 6th, xi 325, 438. Do. Propitiating the Fairies; 1st, viii 617. Do. Qualtagh Custom; 4th, iii 424. Do. Ushag Beg Ruy; 4th, iii 288, 493.
Forbes, Edward, on Rumpies; 1st, ix 112.

Gaelic; 9th, viii 344, ix 11.
Gaelic inscriptions; 10th, ii 44.
Gaelic tongue, percentage of people speaking; L. cxlvii 46, 87.
Gates, Court of the; 4th, vii 409, 484, viii 33.
"Golden Isle"; L. cxlvii 157.
Griddle; 4th, iii 505.

Hanging or Marrying; 4th, iv 417, 418, 525.
Hesketh, Bishop; 1st, vii 409.
Hesketh, Huan, alias Huan Blackleach; 4th, vii 34.
History of the Isle of Man; 5th, viii 127, 251, 298, 470, ix 177, 214, 437.Do. MS.; 3rd, x 330, 440; 4th, vi 69, 143.
House of Keys; 3rd, xi 259; 6th, iii 28, 92, 178.
Huan Blackleach, alias Huan Hesketh; 4th, vii 34.
Hut Villages, Remains of; 11th, v 307.

Isabel, Queen of the Isle of Man; 1st, iv 423; v 132, 205, 234.
Inscription on a Penny of George III; 1st, vii 65, 165.

Keys, House of; 3rd, xi 259; 6th, iii 28, 92, 178.
King or Queen of Man, on the Title of; 4th, vii 249, 332.
King William's Bank; 4th, v 382.

Language (See also Bibliography); 7th, iv 169, 270. Do. and Etymology; 9th, viii 83, 152, 231. Do. and Pronunciation; 9th, viii 424, 460; 10th, v 346. Do. Percentage of Inhabitants who speak the Gaelic; L. cxlvii 46, 87.
Law relating to a deceased wife's sister; 9th, iv 226.
Lathom House, History of the Siege of; 3rd, iii 29. Do. The Lady of; 4th, viii 470.
Letting Days; 5th, iii 180, 295.
Licence to Deport; 12th, iv 297.
Litany, During Herring Fishery; 4th, ii 512. Do. Petition in the Manx; 2nd, iii 230, 439.

Man, Isle of, A 'Bad' Place; 5th, ix 45,, 134, 279.
MS. History of the Isle of Man; 3rd, x 330, *10; 4th, vi 69, 143.
Manx Article; 5th, i 244.
Manx Cats and Fowls (See also Tailless Cats) ; 4th, vii 96.
Manx Fairy Steam Packet, Lines on the; 4th, ii 368.
Manx Names, Origin of; 4th, xii 100.
Manx Quotations; 4th, ix 94.
Marriages, Records of; 10th, i 9.
Mauthe Dhoo; 8th, ix 125.
Meayll, Stone monument on; 11th, vii 383.
Mona, Origin of the Name; 2nd, i 454, ii 20.
Moon, Erse words denoting; 4th, iv 229, 303, 458, v 289.
Motto " Quocunque Jeceris Stabit "; 1st, vii 239.
Mount Murray place-name; 10th, v 166, 299.
Mylecharaine; 4th, ii 276, iii 288, 493, v 469, 583, vi 61, 259, 355, 444, 555.

Names, Origin of Manx; 4th, xii 100.
Natural History; 4th, ii 288.
New Year Customs, 4th, iii 424; 7th, xi 3.
Norse Myths illustrated by Manx Crosses; 11th, v 506.

Orry, King, Manx Phonology; 11th, ii 245.

Peel Castle Seal; 4th, v 144.
Penny of George III, Inscription on; 1st, vii 65, 165.
Petition in the Manx Litany; 2nd, iii 230, 439.
Prayers in Man for the Earl of Derby; 2nd, iii 268.
Pronunciation (See Language).

Qualtagh Custom; 4th, iii 424; 7th, xi 3. Quotations, Manx; 4th, ix 94.

Richmond, Bishop; 2nd, v 172.
Rumpies, by Edward Forbes; 1st, ix 112.
Runic Inscriptions on Crosses; 11th, vi 26.
Russell, Bishop William, Societas Albertorum; 4th, vii 56.
Rutter, Bishop, History of the Siege of Lathom House; 3rd, iii 29.

Sacra Privata of Bishop Wilson; 1st, vi 414; viii 470.
St. Leonard; 4th, vi 371.
St. Patrick, Maune and Man; 1st, viii 291.
Societas Atbertorum, Bishop William Russell; 4th, vii 56.
Sodor, Origin of the See of; 2nd, iii 129.
Stanley, Thomas, Bishop of Man, 1510; 1st, vi 130; vii 209; 4th, vii 96.
Stanleys, The, in Man; 1st, x 325. Sudereys, The; 4th, iv 12, 101, 200.

Tailless Cats; 1st, ix 10, 111, 209, 479, 480. Do. and Fowls; 4th, vii 96. 100. at Clare Hall, Cambridge: 2nd, ii 385. Do. Burmese Breed; 1st, ix 575. Do. Rumpies (Edward Forbes) ; 1st, ix 112.
Teetotaller, First Manx; 4th, v 401.
Thurot, Admiral; 4th, v 47.
Title of King and Queen of Man; 4th, vii 249, 332.
Trial, Custom at a Capital; 7th, iii 516, iv 92.
Troparium; Triforia; 4th, viii 88.
Tynwald Hill; 4th, vii 92.

Waldby, Bishop Robert; 4th, vi 459.
Waldron, George; 3rd, vi 348.
Warwick, Earl of, Place of Banishment; 4th, iv 213.
Whaley, Buck, his walk to Jerusalem; 3rd, i 452, ii 76, 149, 314, vi 297.
Wilson, Bishop Thomas, and his works; 1st, viii 220. Do. Cardinal Fleury and; 1st, viii 245. Do. his Sacra Privata; 1st, vi 414, viii 470. 1896 - 97.

THE HUB : An Illustrated Journal for Manx Cyclists. Weekly. London: George Newnes Ltd. November, 1896. pp. 40. 244x160. Price 12d.

Localised by permission, of the London publishers. It is the London edition of the journal with a new cover printed by S. K. Broadbent and Co. Ltd., Victoria Street, with local advertisements and notes. The first Isle of Man number is No. 17, Vol. II of the English edition, and gives on the back cover a short history of the Ellan Vannin Cycle Club, and an account of the first official run. There is also the note, in requesting subscriptions, " We guarantee to publish 100 copies weekly, every Tuesday." The series, which comprises 21 numbers, between November 28, 1896, and April 17, 1897, is in the Douglas Public Library.

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